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Rhodes TownCulinary & nightlife

Our most recommended Rhodes Town Culinary & nightlife

Rhodes: Sunset Catamaran Cruise with Dinner

1. Rhodes: Sunset Catamaran Cruise with Dinner

Choose between a sunset cruise aboard a sailing or power catamaran. Feel the sea breeze on your face as you cruise under the silver moonlight reflecting onto the water, after which you can sit back and gaze at the stars in the night sky (depending on the phase of the moon). Start your relaxing sunset cruise from Mandraki Harbor, from where you will set sail to Kalithea Springs for a swim. You'll also get the chance to go for a dive or snorkel as you marvel at the marine life by swimming up close to it. A highlight of your cruise will also be as you enjoy a romantic dinner complete with beer, wine, and juice, aboard the boat. Whilst sailing along the beautiful coastline, admire the unique Rhodes east coast and the spectacular colors of the world–famous Aegean sunset, before you eventually re-enter the port of Mandraki.

Rhodes Town: Boat Trip to Symi Island and St George Bay

2. Rhodes Town: Boat Trip to Symi Island and St George Bay

Join a city cruise from Rhodes to Saint George Bay and the tiny boutique island of Symi, with sun beds and floating gear included. Stop for swimming and snorkeling in the bay which is only reachable by boat, before sailing to Symi to enjoy 3 hours of free time on the island. Depart in the morning and set sail for St. George Bay. Feel the sunshine on your faces and admire Rhodes from the water. Stop for a 30-minute break to swim and snorkel in the crystal-clear water of St. George Bay. Then, enjoy a short boat ride to Symi Harbor. Disembark and take 3 hours to explore Symi at your own pace. Soak up the stunning harbor views and lose yourself in the colorful streets lined with neo-classical houses. Finally, relax as you sail back to Rhodes Harbor in the evening.

Rhodes: Private Wine Tasting Experience for Beginners

3. Rhodes: Private Wine Tasting Experience for Beginners

Experience the world of Greek wine through a private experience, assisted by an expert sommelier. Learn about the different local grape varieties and the history of wine production in the area. Try 3 different types of wine, paired with the most delicious treats. Receive an informative introduction to wine education, including some of the best international and Greek varieties, types, and categories of wines and grapes. Afterward, your sommelier will tell you about the different stages of wine tasting. Put your newly acquired knowledge into practice by tasting 3 fantastic Greek wines: white, red, and rosé. Each of these will be paired with small bites of authentic Greek food products for a wholesome experience.

From Rhodes Town: Evening Trip to Lindos

4. From Rhodes Town: Evening Trip to Lindos

Upon your arrival to Lindos, have a chance to capture memorable photos at Lindos Viewpoint with warm evening light gently sliding over the white village. Then you will stop at the Parking area, where you will receive clear meeting instructions from your bus driver. You will also receive our customized Lindos Map with directions and useful information. You will then have 3 hours of free time to visit Lindos. The estimated stay time is from 6 pm to 9 pm. You can explore the archaeological site of Lindos (last visitors accepted until 19:15) or wander through the village with labyrinthine streets popping in stylish little boutiques and souvenir shops. Finally, find a pretty spot for an aperitif or have some dinner. Lindos has a plethora of excellent restaurants and bars. After your evening Lindos experience, your driver will pick you up and return to your Accommodation in no time!

Rhodes: Private Wine Tasting Experience for Wine Lovers

5. Rhodes: Private Wine Tasting Experience for Wine Lovers

Wine tasting for wine lovers includes: an introduction to the world of wine, in which we will briefly mention some of the best international and Greek varieties, a short description of the wine making process and the types and categories of wines. Then we will talk about the stages of wine tasting in theoretical, as well as practical level, by tasting four (4) Greek wines (White-Rose-Red, 50ml each) of different styles which will be thoroughly described. The wines will be paired by quality cold cuts and cheese from small producers.

Rhodes: Romantika Day Cruise with Chef's Buffet and Open Bar

6. Rhodes: Romantika Day Cruise with Chef's Buffet and Open Bar

Discover the most beautiful bays and famous tourist attractions of Rhodes (Kalithea-Afandou-Anthony Quinn) on an exclusive day cruise aboard either the Romantika or the Romantika Dreams. When sailing along the beautiful coastline stretch out and let go on the sun deck while you are served our choice of chilled white or rose wines, beer or fruit juices, all local, for the whole duration of the trip! At anchor swim, dive and snorkel in the clear blue waters of the Aegean and when hungry, savour on a rich and select Mediterranean buffet all prepared by our two chefs with local fresh products ( vegetarian,vegan and gluten free choices available). An unforgettable day at sea to satisfy all the senses… Cruise Schedule sets departure from Mandraki Harbour at 10:00am and 10:15am. Sailing towards the first stop Kalithea Springs, the famous cove of Rhodes with the old Greek-Roman thermal spa. Ideal for swimming and snorkeling. Back aboard for the next destination always under the care of the crew serving drinks and freshly made sandwiches for snacks . We sail for Afandou, known for the caves of Traganou and the 6 kilometer-long beach with deep transparent waters. Perfect swimming spot! And the perfect time to serve the delicious buffet lunch. Last but not least, we continue on to Anthony Quinn Bay, a picturesque bay with breathtaking views of an imposing rocky cape, named after the famous actor. It's crystal clear waters and imposing scenery make an ideal finish to our day. Full of delight, joy and pleasure it's time to sail back! Arrival 4:00pm. Buffet menu Dakos salad (Vegetarian) Traditional crispy barley rusks topped with fresh tomato, feta cheese, extra virgin olive oil and oregano Pasta salad (Vegetarian, Vegan) Penne al dente with fresh tomatoes seasoned with freshly chopped parsley, sea salt pepper and extra virgin olive Tabouli (Vegetarian, Vegan) Freshly chopped parsley with tomatoes, mint, onion, soaked bulgur seasoned with extra virgin olive, lemon juice,salt, pepper Green beans (Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-free) Fresh green beans scented with garlic, wine vinegar and extra virgin olive Spanakorizo Greek Risotto with spinach seasoned with dill and lemon juice, salt and pepper Potato salad (Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-free) Boiled potatoes seasoned with lemon and parsley, extra virgin olive, salt and pepper Tzatziki (Vegetarian, Gluten-free) Local Greek Yogurt with garlic cucumber and dill Chicken casserole (Gluten-free) Chicken bites with green yellow and red peppers simmered in wine Gigantes (Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-free) Greek Variety of beans ovenbaked in fresh tomato sauce, well spiced with garlic, paprika, celery, salt and pepper. Steamed mussels (Gluten-free) Fresh daily delivery of mussels steamed in wine Marinated anchovies (Gluten-free) Small fish marinated cooked in salt served with extra virgin olive Taramasalata on Psimithi (Vegetarian) Delicious fish roe paste on traditional Rhodean white bread with sesame seeds.

Rhodes: East Coast Cruise with Buffet and Unlimited Drinks

7. Rhodes: East Coast Cruise with Buffet and Unlimited Drinks

Cruise the east coast of Rhodes and make three stops to swim and snorkel. Check out Kalithea Springs, relax on Afandou Beach, and head to Anthony Quinn Bay. Dine on delicious Greek snacks, such as anchovies and feta cheese with a deli buffet. Indulge in unlimited beer and chilled wine. First, come to the port and meet the crew. Then, hop aboard the traditional wooden boat called Romantika Dreams to start your cruise around the coast of Rhodes. The first stop is Kalithea Springs, a famous cove with a Greek-Roman thermal spa and underwater springs. Spend about an hour here. Next, visit Afandou, well-known for its beautiful 6-kilometer-long beach and clear waters. Go for a swim here and relax on the sand. This area is also famous for the caves of Traganou. Enjoy the picturesque scenery and then get ready to sail to the next destination on your journey. After this, arrive at Anthony Quinn Bay, a peaceful cove that is named after the famous actor. Go snorkeling here and marvel at the rocky cliffs and pine trees. During the trip, eat a delicious deli buffet with plenty of fresh Greek delicacies to try, as well as vegan, gluten-free, and seafood. All the food is served with extra virgin olive oil. Dishes include olives with feta cheese, vegan pasta salad, and chicken with peppers and wine. Sample steamed mussels in wine, marinated anchovies, potato salad with onion and parsley, Dakos salad, fish roe with traditional bread, and more. Drink unlimited chilled wine, and beer throughout the day. Finally, return to the port at around 4:15 PM to finish up a delightful day.

Rhodes Cooking Class and Wine tasting a 2 in 1 experience

8. Rhodes Cooking Class and Wine tasting a 2 in 1 experience

Greek Cooking Class and Wine tasting in Rhodes. Enjoy this 2 in 1 experience and taste our locally produced wine from our own vineyards and take part in this unique and authentic Greek cooking class in Rhodes. Greek Cooking Class in Rhodes What about eating in a unique way? Let us introduce you to the Greek traditional flavors! We will meet, discuss, cook and eat. Join Our Greek Cooking class and wine tasting in Rhodes. Learn some Greek and Local recipes and enjoy our self-produced wine! Rhodes cooking class & Wine Tasting We will start this Greek Cooking class and wine tasting tour by taking a tour through the vineyards explaining our cultivation methods and process. We will then head to the outdoor bar to have an in-depth wine tasting while we discuss oenological methods we employ. Afterwards, we appeal to your appetite by starting the cooking class, where participation is optional but usually is super fun. At the end of the cooking part, you can sit down at our restaurant area overlooking the vineyards, where you are served a multi course tapas style meal. We call them ”Meze” and we feel they follow the theme of discovering Greek cuisine and giving plenty of opportunity to pair the different wines of our production. Menu of the Greek Cooking class in Rhodes We will teach you to cook traditional Greek and local plates. Furthermore, you will get to know the secrets of preparation of the following: Menu: – Cheese Balls (V- vegetarian) -Eggplant salad (V) – Pitaroudia / Kolothokeftedes (V) -Dolmades (V) -Tirokafteri (V) -Black eyed beans with organic vegetables (V) – Tzatziki (V) – Greek salad (V) -Meatballs and -Fresh fried potatoes & Local Bread (V) (The menu is mostly vegetarian **) Drinks : Our Local produced wine and mineral Water and once done You will have a full table to enjoy the Greek Flavors with our unlimited wine! Oh …this not the end….!!! After your meal is completed, we invite you indoors where we stage our distillery, describe our distillation methods and finally give you a taste of our local pressed grape distillate “tsipouro” which works best as a digestive. If you are a fan of Greek food and enjoy eating it, join our Greek Cooking class in Rhodes and we will show you how to prepare it by yourself! Where to meet for this Greek Cooking experience in Rhodes Together with a local experienced chef and a restaurant owner, we will cook local Rhodian specialties! We will discover the secret flavors and some unique recipes used as a specialties in a local traditional restaurant located close to Butterfly valley – a restaurant inside the olive grooves and vineyards! If you enjoy cooking and tasting the result then join us to drink and eat like a Greek! Yia mas! * Classes every day or upon request. Please contact us for further details. ** Transfer from Rhodes Ixia Ialisos, Kremasti Tholos Faliraki. Please contact us for the transfer options

Night Rhodes: old town e-bike tour with drink & meze

9. Night Rhodes: old town e-bike tour with drink & meze

The old town of Rhodes at night is a charming and captivating sight. The old town, known as "Rhodes Old Town" or "Medieval City of Rhodes," is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the best-preserved medieval towns in Europe. As the sun sets and the evening begins, the old town transforms into a magical place. The narrow cobbled streets, ancient walls, and medieval architecture create a unique and enchanting atmosphere. The streets are lined with quaint shops, restaurants, and cafes, and the warm glow of lanterns and street lights adds to the romantic ambiance. We'll find the medieval city walls beautifully lit up, creating a striking silhouette against the night sky. As we wander through the old town's labyrinthine alleys, we'll encounter historic landmarks, such as the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes, which is often illuminated, showcasing its grandeur. In the central square, the Plateia Ippokratous, we will meet locals and tourists mingling, enjoying the evening breeze and the vibrant energy while immersing yourself in the captivating surroundings. If we are lucky, we might stumble upon live music performances or street artists adding to the lively ambiance. Heading towards the harbor area, we'll be rewarded with a breathtaking view of the illuminated medieval city walls, reflected on the calm waters. Remember this spot! It is particularly popular for strolling or sitting by the water's edge, enjoying the serenity of the night. Overall, the old town of Rhodes at night offers a delightful blend of history, culture, and a touch of romantic allure. It's a must-visit destination for travelers seeking a unique experience, that e-bikes definitely will make it also unforgetable on the beautiful island of Rhodes.

Walking Food Tour in the Medieval Town of Rhodes

10. Walking Food Tour in the Medieval Town of Rhodes

If you are looking to discover Mediterranean delicacies and local Rhodian tastes, then this is the tour for you. Combine an exploration of the compelling medieval city of Rhodes with local flavors and unforgettable gastronomic experiences. Lose yourself in the ancient winding streets, be immersed in countless stories throughout the centuries and sample local delicacies. With your expert guide, travel around a series of spots known only to locals, experiencing how food intertwines with the city's rich historical tapestry. Sample local drinks and delicious seafood meze, try the island specialties of Melekouni and Mandolato, experience the aromas and tastes of Greek spices, and recharge with traditional Greek coffee.

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What people are saying about Rhodes Town

An amazing experience from start to finish. We had a great stop off at a beautiful bay for a swim, the water was lovely and warm considering the time of year. After that we headed back along the coast to catch the sunset. On the way we had a lovely meal of chicken pasta and salad. Lots of beer and wine too. After watching the sunset we then came back along the coast line and had the added pleasure of seeing everywhere lit up. It was a beautiful sight to see. The staff were all amazing and so friendly, I would recommend this trip to all. I thought it was exceptional value for money.

It was my first trip on a catamaran. The ride was great. The crew was in a very good mood. The food was tasty and plentiful and the drinks well tempered. The swimming spot was very nice and the sun was slowly disappearing behind the mountains - perfect timing. When we got back to Rhodes the buildings were lit up which was a great finish. I would ride again in a heartbeat.

Excellent excursion: the bay of Saint-Georges (stop of approx. 30min. on the outward journey) is magnificent. The time granted to the dive could be slightly more important but remains correct. The island of Symi (the town and the port) is very beautiful. We had time to visit the city and have a drink / ice cream on the terrace on the port.

Super fun boat trip, both the swimming and the town of Symi are very worthwhile. The boat is neat, clean and the staff is friendly. All in all highly recommended!!

Efficient crew and brilliant informative pre event details. Trip was v enjoyable with outside decking to lie on and enjoy the sun or sit on sofas inside and out