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Mettmann: Neanderthal Museum Admission Ticket

1. Mettmann: Neanderthal Museum Admission Ticket

Immerse yourself in the world of human evolution at the Neanderthal Museum in Mettmann, not far from where the world-famous Neanderthal was found more than 160 years ago. Learn the story of mankind from its beginnings in the African savannahs four million years ago to the present day. Step into this modern museum and discover the fascinating world of the Stone Age in a permanent multimedia exhibition. Meet our ancestors, as well as the cute baby mammoth, and listen to informative insights through the included audio guide. Allow the kids to blow off steam on Europe's largest Stone Age Playground, encounter the bison in the Ice Age Animal Park, or just take a walk on the Art Trail. Explore the Höhlenblick Tower to find a virtual Ice Age world at the same height as the lost discovery cave. Along the path to the tower listen to stories of eyewitnesses from history who experienced the valley and, at the Rabenstein rock formation, see the discovery site. Experience the roof of the tower, designed to look like the Neanderthal's skullcap, gaze at life-size Neanderthal bones, be part of the Neanderthal burial in a 360º video, take a shortcut through the climbing tunnel 20 meters above the ground and wander through the turbulent history of the valley.

Wuppertal: Visiodrom Immersive da Vinci Exhibition Entry

2. Wuppertal: Visiodrom Immersive da Vinci Exhibition Entry

Feel the works of da Vinci come to life at this immersive experience in the heart of Wuppertal. Experience Leonardo’s works wrapped in fantastic new worlds of color, all paired with varied music. Be fascinated by a show which brings Leonardo’s machines to life, showcasing his fantastic studies and drawings as well as all 17 paintings, from the Mona Lisa to The Last Supper. Admire the ingenuity from the creative team who bring the magic of da Vinci to a new generation of admirers. Discover real models of his inventions, detailed background information, and digital adventure tours as part of your visit. Top it off with a augmented reality tour on the venue's popular Skywalk of Wuppertal’s, allowing you to discover Leonardo’s machines and designs in surprising places.

Wuppertal: Self-guided walking tour through Barmen

3. Wuppertal: Self-guided walking tour through Barmen

This tour is only available in German. The Wuppertal district of Barmen was home to famous people, including the communist mastermind Friedrich Engels and one of the world's most famous ballet choreographers. Here you will see industrial culture, interesting works of art, an astro path, "wild" animals like "Tuffi" and many penguins, get to know a Wuppertal original and find out what has become of a former swimming pool. And what is so special about Wuppertal Bratwurst? On this tour you will discover details that are certainly unknown even to many locals. The places of interest on your tour are: the opera house, the Bergische Synagoge, the town hall, the Ruhmeshalle and of course the suspension railway. You will go over the Wupper and learn what is literally meant by it in Germany. And then, of course, there's the suspension railway. The tour starts at the Barmen train station and takes you two to three hours on a family-friendly route over 2.5 kilometres to the Werther Brücke suspension railway stop. During the tour, there are entertaining tasks to solve and fun questions to answer. Who knows, for example, what ... but no, we won't tell you yet! The tour is a great way to get outside and discover new things with family, friends or on your own. It's like being shown Wuppertal Barmen by a good friend. Many anecdotes will enrich your walk through the city. You can start the tour at any time and as often as you like in the browser of a smartphone. On site or even from the comfort of your sofa. Enjoy your time in Wuppertal Barmen! *** Good to know *** You will receive the link to start the tour in an email directly after booking.

Wuppertal: Christmas walk, fun game,team activity &challenge

4. Wuppertal: Christmas walk, fun game,team activity &challenge

Discover Wuppertal during christmas time with this team activity full of interesting christmas content. This fun christmas adventure will lead you through the city and will challenge you and your team by fun and creative tasks. Solve puzzles, answer quiz questions, take creative photos and unlock interesting and fun facts about christmas. You will have a lot of fun as a team and will create long lasting memories. Begin your interactive outdoor christmas party and christmas adventure in the city center and allow the interactive smartphone app to guide you from there. Challenge yourself and your team and enjoy a winter walk. Learn new things about Christmas, create memories and experience fun moments during this 90-120 minutes game. Enjoy a combination of quiz game, outdoor-escape-game and blackstory game, while you explore the city center. All content is connected to Christmas as a theme. It is recommendet that you play this game as a team of 2-5 persons during november or december. It is possible to book more than one team. Perfect activity for couples, families or team collegues. Perfect also as christmas party for companies.

Wuppertal: Discover Scuba Diving Pool

5. Wuppertal: Discover Scuba Diving Pool

When you join a Discover Scuba Diving program, you will experience excitement and adventure, freedom and serenity. Nothing compares to the feeling of weightlessness of breathing underwater. Surely you have seen movies or documentaries on TV that have shown the beauty and uniqueness of the underwater world. But this cannot be compared to being there "live", not even as a 3D movie. You are still unsure whether you want to book an Open Water Diver course and want to see first how it is to go into and under water with equipment, to breathe there and to move around? Our Discover Scuba program offers the best opportunity to get to know the basics of diving. The Discover Scuba program offers in an approx. 1.5 hour introductory course in the pool an insight into the diving equipment, a few hand signals for communication and with the help of the instructor the first feeling of weightlessness under water.

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