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Our most recommended Tulum Religious & spiritual activities

Riviera Maya: Tulum Ruins and 2 Cenotes Half-Day Tour

1. Riviera Maya: Tulum Ruins and 2 Cenotes Half-Day Tour

Set off on an excursion to Tulum, a picturesque, must-see Maya archeological site located next to the turquoise sea. Enjoy hotel pickup and drop-off in the Riviera Maya and visit two breathtaking cenotes. Be picked up from your hotel and make your way to the Tulum archaeological zone on the picturesque Caribbean coast. Embark on a comprehensive guided walk. Have some free time to explore the ancient solar observatory in the Temple of the Frescoes and the seaside Temple of the God of Wind. Snap once-in-a-lifetime photos of the Pyramid El Castillo and pristine white-sand beaches. Stop at the cenote Mariposa and immerse yourself in the cave's crystal-clear waters. Look up to admire the lush jungle canopy as you swim, and try to spot the wildlife that lives among the branches. Make a stop at the Chen-Ha cenote before returning to your accommodation.

From Riviera Maya: Cenotes & Akumal Turtle Swim Trip

2. From Riviera Maya: Cenotes & Akumal Turtle Swim Trip

Explore the striking natural wonders of Tulum and Akumal from Riviera Maya on a tour that takes you swimming in cenotes and with sea turtles. Begin your journey with a visit to Cenote Mariposa, an open cenote that beckons you to its crystalline waters glistening under the sun. Here, bask in the untouched beauty of this geological marvel and marvel at the intricate rock formations and vibrant aquatic life that call it home. Continue your exploration to the enchanting Chen Ha cenote. This semi-cavern cenote promises an otherworldly experience, where shafts of sunlight pierce through the openings above, casting an ethereal glow upon the water below. Immerse yourself in the cool embrace of the cenote's emerald waters, surrounded by captivating stalactites and stalagmites that bear witness to the passage of time. But the true highlight of this adventure awaits you in Akumal's azure waters – a magical encounter with gentle sea turtles. Slip into the turquoise ocean, guided by experienced instructors, and find yourself swimming alongside these graceful creatures in their natural habitat. Head back to Riviera Maya, having experienced nature at its best in Mexico.

From Riviera Maya: Private Temazcal & Cenote Ceremony

3. From Riviera Maya: Private Temazcal & Cenote Ceremony

Take part in a traditional Temazcal purification ritual that includes a swim in a cenote. Immerse yourself and learn about the Prehispanic ritual and come out feeling cleansed and refreshed. Enter the sweat lodge and feel how your body and mind begin to release tension, stress, and toxins through the use of heat, steam, and infused herbs. Feel your muscles relax and your pores open up. The ceremony lasts for approximately 2 hours, with a number of breaks to let out the excess heat and to make sure you are feeling comfortable. Learn about the numerous health benefits, particularly for the skin, circulatory system, respiratory system, and immune system. Temazcal is also 'good for the soul', providing tranquility and a feeling of weightlessness, leaving you feeling relaxed and lighter than usual. After the ceremony, visit a nearby cenote to wash off all the traces of sweat and tension, completing the relaxation process. The cool water feels especially refreshing after the heat of the sweat lodge. You will also have a delicious meal of regional delicacies and fresh fruits prepared by a local family.

From Tulum: Temazcal & Cenote Private Experience

4. From Tulum: Temazcal & Cenote Private Experience

During our ceremony, you will enter a sweat lodge (an igloo-shaped hut). Once inside, hot volcanic rocks are placed in the center, and sage and copal infused water is poured over the rocks to produce steam. While every ritual is different, this ceremony lasts around two hours which includes a shaman-led series of thanksgiving and chanting. The ceremony begins outside the sweat lodge, next to where the stones are being heated. Standing around the fire we focus on our attention on our gratitude for the forest and earth. Kneeling and kissing the ground as a symbol of appreciating our Mother Earth (the temazcal represents the belly button and the rebirth of the participants) we pay respect to everything that makes life possible and we remind ourselves of what truly is important in our lives, releasing unnecessary weight and thus rediscovering our natural balance. After finishing our ceremony we visit a Cenote to complete our cleansing process as the Mayans used to do many centuries ago. When you are ready we strengthen our bodies with healthy, regional foods and seasonal fruit. Pick up time - 10:00am - 11:00am Duration - 9 hours 12:00 - Arrive at the location of the temazcal and receive introduction of activity 12:30am - 14:30am Temazcal ceremony 15:00pm Lunch 15:45pm - 17:00pm Swim in Cenote 17:00pm - 18:30pm Optional visit to the Cóba archeological zone 18:00pm - 19:30pm Return to your hotel

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