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Tromsø: Reindeer Sled, Dinner, and Northern Lights Day Trip

1. Tromsø: Reindeer Sled, Dinner, and Northern Lights Day Trip

Experience the magic of the artic on this nighttime reindeer sledding day trip with a bus or van transfer Tromsø. Enjoy a traditional Sami dinner with reindeer herders while they tell you about their culture and their beliefs. Have the chance to spot the northern lights dancing above you.  Board your bus or van in Tromsø and embark on your artic adventure. Stop at a Sami camp and have a chance to feed the herd of around 300 wild reindeer who will eat from your hands. Feel the thrill of riding on a sled pulled by majestic reindeer. Be invited for a cup of hot tea, coffee, or hot chocolate and warm up around the fire inside a candle lit gamme (traditional Sami hut). Taste a three course meal including bidos (a traditional Sami stew which is often served at Sami weddings and other special occasions) cooked over the open fire. Join your hots in a lavuu (Sami tent) and gather round the fire to listen to stories about Sami culture. Learn what it is like to be a reindeer herder. Watch as your guide performs a joik (traditional Sami song).  Step outside to see if the northern lights appear above the reindeer camp. Return to your meeting point in Tromsø at the end your tour. 

From Tromsø: Aurora Borealis Tour

2. From Tromsø: Aurora Borealis Tour

Increase your chance of seeing the dazzling northern lights on this bus tour from Tromsø. Keep warm with a thermal suit and hot drinks. Ensure you get great pictures on your tour with camera help from your guide. Depart from Tromsø in a comfortable, air-conditioned bus and hunt for the dancing lights of the Aurora Borealis. Relax in the comfortable bus on your way to wherever meteorologists have predicted the lights will be at their best. Get an honest assessment of the likelihood of spotting the lights from your guide for that evening. To get stunning views of the sky, head for areas with good solar activity and clear skies. Enjoy flexibility regarding stops, activities, and decisions on the length of the trip. Your guide will assist you with the camera settings and use of a tripod for the best pictures. After the tour, you will be dropped off at your hotel.

Tromsø: Overnight Trip to Lavvo with Reindeer Sledding

3. Tromsø: Overnight Trip to Lavvo with Reindeer Sledding

Enjoy a Sámi adventure with this overnight trip from Tromsø to a Sámi camp in Lavvo. Sleep in a tent surrounded by untouched nature. Ride a reindeer-pulled sled into the artic wilderness. Learn about Sámi culture and try to see the aurora borealis. Meet your guide and hop on a bus to Breivikeidet. Be greeted by your Sámi guide and meet a reindeer. Feel the thrill of riding a sled through the forest. Take advantage of the low levels of light pollution are and try to view the northern lights.  After the sled tour, head to a traditional Gamme (Sámi housing) which is decorated with reindeer antlers. Taste bithos, a dish that is very dear to the hearts of the Sami people. Hear about Sámi life and listen to a joik (folk music).  Next, settle down for the evening in your own tent where a toasty fire is waiting. Return to Tromsø after eating a hearty breakfast. 

Tromsø: Reindeer Feeding and Chance of Northern Lights

4. Tromsø: Reindeer Feeding and Chance of Northern Lights

Discover a Sámi reindeer camp with this unique tour from Tromsø. Travel to the camp at Breivikeidet to feed the reindeer. Have the chance to see the northern lights and experience eating Bithos (a traditional Sámi dish). Meet your guide and travel to camp Breivikeidet which is surrounded by mountains. Step off the bus and admire the view of the Lyngen Alps. Follow your guide to the reindeer fence to pet and feed the reindeer. Learn about these animals from your guide. Spot the dancing Aurora should it be out. It's an excellent place to spot the Aurora in the night sky above your head as there is little artificial light. Continue to an authentic Gamme (traditional Sámi housing). Get cozy as you savor Bithos, which is a meal only reserved for special occasions. Hear about what life is like in the Arctic for the Sámi people. Listen to a joik (Sámi folk music). Return to Tromsø.

Tromsø: Northern Lights Cuisine Cruise by Electric Catamaran

5. Tromsø: Northern Lights Cuisine Cruise by Electric Catamaran

Take in the atmospheric Arctic night in all its majesty, onboard a silent hybrid-electric catamaran with 360-degree uninhibited panoramas. In warmth and comfort, cruise around Tromsø island, past snow-covered mountains, landmarks like the Arctic cathedral, and through icy waters. Watch as the crew launch an underwater drone with lights to discover the mysteries of the depths below. As the darkness of the ocean reflects the stars above, if you're lucky the Northern Lights may appear. Finally, soak up the unique atmosphere as you sit down to an Arctic Tapas dinner. Savor the fresh and local ingredients, based on traditional dishes with a modern twist.

From Tromsø: Ice Domes Overnight Stay and Activities

6. From Tromsø: Ice Domes Overnight Stay and Activities

Discover the Tromsø Ice Domes on an overnight tour from Tromsø city. Explore the ice domes with a guide, spend the night in an ice hotel, and enjoy an opportunity to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights. Depart from the city center of Tromsø on a 90-minute scenic drive by bus to Camp Tamok and the Tromsø Ice Domes, located next to each other in the beautiful Tamok Valley. After arriving, enjoy a guided tour through the Ice Domes. Marvel at the ice sculptures and snow carvings, learn about the construction process of the domes, and discover the importance of snow for all life in the Arctic. Finish your tour with a non-alcoholic ice shot at the ice bar. Spend some free time exploring Camp Tamok and settling into your ice suite before your snowshoe hike. Before heading off, gear up with the provided warm winter clothing, boots, and snowshoe gear. Hike out in the darkness with your guide and enjoy the night sky away from light pollution. On some nights, see the stunning Northern Lights before hiking to the nature camp. Relax by a campfire with your guide before heading to a warm facility where you can enjoy a 3-course dinner. After dinner, hike back to the hotel and enjoy a magical night in your ice suite. In the morning, enjoy a traditional Norwegian breakfast before your dogsledding tour. Before heading out, meet your guide for safety instructions and a practical demonstration on how to steer your own sled. Two people will share one sled and one dog team. One is the “musher” (driver), while the other can sit back and enjoy the ride. If your group includes children, each child must ride with one adult. Midway through your 1.5-hour adventure, switch places, so everyone can enjoy driving the sled. After your sledding adventure, relax with a hot meal around an open fire in a reindeer herder’s tent before boarding the bus to return to Tromsø city center.

Tromsø: Reindeer Camp Dinner with Chance of Northern Lights

7. Tromsø: Reindeer Camp Dinner with Chance of Northern Lights

Discover the traditional Sami way of life on this day trip from Tromso. Have a traditional Sami dinner with reindeer herders while they tell you about their culture and their beliefs. Meet and feed the reindeer and listen to local stories in a traditional tent. Hop aboard a spacious vehicle at a conveniently-located meeting point in Tromso and transfer to the Sami camp. Step back in time as you see how the reindeer and the Sami have been living and working on this land for centuries. Get to feed the herd of around 300 wild reindeer with some even eating from your hand. Be invited for hot tea, coffee, or hot chocolate around the fire inside a warm candle lit gamme (a traditional Sami hut). Savor a relaxed three course meal including bidos (a traditional Sami stew which is often served at Sami weddings and other special occasions) cooked over an open fire. A vegetarian option is also possible. Head to the lavuu (Sami tent) and gather round the fire to listen to stories about Sami culture. Watch your Sami guide will perform a joik (traditional Sami song) for the guests. Gaze up and if you are lucky and the sky is clear you will have the chance to spot a dazzling display of the northern lights directly above the reindeer camp.

Tromsø: Sámi Reindeer Sledding and Sami Cultural Tour

8. Tromsø: Sámi Reindeer Sledding and Sami Cultural Tour

Meet reindeer and see a Sámi camp with this tour from Tromsø. Try reindeer sledding and enjoy a hearty Sámi lunch. Be picked up from the meeting point and take a scenic drive to the camp at Breivikeidet. Be greeted by your Sámi guide who will take you meet the reindeer that will take you on a sledding tour. Revel in the glory of the Lyngen Alps and the beautiful nature as you ride. Breathe in the crisp arctic air. Warm up with some tea, coffee, and Bithos (a traditional Sami dish that is served for finer meals like celebrations). After lunch, learn more about Sámi life, culture, and clothing. Experience a joik (Sámi folk music). Head back to Tromsø with newfound knowledge.

Tromsø: Arctic Fjords and Reindeer Experience

9. Tromsø: Arctic Fjords and Reindeer Experience

Experience the beauty of Kvaløya island on this tour from Tromso. Enjoy a delicious local lunch at the Sommarøy Arctic Hotel. Be surrounded by hundreds of reindeer and have the opportunity to feed them. Be picked up at the meeting point in Tromso and relax on the comfortable journey to the island of Kvaløya. Have the chance to stop and take pictures of local wildlife that you spot along the way.  Once you arrive at the island, be surrounded by snow-capped mountains and arctic fjords. Stop for a lunch made with local ingredients at the Sommarøy Arctic Hotel, which has views overlooking the water. Hear stories and facts about the indigenous Sámi people. Find out how life has changed for these people. Take some time to explore the fishing community on a short walk.  Head off to meet a local Sámi reindeer herder. Watch how the herder calls his herd using a bell. View how the reindeer are free to roam in the wilderness. After a quick safety briefing, feed the reindeer.   Gather in a lavvo (Sámi traditional tent) and sit around a bonfire to enjoy joiking (Sámi folk songs). Listen as your hosts tell you more about their culture and traditions. Relax in the lavvo tent, before heading back to Tromsø. 

Tromsø: Fjord Cruise by Luxury Yacht

10. Tromsø: Fjord Cruise by Luxury Yacht

Experience the breathtaking Scandinavian beauty that surrounds Tromsø on a 3-hour tour through the Norwegian sea. Gaze at towering, snowy mountains, narrow fjords, and remote islands, accessible exclusively by boat. After being welcomed onto the boat with coffee and tea, don your thermal suits to protect against the cold. Gaze out across the one-of-a-kind Arctic landscape en route to Eidkjosen, passing the stunning Håkøya island, known for its snowy peaks and rugged shoreline. You’ll slow down as you pass through Sørbotn, a small, remote bay, to peer out at the scenery. Along the way, you can try out some fishing if you so desire, or try your hand at captaining. Dine on sumptuous, fresh fish soup on your way back to Tromsø, taking in the singular serenity of the arctic environment.

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The guide is knowledgable and knows how to find the best spot. We were lucky and had a clear sky, so we didn't need to go very far away. At first we didn't see the Aurora with the naked eye, but it could be picked up by the guide's camera. We've seen some Aurora and part of the group seemed to lose their pacience and wanted home away from the cold. I'm glad we've stayed based on the guide's advice and we saw an amazing spectacle. The guide took some great shots and was patient with us, and would take multiple shots if we wanted to. We also had thermal suits in the minibus, but it's important to have the right clothes from the start. The guide also adviced us on how to get home quickly as we're staying outside Tromso.

We started on time and tour guide (I think his name was Brynjar) was informative and really good in terms of chasing the northern lights. He also offered us thermal suits, boots & gloves. I felt safe using them coz it looked clean and the way everything was prepared was so professional. He offered us some hot cocoa with biscuits, he had his equipment ready, the itinerary was explained before & during our trip, the van was clean & comfy and his photography skills really won me over. We were so blessed on the final stop (we had 3 stops) because we witnessed the aurora borealis dancing for A FULL HOUR. It was a great and epic adventure all thanks to Arctic AS and Brynjar. I will definitely recommend this tour!

Our wonderful guide drove us to the Finnish border to see the most spectacular show. Wow! Thank you for a fabulous experience and for the wonderful photos

Wonderful mini bus tour, our guide was very informative, we received amazing photos but it just ended abruptly earlier than expected.

Great guide! We saw the magic aurora and it was fantastic!!!