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Things to do in Vlore

Our most recommended things to do in Vlore

From Vlore: Dafina Bay and Haxhi Ali Cave Guided Boat Trip

1. From Vlore: Dafina Bay and Haxhi Ali Cave Guided Boat Trip

Explore the sandy beaches, splashing bays, and scenic caves of Southern Albania on a multi-stop speedboat trip from Vlore. Cruise through the Bay of Vlora, Dafina, and Bristan, and explore the Haxhi Ali Cave. Spend free time on the beach and enjoy included sandwiches and soft drinks. After meeting your guide, hop on board and head to the Haxhi Ali Cave. The cave gets its name from the pirate Haxhi Ali, who used it as a refuge in the 16th century. After a 20-minute break in the cave, return through the Bay of Vlore.  Admire some of the most popular places on the riviera, like Zhiron and Kalasa Beach, on the way to Dafina Bay, a small horseshoe-shaped bay with white sandy beaches about 50 meters wide. The bay is one of the wonders of the Karaburun Marine Area. To get to Dafina Bay’s beaches, it takes hours of walking on foot, so being able to visit by boat is a real privilege. Dafina Bay is also known for the small cave it houses. Enter directly by boat and see a picture-perfect small beach with white stones and a palm tree.  Stop for 4 hours at Dafina Beach before leaving for another beautiful bay, Bristan Bay, a rocky beach with a shore dominated by steep cliffs that fall towards the sea and rocky pebble beaches where vegetation often grows right up to the sand. Set anchor at another one of the best beaches in Albania on the Karaburun-Sazan Peninsula, where ships used to take shelter in the past when the sea was too rough. Here, peace and tranquility are the real protagonists.  In addition to the beach, you can step onto the mainland and see an abandoned military building, a small pier, and some protected bunkers behind steep cliffs. Among the rocks, you’ll find deep canyons that were once used as fallout shelters 30 years ago.

Vlorë: Boat Trip to Karaburun Peninsula

2. Vlorë: Boat Trip to Karaburun Peninsula

You will be located on the Ionian Sea, at the eastern end of the Otranto Channel, in the center of the Bay of Vlora. Here we have the Marine Protected Area of Karaburun. A natural park that was established in 2010 by the Ministry of the Environment of Albania in order to preserve the characteristic features of this area. Where we find uniqueness and biodiversity. Visit the Pirate's Cave You will leave by boat in the early morning from Vlora, to reach the Haxhi Ali Cave, located at the end of the Karaburun Peninsula, after about half an hour on the water. Arriving at the cave by boat is a unique experience. You enter a cubic-shaped area that extends for 30 meters in length, with a maximum height of 18 meters, and 12 meters in width. Inside this cave, the view is lost between the rock formations and the stalactites, the result of the constant work of water on the rocks over thousands of years. In addition, at the end of the cave there is a source of freshwater. After a half-hour guided tour, the participants are free to choose between snorkeling in the wonderful crystal clear water, full of life, of the cave, or enjoy a pleasant drink on the boat. The best beaches on the Karaburun peninsula After the stop, you will set off again to travel along the wild coast of Karaburun. Here you will have the opportunity to see some of the most beautiful beaches with caves, of the peninsula up close. Corners of paradise such as Shen Jani, Aquamarina Beach, and San Basil Beach. After lunchtime, you will stop on the beach of Zhanpovel Beach, refreshing yourselves with the best specialties of the local gastronomic tradition at the restaurant located on the beach. Returning in the early afternoon, you will cross the bay, flanking the Vlora coast, approaching the beaches with caves, of Zhironi and Kalasa and skirting the entire Cold Water district. The story of the pirate Haxhi Ali cave owes its name to the legendary pirate Haxhi Alia Ulqinaku. Born in Calabria in 1569, he moved with his family to Ulcinj, Albania and received military education under the Ottoman Empire. After serving in the Ottoman fleet, in 1609 he moved with his children and some Albanian sailors to the Karaburun peninsula. Here he began to defend the coasts from the incursions of the Venetians and the French, cooperating with the local population, which supplied the pirate with timber and raw materials. It was an episode that handed him over to the legend. Haxhi Alia was attacked in 1623 off the coast of Otranto by a powerful fleet of Venetians and British, but he heroically defended himself, until he earned legendary fame among the inhabitants of the Karaburun peninsula, who still sing songs in his honor.

From Berat: Bogovë Waterfalls Day Trip

3. From Berat: Bogovë Waterfalls Day Trip

Your professional guide will lead you to a wonderful destination in Berat. Be prepared to immerse yourself into the beauty of nature. In about 1 ¼ hour you will reach Bogova,a picturesque village famous for its waters and waterfalls. Along the way to Bogova you will make a pit stop to Polican, a small town being known for weapon production in communism years. After enjoying the Bogova Waterfalls your trip will continue to Canyons on the Osum River.The same river that crosses the entire city of Berat, has created this wonderful canyon, where the adventure lovers are becoming more attracted over the years. Nature here offers a beautiful landscape that you can enjoy in this full-day tour.

From Tirana: Tour to Vlora, Butrint, Saranda & Gjirokaster

4. From Tirana: Tour to Vlora, Butrint, Saranda & Gjirokaster

Travel south along the Albanian coast and explore the best of this region on a guided tour. Spend the day discovering Vlora, Butrint, Saranda, and Gjirokaster. Start your trip with a comfortable ride in an air-conditioned vehicle from your hotel in Tirana. Travel to Vlora, the city of independence. Proceed to Llogara to enjoy the breathtaking views of the coast from a 1043-meter height. Continue to Saranda and see enchanting beaches such as Gjipe Beach, Porto Palermo, Lukovë, and more. Next, visit the National Park of Butrint that holds more than 2000 years of history. Head to the source of the “Blue Eye” before getting to Gjirokaster. It’s a water spring with clear blue waters coming from the depth of the earth, running in the shape of an eye. The road leading to Gjirokaster will take you to the castle of the city and the old bazaar neighborhood. Visit the former homes of Ismail Kadare and Enver Hoxha, which are now museums dedicated to communism. Enjoy this last stop of the coastal tour before returning to Tirana.

Tirana: 4-Day Albanian Heritage Highlights Trip

5. Tirana: 4-Day Albanian Heritage Highlights Trip

Explore Albania's top attractions in the hands of an expert tour director during a 4-day, 3-night sightseeing tour. Sample authentic Albanian food and visit Unesco World Heritage Sites such as Berat, Gjirokastra, and Butrint. Day 1: Sightseeing tour of Berat via Durres Travel to Berat, stopping in Durres for a short walking tour of the City Walls, Byzantine Forum, Roman Thermal Baths, the Venetian Tower, and the Amphitheater. Transfer to Berat passing through suggestive hills full of olive trees. Then, get settled in the hotel and head out for a guided tour admiring the citadel/castle of Berat with the Red Mosque, recognized by its solitary minaret, and the many Byzantine Churches like the Holy Trinity Church and the St. George Church. Finally, step inside a local home inside the castle of Berat for a coffee, raki, and dessert break. Enjoy the rest of the day wandering in the two main districts of Mangalam and Gorica. Day 2: Sightseeing tour of Gjirokastra After breakfast, admire small villages during your transfer to Gjirokaster. Once you arrive in this “city of a thousand steps,” settle into your hotel before soaking up the rich history of the castle and enjoying the view of the “city of stone” from above. Next, see the Ottoman Bazaar and historic wooden houses. Visit the Gjirokastra Obelisk dedicated to the first school of Gjirokastra and enjoy the 360º view from there. Next, stop for lunch in a small local restaurant for a taste of the city’s authentic dishes. Step into Skenduli house, the nicest Ottoman tower house, and listen to its history and details from the 10th generation of the Skenduli family. Spend a relaxing evening in the streets of Gjirokaster. Day 3: Sightseeing tour of Butrint & the Blue Eye spring Travel to the “Blue Eye” spring. Admire the shades of blue and surrounding nature before heading to Butrint. There, marvel at 2,500 years of history on a guided tour with a local guide. See the highlights, such as the amphitheater, castle, churches, and Lion Gate. Drive to Ksamil and enjoy lunch by the lake at the Mussel House. Spend your afternoon in Ksamil before heading to Saranda via Lekursi Castle, which overlooks the city. Day 4: Tirana via Vlore and Riviera Road En route to the city of Vlore via the scenic Riviera road, and explore the Ali Pasha Castle with your Tour Director. First, head to the Llogara “balcony” for a stunning view of the South Coast beaches before indulging in lunch at Llogara National. Next, visit a park surrounded by pine trees and a fresh mountain breeze. Marvel at the architecture and listen to entertaining legends about the man who built it, Ali Pashe Tepelena. Then, stop for lunch at a rustic local restaurant along Shushica river. After lunch, visit the city of Vlore, the hometown of the National Independence movement. visit Flag Square with its Independence Monument in the center, the Muradie Mosque, and Vlore Lungomare. Transfer to Tirana. (Hotel accommodation in Tirana is not included on the tour).

From Vlore: Guided Boat Trip to Sazan and Karaburun

6. From Vlore: Guided Boat Trip to Sazan and Karaburun

Welcome on board of our boats, for a pleasant boat trip on the former military Albania island of Sazan and to the wonderful south Albanian beaches. Your professional guide will represent you with the history of this island and next will be time for some relaxing time. You will spend some time admiring the Admiral beach. You will get on board again and will be time to see the Illyrian Cave, also called Haxhi Ali Cave. After some free time, you will leave to go along Karaburun. This area has some of the most beautiful Albania beaches, such as Saint Jan Beach, Aquamarine Beach, Saint Basil Beach. A delicious lunch awaits you at the seaside restaurant. Here comes the last part of the journey, you will cross the bay to see the most famous Albania beaches: Zhironi, Kalasa, and the residential district of Cold Water.

Boat trip at Grama Bay

7. Boat trip at Grama Bay

During this trip, we'll have the opportunity to see and visit the wild and amazing nature of the "Karaburuni" Peninsula. You will also see the magical underwater world of this Peninsula. Visits that include this program: • Haxhi Ali Cave • Dafina Bay • Dafina Cave • Bristan Bay • ''Secret cave'' Bay • Secret Cave • Lloviz Bay • Lloviz Cave • English Bay • Grama Bay

Albania: North to South Tour - 8 Days

8. Albania: North to South Tour - 8 Days

We start our journey in Tirana with guided walking tour of the city center, including Skanderbeg Square, Ethem Bey Mosque, National Historical Museum, the Pyramid, Blloku area. Day 2: Thethi via Shkoder En route to Shkodra, a small city situated at the foot of the Albania Alps, stop and visit the hilltop Rozafa Castle. Enjoy its amazing views and the fortress’s fascinating history. You'll transfer for lunch in Shiroke, with Lake Shkoder well known for its fish cuisine. Experience the Old Town, St. Stephen’s Catholic Cathedral and the Ebu Bekr Mosque on a guided tour before transferring to Theth, where on route you will stop in the mountain village of Boge and Thore Pass surrounded by mountains. Day 3: The Blue Eye of Theth & Grunas Waterfall and Canyon Spend a day exploring Theth National Park on a leasure hike. Marvel at the view and sound of Grunas waterfall and Canyon. Enjoy a refreshing bath and lunch at the Natural pools of Nderlysa. Be amazed at the Blue Eye of Theth, after hiking through stunning scenery. Day 4: Durres via Kruja Leave the northern village of Theth and head for the city of Kruja. Set off on a guided tour of Dollma Bektashi Teqe, the surroundings and the Castle itself and the Skanderbeg Museum. Head for lunch in a local restaurant in Kruja, with a tremendous view of the city and valley of Kruja. Enjoy free time to wander around the Old Bazaar, transfer to the seaside city of Durres. Day 5: Saranda via Gjirokaster Transfer to Gjirokaster to discover this "city of a thousand steps” whilst driving through small villages. Once arrived, settle into your hotel before soaking up the rich history of the castle and enjoying the view of the “city of stone” from above. Explore the Ottoman Bazaar and historic wooden house before stopping for lunch in a small local restaurant for a taste of the city’s authentic dishes. On the road to Saranda, you will later stop at the “Blue Eye” spring. Day 6: Butrint and Ksamil Transfer to Butrint for a guided tour of the UNESCO archaeological site. Following that you will have free time for a beach day at the Ksamil Islands, before returning to Saranda in the evening. Day 7: Vlore via Ali Pasha Castle & Riviera Road Visit Porto Palermo Castle with your guide, before spending the day at the beach in the bay of Porto Palermo. Along the way you'll stop by Tirana, as well as the Llogara “balcony” to try local products of the area. Sightseeing tour of Berat (UNESCO) & Tirana Set off from Vlore to reach Berat, the “City of Thousand Windows”, where you will admire the Red and White Mosque, the Church of the Holy Trinity and the arched bridge of Gorica. In the afternoon Alpeta Winery will welcome you for a cellar and vineyard visit. enjoy lunch with their seasonal home-grown and locally sourced organic delights and their fine wine. Transfer in Tirana in afternoom

Vlore: : Discovering Vlora and park of Amantia

9. Vlore: : Discovering Vlora and park of Amantia

This tour will take you to discover the area around Vlora, along with the most important rivers, valleys, nature, history, and archeology. You will leave from Vlora at 9 am, to reach the first stop of your tour, you will reach Brataj, a village of 2,000 inhabitants located in the municipality of Selenica. The river that crosses by the village has clear and crystalline blue water. After Brataj you will visit the monument Arch of Drashovica, which celebrates the struggle for the liberation of the Albanian people. Later in the morning, a regenerating bath and a delicious lunch await you. After some relax you will go to the last stop, the village of Ploc, to visit the archaeological park of the ancient city of Amantia, which presents the remains of the acropolis, a Doric-style temple dedicated to the goddess Aphrodite.

The best around Vlore: archeology, history and nature

10. The best around Vlore: archeology, history and nature

You will visit the remains of the ancient city of Oricum and its lagoon, you will be birdwatching in Albania and you will be able to see pelicans and herons that populate the Karaburun peninsula. Depart from Vlora and journey south, passing through the tunnel of Uji I Ftohte (Cold Water), along the Vlora coast in a comfortable vehicle. Admire Radhima, famous for its beaches that alternate sand and rocks. In a few minutes from Radhima, you will reach Oricum Lagoon, located only 60 km from the Italian coast. Stop for a short break to discover the local flora and fauna, and to explore the rich history of the area.

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The tour is definitely to be recommended! Interesting destinations including characteristic villages that can hardly be reached and visited optimally with your own or local means. Note on the organization of the trip: they moved and reorganized the stages of the tour in advance to meet our need to end the trip in a different destination from the one planned (we basically left as a group of 7 friends). Mimi, our guide (from 110 and praise!), Told us many curiosities about the history of Albania and tried to satisfy us as much as possible by giving us a truly unique experience. Happy tour future travelers !!

It was interesting journey trought the Albania. We like hotels where we stay. Our guide was very nice young men and tell us lot of Albania. We recomend the trip.

Interesting destinations but perhaps too busy considering the distance to be covered.