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When we first started providing guiding services in Sarajevo in 2000, there were just a few of us. We were full of enthusiasm, creative ideas and ready to work hard, apply effort and learn. With the passage of time some of us went on different paths, finding different business spheres, but those who stayed, they stayed completely the same – creative, professional and dedicated to something they like. Actually, today we are ten years older and during the time, we hope that we have gained more experience and become smarter which is not insignificant. All of these years brought us a lot of friendships, business contacts, meeting with many important people and delegations. We can proudly say that any important event in Sarajevo during the last decade wasn’t without us. We just want it to be the same. We want our guests to become and remain our friends, to visit us again, and once they leave our city or country they should take away with themselves only positive memories. The mission of Insider is satisfied guest and visitor and in order to fulfil this we will give our best to meet the expectations and even more of any guest who decides to give us their time. We guarantee that with the Insiders you will always get more than you’d expect

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