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Ranua Wildlife Park

Ranua Wildlife Park: Our most recommended tours and activities

Rovaniemi: Arctic Animals Sleigh Rides and Wildlife Zoo

1. Rovaniemi: Arctic Animals Sleigh Rides and Wildlife Zoo

Discover polar bears, huskies, and hundreds more Arctic animals in Ranua Wildlife Park on a guided tour from Rovaniemi. Tuck into a traditional Lappish buffet lunch. Enjoy a sleigh ride pulled by a team of dogs followed by a reindeer sleigh ride. Learn all about huskies, reindeer, and local life. Benefit from morning pickup at your accommodation in Rovaniemi, then get ready to meet friendly huskies at a husky farm and enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime short ride in a sled pulled by the dogs, weather permitting. Talk to traditional reindeer herders at a local reindeer farm in Rovaniemi, and learn the history of reindeer farming in the area. Hear what it's like to live in the Arctic before a short sleigh ride pulled by the reindeer. Continue your journey in Ranua Wildlife Park and discover the Arctic wilderness. Relax with a buffet lunch of traditional food in the middle of a forest. After the satisfying meal, begin to explore the breathtaking winter wonderland in the wilderness zoo with the help of your guide and see polar bears and hundreds of other species of Arctic animals in their natural habitat.

Ranua Wildlife Park Day: Visit the Arctic Animals

2. Ranua Wildlife Park Day: Visit the Arctic Animals

Take a day trip to Ranua Wildlife Park and see 50 arctic species, including the polar bear if you are lucky. After picking you up, your guide will first take you to get changed into winter overalls. Then, start your 1-hour drive to Ranua. Enjoy a convenient hotel transfer and entrance tickets included. Learn all about local wildlife from your professional guide. After being picked up at your accommodation, drive to Ranua Wildlife Park, located approximately a one-hour drive away. Ranua Zoo is home to around 50 species of wild arctic animals and 200 animal varieties. All animals live in enclosures similar to their indigenous environment which guarantees that the animals feel at home. Follow your guide that provides detailed information about the animals and their characteristics as well as answer your questions about their living habits and about the arctic nature. Polar bears, arctic foxes, wolverines, and lynxes are some of the most popular animals to see among others. Welcome to the northernmost zoo in Finland and the second-most northerly in the world! Ranua Zoo is Lapland’s leading destination for families visiting Lapland. Some sleds are available for smaller children, in case they get tired of walking. Before you start your way back to Rovaniemi, you will have some time to have lunch or small snacks and do some souvenir shopping.

From Rovaniemi: Ranua Wildlife Park Visit

3. From Rovaniemi: Ranua Wildlife Park Visit

Be picked up at your accommodation and start the journey to Ranua Wildlife Park. The 1-hour drive will take you through Lapland, where you’ll be able to spot wildlife along the way. It’s not unusual to see reindeer or the gigantic moose along the road. Have your questions bout Finland and Lapland answered by your guide on the drive. At the park, follow the 2.5 km long wooden boardwalks through the forest and spot different Arctic animals in one place.  Benefit from this rare opportunity to meet the local animals that reside in Lapland and other parts of the Arctic. As you walk around the park, your guide will share with you their knowledge of the animals and other aspects of life in Lapland. Spot a variety of animals in the Ranua Wildlife Park. Keep an eye out for polar bears, predatory birds, owls, wild boars, musk oxen, otters, arctic foxes, wolves, wild reindeer, wolverines, and moose. When they’re not hibernating in winter, spot brown bears. At the end of the tour, enjoy a tasty buffet lunch at a restaurant before returning to Rovaniemi.

Ranua Zoo + BBQ lunch in Rovaniemi, Lapland

4. Ranua Zoo + BBQ lunch in Rovaniemi, Lapland

Visit the only Zoo in the arctic, Ranua Zoo. Here you will be able to encounter animals that are local to this arctic region. The most popular are the moose and the polar bears. The zoo also shows you over 200 famous local animals, such as forest reindeer, wolves, and the arctic fox. One of the best ways to appreciate the animals is while they are eating, the zoo display feeding times in their brochure. Watch while the wolves and polar bears enjoy their meals before you enjoy your own. Don’t forget the many types of owls that are hard to spot in nature will be there. Afterward, enjoy a campfire at the zoo forest park and eat a delicious Lappish barbecue of wood fire grilled Lappish pork sausage and blueberry juice. Then return to your hotel after you have finished seeing everything at this wonderful zoo.

Ranua Wildlife Park Guided Tour from Rovaniemi

5. Ranua Wildlife Park Guided Tour from Rovaniemi

Spend an unforgettable half-day at Ranua Wildlife Park, the world's northernmost zoo, located in an Arctic forest a 1-hour drive from Rovaniemi. Benefit from the services of an English-speaking guide as you meet 50 different species of animals, including brown bear, lynx, fox, musk ox, and more. Established in 1983, the park's spacious enclosures are set in the middle of northern conifer forests, the natural habitat of most of the animals. See the only polar bears living in Finland, as well as other Arctic wildlife.  Then, enjoy a buffet lunch in Ranua after your visit to the zoo, and stop at a Fazer sweets factory, if time permits, on the road back to Rovaniemi.

Rovaniemi: Day at Ranua Wildlife Park Arctic Zoo

6. Rovaniemi: Day at Ranua Wildlife Park Arctic Zoo

Spend a day in an Arctic zoo at the Ranau Wildlife Park! Ranua Wildlife Park is 1-hour drive away from Rovaniemi in an Arctic forest. It hosts approximately 50 species of animals and all together there are around 200 Arctic animals such as polar and brown bears, lynxes, foxes, numerous birds species, musk oxen and more. Your journey will take place in a mini bus or large bus depending on the number of the travelers. The buffet lunch in Ranua will be served after the visit to the zoo. There is a Fazer sweets factory in the Rovaniemi and Ranua route which you will be able to visit as well if time permits.

Rovaniemi: Ranua Zoo Visit with Lunch

7. Rovaniemi: Ranua Zoo Visit with Lunch

Visit the only zoo in the Arctic, Ranua Zoo, and encounter animals native to the area. Get picked up from any hotel and we will head to the Zoo in Ranua. See moose, polar bears, forest reindeer, wolves, Arctic foxes and more among the zoo's 200 animals. Have a chance to spot elusive owls and other birds that are difficult to track down in their natural environments. Enjoy a Lappish lunch at a cozy restaurant and visit one of the biggest chocolate shops in Lapland. Get a ride back to your hotel in the Rovaniemi area at the end of your visit.

Rovaniemi: Overnight Trip in Lapland & Ranua National Park

8. Rovaniemi: Overnight Trip in Lapland & Ranua National Park

Immerse yourself in the fabulous world of Arctic animals. This tour is the only one in Lapland that really allows you to see and learn about the main animals that reside in the Arctic. Marvel at reindeer, join a bear-watching guide and take in the waterfalls of Auttiköngas National Park. Day 1 Visit one of the most authentic reindeer farms in the Rovaniemi area as the first stop of the trip. See the herders that have been living just outside of Rovaniemi on the shores of a peaceful lake for more than 200 years. Experience the scenic surroundings and learn about the reindeer from the herders. Be shown around the traditional farm with a chance to feed the reindeers lichen. Warm-up around the fire in the company of a herder who will answer all your questions and share their passion. Drive toward the Russian border with your guide after your time with the reindeer. Take in Auttiköngas National Park and its' waterfalls as an option, where more of the beautiful nature of Lapland can be experienced with a light snack. Enjoy a 3-course meal prepared in a remote wilderness lodge before reaching the final destination. Immerse yourself in wonderful Lapland scenery on the way to the bear-watching hut. Listen to the wild just 200 metres from the Russian border, with the nearest Russian village 100 kilometres away. Greeted by a professional bear-watcher, learn about being in the open with wild bears in the forest around you. Hike to the cabin, where some markings and footprints left by the bears may be spotted. Take photographs through the windows inside the hut that includes bunk beds to rest. Learn about the lives of bears from the bear guide while waiting for the bears to approach the cabin. Listen for the squawk of the white-tailed sea eagles and rooks that gather and let you know that the bears are getting closer. Day 2 Eat a quick breakfast, then be driven back to Rovaniemi. Add the Ranua Wildlife Park visit to your tour to meet additional Arctic animals such as polar bears, Arctic foxes, eagles, owls, moose, musks, otters, and wolves by going on the Ranua Wildlife Park option. Dine at a restaurant in Ranua for lunch with the optional Ranua Wildlife Park opportunity. Sharpen your knowledge of animals that reside in the far north and get a chance to take great pictures of them.

From Rovaniemi: Ranua Wildlife Park Experience

9. From Rovaniemi: Ranua Wildlife Park Experience

Travel to the Ranua Wildlife Park to see and learn about the fascinating and beautiful wildlife in the Arctic. Be picked up from the comfort of your accommodation in Rovaniemi. Relax and watch the scenery as you drive the 80km to Ranua Wildlife Park. Enjoy the animals in their natural environment in this outdoor zoo. Take a 2,5 km walk in the magical Finnish forest, and meet a multitude of animals and birds that can be found in the Arctic areas along the way. Bring the family with the option to take smaller children around on a sled. Dine on a nice buffet lunch before having some free time to shop for sweets at the Fazer chocolate shop, or peruse wine at the wine shop, and look for trinkets at the boutiques.

Ravaniemi: Ranua Wildlife Park Experience

10. Ravaniemi: Ranua Wildlife Park Experience

Enjoy a day for the whole family in the Ranua Wildlife Park in Lapland. Take a guided walk through the beautiful winter environment and admire the many wild creatures of the Arctic. Have a buffet lunch and convenient pickup and drop-off from your hotel. Get pickedup from your hotel and meet your guide as you enter into the Ranua Wildlife Park. As you walk through this unique place, listen and learn about the many wild arctic species that inhabit the park. Discover over 200 arctic specimens and listen to your guide share the wonders of this different and new world. Afterward, have your fill at the park's buffet lunch, before being dropped back off at your hotel.

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Our guide was excellent. He ensured we all would be warm enough. His knowledge of reindeer and Finland was excellent and he was really good at interacting with our group including the 3 kids. And that was just the drive!! He was able spot the animals in the snow to show us. We'll worth it. Oh and the buffet dinner was unreal!! Nice and plenty of it!!

Interesting experience overall. Especially with children. The tour with the huskies is a bit short. The park is a must see especially for owls, wolves, bears and arctic foxes. Everything went in very good company with Anna Lisa and Albert. Listening, attentive, smiling and friendly.

We having fun for all the activities include reindeer ride, husky ride, winter trail and ranua zoo. Our guide Julien is super nice guy are helpful, passionate, playful, knowledgeable and kids friendly, we adult and kids enjoy the tour very much! Having a fruitful day!

Everything went very smoothly from finding the pickup point, transportation to and from the attractions and the walk within the wildlife park. Guide was very good and engaging throughout

One of the most beautiful experiences in Rovaniemi, just a pity that the ride with the huskies and the reindeer was too short (route of about 4/5 minutes) for the rest really very nice