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We are George and Tonia,a young couple from Santorini who also live and work there. Our family has been involved for, at least, 150 years with wine production. Wine has been produced there since ancient times, but it was during the Middle Ages that the wine of Santorini became famous worldwide under the influence of the Republic of Venice. Santorini’s volcanic land combined with the local climate conditions of low rainfall and high humidity made Santorini famously known for its indigenous grape varieties and lead Santorini wine to conquer the world. Our aim is to spread around wine funs how wine is produced, the passion for wine varieties of the best quality and to taste each different delicious flavor in one of the most beautiful islands of Greece. The breeze of Aegean Sea, the secrets of Santorini and the surprises of Caldera can be easily discovered in a class of wine. Please allow us to guide you in this journey of experiences.

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