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Tromsø: Northern Lights Tour with Free Professional Photos

1. Tromsø: Northern Lights Tour with Free Professional Photos

Go on an adventurous search for the Northern Lights with an expert local guide who will find the best spot for viewing opportunities on the night of your outing. You will be picked up at the meeting point, and ride away from the pollution of the city lights and into the darkness of the fjords, forests, and mountains. Your guide will choose the best spot within a 350 km area to see the Northern Lights. While waiting to see if the lights appear, enjoy hot chocolate with cake or snacks for a warm and sweet start. Then, if the weather allows, sit by a bonfire and enjoy the Arctic beauty while roasting marshmallows. Your guide will share the facts, stories, traditions, beliefs, and superstitions about the lights as you warm by the fire. When the Aurora Borealis does appear, your guide will take professional pictures and share them with you for free. They will also help you to get the best out of your cameras and even mobile phones. Every guest has a free Aurora portrait included in the tour. You have the option to take more pictures if you want as an additional service. Conclude your tour with a drop-off close to your hotel in the city center. If you are staying at a private accommodation outside of the city center, you can book the drop off at your address when you book your ticket.

Tromsø: Reindeer Sled, Dinner, and Northern Lights Day Trip

2. Tromsø: Reindeer Sled, Dinner, and Northern Lights Day Trip

Experience the magic of the artic on this nighttime reindeer sledding day trip with a bus or van transfer Tromsø. Enjoy a traditional Sami dinner with reindeer herders while they tell you about their culture and their beliefs. Have the chance to spot the northern lights dancing above you.  Board your bus or van in Tromsø and embark on your artic adventure. Stop at a Sami camp and have a chance to feed the herd of around 300 wild reindeer who will eat from your hands. Feel the thrill of riding on a sled pulled by majestic reindeer. Be invited for a cup of hot tea, coffee, or hot chocolate and warm up around the fire inside a candle lit gamme (traditional Sami hut). Taste a three course meal including bidos (a traditional Sami stew which is often served at Sami weddings and other special occasions) cooked over the open fire. Join your hots in a lavuu (Sami tent) and gather round the fire to listen to stories about Sami culture. Learn what it is like to be a reindeer herder. Watch as your guide performs a joik (traditional Sami song).  Step outside to see if the northern lights appear above the reindeer camp. Return to your meeting point in Tromsø at the end your tour. 

From Tromso: Northern Lights Photography Tour

3. From Tromso: Northern Lights Photography Tour

Explore Norway's wilderness and search for the northern lights on this van tour from Tromso. Sit around a campfire and enjoy warm drinks and snacks while waiting to see if the lights will appear. Starting from the Tromso city center, travel through the Fjordlands, Laplands or the outer islands of Troms in search of the Northern Lights. Weather permitting, make a fire and take portraits under the spectacular lights. Lasting anywhere from 5 to 9 hours, the tour stops along the way to get a view of the fjords and the landscapes that were formed by glaciers over the past 1,000 years. Once a place is found, stop to watch the lights and enjoy some marshmallows for roasting with hot chocolate. Put on the snow suits provided if you get cold. With a focus on photographing the natural wonder, your tour guide can help set up most cameras. The guide also brings their own camera equipment to make sure the beauty and magic of the night is captured.

Tromsø: Arctic Fjords and Reindeer Experience

4. Tromsø: Arctic Fjords and Reindeer Experience

Experience the beauty of Kvaløya island on this tour from Tromso. Enjoy a delicious local lunch at the Sommarøy Arctic Hotel. Be surrounded by hundreds of reindeer and have the opportunity to feed them. Be picked up at the meeting point in Tromso and relax on the comfortable journey to the island of Kvaløya. Have the chance to stop and take pictures of local wildlife that you spot along the way.  Once you arrive at the island, be surrounded by snow-capped mountains and arctic fjords. Stop for a lunch made with local ingredients at the Sommarøy Arctic Hotel, which has views overlooking the water. Hear stories and facts about the indigenous Sámi people. Find out how life has changed for these people. Take some time to explore the fishing community on a short walk.  Head off to meet a local Sámi reindeer herder. Watch how the herder calls his herd using a bell. View how the reindeer are free to roam in the wilderness. After a quick safety briefing, feed the reindeer.   Gather in a lavvo (Sámi traditional tent) and sit around a bonfire to enjoy joiking (Sámi folk songs). Listen as your hosts tell you more about their culture and traditions. Relax in the lavvo tent, before heading back to Tromsø. 

Tromsø: Aurora Dinner Cruise by Hybrid-Electric Catamaran

5. Tromsø: Aurora Dinner Cruise by Hybrid-Electric Catamaran

Take in the atmospheric Arctic night in all its majesty, onboard a silent hybrid-electric catamaran with 360-degree uninhibited panoramas. In warmth and comfort, cruise around Tromsø island, past snow-covered mountains, landmarks like the Arctic cathedral, and through icy waters. Watch as the crew launch an underwater drone with lights to discover the mysteries of the depths below. As the darkness of the ocean reflects the stars above, if you're lucky the Northern Lights may appear. Finally, soak up the unique atmosphere as you sit down to an Arctic Tapas dinner. Savor the fresh and local ingredients, based on traditional dishes with a modern twist.

Tromsø: Northern Lights Trip with Campfire and Snacks

6. Tromsø: Northern Lights Trip with Campfire and Snacks

Increase your chances of seeing the northern lights with a guide that has seen over 1000 sightings of this stunning natural phenomenon on this tour from Tromsø. Get camera tips on how to best capture pictures of the northern lights from a photographer.  Meet your guide in Tromsø and travel to a location that is outside the city with excellent viewing conditions. Know that your guide will take you as far away as Finland to ensure you get the optimal viewing conditions.  Once on location, sit in a camping chair and enjoy a cozy bonfire with traditional knekkebrød (crispbread) and gulrotcake (carrot cake). Keep your hands warm with a piping hot drink and wear a cozy thermal suit. If you still get too cold, stay warm on the heated bus.  Make use of the camera tripod and get tips on which camera settings to use from your guide, so you can share photos of the dazzling aurora borealis with your friends and family back home. Return to your hotel in Tromsø.

Tromsø: Aurora Camp Northern Lights Experience with Hot Meal

7. Tromsø: Aurora Camp Northern Lights Experience with Hot Meal

Take in the northern lights from an Aurora Camp on a guided tour. Meet the owners. Try a traditional Norwegian cake and enjoy a hot drink to stay warm. Get unforgettable photos of you with the aurora borealis. Move somewhere else to take in the lights if the weather takes a turn for the worse. Meet your guide at the Radisson Blu Hotel and climb aboard the comfortable and spacious bus. Relax and watch a northern lights film during the drive. Head to the camp with the best chances of clear skies based on the weather forecast. At the camp, enjoy a warm welcome from your local host. Then, borrow a thermal suit to stay warm. Learn about the authentic Aurora Camp from your host. Discover the warm shelter and its bonfire or if the weather allows, sit outside on benches around the campfire. Savor a tea, coffee, or hot chocolate with lefse, a traditional sweet Norwegian snack. Set up one of the tripods to take photos yourself and get your guide to snap pictures of you with the northern lights. If the weather changes, your guide will check whether it would be better to move location. If so, finish your hot drink and climb back on the bus to look for clear skies elsewhere.

From Tromso: Northern Lights Cruise with Hot Tub and Dinner

8. From Tromso: Northern Lights Cruise with Hot Tub and Dinner

Take a hot tub and dinner cruise and head to areas where the dark night sky provides the best opportunities to see the northern lights. Enjoy a traditional local dinner of reindeer soup, relax in the hot tub on the deck, and search for the aurora borealis amongst the starlit sky. This tour is ideal for couples, families, or groups who want to relax and stay warm and comfortable while in search of this natural phenomenon. The cruise departs from Tromso harbor, the gateway to the Arctic Ocean. Tromso is an ideal destination for viewing this special light show because you don’t have to sail far for the opportunity to view the northern lights at sea. Enjoy the top deck under cozy blankets with a warm drink. The yacht will cruise out to a remote anchorage and drop anchor or slowly cruise through arctic fjords. Then, you’ll settle into the dining room for a traditional dinner of reindeer soup paired with local root vegetables. Your guides will share local stories and answer any questions you have about northern Norway. Now full and content, you can opt to take a relaxing dip in the outdoor hot tub. This is literally the best way to stay warm and keep an eye out for the auroras. Each group will have its own private time to enjoy the hot tub. Alternatively, if you’re not a water lover, you can snuggle up under the blankets on the top deck and sip hot chocolate or tea.

From Tromsø: Ice Domes Overnight Stay and Activities

9. From Tromsø: Ice Domes Overnight Stay and Activities

Discover the Tromsø Ice Domes on an overnight tour from Tromsø city. Explore the ice domes with a guide, spend the night in an ice hotel, and enjoy an opportunity to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights. Depart from the city center of Tromsø on a 90-minute scenic drive by bus to Camp Tamok and the Tromsø Ice Domes, located next to each other in the beautiful Tamok Valley. After arriving, enjoy a guided tour through the Ice Domes. Marvel at the ice sculptures and snow carvings, learn about the construction process of the domes, and discover the importance of snow for all life in the Arctic. Finish your tour with a non-alcoholic ice shot at the ice bar. Spend some free time exploring Camp Tamok and settling into your ice suite before your snowshoe hike. Before heading off, gear up with the provided warm winter clothing, boots, and snowshoe gear. Hike out in the darkness with your guide and enjoy the night sky away from light pollution. On some nights, see the stunning Northern Lights before hiking to the nature camp. Relax by a campfire with your guide before heading to a warm facility where you can enjoy a 3-course dinner. After dinner, hike back to the hotel and enjoy a magical night in your ice suite. In the morning, enjoy a traditional Norwegian breakfast before your dogsledding tour. Before heading out, meet your guide for safety instructions and a practical demonstration on how to steer your own sled. Two people will share one sled and one dog team. One is the “musher” (driver), while the other can sit back and enjoy the ride. If your group includes children, each child must ride with one adult. Midway through your 1.5-hour adventure, switch places, so everyone can enjoy driving the sled. After your sledding adventure, relax with a hot meal around an open fire in a reindeer herder’s tent before boarding the bus to return to Tromsø city center.

Tromsø: Reindeer Feeding and Chance of Northern Lights

10. Tromsø: Reindeer Feeding and Chance of Northern Lights

Discover a Sámi reindeer camp with this unique tour from Tromsø. Travel to the camp at Breivikeidet to feed the reindeer. Have the chance to see the northern lights and experience eating Bithos (a traditional Sámi dish). Meet your guide and travel to camp Breivikeidet which is surrounded by mountains. Step off the bus and admire the view of the Lyngen Alps. Follow your guide to the reindeer fence to pet and feed the reindeer. Learn about these animals from your guide. Spot the dancing Aurora should it be out. It's an excellent place to spot the Aurora in the night sky above your head as there is little artificial light. Continue to an authentic Gamme (traditional Sámi housing). Get cozy as you savor Bithos, which is a meal only reserved for special occasions. Hear about what life is like in the Arctic for the Sámi people. Listen to a joik (Sámi folk music). Return to Tromsø.

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The tour guide picked us up at our ship. The first stop was the office where he explained the origin of the lights and the best way to capture it on camera. Whether we had a good camera or were using our phone he gave us really good instructions. We then went to a beautiful plateau to watch for the lights. It was a clear evening and the guide kept telling us we should see the lights but unfortunately there were none. I believe he was more upset than we were! We were then brought back to our ship.

We learned so much about the Sami culture and had an incredible time getting to know our guides, learning the culture, feeding the reindeer, and seeing the views. The guides were passionate about their culture and ensuring that it is spread throughout the world. Lunch was served and was also very good and a nice break in the middle of the trip

Our tour guide was really experienced and professional to bring us to the spot to catch the light. highly recommended!

The guide is excellent and very knowledgeable! The service is pretty nice!

The information about Sami culture, was very interesting.