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Things to do in Testaccio

Our most recommended things to do in Testaccio

Testaccio: Guided Food Tasting & Market Tour

1. Testaccio: Guided Food Tasting & Market Tour

Experience Rome like a local, in an authentic neighborhood where people live, eat and shop. Together we will explore the local markets, meet the vendors who have been there for generations, and taste the most delicious pasta. We start our walking tour at the central square of Testaccio. You'll taste some of the best food from a long-standing family owned bakery. We'll follow this with a walk through the famous Mercato Testaccio with 107 family run market stalls. sampling some of the best bruschetta and buffalo mozzerella. Ready for pasta? We'll taste 3 Roman classic pastas with a glass of wine. What Italian food tour isn't complete without authentic gelato – We skip the stuff you see along the tourist paths and head to one of our favourites, which has been serving gelato since 1914. Tastings and stops may vary based on the day of the week.

Rome: Morning Food Tour with Lunch by Golf Cart

2. Rome: Morning Food Tour with Lunch by Golf Cart

In this 3.5-hour morning food tour you can sit back and relax while you’re whisked around the city like a true VIP, stopping at the hottest spots and top award-winning eateries. You’ll enjoy an inspiring combination of tasty local cuisine and stunning sites from the celebrated Colosseum, Pantheon, Piazza Navona to hidden roses and orange gardens with a breathtaking view over Rome. Experience not to miss! Fulfil your childhood dreams with a visit to the award-winning Best Italian Pastry Bar of 2021 to enjoy, among other delights, the best croissant ever. Stroll through one of Rome’s oldest fresh produce markets at Testaccio and tuck into a delicious Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, Prosciutto di Parma, white hot pizza with traditional Roman porchetta and supplí, protagonist of Roman street food. Try these locally beloved specialties and taste for yourself what all the hype is about. Step into a different world with a visit to one of Rome’s top wine restaurant, dating back an incredible 160 years. Enjoy two types of melt-in-the-mouth Roman pasta paired perfectly with carefully selected Italian wine. Feel inspired by the deeply ingrained Italian foodie culture and the sparkling atmosphere of this special place. For the grand finale celebrate this day with an Italian gelato made by Chef Günther, an Italian from the northern Alps who fell in love with a burning beauty from the south of Italy. Very few gelato places in Rome deliver as many wow moments as this place does, as love is their secret ingredient. You will see and learn about the most important sites of Rome’s outdoor museum such as the Colosseum and the Palatine Hill, the timeless Pantheon and beautiful Piazza Navona, the most expensive area to live in, Aventino, and many other intriguing spots with breathtaking views over Rome.

Rome Golf Cart Exclusive Private Tour

3. Rome Golf Cart Exclusive Private Tour

They say that a lifetime is not enough to see Rome, but you sure can cover a lot of it with a 3-hour private golf cart tour. Rome is full of small and narrow streets and limited driving zones. With a golf cart, the city becomes more manageable, and you will learn about the monuments and neighborhoods from your private guide.  The tour will begin in Piazza della Repubblica and take you on a 3-hour adventure throughout the city. See the marvelous fountain at Piazza della Repubblica, then it's off to the Santa Maria Maggiore church, before a ride down Via Cavour and on to the grand Via dei Fori Imperiali, towards the Colosseum. Pass the Palatine hill and the Circus Maximus. A tour on a golf cart allows you to zigzag around the city and truly get off the beaten path, and see one of the secrets of Rome: the keyhole! Circle down to the Piramide Cestius, through Testaccio, and arrive at the Mouth of Truth. Watch as visitors slip their hand into the famous mouth and learn the story behind this Roman legend. Remember, you can always stop for a coffee or a gelato and learn the trick to ordering these Italian delights. You will pass by Largo Argentine, where Julius Caesar was murdered, and visit the thriving market at Campo di Fiori. See the locals bargain over vegetables, fruits and flowers. Just around the corner you'll find Piazza Navona, a Baroque gem and the location of Bernini's Four Rivers Fountain. And of course, your tour would not be complete without seeing the historic highlights of the Pantheon, the delightful Trevi Fountain, and the towering Spanish Steps. After three intense hours, your driver will leave you in a charming spot in the city centre. Take some time to contemplate all the amazing sights and amusing stories your private guide has shared with you throughout the tour.

Tastes & Traditions of Rome: Testaccio Food and Market Tour

4. Tastes & Traditions of Rome: Testaccio Food and Market Tour

Start your morning in true Italian style with coffee and pastries in a bakery that serves as the meeting point for locals all over the neighborhood. Following a typical Roman’s daily routine, you’ll make your way to the local market. While there, you’ll meet a few of the passionate vendors—some of whom have had their stalls for 40 years. Try incredible local pizza, farm-fresh vegetables, and artisanal cheeses and cured meats. You’ll also enjoy a sandwich from a stall that locals can’t stop talking about—and revisiting time and time again. After the market, it's time for lunch. You’ll head to a family-run trattoria to try a pasta with true local roots paired with Italian red wine. As you eat, your guide will give you a crash course in Italian mealtimes. End the day by topping all these delicious bites off with gelato. Enjoy a cup or cone of the flavors of your choice at a historic gelateria serving up delicious gelato made on site every morning.

Rome: Nighttime Vespa Rental

5. Rome: Nighttime Vespa Rental

Do you want to explore Rome by night in style and complete autonomy? Then rent a 125cc Vespa and zip around the city like the locals do. Your itinerary is up to you, but highlights you might wish to check out at Piazza Navona, the Campo de Fiori, Trastevere and the famous Monte Mario. This is an experience not to be missed for those wanting to see how Italy's capital city comes to life at night. Your rental includes everything you need to make your adventure safe and comfortable. Simply get on your Vespa to discover the magic and mystery of Rome by night.

Rome: E-Bike Tour with Locals

6. Rome: E-Bike Tour with Locals

Take a leisurely spin through Rome on a family-friendly tour that combines sport and history. Explore the city on two electric wheels and get to know the hidden corners of the city in less time. Ride a comfortable cycle past the Aventine Hill and visit the most romantic park of Rome: the orange park with an unforgettable view. Your bike tour continues to the interesting district Testaccio, where you can wonder at a pyramid. Pedal with your group to the next beautiful quarter: Trastevere and move up to the hill of Gianicolo. Visit the Jewish district and explore its small and authentic streets.

Rome: Testaccio Market Tour and Tastings

7. Rome: Testaccio Market Tour and Tastings

Testaccio, one of Rome’s most charming neighborhoods, has a long history of classic Roman cuisine. This district has been at the center of Rome’s food trade from the city’s earliest days. Testaccio’s neighborhood symbol, the amphorae (jars), were once filled with olive oil and wine coming from all over the Roman Empire. Times have certainly changed but Testaccio’s culinary culture remains the same. At least in terms of importance. Today’s modern food market and delicatessen stores have transformed Testaccio into one of the most trendiest, liveliest, and most interesting neighborhoods in Rome. Scratch below the surface on your Testaccio food tour Our Testaccio food tour offers you the chance to eat like a local and taste the Roman food classics you won’t find on the tourist menus. As a backdrop to your culinary adventure, you have Testaccio’s distinct architecture consisting of historical peculiar parts such at the Monte dei Cocci and the Pyramid to more recent revitalized arts and cultural centers. On this tour, you will visit the food market and the neighborhood starting from one of Rome’s oldest delis to eat unique prosciutto and truffle salami. You will taste supplì, a favorite Roman street food, and fried typical delicatessen, experience a Roman pasta such as Cacio e Pepe or Amatriciana, as well as discover new takes on classic bollito meat or typical stewed chicken. Sample the savory delicacies of Testaccio Market Depending on the season, Testaccio Market will greet you with crates overflowing with Roman Zucchini with their delicious flowers ready to be fried. Another seasonal speciality are Rome’s green artichokes and piles of chicoria – a quintessential ingredient you can’t miss when in Rome. While enjoying some of Testaccio’s delicacies, like baccalà, supplì and even some artisanal gelato, we’ll indulge in some of Testaccio’s history, nourishing ourselves with stories of the famous poets like Shelley and Keats who rest in peace nearby in the Protestant Cemetery of Testaccio. Marvel at the Pyramid of Gaius Cestius Our Testaccio Food tour will take us past one of the most impressive tombs of ancient Rome: the Pyramid of Cestius. Dating to the first century BC, the pyramid once contained the remains of an Augustan-era magistrate of one of Rome’s main religious organizations. Its Egyptian style might strike you as strange, but in fact during this period Egyptian fashion was all the rage (just look at all the Egyptian obelisks dotted around the city). Our Testaccio food tour promises an experience beyond the flashes and the crowds of the historical center. It is a tour that will warm the heart as well as satisfy the stomach, enriching you with unforgettable stories to bring back with you.

Art, Culture and Trastevere

8. Art, Culture and Trastevere

- Start at the Villa Farnesina, which takes you back to 600 years ago. Originally built by a banker, this impressive villa with gorgeous garden tells many stories about what it was like to live in Rome back then, how the well-connected family lived and where else in Rome their influence can be seen. The true highlights are the wall- and ceilings paintings by famous artists such as Raffael. - A short walk brings us to one of the biggest botanical gardens in Italy. The "Orto botanico" of Rome not only spans over 12 hectare but has more than 3000 plant species and an interesting history to offer. - Lastly, you will dive right into the heart of the buzzing neighborhood Trastevere, which is a must visit for anyone wanting to become acquainted with the rich history and culture of Rome. Make your way past stunning architecture, traditional bars and restaurants, idyllic piazzas and through the lesser known little streets. Here, you will be left to explore on your own after the tour.

Rome: Colosseum and Pyramid of Cestius Vespa Tour

9. Rome: Colosseum and Pyramid of Cestius Vespa Tour

Enjoy riding a Vespa around Rome and have the time of your life. Drive yourself or take a guided ride and feel exhilarated as you see the Colosseum, Palatine Hill, and other iconic sites. Trust us; it's the best way to get around. Fancy driving? No worries, rent your own Vespa and experience first-hand how Italians travel. Take your partner, child, or friend with you on the back and make memories that will last a lifetime. Not feeling brave enough? Don't worry, you can jump on the back of a Vespa and embark on a tour around Rome with a guide. Weave in and out the streets, alleyways, and through neighborhoods such as Testaccio, Trastevere, and Aventine Hill to visit famous sites and discover hidden gems. 

Rome: City Highlights Vespa Tour with Driver

10. Rome: City Highlights Vespa Tour with Driver

Embark on a Roman adventure on the back of a Vespa. See Rome's iconic landmarks and listen to your local guide and driver's informational tidbits as your zig-zag through bustling and charming alleyways and streets. Dive straight into Roman culture and feel like a local as your driver scoots your around the capital's striking piazzas, basilicas, and fountains. See the most famous sights in Rome and learn about the city's history from your local guide. Get off the beaten track and explore the hidden treasures of the city, as well. In true Italian fashion, stop for an included coffee or gelato in a local neighborhood. At the end of your tour, ask your guide to drop you off anywhere in the city.

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Our guide Sylvia was amazing. Lots of local knowledge as well as being a foodie herself. She brought the history of Testaccio to life. With interesting snippets and pointing out places of interest. It really was a neighbourhood tour with so much to hear about the area. The market was interesting for its variety of foods and the producers who put so much care into their products. A great way to sample just a small part of the huge city that is Rome.

This was a great way to see the city up close. The group size is small so you can ask as many questions as you want. Andrea, our guide and owner, was great and very knowledgeable. The food we tried was delicious and we visited food places we never would have found on our own. This was the best tour we took in Italy. Highly recommend!!

My friends and I really enjoyed the food tour, an ideal way to start our holiday in Italy. Katherine was a great tour guide and it was clear she is very passionate about Italian food. She made the tour great fun. Thank you Katherine.

This was the best experience ever for our family while visiting in Rome! Andrea was very knowledgeable, kind and make the event so much fun. The places we went to were exceptional - I would highly recommend this Food Tour!

Andrea was a wonderful guide. Knowledgeable and very accommodating. Food selections were delicious.