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Santorini Horse Riding is born from our long love for horses, our family has owned land and livestock in the village for 5 generations. The creation of the horse-riding association in Megalochori reflects our love of the village and surrounding lands and a desire to maintain the heritage of the island. To share with others the amazing experience of riding a beautiful animal along ancient paths through the natural wonder of the Santorini landscape. SHR Stables is home to 20 horses, each with their own unique personality and character. As responsible equine owners all our animals receive daily attention, and are feed and kept in the cleanest, healthiest conditions. They have access to expert veterinary assistance 24/7 and they could not be more loved Our trained instructor-guides will match you to a horse that will suit you and your riding experience, they live and work with the horses 365 days of the year. They have a strong bond with their animals based on respect and trust and we kindly ask you to also show a respectful attitude to your chosen horse and the guides. SHR is a family business, preserving the heritage and tradition of Santorini and upholding to the highest standards the ancient practice of keeping horses, offering unique authentic riding experiences in stunning natural landscape of the sea and vineyards in the south of the island. SHR provides you the necessary equestrian equipment to ensure your physical safety. Also, if you are inexperienced rider before riding, we provide basic training and orientation needed. For each tour there will be a guide – instructor who is going to direct you and ensure the smooth operation of the tour. If you visit us, you will be in touch and will meet personally with Nikos and Janet – who are own and manage the company. And most probably you will find their son, the small Manolis as riding his lovely pony.

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