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Yasaka Shrine

Yasaka Shrine: Our most recommended tours and activities

Kyoto: Uncover the Hidden World of Japanese Maiko

1. Kyoto: Uncover the Hidden World of Japanese Maiko

Explore the Gion district of Kyoto with an expert guide and gain exclusive insight into maiko (apprentice geiko) and geiko culture. Visit a private tea house, see a traditional maiko performance, chat with your host, and enjoy a dinner with unlimited beer and sake. Meet your guide in the heart of Gion and learn about the history of maiko and geiko. Stop at the Yasaka-jinja Shrine and learn about the restaurant where the maiko tradition originated. Bask in the ambiance of Old Japan and stroll through streets lined by machiya townhouses and swaying paper lanterns. After taking in some of the ambiance of the area, step behind the noren curtains of a traditional tea house that hosts private maiko performances. Tuck into a delicious dinner of typical Japanese fare, and help yourself to unlimited beer, sake, or soft drinks before your host arrives. Greet your maiko and then experience an authentic performance, usually reserved for guests with a private invitation. Following the performance, learn a bit more about the art of hosting up close as you listen to some local music and play some fun drinking games. You will also enjoy the rare opportunity to learn firsthand about maiko and geiko history and traditions with a Q&A session with your host. Feel free to ask questions about your hosts' profession, and gain a rare insight into a hidden and oft-misunderstood world.

Kyoto: All-Inclusive 3-Hour Food and Culture Tour in Gion

2. Kyoto: All-Inclusive 3-Hour Food and Culture Tour in Gion

Explore the Gion district by night with an experienced English, German, French, or Spanish-speaking tour guide who knows everything there is to know about the area. The tour starts near Kamo river, where you’ll learn about how the tradition of Geishas came to be. After a short stroll along a busy commercial street, you’ll slip into a calm, quiet area to visit the Yasaka Jinja shrine. After that touch of education, it’s off to the Gion.   The Gion has secrets and history scattered across its narrow streets, but this is also a modern entertainment district—so it’s time for a deep dive into what goes on here. Your guide will keep it light and fun, and explain some of the more interesting cultural mores of these parts. Step into a restaurant and graze from a multitude of small plates at a sort of Japanese-style tapas experience. Enjoy a drink as well before continuing on.   Between restaurant stops, there will be an exploration of Kiyamachi, Ponto-cho, and some other commercial and nightlife streets. Your guide will show you both modern and historical Kyoto, painting a well-rounded picture that gives you a real sense of the place. This tour keeps the groups small and includes your food and drinks, so that you can have a carefree night like you’re simply hanging out with someone who knows the neighborhood. A delicious Kobe (or nearby sourced) Beef option is available on top of the usual food and drink. This option is for bookings at least 10 hours in advance.

Kyoto: Gion Night Walking Tour

3. Kyoto: Gion Night Walking Tour

Explore Gion, the centuries-old entertainment district of Kyoto, which truly comes alive at night. With your guide, learn about the customs of the geisha and the apprentice maiko-san. You may catch a glimpse of a few of the women in full costume.  Walk through the narrow streets with the lanterns flickering on the wooden buildings. Enjoy a night visit to a Shinto shrine, with a beautifully lit pagoda. Wander through the grounds of a Zen temple in the tranquil calm of the night. Learn more about the modern history of the entertainment district from your guide.

Kyoto: Gion District Guided Walking Tour at Night with Snack

4. Kyoto: Gion District Guided Walking Tour at Night with Snack

Ever wanted to spontaneously book a tour on the same day you take it? This short guided walking tour will have you experiencing the Gion night scene in just three hours! This is perfect if you only have a couple of hours to spare. Enjoy the enchanting nightlife of Gion, Kyoto's historic geisha district. As the sun sets, the streets come to life with beautifully illuminated lanterns, elegant restaurants, charming bars, and traditional teahouses. Wander around the traditional backstreets, visit offbeat temples and shrines, and may even get to catch a glimpse of a geiko or maiko (apprentice geiko) on their way to entertain guests (not guaranteed). Go on this guided walking tour with a friendly and knowledgeable guide who will help you explore Hanamikoji Street (one of the best-preserved historic streets), Yasaka Shrine (also known as Gion Shrine), and more. Learn about the rich history, architecture, and customs of the area, and gain a deeper understanding of Japan's culture and traditions.

Kyoto: Private Rickshaw Tour of Gion and Higashiyama Area

5. Kyoto: Private Rickshaw Tour of Gion and Higashiyama Area

Explore the traditional neighborhood of Higashiyama from the comfort of a rickshaw with a knowledgeable guide. Admire the well-preserved wooden townhouses, see some of Kyoto's most famous temples, and pass through the vibrant geisha district in the Gion area. Learn about Japanese culture, heritage, and customs on this private customizable tour. Meet your guide on the cobbled streets by the Kodaiji Temple in Higashiyama, a nationally designated historic area. Travel back in time as your guide pulls you through the historic neighborhood, filled with traditional buildings and shops. Stop to take photos at the most scenic spots in each location. Choose from 4 different tour durations to suit your schedule, from the introductory 45-minute tour, to the comprehensive tour of 3 hours and 10 minutes. With the longer tours, you’ll continue through the wealth of sights in Higashiyama and the northern part of Gion. Pass weeping willows that line a picturesque river, explore ancient temples, and travel through the streets of this amazing neighborhood.

Kyoto: 10-hour Customizable Private Tour with Hotel Transfer

6. Kyoto: 10-hour Customizable Private Tour with Hotel Transfer

Discovering the culturally-enriching city Kyoto Your Way with Our 10-Hour Customizable Private Car Tour. With the freedom to design your own itinerary, you can explore the city's top attractions and hidden gems at your own pace. Visiting the most attractive buildings in Kyoto called Kinkaku-ji and Kiyomizu-dera, you can experience and immerse yourself in the cultural charm of Kyoto by exploring traditional architectural styles. There are many attractions in this area, such as Ninenzaka, Sannenzaka, Kodaiji Temple, Yasaka Shrine, Gion district and Hanami-koji, which is perfect for walking around in a kimono and experienceing Kyoto like a local. Later blessing and praying for good luck at Fushimi Inari Shrine Yasaka, then heading out to the grounds to see the vermilion torii gate here. With our private car and professional driver, you won't have to worry about transportation, navigation, or language barriers. Our private tour is perfect for solo travelers, couples, families, and groups. We can pick you up and drop you off at your hotel in Kyoto. The English-speaking guide is optional. Our guide will provide local insights and stories about each destination, making your tour informative and engaging.

Osaka: Kyoto,Nara Guided Day Tour get to Kyoto's spirit

7. Osaka: Kyoto,Nara Guided Day Tour get to Kyoto's spirit

Start your beautiful journey. Pick up time and location 8:30 Nihonbashi Exit 2 9:50 Kyoto Station Hachijo Exit ▼10:00 Kyoto Recommended itinerary 1: Kiyomizu-dera Temple(Ticket fee excluded)- Nineizaka & Sanneizaka - Ishibei-koji Alley -Hanamikoji Street- Yasaka Shrine ,Tourists can choose some scenic spots according to their own preferences and physical conditions. 2: Kimono experience. Tourists who are interested can change into kimono, stroll on the ancient streets, visit Kiyomizu-dera Temple. Take a picture with the beautiful moment.(You can choose any kimono shops including Kiyomizu-dera Temple and Fushimi Inari Shrine. It is recommended that you can borrow from Kiyomizu-dera Temple and return to Fushimi Inari Shrine.Price excluded.) 【Kiyomizu-dera Temple】UNESCO World Heritage site & Popular tourist attraction in Kyoto. 【Nineizaka & Sanneizaka】【Ishibei-koji Alley】【Hanamikoji Street】【Yasaka Shrine】 ▼13:30 Kyoto 【Fushimi-Inari Taisha Shrine 】(about 70 minutes, free time) Fushimi-Inari Taisha Shrine is famous for its " Senbon Torii ". It attracts countless tourists from Japan and abroad every year and ranked Top1 in the survey of the world's largest travel website for three consecutive years as "the most popular tourist attraction for foreigner in Japan". Let's pray for our dear family and ourselves here. In addition, the Ema of Fushimi-Inari Taisha Shrine is also unique with a shape of a white fox which can be doodled into various god expressions. ▼16:00 Nara park(about 1.5 hours, free time) Nara Park is an urban park located at the foot of Mt. Wakakusa in Nara City where the famous places of interest such as Todaiji Temple and Kasuga Taisha Shrine are located here. It is a must-see when visiting Nara. Wakakusa which located near the park is a wonderful place to overlook the scenery of Nara, and traditional events such as "Wakakusa Burning Mount." are held here every January. A leisurely stroll is the best way to visit the park. There is large herd of deer. Feeding the cute deer is also the biggest viewing point for tourists.The deer here are also very smart. If they see deer senbei in the hands of tourists, they will take the initiative to come, so be careful of the flocks of deer which may knock you down. ▼ Itinerary Recommended. 【Todaiji Temple】(Price excluded)Also known as Suzumushi Temple, it was built in 752 by Emperor Shengmu in order to enshrine the Great Buddha and serve as the head temple of Japanese temples. It is home mountain of the Huayan Sect. (Admission fee for the main hall of Todaiji Temple: Adults,JP¥600,Children,JP¥300;Admission fee for the main hall+ Museum: Adults,JP¥1000, Children,JP¥400 ) ▼ 17:30 Start to return to Osaka The drop-off address is Nihonbashi Exit 2 ★★★Kindly understand that the above itinerary schedule may be adjusted according to weather, road conditions and other reasons.

Kyoto: Private 2.5 Hour Historical Walking Tour

8. Kyoto: Private 2.5 Hour Historical Walking Tour

Meet up in the west gate (red gate) of Yasaka Shrine. At first, the guide will tell you about the history of Kyoto with a map of Kyoto. Start the tour with the explanation about Yasaka shrine. In Yasaka shrine, the guide will explain how to worship at a shrine.  Next, going through Maruyama Park, located next to Yasaka Shrine, you will find a busy street whose name is Nene-no-michi. Nene is the wife of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, a political leader in Japan in the late 16th century. Entokuin is a temple associated with Nene. Entokuin is a Zen temple, with beautiful dry landscape gardens, famous pictures depicted on sliding doors of the rooms in the temple. You can see  traditional Japanese rooms. You can enjoy the serene atmosphere of the temple. After going out of the temple, you will find a narrow street called Ishibe-koji. Walking further, you will find red ornaments hung from the eaves of the  entrance of shops and restaurants. The ornaments are the dolls of monkey, a divine messenger of Koshindo. Koshindo is a place of folk religion, which originated in  Asian countries.   A five-storied pagoda, commonly called Yasaka-no-to(pagoda), is located close to Koshindo. You will see the pagoda from outside. Zuigudo is a sub-temple of Kiyomizu Temple. You will get into the basement floor of the temple which symbolizes the womb of Bodhisattva. Wooden balls symbolizing a rosary will lead you to the bottom of the temple. When you get out, you will feel as if you were reborn. The final destination, Kiyomizu temple is one of the most popular temples in Kyoto. It was originally built in the 8th century. The temple has five million visitors a year from all over the world. The main object of worship is Kannon Bodhisattva. You can see Buddhist statues, including Kannon Bodhisattva. There is a wooden stage attached to the main hall. The stage is a wooden structure without the use of nails. The scenery from the stage is magnificent. From the stage you can see a three storied pagoda. It is called Koyasu Pagoda, or lliterally  pagoda for easy birth.  Women visit the pagoda praying for easy birth. Kiyomiozu literally means "pure water". The stream of water, running down from the mountain behind the temple, has never been dried up.  A lot of visitors stand in line to drink the water. There are an iron stick and iron clogs in the precinct.. They are donated items to the temple. The iron stick is very heavy. Why don't you try to lift it up?  After getting out of the main hall, the tour ends. Before ending the tour, the guide will explain something about Jishu Shrine, a shrine for match making.

Kyoto: Kimono and Yukata, shooting experience

9. Kyoto: Kimono and Yukata, shooting experience

A 5-minute walk from Shijo Subway Station and Hankyu Karasuma Station. You can visit us empty-handed, and we have about 300 kimonos, obis, and Hannari original accessories. Kyoto sightseeing in the kimono of your choice. There are Kiyomizu Temple, Yasaka Shrine, Nishiki Market where you can eat while walking, and a place called Kyoto's kitchen near the shop.You can go sightseeing in Kyoto with the kimono of your choice. Near the store, there are Kiyomizu Temple, Yasaka Shrine, Nishiki Market where you can eat while walking, and a place called Kyoto's kitchen. We have more than 300 kimonos that look great on SNS. 9:00〜Reservation at your desired time, choose a kimono and wear it (30 minutes) Return on the day until 17:00 <schedule> ◎ Reservation at your desired time ↓ ◎ Kimono or Yukata Selection and dressing (Approximately 30 minutes) Please choose your preferred kimono or yukata from more than 300 those. We will help you get dress the kimono or yukata. ↓ ◎ End of the program and Changing clothes Return on the day until 17:00

Welcome to Kyoto: Private Walking Tour with a Local

10. Welcome to Kyoto: Private Walking Tour with a Local

Transform the way you travel and make it as much about the people you meet as the places you see. Get a welcome to Kyoto from a local host eager to share all the tips and tricks to help you make the most of your stay. Meet at your hotel or accommodation and get familiar with your local neighborhood. Learn about the best places to eat, buy groceries and the easiest ways to get around. Alternatively, arrange to meet at a central landmark or intersection to start your walking tour. Hear about the top things to do, customized to your interests. By the end of the tour, you will feel more comfortable navigating the city on your own with all the information you need.

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Loved our tour around Gion with Diana! She took us around many different places and told us some interesting tidbits of information about many streets and areas we passed by. My husband and I felt that it truly enriched our stay in Kyoto since you learn things you normally wouldn't without a tour. We were able to see some geishas and maikos which was super cool! An added bonus, we had a great tour group whom we made friends with and had dinner with after the tour. Overall, an awesome experience!

Anna was a great tour guide. She took us to many picturesque spots and gave us information on the history of the area. The food offered on the tour was very diverse, we had a great time! Highly recommend especially as soon as possible on your arrival to Kyoto.

Such a great tour, my family was very happy and I particularly liked the final shrine. All the best Nile.

Ferdinand was entertaining informative and the perfect host. We had history guidance and laughs

Very informative and approachable guide. Saw some very beautiful and historic parts of Kyoto.