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From Sarajevo: Full-Day Hiking Lukomir Village Small Group

1. From Sarajevo: Full-Day Hiking Lukomir Village Small Group

Lukomir is located just 42 kilometers away from Sarajevo and represents the highest settled village in Bosnia and Herzegovina and one of the main Bosnian tourist attractions. The stone houses with wooden roofs and women still wearing traditional clothes are main characteristics of local life from April until December when the village is reachable. Settled at the height of 1,495 meters on the top of Bjelasnica Mountain, Lukomir has stayed out of human touch and represents the most traditional nomadic lifestyle. Indeed, access to the village is impossible from the first snows in December until late April and sometimes even later, except by skis or on foot. Lukomir is known for its traditional attire and the women still wear the hand-knitted costumes that have been worn for centuries. Local food such as pie, domestic donuts, traditional Bosnian coffee and admirable sightseeing are definitely the kind of experience you do not want to miss. Let’s make one more experience together. From there, you can do some magnificent hiking in the area along the ridge of the Rakitnica Canyon, which drops 800 meters down below.

Private Tour from Sarajevo: Vrelo Bosne Nature Park

2. Private Tour from Sarajevo: Vrelo Bosne Nature Park

After just a half an hour drive from the city center, you will arrive to a very peaceful and green area of Sarajevo. The name of this tour says it all. Vrelo, meaning springs, are the main attraction, and these springs are of the river Bosna, located in the central part of our heart-shaped country. The River flows along the country and the spring is the greatest in all of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The springs and the surrounding nature of the Igman mountain present a beautiful natural complex, ideal for family relaxation. It also offers fresh, crisp air even in hot summer days.  Swans, man natural water features, fresh breeze off of Igman mountain, rich green vegetation, parks for kids and an Eco-zone all contribute to making this the perfect family outing! The tour is ideal for family with children.

From Sarajevo: Olympic Mountains Private Trip

3. From Sarajevo: Olympic Mountains Private Trip

Explore and learn about Olympic Sarajevo on this private guided tour. In 1984, Sarajevo hosted the 14th Olympic Winter Games, introducing Sarajevo to the world. The mountains that surround Sarajevo were perfectly suited to host the Olympic Games. The period of organizing the Olympic Games changed the face of Sarajevo, particularly in terms of construction. Whole new villages arose in the same period. Visiting these Olympic sights will take you back in time to when Sarajevo was the center of the World. For this tour, you can choose to visit either Igman and Bjelasnica or Trebevic and Jahorina. Fresh air, thick woods, Olympic history, and the rich green landscape will offer great relaxation and replenish your soul.

Private Tour from Sarajevo: Full-Day Kravice Waterfall Tour

4. Private Tour from Sarajevo: Full-Day Kravice Waterfall Tour

When you visit Bosnia, never miss this amazing Herzegovinian pearl. Be taken there to see the beauty of this hidden treasure. Plunging from cliffs as high as 83 feet into a natural, watery amphitheater that is almost 500 feet across, the series of waterfalls at Kravice are nestled in a natural reserve southwest of the city of Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In spring, this stunning mini-Niagara of 25 meter cascades pounds itself into a dramatic, steamy fury. In summer, the falls are less impressive but the surrounding pools will become shallow enough for swimming. The best part about the Kravice falls is that even though they are incredibly impressive, the area is still void of any mass tourism infrastructure. There’s an ample car park and café at the entry to the park and a lovely boardwalk which will take you all the way down to the base of the falls, where you can swim, sunbathe, picnic and even pitch a tent for the night if you’re so equipped.

From Sarajevo: Herzegovina Private Day Tour

5. From Sarajevo: Herzegovina Private Day Tour

Herzegovina is a geographical region in southern part of the country, well known for the many sites declared ad nature parks, national monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina and unesco world heritage sites. On this tour we will visit four gems in Herzegovina enriched by miscellaneous history, culture and exceptional nature. - Our first stop is Kravice waterfall on Trebižat River, the natural paradise in Herzegovina. The waterfall height is around 26 m, with a water amphitheater under the waterfall. This site is popular due its untouched nature, relaxing environment, and therefore is a perfect place for a picnic and swimming. - We proceed with our tour, and we stop by the medieval town Počitelj, probably the most picturesque place in the country, which had an important geostrategic role in the period from 13th to 17th century. The town is one of the few urban ensembles that have remained preserved to the present times. Počitelj’s layout puts it into the group of Ottoman-Mediterranean types of small settlements. - The next stop is Vrelo Bune (Buna river spring) near Blagaj. It is an oasis, best known for the spring of the Buna River located inside the cave. Right next to the cave is the Dervish tekke, a Sufi spiritual retreat built in the Ottoman period. Enchanting nature, soothing river and historical heritage are the reasons why this is one of the most visited site in Herzegovina. - Our final stop is Mostar, a cultural and historical center of the region, named after the bridge keepers who guarded the Stari Most (Old Bridge) in the medieval times. By far the most famous landmark of the city and permanent symbol of Herzegovina is the Old Bridge, a unesco World Heritage Site, which connects two different parts of the city. After a day of exploring one of the most beautiful areas of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Balkan regions, we will return to Sarajevo, where we started our journey.

Sarajevo: Trebević Mountain Summit Hiking Tour

6. Sarajevo: Trebević Mountain Summit Hiking Tour

If you are looking for a fun way to spend the day in nature, but you don't want to go way too far from Sarajevo city, the perfect solution is to take a short hike on the mountain Trebević. Experience the joy of slow travel and spend a day in nature. As the city of Sarajevo is surrounded by mountains, one of the go-to choices for locals and travelers is spending the day outdoors at Trebević mountain. This is the closest mountain to the city and you need less than 20 minutes with the cable car ride to reach one of the peaks. This particular mountain was very important, since during the 14th Winter Olympic games, many visitors came to see the bobsleigh tracks. Being one of the 13 bobsleigh tracks in the world, one would imagine it would stay popular to this day. In a way, it definitely is popular but not with athletes but with artists who use it as a canvas to paint various graffiti. Overview The tour starts from the old town of Sarajevo, where you will take a cable car and enjoy the sightseeing views. As you reach the top of the mountain Trebević, our journey starts from the Pino Hotel, from where we will go through foresty paths and pass by several natural springs of clear water of the Tri Budalasa spring. Following a short break, our journey continues along the ridge of mt. Trebević, from where we ascend towards the summit. At this point, the elevation is 1629 m above sea level. As we reach the summit, a mesmerizing panoramic view of the city will be presented. This peak holds a very important place at the heart of locals, as it's their closest mountain and it's often nicknamed "the lungs of Sarajevo". On our way back, we will descend through the old Austro-Hungarian trail. It's important to note that you will also be able to see frontlines and war trenches from the Bosnian war, as well as the abandoned Olympic bobsleigh track. Our very knowledgeable guides will provide you with insights and stories of war, its impact, and the aftermath that struck the people of Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The return to the city will be guided through local mahale neighborhood, where you will learn about the daily life of the locals. The goal of the tour is to promote not only hiking but sustainable travel as well as lowering your carbon footprint. Join us for this amazing and exhilarating hiking adventure!

Half-day hike to Sarajevo's best viewpoints

7. Half-day hike to Sarajevo's best viewpoints

From the impressive Austro-Hungarian buildings of the city, we walk through the mahalas, the old Ottoman neighbourhoods and up to great viewpoints over Sarajevo. Your guide will tell you a lot about the history of Sarajevo and show you how people lived (lived) in the city then and now! We meet at the cathedral – there are already the first exciting facts to tell about this city, the Jerusalem of the Balkans, before we set off for the mahalas. These typical Ottoman neighbourhoods of Sarajevo cling to the surrounding mountains with their houses and tell exciting stories of multiculturalism, diversity and cohesion! We discover Sufi monasteries, Jewish homes and gardens where goats graze and vegetables are grown. Our urban hike then takes us up to Café 105: a place steeped in history and one of the most beautiful views over Sarajevo! There we enjoy a little refreshment, exchange our impressions of the first part of our hike – and take photos. Freshly strengthened, we start the descent – past old trenches and other great viewpoints of the canyon of the Miljacka River. On this part of the hike you can expect insights into the siege of Sarajevo in the 90s. Our hike ends at Mahala Sedrenik – with a typical Bosnian lunch and rakija tasting with a phenomenal view (if you want)!

From Sarajevo: Half Day Hiking Tour to Skakavac Waterfalls

8. From Sarajevo: Half Day Hiking Tour to Skakavac Waterfalls

Located approximately 12 km south of Sarajevo, Skakavac Waterfall is a hidden gem tucked away in the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina. With a height of 98 meters, the waterfall may not have large quantities of water, but its mesmerizing beauty makes it a top destination for nature enthusiasts. The hiking difficulty for this tour is classified as Low or Beginner friendly, so it’s perfect for nature lovers of all ages and abilities. Our expert guides will take you through one of the many trails available, and you’ll get to experience the beauty of Skakavac Waterfall up close and personal. Alongside the trail, you’ll discover multiple water springs with drinkable water, and we highly recommend bringing your own water bottle so you can try the fresh spring water. This approximately 9 km tour lasts approximately 4 hours, and the maximum elevation is 400m. Resting stops are included along the way, and there are plenty of benches for you to catch your breath, especially on the lower path leading to the bottom of the waterfall.

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