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Vis IslandActivities for couples

Our most recommended Vis Island Activities for couples

From Hvar: Blue and Green Cave Day Tour

1. From Hvar: Blue and Green Cave Day Tour

Enjoy a speedboat tour from Hvar to the Green Cave on Ravnik. Enter the Blue Cave on Biševo island and stop for a refreshing dip at Stiniva Cove. Cruise through the Paklinski islands and visit the turquoise waters of Vinogradišce bay.  Take a speedboat to have an extraordinary experience swimming in the Green and Blue Caves. Swim, sunbathe, and relax in pristine waters and amongst stunning scenery. Meet your skipper and other tour guests at the seafront in Hvar where you'll board a speed boat for an adventurous ride while enjoying the sun and waves. The first stop is the Green Cave on the Islet of Ravnik, well-known for its gorgeous color. Here you will have the chance to swim inside the cave and enjoy the natural, emerald light show. Your skippers will share interesting stories and fun facts about the places see. Next, head to the Island of Biševo, where the Blue Cave, one of the wonders of the Adriatic coast, is located. After reaching Biševo, disembark from the speedboat and board the Blue Cave’s shuttlecraft, which will take you directly inside the cave. You will have enough time to take pictures and enjoy the silvery-­blue color created by the sun as it bathes the inside of the cave through an opening in the roof and is reflected back by the sandy sea bottom below. From the Blue Cave, head to a small, hidden bay named Stiniva Cove where you can jump from the speedboat into the sea to take a short swim through the Stiniva Gates. You'll find yourself inside a beautiful cove, surrounded by magnificent rocks. Enjoy swimming or get out on the pebble beach of Stiniva to take breathtaking photos, sunbathe, or have a cold drink at the beach bar. The Pakleni Islands, a chain of islands located right opposite the town of Hvar, are the final stop on the tour. Discover one of the archipelago’s most popular bays, Vinogradišce at Palmižana, where you can have a seaside lunch at one of the best restaurants in the Adriatic (at your own expense). After lunch, you'll have time to enjoy more swimming, relaxing, or sunbathing before you head back to Hvar at sunset.

Split or Trogir: Blue Cave, Vis, and Hvar Speedboat Day Trip

2. Split or Trogir: Blue Cave, Vis, and Hvar Speedboat Day Trip

Speed around the Dalmatian coast on an adrenaline-fueled speedboat ride. See beaches like Stiniva beach, landmarks like the Blue Cave, and go snorkeling in pristine blue waters. Meet your skipper and the group at the tour partner's office. Hop on the speedboat and enjoy a thrilling 90-minute ride from Split to Biševo Island. Head to the Blue Cave with its silvery-blue color, created by the refraction of sunlight entering through a crack in the stone. Get ready for the Blue Lagoon on Budikovac island. The beautiful clear sea, beach, and a small bar make this place a perfect place to take a swim or snorkel, laze on the beach, or stroll on the pretty island. The crew will provide you with snorkeling equipment. Head to the Pakleni islands, a group of small islands around the island of Hvar. The most popular is Palmižana which is located on Klement island. It is a sandy inlet in the shade of the old pines. Enjoy free time to have lunch, swim, snorkel, or explore the island. The final destination is the town of Hvar, Dalmatia’s trendiest destination and an island with more than 2,500 years of rich history. Learn about its historical-cultural heritage and visit the fortress at the top of the town with views of the surrounding sea. Enjoy free time to explore the town and get lost in the small narrow streets. Explore the many charming bars and restaurants. To end your trip, hop back on a speedboat and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the Adriatic sea while you cruise towards Split.

From Split: All-inclusive Blue Cave Tour with Grilled Lunch

3. From Split: All-inclusive Blue Cave Tour with Grilled Lunch

Take a day cruise from Split to explore Komiža and Hvar, swim and snorkel in pristine waters, and savor local cuisine on Vis island in a private bay. Enjoy beer, wine, soda, croissants, donuts, and different pastries. Use the snorkeling gear provided when entering the Blue Lagoon on Budikovac island. The tour starts in the morning to ensure a head start on other tour groups. Once everybody is seated you had out towards the Blue Cave where you are taken inside with small fishermen's boats for a sightseeing tour. After that, visit Komiža town on Vis island, the most beautiful fishermen's village in the Mediterranean. You can get some coffee there and go for a swim. Your next destination is Budikovac island's Blue Lagoon where you have more free time. Feel free to use the provided snorkeling gear and towels. Next, you head to Milna bay on Vis island, where you will be served a freshly grilled lunch. Take a swim after enjoying your coffee and ice cream. Last but not least, visit Hvar town, where you have around 1-1.5 hours to relax and explore before heading back to Split.

Split: Blue cave & 5 Islands Catamaran Speedboat Cruise

4. Split: Blue cave & 5 Islands Catamaran Speedboat Cruise

Best boat excursion from Split to Blue Cave & 5 islands tour. Most comfort & safe way to travel. Highlights Swim in the crystal clear Adriatic Sea Explore magical town of Hvar and enjoy on natural beaches Feel the island vibe The best way to see the most beautiful of Croatia Itinerary 07:30 Day trip starts from Split to Hvar 08:30 Almost two hour free time to explore town of Hvar 10:30 Tour continues to Pakleni Islands 11:00 Arrival to Pakleni islands where is time for lunch and swim stop 12:30 Short cruise to beautiful island Vis 13:30 Swim stop at the beautiful Stiniva bay 14:30 Tour continues to amazing Blue Cave on island Biševo 17:00 Sailing back towards to City of Split 19:00 Arrival in Split Our tour tips Making your trip special and memorable Bag Water shoes Comfortable clothes Bathing suit Towel Sun cream Sunglasses

From Hvar: Blue Cave, Blue Lagoon and Vis Island Boat Tour

5. From Hvar: Blue Cave, Blue Lagoon and Vis Island Boat Tour

This unique day on the sea starts with the Green and Blue caves and includes Vis and the Pakleni islands! We’ll begin by cruising between Hvar and the islets of Ravnik and Biševo. First we will visit the Green Cave where we will get a chance to swim inside and enjoy the emerald light show!. Then we’ll discover a picturesque hidden inlet called Stiniva, where you can enjoy a delicious swim or just relax and sun bathe. After Stiniva, it’s off to experience the world-renowned Blue Cave, whose ethereal silvery blue color is created by the sun as it bathes the inside of the cave through an opening in the roof and is reflected back by the sandy surface below. Widely regarded as one of the world’s most beautiful natural phenomena, this cave is a must¬see.

Blue Cave and 5 Islands Tour from Split

6. Blue Cave and 5 Islands Tour from Split

If you're in for swimming in idyllic lagoons, snorkelling in the clearest waters, old town sightseeing aswell as fun speedboat riding and all that in a one day, this is the tour for you! Starting at our meeting point of St. Francis Church, Split, our first stop after the speedboat ride will be the mesmerazing Blue Cave where you will hop into smaller local boat to witness the most beautifull shade of blue as the sun rays hit the botoom of the Cave. Next stop is the island of Vis. We will visit a traditional small fisherman's village Komiža where you will have some free time for a coffe or a quick breakfast. Continuing from there to unique looking Stiniva Cove for a possible quick dip in the clearest blue waters. Next swimming spot is Budikovac Island for your next activities: swimming, snorkelling, sun-bathing, or simply relaxing in the sun. Whatever your heart desires. Enjoy the panoramic views of the Pakleni Islands arcipelago on your way to our last stop, the island of Hvar. Certainly the one you simply must visit. Here you will have more than enough time to get some late lunch and drinks after exploring beautifull sights of the old town. All you need to do after this fun-filled day is sit back and relax while you're being transported back to our starting point.

From Split: Blue Cave & 6 Islands Boat Tour with Lunch

7. From Split: Blue Cave & 6 Islands Boat Tour with Lunch

Enjoy the beauty of the Dalmatian coast and caves in one day, starting from Split. Treat yourself to a unique speedboat tour of the stunning Blue Cave, Green Cave, and more. Meet different islands, and swim in shallow crystal clear water! You`ll have enough free time for sightseeing, a coffee break, and organized group lunch in one of the best restaurants. We meet in front of the Waterworld office (Tomića stine 12, Split), your sailor takes you to the boat & then we sail to the island of Hvar.  Hvar Town! First stop on the way, enjoy your one hour of free time :) Your sailor will advise you on the best things to see & do in one hour of free time. After Hvar, get ready for the very unique Carpe diem beach bar, and free time for swimming and snorkeling. Take a swim or snorkel in the Blue Lagoon on the island of Budikovac, or walk-in shallow crystal-clear water and join the crew with the traditional Split ballgame ''Picigin''.  On the way to the Blue Cave, we will make a short stop at the Green Cave, entering the Green Cave is optional, for those who do not want to enter the Green Cave, you can use this time for swimming and snorkeling. Our last stop will be the charming fisherman's town - Komiža. Komiža is a small heaven on Earth so we saved 1 and a half hours of free time here. In one hour you will be able to enjoy traditional lunch prepared just for you.

From Hvar: Blue Cave and Pakleni Islands Tour

8. From Hvar: Blue Cave and Pakleni Islands Tour

Embark on a day at sea from Hvar Island and explore some of the top tourist destinations along the coast. Make a visit to the Green and Blue Caves, snorkel in Stiniva Bay, buy some lunch on the Island of Vis, and choose between several popular locations, as per your group's wishes. Meet your crew in Krizna Luka and settle into your comfortable speedboat. Feel the salty air and breathe with the wind as you head towards the Island of Vis. Along the way, stop at the Green Cave, where you can enter inside and go swimming. Next stop, Stiniva bay. Drop anchor and enter the Bay by swimming or with a small rubber boat. This bay has an unusual shape and is a gorgeous location for swimming and snorkeling. At the beach, there is a bar where you can buy a drink and relax. Find yourself next at the magnificent Blue Cave, a definite national natural wonder. Allow your skipper to help you step off the boat and direct you where to buy your tickets. As you wait for your entrance time, take the option to hide from the sun in the nearby bar and buy a drink to cool off. Choose from the Green lagoon on the Island Budikovac, Seal Monk's Cave, Stoncica beach, Komiza town, or the World War II military submarine garage. Afterward, head back to the Pakleni Islands to visit Palmizana beach. Explore the three small and sandy beaches, buy a drink at the local cocktail bar, and if you're hungry, grab a bite to eat at one of the nearby restaurants. Enjoy your free time to relax, eat, and swim, or simply stay on the speedboat and listen to music or take a nice walk to the marina on the north side. There is a special botanical garden nearby, which is the perfect ending to a big day at sea. Around 6 PM, slowly drive back to Hvar as the sunset paints the sky with hues of gold and red.

Brač: Blue Cave Island Hopping Luxury Tour

9. Brač: Blue Cave Island Hopping Luxury Tour

See a variety of beautiful islands and hidden bays all in one day. Join this tour on Brač Island and sail off to see more of the Croatian coast and explore its hidden gems and unique landscape. The first stop will be the famous Blue Cave, known for its specific illumination and unique atmosphere caused by the sunlight that penetrates through an opening. It is best to visit during the morning hours while the sea is quiet and the sun rays penetrate into the interior. Afterward, experience the true Mediterranean lifestyle in Komiža, a small town where you can explore coastal cliffs and traditional architecture. Next, stop at the unique Stiniva Cove, also located on Vis Island. Then, head straight to the Blue Lagoon, near the island of Budikovac, which is the best place for swimming and snorkelling. Jump off the boat and dive into the turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea. Stop shortly on Palmižana, a small uninhabited village on the island of St. Clement, which is the ideal place for relaxing on the sandy beach or enjoying the scents of the protected botanic garden. Before returning to Brač, make a final stop on Hvar Island. It is not only rich with historical monuments, but also the sunniest island in Croatia. Discover the fortress, the Franciscan monastery or the Hvar Arsenal, the oldest theatre in Europe dating from the 13th century and be mesmerised by how much has been preserved from the past.

From Hvar: Blue Cave and 5 Islands Boat Tour

10. From Hvar: Blue Cave and 5 Islands Boat Tour

If you want to spend an extraordinary day enjoying the natural beauty of the Hvar´s surrounding islands, join our small group and you will visit all the best attractions. At the first destination, island Budikovac with the beautiful Blue Lagoon bay only reachable by a boat, you will have the opportunity to refresh yourself in the turquoise, crystal clear sea and enjoy the midday sun. After a break, our next stop is the Green Cave located just a few minutes by boat from the island Budikovac. Here you will enjoy a natural phenomenon created by the sunlight passage through the opening at the top of the cave. The green colour of the algae together with the light reflection create a magical effect and make the cave bright. If you think it is not possible, we believe that the next destination will amaze you even more. After a short boat ride you will have the opportunity to enjoy one of the Croatian most beautiful bays which was once declared as the most beautiful beach in the Europe. Stiniva, located on the south side of the island of Vis, is surrounded by prehistoric rocks that hide it from the passing ships, waves and strong winds. It is a crescent-shaped cove formed thousands of years ago when the cave collapsed. No road leads to it what is the reason why it managed to preserve its natural beauty over the ages. We won't tell you much about the next destination because its beauty needs to be personally experienced. You can probably guess which landmark it is. The No. 1, must-see destination for tourists is the Blue Cave on the island of Biševo, which owes its attractive name to the reflection of the sun's rays that, around noon, penetrate through an underwater opening into the cave, reflect off the white, sandy bottom and give it a blue color. We will surprise you with an additional tour so that you can sum up the impressions of the whole day with a refreshing drink or lunch in one of the most popular bars or restaurants at the last destination in Palmižana bay on the Pakleni island.

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We went as a family with a young child (10) and we all had a great time! The blue caves were eye opening and the different islands were just beautiful. We went in October which is the perfect time to go! Still great weather but less tourism so not as crowded. Our little boy absolutely loved the travel on the speedboat but be prepared to get wet as it gets a little rough out there!

It was a great tour and I was able to see a lot that I wouldn't have been able to had I not taken the tour. The only negative was the place they suggested for lunch was very expensive and I was not expecting that. I just ordered the cheapest thing I could even though I knew I would still be hungry.

We had a great time on this tour and it was definitely one of the highlights of our time in Split! It was a very very bumpy ride but the crew gave us tips on where to sit to make it more comfortable. We all get very wet so definitely bring a change of clothes!

I went with a group of friends and would definitely recommend. You need cash for the boat to the blue cave and there isn't any an ATM on the island so be prepared for this.

Pia and Yellow were fantastic. They were kind, funny and so knowledgeable. This trip was the best part of our whole entire vacation