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Sighișoara UNESCO sites

Our most recommended Sighișoara UNESCO sites

Sighisoara: 2-Hour City Tour

1. Sighisoara: 2-Hour City Tour

Designated as a World Heritage site by UNESCO, this perfectly intact 16th century gem with nine towers, cobbled streets, burgher houses and ornate churches rivals the historic streets of Old Prague or Vienna for atmospheric magic. It is also the birthplace of Vlad Dracula, also known as Vlad Tepes (Vlad the Impaler), ruler of the province of Walachia from 1456 to 1462. It was he who inspired Bram Stoker's fictional creation, Count Dracula. Stops / Cultural objectives to be visited: - The House with the Deer Antler - The Venician House - The  Church of the Convent - The Clock Tower  - The Catholic Church - The Tailors’ Tower - The Furriers’ Tower - The Butchers’ Tower - The Butchers’ Bastion - The Covered Staircase - The School Hill - The Church on the Hill (inside visit) - The German Cemetery - The Tin Moulders’ Tower - Vlad the Impaler’s birth house - Citadel’s Market place - The House with the Deer Antler

Sighișoara and Biertan: UNESCO in Transylvania

2. Sighișoara and Biertan: UNESCO in Transylvania

Drive through the Transylvanian highlands towards Sighișoara. Visit the medieval town center of Sighișoara, which is very well preserved and is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Walk through the citadel and visit among others the emblem of the town, the Clock Tower, the Church on the Hill, the Citadel, the fortified walls and towers of the city and also the birthplace of the Wallachian leader Vlad Dracul, who later became known as Count Dracula in Gothic literature and film. In the afternoon, drive to the Biertan, a small village in a secluded Transylvanian valley. Visit the imposing fortified church in Biertan (also belonging to the UNESCO World Heritage Site). Then, return to Cluj-Napoca.

Day Trip to Sighisoara Rupea Fortress Viscri from Brasov

3. Day Trip to Sighisoara Rupea Fortress Viscri from Brasov

Discover Sighisoara, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and its medieval fortress, which is still inhabited to this day. Learn about the fortress’ history, from its construction in 1280 to the history of the site it was built upon. View the former Saxon settlement and its famously well preserved walled Old Town, which earned Sighisoara its distinction as a UNESCO site. Experience the beauty of Rupea Fortress, recently restored in 2014 and originally built by the Saxons and first documented in the 1300s. Learn about the history of the surrounding site, one of the oldest archaeological sites in Romania, where signs of human settlement date back to 5500 BC - 3500 BC. Travel to Viscri (Deustchweisskirch), known throughout Europe because Prince Charles purchased a house in the village in 1996. Visit the village, which attracts 15,000 tourists annually and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Take in Viscri’s beautiful sights while learning about its history as a former Saxon village. See the famous Viscri fortified church, originally built in 1100.

From Cluj: Diverse Transylvania – Day Trip to Sighisoara

4. From Cluj: Diverse Transylvania – Day Trip to Sighisoara

Your tour will start in the morning when you will be picked up from your hotel and taken on a 2-hour road trip to Medias. Take a short walking tour of the city and get a glimpse of the Citadel of Light and of the beautiful medieval buildings, most of which were built in the 15th century. You will then head to Biertan in order to visit the Biertan fortified church, a monument included in the UNESCO patrimony as part of Transylvania’s villages with fortified churches. The church is surrounded by thick medieval walls which were built in the 15th century, and the front door is equipped with 19 locks and bolts. Your next stop will be in Sighisoara. The medieval Sighisoara Citadel is the only inhabited citadel in Europe and it is surrounded by 9 towers, the Clock Tower being the most important of all. The Clock Tower was destroyed by a fire, but it was rebuilt in the 16th century, and it is now home to a history museum that includes a torture chamber. The Sighisoara Citadel was built in the 12th century, and it had a significant role throughout Transylvania’s history, Sighisoara being one of its 7 independent cities. In Sighisoara, you will also visit the Hill Church, a holy site that you can reach by climbing 175 wooden steps, as well as several other buildings such as the Stag House and a Venetian House. If Transylvania were to be described in one word, the word diverse would be chosen. This historical land was home to numerous isolated villages, and you will find traces of its Romanian, Hungarian, Gypsy and German communities, all living in harmony for hundreds of years. Gypsies first settled in Romania more than 800 years ago, after being forced away from their lands by the Mongol invasion. Today, you will visit an isolated community of Gypsies who earn their living through various crafts such as copper smithing. Because they are a slightly isolated community, the access is permitted only to those accompanied by someone they trust. On your way back to Cluj, you will take a different route in order to explore some of the stunning landscape of Transylvania. You will be back in Cluj by night, the duration of the trip being affected by traffic.

From Sighisoara: Half-Day Tour to Malancrav & Biertan

5. From Sighisoara: Half-Day Tour to Malancrav & Biertan

Biertan is one of the most important Saxon villages with fortified churches in Transylvania, having been on the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites since 1993. Visit the Biertan fortified church which was the see of the Lutheran Evangelical Bishop in Transylvania between 1572 and 1867 and has one of the largest Saxon populations in the region. Next, you will travel to Malancrav, small village dating from the early years of the 14th century and an absolute must for the travelers curious to discover a place, surrounded by beautiful landscapes, where time almost stands still. You will also visit a fortified church here. You will return in Sighisoara in the aftermoon.

Bucharest: Transfagarasan and Transalpina Highway 4-Day Tour

6. Bucharest: Transfagarasan and Transalpina Highway 4-Day Tour

Day 1 Depart from Bucharest in the morning and we will stop for a rest at Hurezi Monastery. Since we are facing a challenging road, we will spend the night in the beautiful Ranca mountain resort, located on Transalpina Highway. Overnight at Ranca Resort Day 2 After breakfast we will venture on the fabulous Transalpina Highway. We will go across the road located at the highest altitude in the Carpathian Mountains. On our way from Transalpina to Sibiu we will pass through beautiful mountain villages: Jina, where we visit a genuine sheep station, and Sibiel Village with the Glass Icon Museum. In the evening, we will reach Sibiu, the most beautiful city in Romania. Overnight in Sibiu Day 3 Today, we will have a day trip out of Sibiu and visit Sighisoara Medieval Citadel, a UNESCO World Heritage site. You will discover rural Transylvania as well by visiting Biertan Saxon Village with the Fortified Church, a 500 years old church. Time for a delicious home-cooked lunch and a great opportunity to meet the locals. In the afternoon, we get back to Sibiu. Overnight in Sibiu Day 4 Time for another adventure: driving back to Bucharest on the famous Transfagarasan Highway. You will see Poenari Fortress as well, which was one of the strongholds of Vlad The Impaler. Another stop will be at Curtea de Arges Orthodox Monastery, the burial place for our monarchs. In the afternoon, we arrive in Bucharest.

Bucharest: 6-Day Transylvania and Bucovina Experience

7. Bucharest: 6-Day Transylvania and Bucovina Experience

Day 1: Bucharest to Bucovina You will be picked up by a professional guide from either your hotel in Bucharest or Otopeni Airport. From there you will endure a long drive to Bucovina, but you will benefit from a luxury Mercedes Vklass van or a similar car, making your entire vacation comfortable. You will begin by visiting the Humor Monastery and the Voronet monastery, before an overnight in Gura Humorului in a 3-star hotel (with breakfast included). Day 2: Gura Humorului, Vatra Moldovitei, Sucevita, Marginea, and Sucevita On your second day, you will visit the Moldovita Monastery, Ciumarna Passage, the Sucevita Monastery, and the Marginea Black Pottery. At the conclusion of your day you will overnight in Sucevita Village at a guest house, where you enjoy both dinner and breakfast which will consist of traditional local products. Day 3: Sucevita, Arbore, Gura Humorului, Bicaz Gorges, the Red Lake, and Brasov Your third day will begin with the Arbore Monastery, before you advance towards Bicaz Gorge, the Red Lake, and Brasov (including its old historic center). At the conclusion of your day, you will overnight in Brasov's downtown area. Day 4: Brasov, Viscri, Sighisoara, Biertan, and Brasov Day 4 will begin with a tour of the Viscri Saxon Village and fortified Saxon Church. You will then move on to explore the Sighioara Fortress, Dracula's "birthplace", and the Biertan Village. At the conclusion of your fourth day, you will once again overnight in Brasov. Day 5: Brasov, Prejmer, Poiana Brasov, Rasnov, Bran, and Moieciu Today you will visit the Prejmer Peasants Fortress, before exploring the Poiana Brasov Ski Resort and the Rasnov Fortress. You will then discover the magnificent Bran Castle, which is connected with the Dracula legend. Towards the end of your day you will explore Moieciu Village, before you once again overnight in Downtown Brasov. Day 6: Brasov, Azuga, Sinaia, Snagov, and Bucharest Your final day will begin with a Royal Rhein Winery tour in Azuga. From there you will discover Peles Castle, which is the summer residence of the royal family of Romania. Moving on, you will encounter the Snagov Orthodox Monastery, where the dreaded prince Vlad Tepes is buried. Your day will eventually conclude with your exploration of Lake Snagov, before you end your tour in Bucharest.

Transylvania in 2 days : Castles and mediaeval towns

8. Transylvania in 2 days : Castles and mediaeval towns

Explore 2 of the most famous castles in Romania, the Peles Castle, a former royal residence at Sinaia, and Bran Dracula's Castle. Then see the enticing medieval Transylvanian towns of Brasov, Sighisoara, and Sibiu. Experience Brasov with its famous Black Church. Discover Sighisoara, one of the best-preserved medieval cities in Europe with its fairy tales streets and a unique charm. Encounter Sibiu, the European Capital of Culture in 2007. All these towns were founded by Saxons in the 12th to 14th centuries. Biertan Fortified Church, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a medieval architectural treasure hidden by the Transylvanian hills, the place you'll experience of daily life in a countryside village. Magnificent Olt River Gorges cutting through the Carpathian Mountains on our driveway back to Bucharest will conclude our tour.

Bucharest: Transylvania Villages Multi-Day Trip with Hotels

9. Bucharest: Transylvania Villages Multi-Day Trip with Hotels

Experience all that Transylvania has to offer, from the dreamy Saxon towns, imposing castles, and the fantastic landscapes, packed on a short 4-night adventure. Towns such as Sighisoara, Brasov or Sibiu will tell their history, the castles will reveal their secrets and the fortified churches peppered across the countryside will share the traditions that kept this region alive. Day 1: Starting off in Bucharest, you will follow the scenic Olt Valley all the way to Medieval City of Sibiu. From the quaint alleys to the colourful houses and the still ambiance, Sibiu will surely crawl its way into your heart. You will have the afternoon to explore the Old Town with the interlinked two main squares, the impressive churches and towers on a walking tour, and learn all about its history and influences. Overnight in Sibiu Day 2: Today you will get acquainted with the more soulful side of the region. Travelling through the countryside, you will stop in Biertan Saxon Village for a visit of its 500-year-old Fortified Church. Then it’s onwards to the village of Malancrav Village, just in time for lunch. You will be treated with a traditional meal prepared by one of the local ladies. After lunch, and 30 minutes later, you will arrive in the delightful Sighisoara. One of the last inhabited citadels, Sighisoara is also Vlad the Impaler’s birthplace. On the walking tour around its narrow alleyways you will learn all about what’s real and what is not about the legend of Dracula. Overnight in Sighisoara Day 3: Travelling even further off the beaten path, today you will travel to the Saxon village of Viscri. One of the best-preserved villages of the region, it even lured Prince Charles who has his own traditional guesthouse here. Ramble around the dusty paths, get to know the locals and their traditions, climb up to the Fortified Church. At noon, you will be invited to a traditional lunch in a local household. Leaving the rural life behind, you will travel onwards to Brasov, but not without a stop at Bran Castle. Associated with Dracula, the castle looks the part, perched high upon a cliff overlooking the unassuming village below. The history of the place couldn’t be farther from the fiction. In the afternoon, you will reach your destination: Brasov. Set at the foothills of a mountain, the old town, with its cobbled streets and colorful buildings, could be easily mistaken for a postcard. Overnight in Brasov Day 4: After breakfast, you will bid Transylvania goodbye as you will make your way back to the capital city. On the way, stop at the mountain resort of Sinaia, home to the picturesque Peles Castle. The summer residence of Carol I, the first Romanian King, Peles is an architectural marvel, inside and out. After the tour, you will reach Bucharest in the afternoon. A mismatch of different styles and influences, Bucharest is the result of a turbulent history, from being called the Little Paris, to the sad communist times.. Overnight in Bucharest

Bucharest: 5-Day King Charles' Transylvania Private Tour

10. Bucharest: 5-Day King Charles' Transylvania Private Tour

This exclusive tour gives you the chance to see and live in some of King Charles favorite houses, to sleep in the bed of His Royal Highness and to eat great meals prepared by the local ladies. It was enough for King Charles to come to Romania once and more precisely in Transylvania with whom he irremediably fell in love. The King of Great Britain actually participated in the rebirth of the Saxon villages. He first came to Romania in 1997. He got involved with Mihai Eminescu Trust which started to buy and restore old Saxon houses from the Transylvanian Villages. The King came almost every year in Romania and always spent time in his favourite area. In Viscri and Miklosvar Villages He owns traditional houses, which when he is not there, are open for the public to have a fantastic experience ! In Malancrav and Zalan Valley Villages, the Foundation and his good friend, Count Kalnoky restored old houses which offer great accommodation. Day 1 Bucharest – Brasov We'll meet you in Bucharest and start driving to Transylvania. After 1.5 hours, we stop in Sinaia and visit Peles Palace, former summer residance of our Royal Family, one of the most beautiful castles in Europe. Drive another one our and reach Brasov Medieval City, our place for the night. We visit The Old City of Brasov. Overnight in Brasov Day 2 This day is the first day when we see why King Charles loves Transylvania so much. We'll drive to the charming Viscri Saxon Village, the place where King Charles III bought his first house in Transylvania. The house is fully restored and keeps the genuine charm of the old days. In Viscri, we are going to visit the 700 years old Fortified Church and meet the locals. In the evening, we'll taste the local cuisine – a lovely lady will cook for us a traditional meal. Overnight in Viscri Saxon Village Day 3 Time again to go on King Charles footsteps. Zalan Valley Village is the place where Count Kalnoky, a very good friend of The King, bought and restored old houses. The result is simply fabulous: charming old traditional accommodations. We'll have the opportunity to stay in The King's house from the village. Here, we can admire the area on a horse cart ride. Traditional home cooked dinner at the house. Overnight in Zalan Valley Village Day 4 Today, we'll go for Sibiu Medieval City, probably, the most beautiful city of Romania. On the way, we'll visit Sighisoara Medieval Citadel and Biertan Fortified Church, Unesco sites. We'll arrive in Sibiu afternoon, so we'll have plenty of time to discover and explore the Old City. Overnight in Sibiu Day 5 Time to get back to Bucharest. We'll visit Palace of the Parliament, the impressive building constructed during Nicolae Ceausescu’s dictatorial regime. The current headquarters of the Romanian Parliament is the largest non-military building on the planet. We'll spend time in the Old City of Bucharest and learn about the anti-communist Revolution from December 1989. Overnight in Bucharest

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Amazing experience. A great way to see more of Transylvania and learn about the history. It is really diverse and steeped in history. This is a full day trip and you will see a few different areas that as a tourist, you would not be able to see on your own. We had Florin as our guide. He was excellent. He was very passionate about the history of Transylvania and had a vast amount of knowledge. He was really easy to get along with and talk to. Overall a 10/10 experience and a must see if you want to get a feel of Transylvania and learn about different cultures.

We had an excellent day trip visiting Medias, Biertan and Sighisoara. Our guide, Andrei, was very helpful and informative and made our trip very interesting. We learnt about the history of Transylvania and Andrei was able to answer any questions that we had. Cluj Napoca is a beautiful place to visit but it is well worth taking a day trip out of the city because you get to experience the beauty of Transylvania and it's Saxon villages.

The tour was excellent. Peter explained about the city in the Middle Ages and today. He explained about lifestyles, houses, education, etc. All in an interesting and lively way. The kids and I had a great time. Thanks.

Excellent tour that brought the city to life and pulled the history of the area together.

Our guide was so incredibly knowledgeable and pleasant!