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Walvis Bay: Marine Big 5 Luxury Catamaran Tour

1. Walvis Bay: Marine Big 5 Luxury Catamaran Tour

Begin your dolphin and whale spotting expedition by checking in at Walvis Bay Waterfront at 8:30 am. Depart from the Jetty between 8:45 - 9 am. From there you’ll begin your search for Namibia’s marine Big 5. Sip a hot coffee or tea as you approach Pelican Point. Admire its landmark lighthouse and see the 60,000 cape fur seals who live there. If visiting in-season ( from July to November), you'll be able to spot large sea mammals including the Southern Right Whale and the Humpback Whale. If you’re lucky, you may be able to see a gray whale or a pygmy right whale. Observe different species of dolphins including bottlenose, Heaviside's, and dusky dolphins. Keep a lookout for mola molas and leatherback turtles. As you make your expedition, you’ll encounter a variety of seabirds including kelp gulls, Hartlaub’s gulls, and cape cormorant. On the return journey, cruise past ships and oilrigs docked in the bay. As you make your way back, enjoy fresh oysters, sparkling wine, savory snacks, and desserts alongside light drinks and water. You’ll return to the waterfront at 12:30 pm. 

Walvis Bay: Sandwich Harbour Sunset Photography Tour

2. Walvis Bay: Sandwich Harbour Sunset Photography Tour

Enjoy an evening trip to capture the beautiful sunset of Sandwich Harbor. Drive along the beach, experience the unique wetland atmosphere, and feast on snacks and drinks after you have taken your pictures. Departing from Walvis Waterfront, sit back and enjoy the journey as you are driven to the Kuiseb River Delta, a dry riverbed where you may spot the odd springbok, oryx, or jackal. Next, if the weather and tide allow, experience a drive to the Sandwich Harbour Lagoon along the beach. This is one of Southern Africa’s richest and most unique wetlands and one of five internationally recognized Ramsar sites in Namibia Enjoy plenty of time for photography in the beautiful late afternoon light. Explore your photographic creativity with the sun slowly setting, then bury your feet in the sand and watch the sunset over the ocean. When the sun has set and the light has diminished, feast on a selection of fresh Namibian oysters and snacks with sparkling wine, Namibian beers, and cool drinks. Take in the views from the dunes or the beach, before returning to the waterfront.

Walvis Bay: Sandwich Harbour Half-Day 4x4 Scenic Excursion

3. Walvis Bay: Sandwich Harbour Half-Day 4x4 Scenic Excursion

After meeting your guide and before heading to Sandwich Harbour for your half-day experience in the dunes, a stop will be made at the Walvis Bay Lagoon to admire the flamingos and occasionally a great white pelican passing by. Leaving the flamingos behind, head to the salt works where you'll then proceed to the Sandwich Harbour wedging between the sea and dunes if tides allow; if tides forbid, surf the dunes up to the many convenient lookout spots. Then explore the Sandwich Harbour Lagoon, one of Southern Africa’s richest and most unique wetlands. Walk around Sandwich Harbour and climb some dunes, and don't forget to some action photos along the way. Finally, enjoy a light picnic lunch with some cold beverages with a natural desert backdrop, then hit the dunes for some more excitement before concluding your adventure to the Kuiseb River Delta, a dry riverbed where you can occasionally see springbok, oryx, or even ostrich.

Walvis Bay: Dolphin Cruise, Pink Lakes and 4x4 Dune Drive

4. Walvis Bay: Dolphin Cruise, Pink Lakes and 4x4 Dune Drive

Experience the beauty of the ocean and the desert in one day by doing the Marine Dune Day. With an early morning start on the waters, followed by an adventure through the sand landscapes of Sandwich Harbour. Start your day with a relaxing boat cruise on a planing catamaran, exploring the Walvis Bay lagoon and protected bay area. With possible whale and dolphin sightings, as well as seals and pelicans joining you on the cruise, you get to experience the wildlife of the Walvis Bay coast. Enjoy various stops along the way at the oyster farms and Pelican Point, whilst enjoying a light brunch, oysters, and sparkling wine. Returning to your meeting point, you get a 5-10 min break to explore the Waterfront, before joining a guide in a 4x4 vehicle for your adventure to Sandwich Harbour. Stopping on the way at the flamingos, Walvis Bay lagoon, and Walvis Bay saltpans (pink lakes), you'll see an abundance of bird life. On the way to Sandwich Harbour, a black backed jackal, brown hyena, ostrich, or oryx sighting is also possible. Entering Sandwich Harbour, you get to admire the magnificent stretch of dune landscapes meeting the endless Atlantic Ocean. Stopping on the highest dunes, you get the opportunity to take epic pictures, or to walk around on the dune tops. Before returning, you get to enjoy sparkling wine and a light lunch with snacks in the dunes. After lunch, you will return to the meeting point, where your tour will conclude.

From Walvis Bay: Sandwich Harbor 4x4 Tour

5. From Walvis Bay: Sandwich Harbor 4x4 Tour

Explore the Namib Desert with a 4x4 vehicle and experienced guide. Admire the abundant bird life along the way and enjoy the exciting dune driving. Arriving at the Walvis Bay Waterfront, you first meet your guide for the day, then set out on the experience of a lifetime. Making multiple stops along the way, you get to learn about the Walvis Bay Lagoon, famous for its flamingos. Afterwards, you make your way through the Walvis Bay salt pans, where you can spot more bird life, like Pelicans and Caspian terns, as well as the beautiful pink lakes. The real fun starts when you reach the soft beach sand and start heading South to Sandwich Harbour, where you will get to experience the magnificently high ancient dunes and the vast Atlantic Ocean colliding. Stopping on the beach strip or on top of the dunes allows multiple epic photo opportunities and memories to last a lifetime. Enjoy a light lunch, snacks, and sparkling wine with a view of the rolling dune landscapes, before returning to the Walvis Bay Waterfront where your tour will conclude.

Walvis Bay: 4x4 Desert Excursion to Sandwich Harbour Bay

6. Walvis Bay: 4x4 Desert Excursion to Sandwich Harbour Bay

After meeting your guide at the Walvis Bay Waterfront, admire the mass of flamingoes in the Walvis Bay Lagoon.  Your 4x4 tour will head out to a tidal lagoon consisting of adjacent intertidal areas, mudflats, and sandbars that supports thousands of wetland birds. In addition to the many flamingoes, there are 11 species of endangered birds regularly observed at this RAMSAR site. Next, your tour proceeds to the Kuiseb river delta, a dry riverbed where springboks are sometimes seen. Here you'll also look for some of the area’s smaller creatures, such as the fog-basking beetle, dancing spider (white lady of the Namib), golden mole, shovel-snouted lizard, and palmato gecko. Then if weather and tides allow, you'll drive along the beach right to the Sandwich Harbour Lagoon, one of Southern Africa’s richest wetlands and the second RAMSAR site for the day.  Wedged between the sea and the Namib Dunes, this is one of Namibia's most important coastal wetlands and supports eight endangered species among the large numbers of wading birds.  Finally enjoy a light lunch including a selection of oysters and snacks, salad, bread, fresh fruit, and drinks atop a high dune overlooking the Atlantic Ocean or on the beach.

Walvis Bay: Sandwich Harbour and Pelican Point 4x4 Tour

7. Walvis Bay: Sandwich Harbour and Pelican Point 4x4 Tour

Explore the beauty of the Namibian desert and the Atlantic Ocean meeting in a full day experience with a 4x4 vehicle and a trained guide. Join your guide in a 4x4 and set out to explore the magnificently high dunes of Sandwich Harbour greeting the endless stretch of the Atlantic Ocean. Making multiple stops along the way at the Walvis Bay lagoon to view the flamingos, or the salt pans (pink lakes) for more bird life. Entering Sandwich Harbour, keep your eye open for possible brown hyena, oryx, or ostrich sightings. You will make stops on top of the highest dune tops for epic photo opportunities or time to simply take in your surroundings. Hold onto your seats as you take exhilarating drives over the ancient rolling dunes. Stop for a quick bite to eat and refreshments, before venturing further through the desert for more exploring. The full day allows you to explore Pelican Point Peninsula as well, with its large seal colonies, black backed hyenas, and abundant bird life. Stopping at Donkey Bay with it's world famous surfing waters, or the Pelican Point Lighthouse and Jetty offers more photo opportunities, before stopping close to the water and swimming seals for another quick snack and light meal. After taking some time to walk around and explore the are on foot, the 4x4 vehicle will take you back to the meeting point where your tour will conclude. (Depending on when the tide is low, you will either start or end your day with Sandwich Harbour.)

Walvis Bay: Pelican Point Kayaking Tour

8. Walvis Bay: Pelican Point Kayaking Tour

The Pelican Point kayaking tour starts every morning with a scenic drive by 4x4 vehicle along the Walvis Bay Lagoon and the salt mines to Pelican Point. Stop along the way to take pictures of countless flamingos, pelicans, large flocks of cormorants, and a great variety of other birds and wildlife. After about an hour, reach Pelican Point and hop in your kayak. Pelican Point is home to up to 50,000 Cape fur seals year-round. They are very friendly and playful and not scared of the kayaks. The seals are inquisitive and often come within touching distance of the kayaks. You'll stay on the protected side of the peninsula and spend around 2 hours on the ocean, depending on general weather conditions. Your guide will use a waterproof camera to capture some photos. After kayaking, recharge at breakfast with some fresh rolls and coffee and tea before heading back to Walvis Bay.

Kayaking and Sandwich Harbour Combo Tour

9. Kayaking and Sandwich Harbour Combo Tour

Enjoy a scenic morning drive along the Walvis Bay Lagoon to Pelican Point. On this full-day combo tour you’ll stop along the way to see countless flamingos, pelicans and large flocks of cormorants. Get your kayak ready at Pelican Point, home to as many as 50,000 Cape fur seals. Paddle right next to the friendly creatures. Your guide will take some photos and email them to you after the tour. Head into the Namib Desert for a 4x4 dune drive. Enter the Namib Naukluft National Park, stopping to photograph wildlife at various points during the drive. If weather permits, enjoy lunch at Sandwich Lagoon – featuring finger snacks, sparkling wine, and local beer.

Walvis Bay: Atlantic Namibian Coast Marine Dolphin Cruise

10. Walvis Bay: Atlantic Namibian Coast Marine Dolphin Cruise

Sit back and relax as you explore the Atlantic waters off the Namibian coast on a 3-hour boat cruise filled with an abundance of bird and marine life. Start your cruise with a "Namibian Coffee" or sherry to ward off the cold ocean breeze, or a nice warm blanket as you get comfortable for your cruise. Explore the ocean waters while searching for dolphin or whale sightings and expect a big welcome from some local seals and pelicans. Venturing closer to Pelican Point, you get to view the seal colonies and Pelican Point Lighthouse from a different perspective and while drifting along the coastline, you get to enjoy a light lunch and oysters with a glass of sparkling wine. After savoring a variety of food options, the cruise returns to the Walvis Bay Waterfront, where your tour will conclude.

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What an amazing experience. The boat was beautiful and the guide very knowledgeable, you could clearly see they love and respect the animals they work with. Pelicans and seals literally jump on the boat looking for a snack and everyone loved it Great food and drinks - truly a highlight and highly recommended

It was extremely fun! You get adventure, beautiful, breathtaking scenery and see animals such as flamingos, ostrich, seal, gecko, etc. our guide did an excellent job explaining things and going out of his way to show us things. Going up and down the sand dunes was so much fun!

Spacious and not overcrowded Professional crew with huge knowledge about Walvisbay 3 rd time I have done it Saw a Mola Mola once on the 3 trips The dolphins were fantastic showing off

Amazing experience. The guide was amazing. The hospitality was also excellent. Coffee, Sherry, drinks, and seafood onboard. Blankets when we were cold... nothing was missing

smooth boat ride, very safe, lots of wildlife, good food, interesting guide, friendly staff. Highly recommend for all ages.