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  • Reykjavik: Whale Watching by RIB Speedboat

    1. Reykjavik: Whale Watching by RIB Speedboat

    Hop aboard a RIB speedboat and head out for a thrilling adventure just off Reykjavik's coast. Marvel at the abundance of sea life Iceland has to offer, such as majestic whales, dolphins, and porpoises. Begin your tour from Reykjavík’s Old Harbor and cruise among the small islands in the Faxaflói Bay, as well as along the coast of Reykjavík. Admire fantastic views of the city and its landmarks like the Harpa concert hall as you search for wildlife in the water. During your tour, pass by Engey, the second-largest island of the Kollafjörður (Faxa Bay) fjord in western Iceland. Also cruise past Lundey, literally “Puffin Island” in Icelandic, a small uninhabited island off Reykjavík’s western coast. Enjoy the chance to see incredible animals in their natural habitat without being overcrowded onboard the boat. And if you don't get lucky with wildlife sightings on the day you go, you'll rece...

    It was a amazing tour We really had a great time on the RIB boat seeing whales and dolphins really close. Must do in reykjavik.

  • Perlan - Wonders of Iceland and Áróra Northern Lights Show

    2. Perlan - Wonders of Iceland and Áróra Northern Lights Show

    At Perlan you truly get to know Iceland, an island born of fire and ice. You feel the forces of nature and learn how Iceland was formed. Explore seabirds in a lifelike cliff and go on a cinematic underwater journey around Iceland. You explore the world’s first real indoor ice cave and learn all about glaciers at an interactive exhibition. The Icelandic Museum of Natural History also has an interactive and engaging exhibition at Perlan. There, you discover the mysteries of water in Icelandic nature; its unique features, life, and qualities. Finally, sit back in a first-class Planetarium to go on a virtual journey through the sky and experience the amazing Northern Lights all year around.

    Gorgeous. Best to go day 1 so you can be properly introduced to this lovely country and her incredible people.

  • Reykjavik: 2-Hour Northern Lights by Boat with Backup Plan

    3. Reykjavik: 2-Hour Northern Lights by Boat with Backup Plan

    Sail from Reykjavík's Old Harbor for a fantastic and unique experience chasing the famous northern lights. Your expert guide will explain the scientific facts about this amazing natural phenomenon, share stories and myths about the lights and answer all your questions. Please note that it's never guaranteed the lights will show up during the tour.  Here's the bonus: In the event that the tour must be postponed because of cloud cover, you won't be let down. Another activity awaits you. You'll head to the Whales of Iceland Exhibition in Grandi, just minutes away from the harbor, where a guide will greet you for a tour of the exhibit. You'll see full-sized whale models and try out fun and interactive technology. After touring the exhibit, including a fascinating 25 minute video, you'll end the night with a drink on the house and a complimentary ticket to try the Northern Lights Boat Tour ...

    Notified us when they saw the northern lights by mic - lots of seating and warm suits to wear!

  • Reykjavik: Warm Baths and Cool Lights with Dinner Buffet

    4. Reykjavik: Warm Baths and Cool Lights with Dinner Buffet

    Departing from Reykjavik, drive through the UNESCO-listed Thingvellir National Park to arrive to Laugarvatn Fontana Spa, where you can nourish both your body and soul. Upon arrival, grab something to eat from the dinner buffet and then head into the geothermal baths for a cozy evening. Fontana Spa is equipped with three steam rooms built over a natural hot spring as well as a traditional sauna with three hot pools. The more adventurous can even take a dip in Laugarvatn Lake (when available) to cool down between the steam baths and sauna.  The steam temperatures range from 104°F to 122°F, depending on the hot springs and the weather. The steam rooms offer a unique experience, as you can smell the boiling water underneath the grids of the floor.  The traditional sauna has a lower humidity than the steam rooms but a higher temperature, between 176°F and 194°F. The three connected outdoor...

  • The Hangover

    5. The Hangover

    An escape game is an indoor activity where a small group of friends, co-workers or family is locked inside a room full of mysteries, puzzles and riddles. The group has to work together in order to find all the clues and solve all the puzzles with the main objective to escape from the locked room. The Hangover: Last night you went out on the town with some friends, but after the first toast at the bar it was a total black out! You wake up in a strange hotel room with no memories of last night, where you went or what you did. Bad as it is, the situation takes a turn for the worse when you find out the doors are locked and you are trapped inside the room. To get out, you have to re-trace and figure out exactly what you did last night - good luck with that one! Are you up for the challenge? You’ve got 60 minutes. This activity is for 4 to 12 people.

  • The Scientist

    6. The Scientist

    Rumor has it that the world renowned scientist Dr. Cisco, who has dedicated his life’s work to finding a cure for cancer, has perfected a formula using a rare form of mushroom.  You are a team of employees of a pharmaceutical company that has given you orders to break into the scientist's office and steal his amazing discovery. Breaking into the scientists office, you trigger a silent alarm system that not only alerts the police, but also locks the doors trapping you inside. With only 60 minutes to spare, your team is now in serious trouble and a frantic search for the formula and a way out begins. Can you find the formula and escape the scientists office? The police are closing in on you and time is running out!  The fun-fuelled challenge takes place at "Reykjavik Escape".

  • Taken

    7. Taken

    You and the group or players are back to childhood where you‘ve been kidnapped by a mysterious old lady. Waking up in a dark and creepy children‘s playroom, you realize there is no way out and you are trapped. Fortunately, a little girl who managed to escape this room before, left behind some clues for you discover. In order to escape you must figure out who this mysterious woman is and why she kidnapped you. But beware - nothing is as it seems in the room, and in just 60 minutes you‘ll have to work your way through all kinds of puzzles, brain teasers and riddles that may or may not help in finding your way out to freedom. Can you escape the room before the old lady returns? Your fate hangs in the balance and the clock is ticking!

  • Reykjavik: 1-Hour Prison Break Escape Game

    8. Reykjavik: 1-Hour Prison Break Escape Game

    Enjoy a thrilling adventure that tests your puzzle-solving skills in Reykjavik. Enter a real prison cell and see if you can escape in less than an hour! Imagine that you have been framed for murder by a criminal mastermind, and then sentenced to death while you are locked in a maximum security prison. Your cries of innocence have fallen on deaf ears and the only way to save yourself from execution is to escape. It will take exactly one hour for the guards to make their rounds and check-up on inmates. This is your window of opportunity and your last chance to save yourself before the execution. Breaking out is no easy feat and will challenge you and your teammates problem solving skills and resourcefulness. Discover hidden clues, break codes, and solve riddles before the guards arrive. Your life and destiny is now against the ticking of the clock.

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Arora Northern Lights Show: Beautiful visuals. Nice soothing information voice. We all almost fell asleep, as it was the first activity after we arrived from USA at 6am :) Museum itself was very informational & gave us some volcano knowledge before our 5 day tour. Highly recommend.

The Aurora show was very good. Museum has lot of good information. Cafe is great. Lots of activities. Nice way to spend 3-4 hours and more ways to appreciate Iceland.

It was a amazing tour We really had a great time on the RIB boat seeing whales and dolphins really close. Must do in reykjavik.

Gorgeous. Best to go day 1 so you can be properly introduced to this lovely country and her incredible people.

Great information about Iceland. Covered everything. Pleasantly surprised that there was no gift shop!