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Timisoara: Guided Walking Tour

1. Timisoara: Guided Walking Tour

We'll start the tour in Victory square and explore the historical city center. Talk about the Ottoman times See where the former walls of the city were and see the only piece that is still standing Who built the beautiful Unirii square? European Capital of Culture 2023 See where more than one hundred fifty thousand people gathered during the revolution in 1989 Hear many stories about important people that had an impact throughout the history of Timisoara Get to ask questions and learn more about the beautiful region of Banat

Timisoara: Classic Walking Tour

2. Timisoara: Classic Walking Tour

This tour will start with a brief introduction about the country’s situation today, so you get a feel for Romania and a basic understanding of the story of Timisoara. Learn the history of the city, starting with the Mongol invasion centuries ago through the contemporary revolution against the communist regime in Romania. During the tour, hear about the years of the Turkish occupation and see where the Turkish public bath, the bazaar, or the Central Mosque used to be located in the past. Everything changed when Timisoara was conquered by the Austrian imperial troops at the beginning of the 18th century. The city was completely rebuilt during that time. Wooden buildings from the Middle Ages disappeared and new streets and houses, as well as a fortification system were set up. Learn about how one of the first trams in the world to connect people from the suburbs to the city center was built in Timisoara. Timisoara was also the first place in continental Europe, where electric street lights were used. Discover these and many more interesting and entertaining facts, anecdotes, and stories on this walking tour.

From Belgrade: Private Day Trip to Romania

3. From Belgrade: Private Day Trip to Romania

Depart Belgrade and relax in air-conditioned comfort on the 2.5-hour journey to Timișoara across the border in western Romania. Meet a local guide on arrival to take a 2.5-hour tour of the historic inner city of Cetate, and admire the Baroque and Art Nouveau buildings and large public squares from the Austrian Empire. Gaze at the impressive Timișoara Orthodox Cathedral, along with the Romanian Opera House. Continue to Liberty Square to see the Old City Hall that reflects the city's mix of cultures and religions. Move on to Union Square, dominated by St. George's Cathedral, and then walk through the ruins of the old fortress. Discover highlights such as the defensive walls of the Theresia Bastion, and then break for lunch at your own expense and follow your guide`s recommendations taste traditional food at a local restaurant. Get about 3 hours of free time in the afternoon to explore at leisure before the return journey to Belgrade.

Timisoara Downtown Dream Tour

4. Timisoara Downtown Dream Tour

Walk through the history of Timisoara - the Cetate neighborhood: Let's discover the architectural wonders of Timisoara from the Cetate neighborhood! Fascinating stories of Timisoara from the past can be enjoyed during our journey through the 4 central squares of Timisoara: Victoriei square, Libertatii square, Unirii square and Sfantu Gheorghe square as well as on the streets in their vicinity. Admire the priceless architectural treasures from various eras, from this area, where we can meet embodiments of the classicist, historicist styles of the late 19th century, then of the secession (or art nouveau, or jugendstil) of the beginning of the 20th century, but also the famous baroque style of some cultural settlements in Unirii square and beyond. The purpose of the tour is to get to know and popularize these invaluable cultural and architectural treasures of the Cetate neighborhood.

Timisoara: Grand Communism Tour

5. Timisoara: Grand Communism Tour

Discover the history of Communism in Timisoara as you start your tour at the location of the misfit SCARTZ club. Hear about the most notorious Romanian during communist times, Nicolae Ceausescu. You guide will unveil the 50-years geopolitical evolution that resulted in the Romanian Revolution of 1989. Visit the Communist Customer Museum, which is located in the basement of SCARTZ club. The next stop will be at the Anti-Communist Resistance Movement Monument where you will hear how Romanians harshly opposed the communists during the 1950s and 1960s. Afterwards, visit the Reformed Hungarian Church, the place where the uprising started in December 1989, the local headquarter of the former Communist Party. See the Cemetery of Revolution Heroes and learn about the final events, that led to the end of Ceausescu’s regime. Your guide will then tell you more about the Anti-Communist and Anti-Ceausist Revolution of Timisoara. At the end of the tour, you will visit the Revolution Memorial of Timisoara. This site honours the brave people of the Anti-Ceausist Revolution of Timisoara, which ultimately led to the end of Ceausescu's regime in Romania.

Timisoara Sightseeing Tour

6. Timisoara Sightseeing Tour

Situated on the northern bank of the Bega River in the Banat region, Timisoara impresses everyone with its charming and vibrant cultural life, and its rich historical heritage. Take your time to discover the first European city that used the horse-drawn trams (1869) and electrical street lightning (1889).  Timisoara was also the first Romanian city that reacted at the Revolution in 1989 against the Communist regime. The walking tour begins in the downtown quarter of “Cetate” (the former “Inner City”), with many old buildings in the styles of Art Nouveau or Baroque, large pedestrianized squares, and a general multicultural character. You will begin with a visit to Victory Square, known also by the name of Opera Square, enjoying a visit to the impressive Orthodox Cathedral, and the Opera and Theater House. Next, the Liberty Square hosts the Old City Hall with its Turkish inscription, showing again the mixture of cultures and religions who have lived here. The Union Square is dominated by the Catholic dome-church, the Serbian-Orthodox Cathedral and by the President's Palace – the Arts Museum. Also, walk through the interesting ruins of the old fortress, constructed in the Vauban Style.

From Timisoara: Corvin Castle and Turda Salt Mine Day Trip

7. From Timisoara: Corvin Castle and Turda Salt Mine Day Trip

Departing from Timisoara, travel to Hunedoara, where you'll do a tour of Corvin Castle, one of the most impressive castles in Europe. Go up the towers, see the torture room, and be impressed by this mesmerizing place. Then, go to Turda Salt Mine, a magical place located in the heart of Transylvania and surely the most spectacular underground place in Eastern Europe. Formed more than 13 million years ago, these salt deposits are now part of a museum, located 120m underground. A truly unique experience that you cannot miss.

Timisoara: Jewish Heritage Walking Tour

8. Timisoara: Jewish Heritage Walking Tour

On this walking tour, you will follow explore the history of Timisoara, with a focus on the Jewish community. Visit the small Jewish Quarter of Timisoara’s city center. See the city’s beautiful Moorish synagogue, and discover the story and architecture of the impressive Status Quo synagogue in the Fabrikstadt neighborhood. In addition to the magnificent synagogues, a number of Timisoara’s stunning buildings were financed and designed by Jewish townsmen. Another stop on this tour will be the only Stolpperstein, or “stumbling stone” in Romania. These kind of stones are small monuments made of iron or copper which are engraved with the name and life dates of Holocaust victims. These stones are one of the few reminders of the crimes that happened under the Nazi regime during World War II.

From Sibiu: Timisoara Highlights Day Trip

9. From Sibiu: Timisoara Highlights Day Trip

In the morning we are driving all the way to Timisoara. Our local guide will present you the most important objectives of Timisoara - European Capital of Culture 2023 like Victory Square, known also by the name of Opera Square and continue with the Orthodox Cathedral, the Bastion, the Liberty Square, the Old City Hall, The Synagogue, the Union Square, the Catholic Cathedral, the Serbian-orthodox Church, the President`s Palace, statue of the Holy Trinity and more. Timisoara has a mixture of cultures, religions and civilization, take your time to discover the first European city that used the horse-drawn trams (1869) and electrical street lighting (1889) and the first Romanian city that reacted at the Revolution in 1989 against the Communist regime. After the City tour, you will have free time to get some lunch and to explore by yoruself the city of Timisoara and / or its museums. In the evening we arrive back to Sibiu.

From Timisoara: Danube Gorge Day Trip with Transfer

10. From Timisoara: Danube Gorge Day Trip with Transfer

Become immersed in nature on a fascinating day trip out of Timisoara with a hotel transfer. Gaze at the Danube River up close as you stand at the giant Danube Gorge. Admire the unique carving of Decebalus, high up on the side of a mountain. Start your adventure with a pickup from your hotel in Timisoara. Drive south and enjoy the breathtaking scenery along the way. Arrive at the Danube, the second-longest river in Europe, and see the Danube Gorge, where the river passes through the Carpathians. Look at a massive rock carving of Decebalus, who fought against the Roman emperors Domitian and Trajan to preserve the independence of Romania. Marvel at the site of this 42.9-meter-high sculpture on the side of a steep mountain overlooking the river. Return to your hotel in Timisoara late in the evening to conclude your trip.



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We had an enjoyable tour in Timisoara. Our guide knows a lot of things about the town, the history and it is so much better when you have someone to share their knowledge with you. I recommend getting a guide each time you have the chance because the experience is much meaningful.

We had an excellent tour of Timișoara. Ioan was a great guide. He presented a lot of interesting information about the history and architecture of the city. We would pick him again for a different tour when we return. Thank you!

Our guide was very pleasant and available to answer our questions. I recommend him for his experience and availability. Thank you so much

Roberta did a great job. She understood to make history alive by passing through Timișoara. I really recommend this tour.

The guide Marius was superb: not only a valid guide but also very passionate and friendly.