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From Split & Trogir: Dubrovnik Guided Day Tour

1. From Split & Trogir: Dubrovnik Guided Day Tour

Embark on a guided tour of Dubrovnik and its fortified Old Town. Come across major local landmarks and enjoy plenty of free time to explore at your own pace. Travel along the Adriatic coast and visit Ston for the chance to try their famous oysters. Start your tour on a very comfortable air-conditioned bus, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the view of the breathtaking Mediterranean scenery. Based on the previous agreement with the driver, you can stop to stretch your legs and take some fantastic photos. After arriving in Dubrovnik, one of the most outstanding tourist destinations in the Mediterranean, you will meet your local guide and start an hour-and-a-half-long walking tour through the narrow streets of the historic core of Dubrovnik. Explore this fantastic UNESCO World Heritage site and learn everything about its history and monuments. Take in Renaissance and Baroque architecture, red brick roofs, and long walls that have resisted enemy attacks through the centuries. Explore the Old Town's central street Stradun, the Franciscan Monastery, the renaissance Rector's Palace, the town walls, the Lovrjenac Fortress, and many picturesque squares and churches. After the walking tour with the local professional guide, you will have enough time to explore Dubrovnik independently. Make the most of your free time and stop by one of the local restaurants to taste some delicious traditional food. It's not a bad idea to ride on the cable car to the top of the Srd Mountain and enjoy the breathtaking view of Dubrovnik and its surroundings. You can also go to the local beach, take a quick swim, buy tickets for the Walls, and look at the city from a completely different angle. Since you have approximately four hours of free time, plan your activities before the trip since it is impossible to do all listed above. This perfectly well-spent day in Dubrovnik, you will get back on the bus and start your journey back to the northwest alongside the Adriatic coast. We’ll pass the villages of Orašac, Trsteno, Salona, and Elaphiti islands to our side to arrive in Ston where you will have the opportunity to taste our famous freshest oysters. Just the right break before arriving back in Split.

From Split: Half-Day Split & Trogir Small Group Guided Tour

2. From Split: Half-Day Split & Trogir Small Group Guided Tour

Discover Split and Trogir in one day on a guided tour. Explore Diocletian's Palace of Split and the charming old town of Trogir in just half a day. First, explore the city of Split and learn about Diocletian's Palace which forms the heart of the Old Town. Wander through charming lanes and alleys as you learn about the history of the city. Then, continue to Trogir and learn about the history of this awe-inspiring UNESCO World Heritage Site. Admire ancient churches such as the Cathedral of St. Lawrence, one of the most impressive works of architecture in all of Eastern Europe.  Afterward, enjoy some free time to explore Trogir at your leisure, before heading back to Split.

Split: Blue Lagoon, Shipwreck, & Trogir Cruise with Lunch

3. Split: Blue Lagoon, Shipwreck, & Trogir Cruise with Lunch

Join us on our Blue Lagoon tour - main attraction around Split. Swim in crystal clear sea away from the city rush while exploring secrets of sunken ship Kontesa. We depart from meeting point at 09:00 am. While we sail towards first destination, hour away, our crew will serve you morning coffee and croissant. In Nečujam Bay where Kontesa is sunken we will anchor the ship down as close as possible. You will have approximately 70-minutes of free time for swimming and snorkeling around Kontesa shipwreck. At 10:45 am we depart from Nečujam to Blue Lagoon where we stay ancored 1,5 hours for swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing. Lunch is schaduled at 2 pm on the way towards our third location. Around 3/3:30 pm we will arrive in Trogir where you can explore UNESCO city with landmarks such as Ćipiko Palace, Kamerlengo fortress, Trogir Promenade, city Museum, cathedral sv. Lovre, Tree of Love... Departure from Trogir is at 4:30 where we begin sightseeing tour; 1. spot is Gospe od Prizdinice - church on island Čiovo built on cliff Legend says holy Mary put her hand on the stone and that was the place where church had to be built 2. spot Oceanographic Museum on cape of peninsula Split 3. spot Tito's Villa Tito was one of the most important statesmen of Yugoslavia, former federation of Croatia, during his reign many most beautiful buildings were made

From Split: Trogir & Blue Lagoon Boat Tour with Snorkeling

4. From Split: Trogir & Blue Lagoon Boat Tour with Snorkeling

Board your boat at the meeting point and set sail from Split. Then, arrive at Trogir 20 minutes later. Explore this UNESCO-protected city with its Romanesque architecture. Stroll around the old city, and see Kamerlengo Castle, St. Lawrence's Cathedral, and the 15th-century St. Mark's Fortress. Afterward, go on a 15-minute boat ride to the blue lagoon. Snorkel in the crystal clear blue sea and then relax at a beach bar. Take in the amazing view of the surrounding islands. Next, marvel at the pine forest and secluded pebble beaches of Ciovo Bay.

Split, Trogir and Klis Fortress: Private Tour from Dubrovnik

5. Split, Trogir and Klis Fortress: Private Tour from Dubrovnik

After your driver picks you up at your hotel, you will enjoy a three-and-a-half-hour drive in a comfortable, air-conditioned vehicle along the Dalmatian coastline. Be sure to bring your passport with you, as you will cross the border. Once arriving at Trogir, you will explore the beautiful historic city on an hour walking tour with your guide/driver, visit Saint Lawrence Cathedral and walk on the seaside promenade. The next destination is Split, only half an hour drive from Trogir. Explore Diocletian's Palace, an ancient ruin of a Roman emperor, one of the best preserved in Europe. Your guide will explain about the history of Split in an one-hour walking tour, where you will visit the most important sightseeing spots. Climb the bell tower of Saint Domnius Cathedral for a breathtaking view of the largest port in Croatia, and visit a cathedral that was built as a tomb. During your free time, you may want to relax at one of Split's famous sandy beaches. The last stop is Klis Fortress, saved for the end of the tour to finish the day with a sunset over Split and Dalmatian archipelago from the mountaintop. Afterwards, head back to Dubrovnik and enjoy a comfortable drive on the highway. Once in Dubrovnik, your driver will take you back to your hotel.

From Makarska Riviera: Full-Day Split & Trogir Tour

6. From Makarska Riviera: Full-Day Split & Trogir Tour

Diocletian, a revolutionary emperor built a huge palace in the center of Split. today, this well-preserved palace is not only the center of the city but also a part of the UNESCO World Heritage, and acts as the trademark of the city. The palace is just one of your stops during a visit to this old but beautiful city. Enjoy lunch in one of local taverns, go shopping or simply enjoy the sun and beautiful weather of that forever young city, while sipping coffee on its seafront. Next stop on the tour is Trogir, a stone city situated on an island connected to the mainland and Ciovo island by bridges. The old part of the city, also protected by UNESCO, is a true treasure for lovers of architecture and Renaissance, Baroque and Romanesque churches. Trogir is also called the city-museum, because of its old buildings and sights, like a portal made by Master Radovan at the very entrance of the cathedral dating back to 1240. The loggias from the Renaissance, small narrow streets and squares, multiple restaurants, cafes, souvenir shops and galleries along with cultural and music events, give this town a Mediterranean atmosphere.

Medjugorje and Mostar, full day, from Trogir and/or Split

7. Medjugorje and Mostar, full day, from Trogir and/or Split

This is a private tour with a plenty of time to enjoy beauties of nature and scenery of Herzegovina's pristine nature and vast history. First part of the trip will be located in a small town which became famous for sightings of Virgin Mary to six local shepherd children back in 1981. Sighting happened on what is now known as an Apparition hill today and that exact hill became one of the most visited Marian pilgrimage sites in the world. When we arrive to Medjugorje you will be briefed about localities and then you will have complete freedom to explore the site and surrounding areas. You will have plenty of time at Medjugorje and when you decide to move on we will go to our last stop which is old town of Mostar which is the sunniest town in country and probably most popular tourist destination. In Mostar you will get a guided tour which will last one hour and it is going to get you acquainted with the beauties of an old town. Likewise you will have a plenty of time to explore Mostar. Other then that, driver will be at your disposal all the time.

From Split: Split and Trogir Tour

8. From Split: Split and Trogir Tour

Meet your guide at Diocletian’s Palace, an incredible UNESCO World Heritage-listed site. This two-part tour gives you the best of the area in just a half day. Stroll the streets of the palace, first constructed in the early 4th century as a retirement home for Diocletian, the Roman Emperor. About 400 years later, the palace in near ruins, vendors and shops began to settle in, giving the palace its current look: it’s fascinatingly now part of the city, blended in with shops and restaurants and residences. Begin the tour in the cellars and tunnels that exist beneath the palace and learn about their historical function. Soak up the atmosphere of this most unique site and then stroll the streets, passing by the Cathedral of St. Duje, the patron saint of Split, as well as linger in atmospheric Peristyle Square. Finally, hit nearby Split Market to see the colorful fruits and vegetables on offer. Later, board an air-conditioned minibus for the drive up the coast to Trogir for the 17-mile (28 kilometer) drive. Admire the Dalmatian Coast along the way. The medieval town makes for a fascinating stroll. Learn the history of the place from the knowledgeable local guide as you walk the narrow lanes, passing by the Cathedral of St. Lawrence, one of the most impressive works of architecture in all of Croatia. Gawk at the Venetian-inspired Renaissance and Baroque buildings.

Private Coastal Tour to Sibenik, Trogir and Primosten

9. Private Coastal Tour to Sibenik, Trogir and Primosten

Nestled on a small island between the mainland and the larger island of Ciovo, Trogir is a UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned for its historical richness and architectural wonders. Immerse yourself in the medieval atmosphere, where every corner holds a piece of history. One of the highlights of Trogir is undoubtedly the magnificent Trogir Cathedral, also known as the Cathedral of St. Lawrence. As you approach its grand entrance, be prepared to be awe-struck by its intricate stone carvings and exquisite details. While exploring Trogir, don't miss the iconic Kamerlengo Fortress, a formidable structure that once served as a defensive stronghold. As you delve deeper into Trogir's past, visit the St. Nicholas Monastery, a serene oasis that showcases magnificent religious art and houses a valuable collection of artifacts. Step into the heart of Sibenik's Old Town, where centuries of history come alive. Meander through its labyrinthine streets, adorned with stone buildings and charming squares. Marvel at the architectural masterpiece that is the St. James Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Climb the stone steps of St. Michael's Fortress or Subicevac Fortress and be rewarded with breathtaking panoramic views of the city and the surrounding islands. Make sure to explore the hidden corners of Sibenik, where small alleys lead to hidden squares and unexpected surprises. Discover the charming churches, and elegant palaces, and indulge in a culinary adventure, savoring the flavors of Dalmatian cuisine. Nestled on a narrow peninsula, Primosten is a hidden gem that boasts breathtaking views, and a charming old town that will capture your heart. Step into the romantic atmosphere of Primosten's historic center, with its narrow cobblestone streets and quaint stone houses. Stroll along the charming promenade lined with vibrant cafes and inviting restaurants. Take a moment to explore the town's crown jewel, the Church of St. George, perched on top of a hill overlooking the Adriatic Sea. Marvel at its elegant beauty and enjoy panoramic views that stretch as far as the eye can see. But wait, there's more! Customize your experience and unlock more wonders by choosing from our exclusive list of locations. Explore each location for only €10 per person, payable on-site. Immerse yourself in the picturesque town of Rogoznica, explore the ancient ruins of Salona, once a thriving Roman city, and discover St. Nicholas Fortress in Sibenik as a magnificent UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Split: Ancient Salona & Medieval Trogir Historical Tour

10. Split: Ancient Salona & Medieval Trogir Historical Tour

Experience ancient Salona & medieval Trogir on See, Hear & Feel way and find out why Salona was one of the biggest Roman cities and why beatiful and charming Trogir is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. On this tour you will have a chance to explore life and death of one ancient city strolling around its ruins. Salona, as one of the biggest archeological sites still intrigues archeologists and historians who are trying research its interesting and famous history. While on the site, you will have a chance to explore ruins of the city whose roots are even in pre-roman period, while the Illyrian tribes ruled over the area. Roman conquests will change the history of city as the Salona became one of their centers of power in this part of Empire. Its ruins, sarcophagi and other will discover you the secrets of Salona while your local professional guide stories are leading you through its amazing history. Pagan cemetery, Roman basilicas, old Christian complex, baths, amphitheater and some other places are going to be seen revealed on this tour. The way is going to lead you in Trogir, amazingly beautiful and charming small city placed on the UNESCO list of world protected heritage. Even though Trogir is one of the oldest settlements on Adriatic coast, preserved medieval and later part of the history and architecture are in the center of the interest of this "place with soul". Its square with continuing life for more than 2000 years, cathedral of St. Lawrence, city lodge, noble palaces and charming narrow streets will give the meaning to your local professional guide stories. Experience this invaluable part of Croatian history and enjoy in coming back to the past while you are strolling through the more than 2000 years old city. Join us on this discovering adventure through the See, Hear and Feel way in which the history is brought to life!

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If you're a fan of game of thrones, Dubrovnik is a must! And if you're not, Dubrovnik is still a must! The old town is just beautiful and walking around the walls, taking in the views is breathtaking. You get 4 hours free time on this trip, which is plenty but it does go by quickly! Petar, the guide, is on hand to answer any questions and is very helpful and passionate about his country and the history. It was a pleasure to have him as a guide for both this trip and the trip to Mostar (booked seperately). There is plenty to see and do in Dubrovik during your spare time, I only wish I had made it to Lokrum Island. Looks like I'll be returning so I can tick that off!

I thought that the full day excursion to Dubrovnik (from Split) was an incredible deal (price wise) and an amazing experience considering it was only 12 hours. The ride was long but comfortable and scenic - with explanations of the sites all along the way. Once in Dubrovnik we had an informative walking tour and received recommendations on what to do in our free time (4 hours - which is quite good). I took advantage of these suggestions and found my day and journey to be both enjoyable and memorable.

Great trip, would definitely recommend Smooth journey with lovely views Petra was a great guide, lots of information and tips. Got an hour long walking tour and then 4 hours of free time

Ant and Petar where great hosts. The city is stunning and we learnt a ton about Croatia. The walls are a must but cost approx 500knr.

The trip was great, Dubrovnik is a beautiful city, just like the pictures.