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From Baku: Full-Day Guided Tour of Gobustan and Absheron

1. From Baku: Full-Day Guided Tour of Gobustan and Absheron

Following a morning pickup from your accommodation in Baku, head in direction of Gobustan. Make a stop to visit an industrialized oil well close to the Bibi-Heybat Mosque. The journey continues to the Gobustan Museum of Petroglyphs, an indoor and outdoor museum located approximately 70 kilometers from Baku. Marvel at prehistoric rock drawings and petroglyphs which were carved by primitive men on walls of caves and on rocks, reflecting the culture, economy, and world outlook of the ancient Azeri people. Then, head to the coastal area of Azerbaijan, home to 400 mud volcanoes. Stop for lunch at a local restaurant savoring delicious Azerbaijani dishes. After lunch, visit the ancient Zoroastrian Ateshgah Temple, a former holy place for fire-worshippers. Round off the day with a visit to Yanardag, a natural gas fire that blazes continuously on a hillside on the Absheron Peninsula.

Baku: Atashgah Fire Temple & Burning Mountain Half-Day Tour

2. Baku: Atashgah Fire Temple & Burning Mountain Half-Day Tour

The First stop of this experience will be Ateshgah Fire Temple. There is a temple 21 km east of Baku, with permanent natural gas flowing from under the ground which Indian merchants built in the 18th century. Guests will have a chance to explore Fire Whorshipping rituals from the world's oldest religion. Ateshgah is a very unique place that resembles a small fortress with cells inside the stoned–fenced courtyard. While Enjoying The fireplace which is located with natural gas ventilation in the centre, ignited a massive fire in the middle and four smaller fires on the pavilion’s rooftop corners. guests will have a chance to witness A number of small cells circling the Temple Fireplace containing ascetic believers and pilgrims. The next stop of This Experience is Yanardag State Historical, Cultural and Natural Reserve. It takes around 35 to 40 minutes to reach there The main attraction of Yanardag, which literally means “burning mountain”, is a spectacular hill with a constantly burning wall of flames. Thanks to tectonic shifts and volcanic material below the earth’s surface, natural gas leaks from the rocks. The Italian trader and traveller Marco Polo even mentioned the flames during his travels to Baku and its surroundings, but most probably the fire has been burning for over more years at Yanardag.

From Baku: Gobustan, Mud Volcanoes & Mosque Private Tour

3. From Baku: Gobustan, Mud Volcanoes & Mosque Private Tour

Visit the Gobustan Museum of Petroglyphs, about 70 kilometers from Baku, to see prehistoric rock drawings, or petroglyphs. On this 5-hour tour you’ll see one of the largest collections in Gobustan, at the Baku State Reserve of History, Ethnography, and Arts. The most significant are the petroglyphs carved by primitive men on walls of caves and on rocks, reflecting the culture, economy, and world outlook of the ancient Azeri people. Continue to the Bibi-Heybat Mosque. The existing structure is a modern recreation of the mosque built in the 13th century and destroyed by the Bolsheviks in 1936. The mosque is today the spiritual center for the region’s Muslims.

From Bakü: Sightseeing - Ateshgah - Yanardag - Gobustan

4. From Bakü: Sightseeing - Ateshgah - Yanardag - Gobustan

Journey to the Ateshgah Temple from your hotel in Bakü on this tour to the temple of the fire worshipers. Visit the site that was revered by the Baku-based Hindu community related to Sikhs. Admire the pentagonal complex with an altar in the center which was the place of pilgrimage for worshippers. Travel to one of the most famous and popular tourist places in Azerbaijan, Yanardag. Marvel at the meter-long tongues of fire licking at the stratified earth in a ten meter long space. Discover the natural wonder of the state-protected conservation area of the mountain Yanar Dag. Due to excursion program we highly recommend you visiting Modern Mars at Baku - Gobustan Mud Volcanos . Lets see that incridable view with your own eyes . Your professional tour guide will give you fully information all about from culture to modern part of this country . After you can see originally rock hand drawings at Open Air Museum .

From Baku: Gobustan Day Tour

5. From Baku: Gobustan Day Tour

Get picked up from your hotel in Baku and head out for a day of exploration at Gobustan, an open-air museum featuring more than 6,000 rock paintings and petroglyphs. Visit an archaeological site first discovered in the 1930s that is still being excavated today.  When you arrive at Gobustan National Park you will understand why the place is named for the Azerbaijani word for narrows and ravines. Admire the craggy rock faces that recede into dramatic fissures. Learn how a prehistoric civilization thrived here, producing the thousands of rock paintings the area is known for as well as a number of ancient dwellings and more than 100,000 artifacts. See the difference between the oldest drawings dating back 20,000 years and the newest ones from the first century AD. Earlier imagines depict the hunt for mountain goats and ritual dancing with spears while images from the later period show battle scenes, collective labor, harvesting, and women by the hearth. Check out other significant images showing boats with oarsmen, which prove that the early occupants of the area were sailors. Locate the Latin inscription discovered at the foot of Mount Boyuk-dash, which testifies to the presence of Roman legions near Baku. Visit the park's 3D Bio Museum to immerse yourself in the history of this incredible site. Learn about other similar archaeological sites around the world and visit the 3D cinema for an immersive educational experience. Take your time wandering through the museum’s permanent exhibition, which includes 12 rooms displaying and highlighting the significance of the Gobustan petroglyphs. After you've steeped yourself in culture and traditions of prehistoric Gobustan, check out the numerous mud volcanoes in the park. With approximately 350 of the 800 existing mud volcanoes in the world, Azerbaijan takes first place as the site to see these unique geological formations. See the high concentration of active mud volcanoes in the Dashgil Group situated to the east of the Gobustan museum. Head back to Baku after a day of mind-blowing discovery.

Shamakhi Alpaca Tour

6. Shamakhi Alpaca Tour

Shamakhi Alpaca Azerbaijan Farm - A Fascinating Journey into Nature's Charm! Welcome to the captivating town of Shamakhi, where history and nature harmoniously blend to create an extraordinary experience. Our Shamakhi Alpaca Azerbaijan Farm tour offers a perfect balance of cultural exploration and delightful encounters with the charming alpacas. Discover Historical Treasures: We'll start our journey by visiting the iconic Juma Mosque, a masterpiece of medieval architecture. Marvel at its intricate designs and learn about the mosque's significance in the region's history and culture. Next, we'll explore the Diri Baba Mausoleum, a sacred site with a tranquil ambiance, tucked amidst the lush greenery of Shamakhi. Delve into the stories behind these revered landmarks as we uncover the rich heritage of Azerbaijan. Embrace Nature's Warmth: Leaving behind the historical wonders, we venture into the serene landscapes of Shamakhi. Nestled amidst rolling hills and picturesque vistas, the Alpaca Azerbaijan Farm awaits us. Get ready to be greeted by the gentle alpacas, known for their soft fleece and endearing personalities. Walk among these adorable creatures, feed them, and capture heartwarming moments that will make your day truly special. Farm Fee Included: We believe in providing a seamless experience for our guests. The farm fee is already included in the tour, so you can fully immerse yourself in the alpaca encounter without any worries. Let the farm's tranquility and the company of these lovable animals brighten your day. Expert Guided Experience: Throughout the tour, our knowledgeable guides will accompany you, sharing insights into the cultural heritage and natural wonders of Shamakhi. They will ensure your comfort and safety while providing fascinating stories that add depth to your journey. Join Us for an Unforgettable Day: Book now to embark on a memorable adventure that blends history, nature, and heartwarming encounters at the Shamakhi Alpaca Azerbaijan Farm. Come with an open heart and leave with unforgettable memories!

From Baku: Shamakhi City and Alpaca Farm Tour

7. From Baku: Shamakhi City and Alpaca Farm Tour

This day trip is two in one - history of Shamakhy will be surprise you a lot . An ancient origin history , centuries touch will be greeting you in the city. Alpacas will make you smile a lot .

From Baku : Safari Tour

8. From Baku : Safari Tour

The best Safari Tour in Azerbaijan While exploring the enchanting mountain landscapes of Shamakhi, don’t miss the Shamakhi Safari Park, which is unique in the Caucasus for its vast territory and diversity of fauna. Take advantage of a great opportunity to escape the city and immerse yourself in the wild. An exciting adventure awaits ecotourists and wildlife lovers in the Shamakhi region: a real safari in the picturesque Caucasus Mountains. The modern Shamakhi Safari Park covers an area of over 1,000 hectares in the high-mountain area of Pirgulu and is home to more than 1,000 wild animals brought over from different countries. Here, you have every chance of meeting and even photographing red deer, Altai wapiti, mouflon, alpaca, bison and yak in their natural habitat. During group or individual off-road safari tours, you can admire these wild animals grazing amid the park’s beautiful scenery, and the more courageous can even get up close and feed them. In addition, you can try delicious local dishes at the on-site restaurant and test your accuracy at the shooting range. The park's opening hours often depend on the season and weather, so it’s worth checking in advance to see if it’s open. It is also recommended to wear appropriate clothing and comfortable footwear. Guide will contact you and will pick up you from your hotel ( or any location at Baku ) 10am will be pick up time from your location 10:30 You will reach to Safari Park . Safari Tour will be start with guide and driver Tour will contunie with brakes for giving you information Program will be contunie with a perfect lunch at scenic restaurant Up to timing there is optional choise of taking wine tour as well . Drop off available any hotel or location at Baku

Private Tour to Shemakhi & Lahij From Baku

9. Private Tour to Shemakhi & Lahij From Baku

You will depart from your hotel in Baku in the early morning. On the way, you will visit the Diri Baba Mausoleum in Maraza. Continue on to Shamakha and see the historical Juma Mosque, Yeddi Gumbez Mausoleum, and the Shirvan Shah's family graveyard. Afterwards, drive through the Girdimanchay River Canyon to visit Lahij, a 5th Century village rich in its historic and architectural values. Lahij is an ancient village with charming eye-catching sidewalks inlaid with stones. It is famous for its medieval water supply and sewage systems, as well as traditional jewellery, copperware, carpets, pottery, daggers, and iron tools workshops.

From Baku: 4-Day 5-Night Incredible Azerbaijan Trip

10. From Baku: 4-Day 5-Night Incredible Azerbaijan Trip

Explore city with locals , take a journeys to nature , feel relax about whole arrangements and touch the fresh air in the mountains . Original old city will attract you with its view and historical points . Enjoy real , orijinal history from certificated tour guide . Comfort transportation will take you far away from city to nature .Old City Baku , Atesgah Fire Temple , Orijinal burning Fire mountain , Modern Symbol of Baku - Haydar Aliyev Center will take place in this tour . Its didnt finished yet :) Gobustan tour is some of the main points of the day trip . Some of best museums in Europe - Gobustan 3D bio museum will show you history from yesterday till today . Open Air Rock museum will be original good experience . But best part will be Mud volcanos - which is active and rare view whole over the world . Nature part of this tour day trip to Gabala will be relaxing day of trip . Local meal tastes will take you heaven . Good view mountains , snowfall or green forests - up to season will be original portret . Cable car at Tufandag mountain resort will take you pick of the mountain .

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I am solo traveler and found this Tour at GetYourGuide to visit many places near Baku city in one day. It was very convenient tour with private driver and the guide was very friendly. He speaks English very well and there was no problem with communication. He even made a time to check the Bibiheybat mosque, which is not on the tour list. I think if you don’t have much time to be in Baku and want to visit Qobustan and Atashgah, which located completely different from the city, this would be very convinient.

The expedition was well organized. We saw a lot of places for over 7 hours. All thanks to the great stories of Mr. Samir, who was able to humorously present not only history, but also everyday life in Azerbaijan. I definitely recommend it!

This tour with Zaur was incredibly fun, efficient, well timed and informative. The stops were really cool and made the memories worthwhile.

We liked this trip very much. We had a great guide Tural. He told us a lot of interesting infomation.

Zaur did a great job showing us the main highlights around Baku. Highly recommended.