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Djerba: 1-Night Desert Tent Safari

1. Djerba: 1-Night Desert Tent Safari

Day 1: Your tour will begin as you depart from your hotel to Tataouine. You will then begin by crossing Roman Road, the structure that connects the island to continental Africa. You will then take a break at the salt lake of Chahbania to enjoy the view and to take photos. Following this, you will enjoy a 40-minute stroll in the streets of Tataouine's market to discover the Berber products and spices for sale. You will then head to the village of Chenini, where you will enjoy a walk to discover it with a local guide. At midday, you will taste the flavors of a local meal in a Berber restaurant. Following lunch, you will cross the Erg (or the desert of rocks) and head to Ksar Ghilane. Upon your arrival you can enjoy a swim in its natural water spray, in an area located between the greenery of the oasis and the yellow color of the sand dunes. Whilst at this location there will also be the possibility of taking a camel ride tour or a quad-bike tour of the dunes (not included). By the end of the day, you will go to your camp to enjoy one of the best sunsets of Southern Tunisia. At the camp, you will have a tent, be able to take a shower, and can also experience the preparation of "sand bread" just before dinner. Following dinner, you will enjoy free time to admire the starry sky in the silence of the desert. Day 2: Following breakfast, you will head to Matmata, the troglodyte village. Your first stop will be to the Berber village of Tamazret, where you can taste an "amandes" tea. Following the break, you will visit a Berber family at their underground house, where you will enjoy an authentic local lunch. Following lunch you will head to Sidi Idriss, a troglodyte hotel where some scenes of the Star Wars film had been shot, and where we can still find some film decor. The final visit of the day will be to the Berber village of Toujane, which is hidden between two mountains and famous for handmade carpets and honey. At the end of the day, you will be returned safely to your hotel with a head full of great memories.

Tataouine and Cheneni: Full-Day Visit from Djerba

2. Tataouine and Cheneni: Full-Day Visit from Djerba

Get picked up from your hotel at 7:00 AM and head toward Tataouine on the Roman road. Stop first in Khalfallah to visit an oil mill during the olive harvest season, or at the sand dunes of the Chahbania. Continue to Tataouine and take some time exploring the market and downtown. Proceed to Cenini, a village topped by a rocky ridge and home to an old mosque. Come mid-day, enjoy lunch at the Kenza Chenini or a similar restaurant before embarking on a guided tour of the Berber village. Depart to Ksar El Ferch or Ksar Hdadda for a fascinating tour of the grounds. Head back to Djerba via the Roman road, arriving at your hotel at around 5:30 PM. Throughout the full-day experience, pick up insights from your expert guide, who has been approved by the National Office of Tunisian Tourism.

From Djerba: Tataouine, Chenini and Berber Villages Day Trip

3. From Djerba: Tataouine, Chenini and Berber Villages Day Trip

Departure from the hotel by the Roman road towards Tataouine. Arrival at Chahbania and photo break in the famous salt lake. Arrival in Tataouine, made famous by the former French prison, visit of the market and the city center. Continuation towards Chenini, the village surmounted by a rocky ridge at the foot of which rises a very old mosque, passing by the Ksar Ouled Soltan "Collective granary considered the best preserved". Lunch in Chenini at the restaurant Kenza or similar. Guided tour of the Berber village of Chenini. Departure to Ksar Hadada; arrival and visit of the shooting place of some scenes of the famous movie "Star Wars"... . Departure to Djerba via the Roman road. Arrival at the hotel.

From Djerba: Night at the Desert camp Ksar Ghilane

4. From Djerba: Night at the Desert camp Ksar Ghilane

Day 1 Departure from your accommodation via the Roman road, direction Tataouine. Photo break at the famous salt lake of Chahbania and explanation of the program. Continuation towards the city of Tataouine, free time at the very colorful market then direction the mountainous village of Chenini. Passage by the Ksar Ouled Soltan or similar, collective granary used in the past for the storage of provisions Visit of the dwellings dug horizontally in the mountains in the village of Chenini; Berber village encrusted in the side of the mountain which goes back to the 11th century. Typical lunch at the local restaurant In the afternoon we fasten our belts in the 4x4 for a departure by the sandy tracks "the reg" to reach the oasis of Ksar Ghilane, an exotic oasis; magnificent with its camps and its water source. Possibility of a camel or quad ride (optional and payable on site) on the sand dunes "Erg" to watch the sunset and see the old Roman fort. On the way back, visit of the hot water spring with possibility of swimming (don't forget your bathing suit and towels) continuation in 4x4 to the camp located at the foot of the dunes . Arrival; to attend the sunset installation under tent, dinner and Saharan evening. Day 2 Wake up gently, breakfast, then departure for the mountainous Berber village of Tamezret. Small photo stop and continuation for the village of Matmata known for its houses dug under the ground. We admire its superb lunar landscape (Star Wars movie sets) and visit a family in a troglodytic house. Lunch In the afternoon we take the road back to the village of Toujane, from where we have a panoramic view. Return to the hotel

Tunisia: 4-Day Private Discovery Tour

5. Tunisia: 4-Day Private Discovery Tour

Day 1: Kairouan to Tozeur.  Be collected from your accommodation in any city in Tunisia to visit Kairouan and the 9th century Aghlabid basins. Next, visit the grand mosque, which is the oldest in North Africa. Continue to the nearby Sidi Sahbi, a companion of prophet Mohamed, with an introduction to some Tunisian traditions. Have lunch in Kairouan Medina. Continue to Tozeur and check-in to your accommodation in Tozeur where you will have dinner.  Day 2: Tozeur to Douz.  Enjoy breakfast at the hotel then head out to visit Chebika Waterfalls and Tamerza Waterfalls. Then, explore the Mides canyons. Continue to Tozeur for lunch then Visit the Ong Jemel Star Wars desert set. Depart Tozeur and head to Douz in a 4WD vehicle. Make a stop at the Salt Lake of Chott el Djerid. Your adventure begins with an amazing view of lands of green palms and dunes of golden sand. Continue through the huge charming dunes then arrive at the camp site. Have a delicious dinner and enjoy the night drumming around the campfire. Stay at the SaharanSky luxury desert camp in Douz. Day 3: Douz to Matmata to Tataouine. Have breakfast at the campsite then head to Matmata. Visit the Underground Troglodyte. Then, have lunch in a berber underground house. Continue to Ksar Hadada to visit the old castle on top of a hill. Head to Chenini to visit the 7th asleep mosque and museum. Check-in for the night at your accommodation in Tataouine and enjoy dinner at the hotel.  Day 4: Tataouine to Gabes to El Jem to Tunis.  Have breakfast at the hotel then depart Tataouine for Gabes. Visit Jara Souk, where you can purchase souvenirs and explore the city. Have lunch in Gabes. Continue to El Jem (Thysdrus) to visit the Roman amphitheater, which is the third biggest and the best-preserved one in the Roman world. Take your transfer to your drop-off location to complete your tour. 

From Djerba Midun: 2-Day Desert and Ancient Cottage Tour

6. From Djerba Midun: 2-Day Desert and Ancient Cottage Tour

DAY 1 : Matmata Ksar Ghilane and the night at the cottage At 7 Am our team will pick you up from your location Head to Matmata troglodyte village and start your immersion in the local life Visit Sidi Idriss hotel (Star wars shooting location) Visit a berber family at their local house dug underground Enjoy a mid-day lunch with the locals Visit Tamazret berber village Head to Ksar Ghilane and enjoy a swim in the hot water spray Possibility of camel ride or quad bike in the sand dunes Head to Ksar Jouamaa and settle in your room Dinner and overnight at Ksar Jouamaa Day 2 : Berber villages Breackfast and departure to Tataouine Visit Ksar El Ferch Visit Chenini the berber village with a local guide and discover its different components (mosque / houses dug horizontally in the mountain...etc) Visit the 7 dormant mosque Mid-day lunch at a local restaurant Visit Ksar Ouled Soltane (Star wars Shooting location) Visit the local market of tataouine and taste its local pastry (Cornes de Gazelle) Head to Djerba with a last stop at the salt lake of Chahbania Back to Djerba through the Roman road and end of our services

Tunisia: 5-Day Private Discovery Tour

7. Tunisia: 5-Day Private Discovery Tour

Discover the highlights of Tunisia in this comprehensive private 5-day tour. Relax, as your meals and accommodation throughout the tour are catered for including delicious traditional breakfasts and lunches and dinners in various stunning locations.  On the first day, you will be picked up from your hotel in Tunisia and will visit 'El Jem', a well-preserved Roman amphitheater. You will then head to Kairouan to visit the 9th century Aghlabid basins and then head on to marvel at the spectacular Grand Mosque, the oldest in North Africa. Your expert guide will provide an overview of the history and Tunisian traditions and you will spend the night in Tozeur.  On the second day, you will visit the breathtakingly beautiful Chebika and Tamerza waterfalls before heading to see the natural spectacle of the Mides Canyons. In the afternoon, Head to the desert, where you can see the movie set where they filmed star wars - perfect for any film fans! Afterward, you will head to Douz with a stop to view the salt lake on the way. At Douz, you can see the famous winding lanes of the souk markets and enjoy an optional camel or quad bike tour through the desert sands.  The third day is for heading into the Sahara desert, an incredible arid landscape full of tall dunes. Enjoy lunch looking out over the plains before checking in to the luxury desert campsite. The evening here will be spent enjoying delicious traditional food and listening to drumming as you warm yourself around the campfire.  On the fourth day of the trip, you will head to Matmata to visit the 'Troglodyte' Berber town. Here you can see the famous underground structures where many people still reside today. Continue onwards to  Ksar Hadada to visit the ancient castle there before stopping by Chenini to visit the '7th Asleep' mosque and museum. You will then spend a restful evening in Tataouine.  The last day will involve you indulging in some shopping at the winding Jara Souk where you can purchase some souvenirs from this amazing trip. You will be dropped back at your hotel, satisfied in the knowledge that you have truly discovered the real Tunisia. 

Star wars 2 day tour between Tatooine and Matmata

8. Star wars 2 day tour between Tatooine and Matmata

Day 1: Djerba - Tataouine - Ksar Ouled Soltane - Chenini - Ksar Hadada - Ksar Jouamaa Your remarkable 2-day Star Wars adventure begins as we depart from the serene shores of Djerba, setting our course for the captivating region of Tataouine. Our first stop takes us to the Chahbania salt lake, where you'll have the opportunity for a fantastic photo stop, capturing the striking natural beauty of the area. Then, we'll immerse ourselves in the local culture with a visit to the bustling market of Tataouine. Explore the vibrant stalls, interact with locals, and savor the flavors of Tunisia. Our Star Wars odyssey continues with a visit to Ksar Ouled Soltane, a grand granary complex that gained fame as a shooting location in the beloved film series. As you wander through its labyrinthine corridors, you'll be transported to the cinematic world that captivated audiences worldwide. Next on our adventure is Chenini, a charming Berber village perched on a hilltop. With the guidance of a local expert, you'll discover the village's rich history and unique architecture, feeling as though you've stepped into the Star Wars universe yourself. After a captivating morning, we'll break for a mid-day lunch, allowing you to savor traditional Tunisian cuisine at its finest. Our journey then takes us to Ksar Hadada, another remarkable Star Wars shooting location. Here, you can relive iconic scenes and witness the enduring legacy of the films. As the day draws to a close, we'll make our way to Ksar Jouamaa, where you'll settle into a 17th-century Berber Ghorfa, providing an authentic and immersive experience. Enjoy a delicious dinner, surrounded by the charm of centuries-old architecture, before retiring for the night. Day 2: Ksar Jouamaa - Sidi Idriss - Matmata - Toujane - Djerba Wake up in the historic ambiance of Ksar Jouamaa and savor a hearty breakfast before setting out on the next leg of our adventure. Our journey continues to Matmata, a place where you'll encounter the famous Sidi Idriss hotel, immortalized in the Star Wars saga. Explore the unique architecture and imagine the characters who once inhabited this otherworldly location. Next, we'll offer you a truly authentic experience by visiting a local Berber family in their troglodyte house. Enjoy a cup of tea served with honey and olive oil as you converse with the welcoming hosts and gain insight into their way of life. A mid-day lunch provides an opportunity to savor the flavors of the region once more before we venture to Toujane, another picturesque Berber village. Take in the stunning vistas and immerse yourself in the local culture. As our 2-day journey through Star Wars territory nears its conclusion, we'll head back to Djerba, where you can reflect on the unforgettable experiences and lasting memories of your adventure. Your tour concludes as we return to the tranquil shores of Djerba, marking the end of our services.

Djerba Family Package Tours

9. Djerba Family Package Tours

Embark on an unforgettable family adventure with our Djerba Family Package! Get ready for thrilling experiences that will create lifelong memories. Set sail on our Pirate Boat Excursion, where the entire family can enjoy a swashbuckling journey, complete with pirate-themed activities and stunning coastal views. Discover the ancient charm of Tataouine and Chenini on a full-day excursion. Explore captivating Berber villages, visit fascinating historical sites, and immerse yourselves in the rich local culture. Uncover the beauty of Djerba with a half-day island tour. Witness breathtaking landscapes, picturesque beaches, and iconic landmarks. Marvel at the island's unique blend of Mediterranean and North African influences. Throughout the package, our friendly guides will ensure a safe and engaging experience for all ages. From entertaining storytelling on the pirate boat to insightful commentary during the tours, we cater to the interests of both kids and adults. Enjoy quality family time and create unforgettable memories with our carefully crafted Djerba Family Package. It's an adventure you won't want to miss!

Wonders of Tunisia - 8 Day tour

10. Wonders of Tunisia - 8 Day tour

Day 1 : Welcome to Tunisia Meet and greet at the airport and transfer to your hotel Free Day at a 4* Hotel in Djerba Day 2 : Berber villages and a night at a 17th century berber cottage Visit Chahbania salt lake and Tataouine local market Hike in the berber village of Chenini and taste a unique tunisian Couscous Visit Ksar Hadada (Star wars shooting location) Spend a night in Ksar Jouamaa Day 3 : The night in tent in the desert Breakfast at Ksar Jouamaa Visit Guermessa berber village and head to Ksar Ghilane oasis Swim in the hot water spring nestled in the heart of the oasis Possibility of camel ride or quad tour (extra) Settle in your tent at a desert camp Assist to the preparation of sand bread (bread backed under sand and embers) Dinner and bedouin musical evening around the camp fire Night under a starry sky Day 4: The Djerid Town Start the day with a gentle awakening and breakfast, then head to Tozeur via Douz. Enjoy lunch en route. Cross the Chott El Djérid, a legendary mirage-filled ancient lake where armies vanished. Check into the hotel upon arrival. In the afternoon, explore Tozeur's Old Medina. Opt for a charming horse-drawn carriage ride through the palm grove (Extra) or visit the impressive Dar Chéraït Museum of Traditional Arts (Extra). End the day with dinner and hotel accommodation. Day 5: Mountain Oasis Escape After breakfast, set off for the captivating mountain oases. Chébika, a suspended paradise, loved by filmmakers, Tamerza (known for its waterfall), and Midès (famous for its canyons) await. Enjoy a typical Tunisian lunch at a local's home. In the afternoon, venture into the Ong Djemel dunes via the Rally track to discover Star Wars settings and Mose Espa village. Visit the Nefta basket on the way back. Dine and stay at the hotel. Day 6: The Underground Dwelling After breakfast, depart for Douz. Explore the lively market upon arrival. Continue to Matmata, the troglodyte village, with a stop at Tamazret Berber village. Enjoy coffee and village strolls. Visit a local's home in Matmata for Roman tea, freshly baked bread, olive oil, and honey. Return to the hotel for lunch. In the afternoon, explore the renowned Sidi Idriss Hotel (Star Wars filming location) and the Berber village of Toujane, known for handmade "MARGOUM" carpets and rosemary honey. Return to the semi-troglodyte hotel for dinner and an overnight stay. Day 7: Homeward Bound to Djerba Enjoy breakfast, then head to Djerba via ferry. Explore Guellela, the pottery village, and shop in boutiques. Explore Djerba Hood's street art. Later, visit Houmt Souk's bustling souks. Check in at your beachfront hotel and enjoy free time. Day 8: Conclusion of Our Journey Your last day is free, with airport transfers based on your flight schedule, marking the end of our journey.

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This was an absolutely unforgettable experience, I’m so happy I did it!! As an American woman traveling alone, in my 30s with zero knowledge of French/Arabic, I was worried it would be more awkward than fun- I was wrong, it was so fun! Even though the rest of my group was French, our guide Zu always made sure to explain to me in English where we were / what we were seeing / etc.. He was incredibly kind and very thorough, and I never felt lonely or out of place. The tour itself was amazing. The market of Tataouine was busy and colorful and loud, the drives through the desert were breathtaking, the village of Chenini on top of a mountain was so interesting to see and lunch there was tasty. The campsite at night was very structured/clean and thankfully another tour group had some English-speakers for me to bond with as we watched sand bread get made (it was delicious). The next morning we did a camel ride and it was glorious. Cannot say enough good things about this trip!

The experience is much better than is described or portrayed here on the site. It was the pinnacle of our trip. I have heard from other tours of the hotel we stayed at, that this tour allows you to have much more fun and unique experiences. As it is a tour dedicated to small groups, it makes it much more dynamic and special. It´s very well organized and they help us with everything we need. I highly recommend this experience.

Very professional service. The guide was very attentive and spoke excellent English. The 4WD car was very comfortable. The various sites included stunning desert landscapes, mud walled villages, hot springs, a troglodyte house, Star Wars sets. The camel ride in the tiny sand dunes wasn't very inspiring though. The tent accommodation with shared bathrooms was reasonable. The meals were all outstanding.

A great trip! A top guide and driver, a real experience to be had at least once in your life. The night under the stars was magical. Thanks to yoyo and karim for making us have a great time. I recommend this excursion 2000%. It brings together all the things not to miss.

An excellent tour that gives you many experiences and insight into Southern Tunisia! We enjoyed all the stops, experiences and our wonderful guide Majid and driver Ali! Thank you