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From Tulum: ATV Ride with Monkey Sanctuary and Cenote Trip

1. From Tulum: ATV Ride with Monkey Sanctuary and Cenote Trip

Leave Tulum for a trip to the Sacred Cenote. Go deep into the Mayan Jungle and be a part of nature as you ride your own 4×4 ATV. Spend time with rescued monkeys and other animals at Akumal Monkey Sanctuary. To ensure comfort and safety during your trip, receive driving instructions from your guide. Then, hop on your ATV and put on the safety gear provided to discover the landscapes of the Mayan jungle. Immerse yourself in the wonderful waters of the spectacular Sacred Cenote. Take a swim in an underground river in the middle of nature. To complete the journey, meet and interact with rescued animals on a tour of Akumal Monkey Sanctuary.

Chichen Itza: Kukulkan Self-Guided Audio Tour with App

2. Chichen Itza: Kukulkan Self-Guided Audio Tour with App

Take a walk through one of the Seven Wonders of the World, through the history of one of the great civilizations that shaped a continent through millennia. Learn about their life, religion, architecture and astronomic mastery. We'll visit the pyramid of Kukulkan - an incredible construction designed with mathematical precision to serve as a calendar as well as a proof of power for the elite, and a show for the masses. Stop at the Observatory, a unique circular construction that served to study the orbit of planet Venus; a planet they worshipped as the Sun’s twin. Admire the magnificence of the Great ball court, which is the largest ever built by any Mesoamerican culture and was central in the religious and social life of the Maya, Aztec, Toltec and every other pre-Columbian civilization throughout thousands of years. These and other amazing temples and structures are waiting for you to discover in Chichen Itza; the city of the wizards of the water, and the epicenter of the cult to Kukulkan; the feathered serpent.

Yucatán: Chichén Itzá Audio Guide And Scavenger Hunt

3. Yucatán: Chichén Itzá Audio Guide And Scavenger Hunt

Step back in time with a smartphone tour of Chichen Itza's ruins. Enjoy an app-based tour that functions as a guide, audio tour, and a map. Discover the site with an app that has been developed by local guides, curated by creative writers, and narrated by professional voice artists. Download your app and activate your tour before heading to the entrance of the Chichen Itza archaeological site. Purchase a ticket and start your tour. Go past an ancient wall that once surrounded this place. View the El Castillo pyramid and learn about its significance to the Mayans. Visualize what you cannot see with animated videos that allow you to peek into interior rooms and gaze into the past. Visit the Great Ball Court, where Mayans once played an intense, elaborate game somewhere between soccer and basketball.  See the ominous-sounding Wall of Skulls, which once held the heads of sacrificial victims. Stroll along the Platform of the Eagle and Jaguar Warriors, home to intricate carvings and sculptures full of deep meaning.  Continue toward the Platform of Venus, which once held offerings to the stars. Use the app to find out more about the Mayan religion. Arrive at The White Road, one of the largest and most intact ancient roads in the world. Take the road to the Sacred Cenote, where ancient Mayans sacrificed people to appease their rain god. Admire the Temple of Warriors, a multi-tiered temple with a dark secret hidden inside. Uncover more about the Hall of a Thousand Columns and the Ossuary, the final resting place of a High Priest. After that, you’ll go to the Observatory, a perfect spot for viewing the heavens and learning the significance of the stars in Mayan culture. Finally, reach the Nunnery and the Church, two of the most-photographed spots in the entire ruin. Your tour and trivia adventure concludes here.

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The experience overall was great. There a lot of animals to see and a few to touch, the ATV ride is amazing, the route is so rocky so we got our dose of sensations! The cenote was also great and the guides have been very friendly and helpful with interesting facts about the animals and the cenote. The only 2 things we are disappointed about are 1: it says the insurance for the ATV is included but they made us pay it again there saying that it was a mistake on the ticket and it is actually not included! Couldn’t ve bothered to argue and delay all our group so we paid but really not happy. 2: we thought we would have more contacts with monkeys when actually it is only 1 which is trained to be in contact with us. The monkey was cute and the experience was great but felt a bit ripped off when you see the pics of people with a lot of monkeys on the website.

After we downloaded the app and also loaded Google Maps offline, the app worked great. The speaker called automatically when you were at an important point. It was easy to find your way around. The explanations were told in a way that was easy to understand. We were able to admire the old buildings at our own pace. Take a break. Go to the cenote, there are hardly any guides. I would recommend it

Thoroughly enjoyed myself! Only thing was the distance from our resort and the mosquitos other than that 10/10 would definitely recommend!!!

Persone disponibili e attente, si vede che fanno il loro lavoro con amore