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Knights Templar Day Tour from Lisbon

1. Knights Templar Day Tour from Lisbon

Spend a day in the Portuguese villages of Constância and Tomar to discover the history of the Knights Templar. Your journey will begin in Lisbon. Tomar was the Templar capital of Portugal and Spain and one of the most important in the medieval world. The main monument of the city is the Tomar Convent which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. A short distance from Tomar is the Almourol Castle. This emblematic monument was at one time controlled by the Knights Templar.  The Almourol Castle and the city of Tomar are perfect examples to understand the mystique of the Templars, men that were simultaneously Warrior Knights and monks that lived under a rigid military discipline, but at the same time with a great rigor in the spiritual life. At the end of the tour, you will be dropped off at one of two locations in central Lisbon, either Restauradores or Marquês de Pombal.

Lisbon: Tomar and Almourol Knights Templar Tour

2. Lisbon: Tomar and Almourol Knights Templar Tour

Follow the footsteps of the mysterious Knights Templar, a religious-military order, on this full-day tour. The Templars played an important role Portugal's history from the country's foundation, until the era of Portuguese discoveries. Visit the picturesque village of Constância, as well as Almourol Castle, built by the Templars on a small island. See the Tomar Convent of Christ, a church inspired by the temple of Solomon. Explore its many cloisters and see the iconic Manueline window. Both offer insight to the Knights Templar. Tomar was the former headquarters of the Templars, making this place one of the most important sites in the medieval world, and is now listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Venture next to the Gothic-style Church of Santa Maria do Olival, a gorgeous 12th century church erected for the Knights Templar. Your guide will accompany you along the way, sharing stories and curiosities about the place you visit.

From Lisbon: Tomar, Christ Convent & Almourol Castle Tour

3. From Lisbon: Tomar, Christ Convent & Almourol Castle Tour

Meet your local guide and head to Tomar on a road trip that takes about one hour. When there, go directly to the Templar Castle and the Convento de Cristo Monastery and be amazed by this magnificent monument filled with history. Descend to the city of Tomar and visit the old town passing by the old Synagogue, the oldest in Portugal. You have the chance to walk around and find some of the most unique buildings in the city. Spend some free time to enjoy lunch.  Leaving Tomar, head to Constância, where Luís de Camões, the most famous Portuguese poet, is said to have lived. There, enjoy the magnificent views of the confluence of Zêzere and Tejo rivers. Take a small boat ride in the calm waters of the Tagus river up to the unique Almourol Castle island, where you have some more free time to explore. At the end of the day, return to Lisbon in the comfortable van. 

From Lisbon: Tomar Templar Full-Day Private Tour

4. From Lisbon: Tomar Templar Full-Day Private Tour

Embark on a journey back in time as you explore the history and beauty of Tomar, a 12th-century Templar town located just a short drive from Lisbon. Your day begins with a convenient pick-up from your hotel, where you will be met by your expert guide and transported in comfort to Tomar by air-conditioned vehicle. As soon as you arrive in Tomar, you'll be struck by the town's stunning architectural heritage, including the imposing castle and the awe-inspiring Convent of Christ. This stunning structure, which was selected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, served as the Portuguese headquarters of the Knights Templar and is a must-visit for anyone interested in history, architecture, and religious heritage. Next, delve into the heart of Tomar's historic center, where you'll discover the Church of Santa Maria do Olival, a 12th-century funerary pantheon of the Knights Templar, and the 16th-century Church of São João Baptista. Your knowledgeable guide will bring the town's rich history to life as you explore these beautiful structures, learning about the important role that Tomar played in the history of Portugal and the Knights Templar. After exploring Tomar, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy a delicious lunch, based on your preference. Whether you opt for a traditional Portuguese meal or something more modern and contemporary, you'll be able to savor the flavors of the region while taking a well-deserved break. The afternoon will take you to another magnificent castle that was once part of the defensive line controlled by the Knights Templar - the Castle of Almourol. This stunning castle, which is situated in the middle of the Tagus River, can only be reached by boat, adding to the adventure of the day. As you explore the castle's ramparts, you'll learn about its rich history and the important role it played in the defense of Portugal. Finally, as the day comes to a close, you'll enjoy a scenic drive back to Lisbon, taking in the rolling hills and relaxing landscapes of the region. From breathtaking castles and historic churches to delicious local cuisine and breathtaking views, this tour is the ultimate way to experience the best of Tomar and the surrounding region.

From Aveiro/Ilhavo: Barra, Costa Nova, and Vista Alegre Tour

5. From Aveiro/Ilhavo: Barra, Costa Nova, and Vista Alegre Tour

We’ll leave Aveiro and cross the Central Canal, arriving in the traditional salt fields and the Environmental Interpretation Centre, where we’ll attempt to spot flamingos. Next, we will visit Aveiro’s two quays - the distant-water fishing quay and the commercial quay - where we’ll learn more about the region’s natural evolution and economic history. At Praia da Barra we will gaze upon the man-made opening where the lagoon meets the sea. This structure was built in the early nineteenth century, using the stone from Aveiro’s medieval city walls. The majestic lighthouse stands out in the beautiful Atlantic landscape, accompanying us as we enjoy a short walk by the sea. We will also walk-through Costa Nova, along the typical striped wooden houses. These used to be fishermen’s abodes and are nowadays part of one of the most beautiful and original coastal landscapes in Portugal. You will also have a chance to taste our Portuguese custard tarts (Pasteis de Nata), in one of our local bakeries. We will then drive to Vista Alegre, a small settlement where the famous Vista Alegre Factory is located. Built in 1824, it’s renowned internationally for its ceramic and glassware production. We’ll then visit the museum, with the possibility of watching the artists delicately paint the ceramic pieces in the workshop (workshop closed during the weekend). Still in Vista Alegre, we’ll also have a look through the local chapel, Capela da Nossa Senhora da Penha de França, a seventeenth-century national site, decorated with Portuguese tiles (azulejos) and frescoes. Before returning to Aveiro, you’ll also have a chance to briefly visit the Factory shop and outlet.

From Lisbon: Tomar, Almourol, & Dornes Knights Templar Tour

6. From Lisbon: Tomar, Almourol, & Dornes Knights Templar Tour

The first stop will be at Dornes, an ancient village, founded by the Romans. At Dornes we will visit the medieval Tower, built in the 12th century by Gualdim Pais, a Portuguese crusader and Knight Templar in the service of Afonso Henriques of Portugal. Cross Portugal’s bucolic central landscape and enjoy the breath-taking beauty of Castelo de Bode reservoir. Visit the ancient city of Tomar and delve into its mysticism. Discover the Convent of Christ, a World Heritage Site. Its history goes back several centuries and is steeped in myth. Do you know there is a Templar treasure waiting for you inside its walls? Your itinerary will be the following: hotel pickup, Almourol Castle, Constância Village, Castelo de Bode Dam, Tomar Historic Center, lunch & free time, Tomar Synagogue, S. João Batista Church, Christ Convent, and then hotel drop-off at the end of the tour.

From Lisbon: Tomar and Almourol Castles Day Trip

7. From Lisbon: Tomar and Almourol Castles Day Trip

Begin your excursion with pick-up at your Lisbon hotel and board a private, air-conditioned car destined for Tomar, a historic city replete with beautiful testaments to the past. Here, discover the significance of the UNESCO-listed Convent of Christ and delve deeper into the history of the Knights Templar. See, two Templar churches and the Synagogue of Tomar. Then, try the Ginja and go to Constância for lunch. Visit the Almourol Castle and feast your eyes on a fine example of 12th century military architecture. Your tour concludes with drop off at your Lisbon hotel. 

Off road Motorcycle training course

8. Off road Motorcycle training course

Training with a professional is the best investment you can possibly make as a rider, also its great fun, you will get to meet other riders and experience the Portuguese countryside :) We will meet in our HQ in the morning (transfers available) where, after a quick safety briefing, you will get geared up and assigned a motorcycle (you can also bring your own). We will ride for about 15min to the training site in the local woods where we will stay the whole day (9h30-17h30) The course will always be adapted to your current riding level, but usually these are the things we will focus on: -Simple and smart tecnhiques to save energy while maneuvering the bike by hand -Body positioning and how to find traction -Low speed and tecnhical turns -Brake-Slides and emergency stops -Advanced clutch operation techniques -Compressing and unloading the suspension to clear obstacles or jump -Sand and soft terrain riding techniques We will stop around 12h30 for lunch in a local restaurant (complete meal) Depending on the available time we will have a final ride to test your new skills (15-40km) If you liked this, then consider joining another our our experiences, like the 3 day training tour (1 day training, 2 days off-roaad riding)

From Lisbon: Templar Castles & Riverside Village Day Tour

9. From Lisbon: Templar Castles & Riverside Village Day Tour

Conquered by Christians in the First Crusade in 1098, Jerusalem was again surrounded by the Arabs in 1116. It was at that time that Hugues de Poiens, cousin of Saint Bernard and Godefroid de Saint-Omer, French nobles, swore in the church of the Holy Sepulcher (the temple of Christians) to live in perpetual poverty and defend the pilgrims who came to the Holy Land. The Order of the Poor Knights of Christ was born, renamed, in 1118, as Order of the Knights of the Temple - the Templars. You will visit the Castle of Tomar and the Convent of Christ which was the seat of the Order of the Templars and the Order of Christ. Classified by UNESCO in 1983 as a World Heritage Site. Built on a small rocky island in the middle of the Tagus River, the Castle of Almourol is one of the most romantic and emblematic medieval monuments in Portugal for its meaning and the surrounding landscape. Imagine a place where everything conspires in favor of Beauty! You will visit Constancia Known as Poem Village. This tour was created from our own experience and learning during our visits to Tomar over the past few years. However, the itinerary presented can be changed and made to your needs if you have any preference in choosing the places to visit or in another attraction in these localities.

Fatima and the Miracle of Santarém Private Tour Day

10. Fatima and the Miracle of Santarém Private Tour Day

Travel to visit the Sanctuary of Fátima and Sanctuary of the Most Holy Miracle of Santarém In Fatima, discover one of the most important pilgrimage sites in the world, with the option of attending a mass at the sanctuary. Our Lady of Fátima appeared to the three shepherd children in 1917. Here, visit the Basilica, where Francisco, Jacinta Marto, and Lúcia are buried, the Igreja da Santíssima Trindade (Church of the Holy Trinity), and the largest Catholic sanctuary in Portugal. There will also be time to see the Capela das Aparições (Chapel of Apparitions), a small temple built at the request of Our Lady of Fátima when she appeared to the three shepherd children, and Azinheira Grande, the tree that Jacinta, Lúcia, and Francisco passed before seeing the Saint. About 40 kilometers from Fatima, in historic city of Santarém a Eucharistic miracle took place on February 16, 1266 where consecrated host has been preserved for 750 years, intact and drenched in Blood, in the church of St. Stephen of the Holy Miracle. It is considered a harbinger of the message of Fátima, even though they are 650 years apart. The church was rebuilt in the 16th century.The main attraction of the Church of the Holy Miracle is, of course, the Eucharistic Miracle of Santarem. The host is enshrined in its miraculous crystal pyx in a silver monstrance and placed on display atop a tabernacle. Other notable features of the church are four paintings that depict the miracle and 16th-century glazed tiles. Near the church is the home of the woman who experienced the eucharistic miracle, and it is open to visitors. This is a private tour. You can adapt the program according to your preferences.

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At first I was not keen to continue the tour since when I booked it, I haven’t realised it’s a private tour that is good for eight persons. Since my friend unfortunately left her phone in the hotel I approach them if we can collect her in our hotel and it turned out that there’s two of us who signed the tour. The two tour guide was very accommodating and we picked her up in our hotel. As we began the tour we really enjoyed it since it’s very convenient and one of the tour guide named Henrique actually both of them are brilliant. We learned a lot about the history of Portugal. Very informative. I will highly recommend them to my friends.

Our guide, Miguel, was amazing. He had so much knowledge about every place we went and was very excited to share his love of Portuguese history with us. We had the perfect balance of time with him and time alone to wander. Everyone interested in Templar history should do this tour.

Great tour of almoural castle and Tomar. Caught a nice little boat to the castle, learned a lot about the Templars and Portuguese history. Guide was excellent, informative and engaging.

It was a fantastic day, full of beautiful sites and historical information. Our guide (Carlos) was fantastic! Highly recommend.

Absolutely loved my tour with Henrique. Interesting sites that he was clearly knowledgeable about and interested in.