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Wolf's Lair

Wolf's Lair: Our most recommended tours and activities

From Warsaw: Private tour of the Wolf's Lair, Hitler's HQ

1. From Warsaw: Private tour of the Wolf's Lair, Hitler's HQ

Enjoy the convenience of being picked up from your accommodations in Warsaw. Take a drive deep into the Masurian woods, a beautiful countryside full of forests and lakes. Arrive at the Wolf’s lair and meet your English-speaking guide. Venture deep into the complex of bunkers. The site functioned as its own independent city during the war, complete with its own power plant, water supply, cinema, casino, central telephone-radio, airport and railway station. An 800 hectacre complex was hidden in the forest. Learn about the time that Hitler spent at the Wolf’s Lair. See the room where the failed assassination attempt on Hitler’s life took place. Afterwards, drive back to your accommodations in Warsaw.

Gdansk: Private Wolf's Lair Tour

2. Gdansk: Private Wolf's Lair Tour

Your private tour for just you and your group begins as you are picked up from any location in Gdansk, Sopot, or Gdynia. Following 3 hours of driving, you'll arrive to Wolf's Lair. The fortress is composed of 80 buildings which were built between 1940-1942, with 50 of them being bunkers. The headquarters had its own electric power generator, railway station, and an air-strip, and quarters for top Nazi officials as well as a casino and cinema were located in the central part of the compound. The whole area was camouflaged, protected by barbed wire and mine fields. Transportation is conducted by deluxe, spacious, and air-conditioned vehicles which are driven by experienced chauffeurs. Throughout your journey to the site and back you will be free to admire the beauty of the Polish countryside.

Warsaw: Private Full-Day Wolf's Lair Tour

3. Warsaw: Private Full-Day Wolf's Lair Tour

Wolf’s Lair is a complex of huge and tremendous bunkers, located in a picturesque land full of woods and lakes called Masuria. It is one of the most ravishing regions of Poland and is worth a visit to the breathtaking natural scenery alone. This is a secret complex of multi-story bunkers that are completely hidden from the world which were the witness to some of the most important moments of the Second World War. This is the place where the Operation Barbarossa, the secret plan to invade the Soviet Union, was being led. It is also where the decision to build the extermination camps was taken and was also where the unsuccessful assassination of Hitler took place in July 1944. Despite being blown up during the retreat of Germans in January 1945, Wolf’s Liar is still very impressive. The colossal concrete bunkers spread around the huge area show the military impetus and power of Nazi Germany. Hitler wasn’t the only one to quarter there, with many of the most important people of the Third Reich such as Goering, Bormann, Keitel, and Jodl, having also had bunkers in the Wolf’s Liar. The historic value of the place and its beautiful surroundings attract over 250 thousand tourists from all over the world each year. On the way back you will visit one of the three places: Mamerki, where you can see more bunkers, a medieval castle, or a beautiful Baroque church with a spectacular interior.

Warsaw: Wolf’s Lair, St. Lipka & Mamerki Private Tour

4. Warsaw: Wolf’s Lair, St. Lipka & Mamerki Private Tour

Discover Adolf Hitler’s military headquarters, where he spent most of World War II. See for yourself 50 well-camouflaged massive bunkers, where Hitler made the decisions about war strategy and construction of death camps, and where he was attacked in 1944. The Wolf’s Lair was highly guarded, surrounded by minefield and operated for 4 years with over 2,000 inhabitants.  Your local guide will share interesting stories and facts about this place and show you hidden gems of this enormous area. If you choose the extended tour option, you will also see Mamerki village, the former headquarters of the Supreme Command of the Land Forces. This is a huge area with bunkers, shelters, and houses for generals and officers. See the interior of a famous U-boot or enter the museum dedicated to the Eastern Front before visiting the St. Mary’s Sanctuary in Święta Lipka. See the striking baroque architecture, colorful and rich gate as you enter. Inside you will find beautiful organs, paintings on the walls, a richly-decorated roof and sculptures.

Masurian Lake District: The Wolf’s Lair and Yacht Tour

5. Masurian Lake District: The Wolf’s Lair and Yacht Tour

Depart Warsaw at 9:30 AM and head to visit the Ruins of Adolf Hitler’s Bunker, The Wolf’s Lair, from the Second World War. Learn the details of a failed attempt on the Nazi Germany leader by conspirators including Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg. Discover the system of building shelters and military fortifications in the Second World War. Listen to stories and anecdotes related to the Wolf’s Lair.  Next, head to the town of Mikołajki. Take a trip around the center of the town to see the yachts in the marina and the fantastic views of the lakes surrounding the town. Then, board your 40-meter yacht for a 3-hour cruise. Dinner will be served during the cruise, which takes place on the biggest lake in Poland, Śniadrwy. If you are lucky, you will see an amazing sunset from the yacht deck. Return to Warsaw for 12:00 midnight.

From Warsaw: Wolf's Lair Hitler's Headquarters Full-Day Tour

6. From Warsaw: Wolf's Lair Hitler's Headquarters Full-Day Tour

Explore the leftovers of the biggest and the most important of Adolf Hitler’s headquarters - Wolf’s Lair, located in the North-East corner of Poland. Take a ride with an English-speaking guide and experience the Polish countryside, get to know the history of Poland and try to understand the Polish spirit and soul. The guide is your host - ask whatever you want and take your chance to spend this time with a natural, local person. Take approx 2 hour's walk in the Wolf’s Lair complex, and learn its impressive history thanks to the high-quality audioguide. Finally, visit the local restaurant before driving back to Warsaw. The guide will pick you up directly from your hotel or apartment at 08.00 am. Please remember to have your breakfast before and take the clothes appropriate to the weather forecasts. We pick up our guests from all the Warsaw hotels and apartments accessible by car. Drive to Gierłoż takes around 4 hours 30 minutes. It’s a chance to experience the Polish countryside and ask your guide all the questions you can imagine. He’s your host, and his passion is to make you understand Poland, its history and its spirit. So don’t miss that chance. Wolf’s Lair was the most important of Hitler’s headquarters, hidden in Masuria, a region of Northern Poland famous for its 2.000 lakes. It was the perfect place to set up an inaccessible complex of bunkers with lakes and swamps blocking its access. The complex, which would become one of several Führer Headquarters located in various parts of occupied Europe, was built for Operation Barbarossa's start – the invasion of the Soviet Union – in 1941. The top-secret, high-security site was in the Masurian woods about 8 km from the small East Prussian town of Rastenburg (now Kętrzyn in Poland). Three security zones surrounded the central complex where Führer’s bunker was located. Despite the security, an assassination attempt against Hitler was made at Wolf’s Lair on 20 July 1944. Unfortunately, the bomb planted by Claus von Stauffenberg in the map room did not kill Hitler (he survived around 35 assassination attempts during his life!). On the 25th of January 1945, due to the Red Army's rapid advance, the complex was blown up and abandoned. The tour takes around 2 hours of walking. You will visit the complex with your guide or with local audioguide. One can find an excellent eatery in the former guard's garage where classic Polish cuisine is served. It’s a good idea t take a 1-hour break and refill before the drive back to Warsaw. Food is not included in the tour price. Drive to Warsaw is the next chance to chat with your guide. And don’t worry - these 4,5 hours will pass quickly.

Wolfschanze: Private Transport from Gdansk to Wolf's Lair

7. Wolfschanze: Private Transport from Gdansk to Wolf's Lair

In the forest between the Lake Siercze and Lake Moj is the complex of bunkers, which during World War II was the headquarters of the armed forces high command and Hitler’s headquarters. The commander of the Third Reich stayed here for over 900 days. Construction and expansion of accommodation lasted 4 years.    In 1959, the land Wolf’s Lair was opened to the public. Since then, thousands have flocked here to visit this infamous spot.  The 10-hour tour includes private transportation from your hotel in Gdansk or Sopot , free time to explore the Wolf's Lair and the surrounding area and return transportation. The driver is English-speaking and will help with buying tickets and organizing a guide. Price does not include fees for guide and entrance tickets.

Gdansk Wolf’s Lair with St. Lipka and Mamerki Private Guided

8. Gdansk Wolf’s Lair with St. Lipka and Mamerki Private Guided

Discover a complex of over 80 buildings built in 1941 that used to be Adolf Hitler’s military headquarters. See for yourself the 50 massive well-camouflaged bunkers, some of which have walls as thick as 6 meters. See the remnants of this historic and important place where decisions about war moves and the construction of death camps were made, as well as where the famous attack on Hitler took place. Wolf’s Lair was a perfectly guarded place that was surrounded by a minefield. It was operated for 4 years and was home to over 2,000 people. Whilst touring through this secret forest, your local guide will tell you the best stories and facts about the area, and will also show you some of the area's hidden gems. In the extended version of this tour, see also another place full of bunkers, Mamerki village. It used to be the headquarters of the Supreme Command of the Land Forces. It’s a huge area which includes bunkers, shelters, and the houses of generals and officers. Whilst there you will be able to discover the Amber Chamber, the interiors of the famous U-boot German Submarine, and a museum dedicated to the East Front. On your way back from the extended tour you will visit the St. Mary’s Sanctuary in Swieta Lipka. From the entrance you will be able to see fantastic Baroque architecture, the fabulous colors of the building, and the impressive gate. Inside you will find beautiful organs, fantastic paintings on the walls, a richly decorated roof, and great sculptures.

Warsaw: Private Full-Day Excursion to Wolfs Lair

9. Warsaw: Private Full-Day Excursion to Wolfs Lair

Your tour begins with pickup from your Warsaw accommodation in a Mercedes-Benz vehicle. From there, begin your comfortable transfer to Wolf's Lair. This site was Adolf Hitler's first Eastern Front military headquarters in World War II. The complex, which would become one of several Führer Headquarters in various parts of occupied Europe, was built for the start of Operation Barbarossa. This top-secret, high-security site was in the Masurian woods, about 8 kilometers from the small East Prussian town of Rastenburg (Kętrzyn). Three security zones surrounded the central complex where the Führer's bunker was located. Despite this security, the most notable assassination attempt against Hitler was made at the Wolf's Lair on July 20, 1944. Hitler's Headquarters, like most war locations, was very well camouflaged. The town hidden in the forest consists of 200 buildings in total, including shelters, barracks, 2 airports, a power plant, a railway station, air-conditioning equipment, a water supply, a heating plant, and two teletype panels. A trip to the Wolf's Lair is not just about the physical bunkers - crimes against humanity were also planned there. It was a place where criminal decisions regarding the fate of many European nations were made, using prisoners in the German arms industry and the construction of new concentration camps. There were plans to enlarge the complex, however the works were never completed because of the rapid advance of the Red Army during the Baltic Offensive in Autumn of 1944. On January 25 1945, the Wolf's Lair was blown up and abandoned 48 hours before the arrival of Soviet forces. Visiting this one-in-a-kind place is a truly remarkable experience and allows you to learn more about the history of World War II and Hitler's philosophy. The atmosphere of war is still floating through the air of the ruins, and the whole complex is a perfect example of Hitler's megalomania and entourage.

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Very interesting bit of history if not a little spooky. The driver Dominic was excellent. We talked for the whole ride back and forth. The guide at the Lair was quite knowledgeable, providing details of those four years and well beyond.

Was a great trip. Pretty much have your own driver all the way to the site. The introduce you to the tour guide and you start your tour. Both the driver and guide were excellent.

It is totally worth the trip, for those who enjoy historical places, our guide Martin very attentive and competent, very knowledgeable of historical facts.

must do tour with own guide who is knowledgeable and friendly..great experience

Very good trip. It was great to be driven in a car.