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São Miguel East: Full-Day Van Tour with Lunch

1. São Miguel East: Full-Day Van Tour with Lunch

Explore the highlights of the eastern half of São Miguel island on a guided tour by van. Discover the hot springs at Furnas, the waterfall at Ribeira dos Caldeirões, as well as the remote rugged beauty of the Nordeste region. Enjoy the beautiful scenery along the northern coast of the island until you get to the Santa Iria Lookout, with a spectacular, ample view of the north coast in both directions, before continuing to Furnas. Find yourself in Furnas and admire a spectacular panoramic stop to gaze over the lake and town. Descend where you will be given the choice of visiting the geothermal fields and tasting the sparkling waters, or bathing in the hot springs, for an additional fee. Next, discover a traditional way of cooking as your lunch of cozido (stew) is pulled from the warm volcanic soil. In the afternoon, continue the journey eastward, with a stop at the charming waterfall of Ribeira dos Caldeirões.  Explore Nordeste, the most unexplored and rural part of the island. Visit two amazing lookouts over the high cliffs that characterize the East coast of São Miguel, before returning to Ponta Delgada.

Furnas Tour - Half Day Private Tour up to 4 Pax

2. Furnas Tour - Half Day Private Tour up to 4 Pax

Explore the Enchanting Furnas: A Fascinating Journey into São Miguel Welcome to our unforgettable tour of Furnas, a place of natural wonders and geothermal marvels. Departing from Ponta Delgada (Or your hotel), we invite you to join us on a captivating adventure through the heart of São Miguel's volcanic landscape. Our first stop takes us to Vila Franca do Campo, where we visit the Nossa Senhora da Paz viewpoint. From this vantage point, you'll be treated to panoramic views of the stunning coastline, immersing yourself in the beauty of the Azores. Continuing our journey, we arrive in Furnas, a place renowned for its geothermal activity and the famous "Cozido das Furnas." Here, you'll have the unique opportunity to witness the cooking process of this traditional Azorean dish. Marvel at the steam rising from the ground as the Cozido is prepared using the natural heat of the earth. Afterward, we'll explore the magnificent surroundings of Furnas Lake, offering picturesque views that will leave you in awe. Take a moment to capture the beauty of this tranquil oasis, surrounded by lush vegetation and volcanic landscapes. Next, we invite you to indulge in a truly rejuvenating experience at Terra Nostra Park. Immerse yourself in the soothing hot springs and relax in this natural haven. Allow the mineral-rich waters to envelop you, rejuvenating your body and soul. As we venture deeper into the geothermal area, you'll have the opportunity to witness fumaroles and active calderas, a testament to the powerful forces that shape this volcanic landscape. Observe these natural wonders up close, capturing the essence of São Miguel's volcanic heritage. Our journey continues to the renowned Gorreana Tea Factory, where you'll discover the fascinating process of tea production. Learn about the history and cultivation techniques that make Azorean tea so unique. Taste the flavors of this cherished local product and savor the craftsmanship behind every cup. Finally, we make our way back to Ponta Delgada, meandering through scenic viewpoints that showcase the island's breathtaking vistas. As we arrive in Ponta Delgada , you'll carry with you the memories of an unforgettable exploration of Furnas and its remarkable geothermal wonders. Join us on this immersive journey into the enchanting world of Furnas, and let the magic of São Miguel captivate your senses. Please note that the working hours for Terra Nostra is open until 4:30 pm and the tea factory up to 6 pm. In case you book afternoon tour, we could adapt it to these times for a better experience.

Ponta Delgada: Full-Day Van Tour to Furnas Valley

3. Ponta Delgada: Full-Day Van Tour to Furnas Valley

Embark on an extraordinary and exclusive journey that's simply impossible to miss. Discover the ancient volcanic origins of Furnas, a mesmerizing realm pulsating with geothermal marvels. Our escapade commences with a morning pickup in Ponta Delgada, ushering us to the renowned Gorreana tea factory for a glimpse into its legacy. Soon, we'll ascend to the breathtaking Pico do Ferro viewpoint, capturing both the landscape and essence before descending to the effervescent Caldeiras das Furnas. Here, we'll explore famed fumaroles and relish the singular notes of gasocarbonic mineral springs. En route to Lagoa das Furnas, we'll pause at a local eatery for a taste of the iconic "Cozido" dish. A fusion of regional ingredients, simmered through volcanic prowess, this gastronomic journey is a must-not-miss experience. After this culinary marvel, we'll enter the hallowed Terra Nostra botanical garden, where the echoes of indigenous Azorean flora and global adaptability intertwine. Following our day, an iron-rich hot water pool beckons, offering a luxurious soak in waters heated by the Earth itself, an exquisite finale to our day. As we return to Ponta Delgada, we'll traverse the scenic South Coast, making a detour to Vila Franca do Campo. Gaze upon the Princess Ring islet, delve into the island's inaugural capital, and unveil the seismic history of the formidable 1522 earthquake. This journey unveils the Azores' natural allure and vibrant heritage, an experience that defies comparison.

Group up to 4pax - São Miguel Island - Full Day Private Tour

4. Group up to 4pax - São Miguel Island - Full Day Private Tour

Join us on a journey to discover the natural beauty of São Miguel's with our day tour. We'll start by visiting the Miradouro da Grota do Inferno viewpoint to enjoy a panoramic view of the surrounding area. Afterward, we'll head to Sete Cidades village and the Vista do Rei viewpoint, where you can marvel at the breathtaking views of the twin lakes and surrounding mountains. You'll have time to explore the village and take photos. Next, we'll visit the Lagoa do Canário viewpoint for another incredible view of the lake and surrounding forests before heading to the Lagoa do Fogo viewpoint for more breathtaking scenery. We'll then visit the *Caldeira Velha Environmental Interpretation Center, where you can learn about the island's volcanic origins and take a dip in a natural hot spring. During our lunch break, you'll have the opportunity to taste the famous Furnas Cozido, a traditional dish cooked in hot volcanic soil while enjoying the beautiful surroundings of Furnas village. After lunch, we'll visit the Terra Nostra Garden, one of the most beautiful botanical gardens in the world, where you can explore the lush vegetation and soak in a natural hot spring pool. Our next stop will be the Gorreana Tea Factory, where you can learn about the tea production process and taste some of the island's famous tea. Finally, we'll make a stop at the Santa Iria viewpoint for stunning views of the northern coast before heading back to your hotel. Let us know if you have any special requests, and we'll customize the tour to make your experience unforgettable.

From Ponta Delgada: Furnas Wheelchair Accessible Van Tour

5. From Ponta Delgada: Furnas Wheelchair Accessible Van Tour

Be picked up in Ponta Delgada and head towards Vila Franca do Campo. During your stop at Vila Franca do Campo, you’ll get the chance to see its beaches and inlets. After your stop at Vila Franca do Campo, you’ll visit Lagoa das Furnas. Here you’ll try the famous cozido das Furnas at a local restaurant. Cozido das Furnas is a meat stew that is cooked in the ground, making for a tasty lunch. Visit Parque Terra Nostra, which is a thermal spa and resort. In Furnas, you’ll also visit Caldeiras das Furnas, a complex of volcanic thermal hot springs. Afterwards, head to the Pico do Ferro lookout point for panoramic views of the island. Before the tour comes to an end, you’ll visit the local tea factory, Gorrena, and stop at the Santa Iria viewing point.

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