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Our most recommended Primošten Tours

Split: Krka Waterfalls Trip with Boat Cruise and Swimming

1. Split: Krka Waterfalls Trip with Boat Cruise and Swimming

Join a tour of Krka Waterfalls from Split by bus or upgrade your experience to include private transport by car. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the cascading natural wonders that are the waterfalls of the Krka National Park and learn about this natural site from your local guide. After a 90-minute journey away from Split in an air-conditioned tour bus, you will discover this fairytale-like and highly sought-after attraction, which is located in the middle of one of the sunniest areas of Croatia. Your first stop is the quaint little town of Skradin, whose origins date back to ancient times. After a 30-minute panoramic cruise through the magical entrance to the park, you will reach Skradinski Buk, the awe-inspiring highlight of the site. Also, learn about the location, including its history, through a guided tour inside the park. Enjoy a total of 3 hours in the park, allowing you to get the most out of this wondrous experience—from picnicking, snapping artsy photos to simply breathing it all in. Continue to the picturesque town of Primosten, where some of Croatia’s finest beaches can be found. Enjoy 2 hours of free time to go swimming, or explore the quaint cobblestone streets of the old town. You have the option to partake in wine tasting.

From Split: Krka Waterfalls, Swimming & Wine tasting tour

2. From Split: Krka Waterfalls, Swimming & Wine tasting tour

Embark on an adventure to explore the beautiful Krka Waterfalls National Park, one of Croatia's most famous natural wonders. Spanning over 110 square km, explore the Skradinski Buk area, home to 7 waterfalls and a diverse range of flora and fauna. Starting early in the morning from the Split city center, hop on board an air-conditioned bus with free Wi-Fi. Your tour leader will share useful tips and insights as you make your way to the ethno village of Lozovac before entering the park. Choose between a 45-minute walking tour with your guide or exploring the park on your own for a couple of hours. During high season, ride the bus to Primošten for 2 hours of free time. Enjoy a 1-hour optional wine-tasting tour, relax with a swim, savor local cuisine, or take a scenic stroll through the medieval streets. Arrive back in Split between 5:30-5:45 PM. During the low season, either choose an optional 1-hour wine tasting tour near Skradin, spend time in Skradin, or use your remaining time in the park. Arrive back in Split around 4:00-4:15 PM.

Split & Trogir: Krka Waterfalls, Šibenik, Primošten Day Trip

3. Split & Trogir: Krka Waterfalls, Šibenik, Primošten Day Trip

Embark on a journey by bus to see some of Croatia's most stunning natural wonders in Krka National Park. Before visiting a historic town, follow your guide through the park's pathways, marvelling at its clear waterfalls. Begin your day with a drive that takes you between the Dalmatian coast and the hinterland. You enjoy views of Trogir, Split, and the surrounding landscape that features abundant greenery and picturesque villages. On this full-day excursion, your first stop will be in Šibenik to see the sights of the town, including the UNESCO-protected St. Jacob’s Cathedral. As you continue the drive you’ll have great views of the coast and offshore islands, and hear from your guide about the area's history. The next stop is in Krka National Park, at the Krka waterfalls. Walk along the wooden paths through the park’s stunning scenery, and hear the singing of rare birds and seawater mills that have been in action for centuries. See the magnificent Skradinski Buk, the biggest waterfall in the park, and one of the most beautiful cliff waterfalls in Europe. Visit Peninsula Primošten. Some of Croatia’s best-voted beaches are native to Primošten, and its vineyards are even on the UNESCO World Heritage sites. Enjoy in this medieval island town to swim, chill, eat, or take a scenic stroll.

Split: Krka Waterfalls & Primošten day tour

4. Split: Krka Waterfalls & Primošten day tour

Join us on a journey to discover the breathtaking Krka Waterfalls National Park, one of eight in Croatia. Spanning an expansive 110 square kilometers, immerse yourself in the captivating Skradinski Buk region, home to seven cascading waterfalls and an abundance of vibrant flora and fauna. Setting off from the vibrant city center of Split, you'll board a comfortable air-conditioned bus with your guide for the day. Throughout the scenic drive, your expert tour leader will share insights and insider tips. Arriving at the enchanting ethno village of Lozovac, you'll be ready to venture into the park. Since we are a long-term partner with the NP Krka, we skip the line, and enter the park immediately. Ones you're inside, choose between a captivating 45-minute guided walking tour, where you'll explore the park with your knowledgeable guide and find out some interesting facts about the par, Dalmatia and Croatia in general, or opt for a self-guided exploration, granting you the freedom to soak up the natural beauty at your own pace. During the peak season, after visiting NP Krka, we travel to the picturesque town of Primošten. Here, you'll have free time to join us for an optional one-hour wine-tasting tour (taste 3 types of wine, dalmatian cheese, prosciutto and homemade bread), or take refreshing swims, taste local cuisine, or meander through the medieval streets on a leisurely stroll. The day concludes with a return to Split, expected between 5:30-5:45 PM. In the quieter off-peak season, select from enticing options such as an optional one-hour wine tasting experience near Skradin (taste 3 types of wine, dalmatian cheese, prosciutto and homemade bread), or leisurely exploration of the charming town of Skradin, or maximizing your time within the park's enchanting landscapes. Your return to Split is anticipated around 4:00-4:15 PM, leaving you with unforgettable memories of this remarkable adventure.

From Split: Krka National Park Excursion

5. From Split: Krka National Park Excursion

Enjoy a pleasant drive along the coastline, passing by the towns of Split, Solin, Kaštela, Trogir, Primošten, and Šibenik on the way to the Krka National Park, one of the most beautiful national parks in Europe, located in the Šibenik-Knin County. Arrive at the park and head to the Krka River, which boasts seven magnificent waterfalls. Follow your guide to the longest and most beautiful of the waterfalls, Skradinski Buk, and admire this impressive feat of nature. Listen to your guide share information about the waterfall, which is also the site of the first hydropower plant in Europe and the second one in the world. Continue the tour with a walk along the boardwalks, crossing over travertine barriers along the way. As you explore, soak up the beauty of the river and learn about the variety of the park's vegetation. Visit the area's old watermills, which date back to the 19th, and see why they were so important and considered the symbol of the economic power. There will be ample time here to explore and take photos, or simply relax in the shade of the old oak and ash trees.

From Sinj: 1.5-Hour Private Flight over Kornati & Šibenik

6. From Sinj: 1.5-Hour Private Flight over Kornati & Šibenik

The flight starts by gliding over the Sinj field and crossing over the slopes of Kozjak towards Trogir. There, the view of the Kaštela Bay appears as we continue our flight towards Rogoznica and Primošten. Soon we will see the city of Šibenik on our right-hand side, where the contours of the Kornati islands will start to emerge. The flight over these interesting cliffs, miniature islands and reefs takes about fifteen minutes, and ends with a turn towards Šibenik, where we leave Kaštela Bay on our left-hand side. The trip ends with flying over the town of Sinj and landing at the airport.

From Split & Trogir:Krka Waterfalls, Primošten Swimming time

7. From Split & Trogir:Krka Waterfalls, Primošten Swimming time

Start your day with a relaxing drive from Split or Trogir. Discover one of the most beautiful locations of Central Dalmatia on a day trip to Krka National Park. Get stunning views of the abundant greenery and pretty villages. See some of the old water mills still in use today, and look for native wildlife including rare birds. Primarily created for scientific, educational, and recreational activities, the national park is home to more than 200 species of birds, including osprey, golden eagle, and peregrine falcon. Visit the 19th-century mills in the historic village of Ethno and walk through the forest and back to the waterfalls. Later, take a bus ride to Primošten and get to know this picturesque town. Enjoy free time for swimming, relaxing, or grabbing a late lunch (costs not included).

From Split or Trogir: NP Krka Bike Tour & Primošten

8. From Split or Trogir: NP Krka Bike Tour & Primošten

There is hardly a better way to discover the National park Krka Waterfalls than by cycling. Your visit to NP Krka Waterfalls will start with the bike tour starting in Skradin. Tour to Skradin will take you to another world, a distant and mystical history of this region, but also to another, emerald green Dalmatia, due to the abundance of water in the river Krka. The ancient town of Skradin – the oldest town in the region, inhabited since the Neolithic for over 5500 years. The capital of the Illyrian Liburnia, the Roman Scardina, the early – Christian diocese from the 4th century, and the capital of medieval Croatia in the 14th century. Today this charming little town represents the sea entrance to the National Park Krka and is a favourite nautical destination. With its seven travertine waterfalls, the Krka River is a natural and karst phenomenon that is going to keep you breathless on every step of your visit! After spending time at NP Krka, we are heading to the city of Primošten for a traditional lunch.

Private Coastal Tour to Sibenik, Trogir and Primosten

9. Private Coastal Tour to Sibenik, Trogir and Primosten

Nestled on a small island between the mainland and the larger island of Ciovo, Trogir is a UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned for its historical richness and architectural wonders. Immerse yourself in the medieval atmosphere, where every corner holds a piece of history. One of the highlights of Trogir is undoubtedly the magnificent Trogir Cathedral, also known as the Cathedral of St. Lawrence. As you approach its grand entrance, be prepared to be awe-struck by its intricate stone carvings and exquisite details. While exploring Trogir, don't miss the iconic Kamerlengo Fortress, a formidable structure that once served as a defensive stronghold. As you delve deeper into Trogir's past, visit the St. Nicholas Monastery, a serene oasis that showcases magnificent religious art and houses a valuable collection of artifacts. Step into the heart of Sibenik's Old Town, where centuries of history come alive. Meander through its labyrinthine streets, adorned with stone buildings and charming squares. Marvel at the architectural masterpiece that is the St. James Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Climb the stone steps of St. Michael's Fortress or Subicevac Fortress and be rewarded with breathtaking panoramic views of the city and the surrounding islands. Make sure to explore the hidden corners of Sibenik, where small alleys lead to hidden squares and unexpected surprises. Discover the charming churches, and elegant palaces, and indulge in a culinary adventure, savoring the flavors of Dalmatian cuisine. Nestled on a narrow peninsula, Primosten is a hidden gem that boasts breathtaking views, and a charming old town that will capture your heart. Step into the romantic atmosphere of Primosten's historic center, with its narrow cobblestone streets and quaint stone houses. Stroll along the charming promenade lined with vibrant cafes and inviting restaurants. Take a moment to explore the town's crown jewel, the Church of St. George, perched on top of a hill overlooking the Adriatic Sea. Marvel at its elegant beauty and enjoy panoramic views that stretch as far as the eye can see. But wait, there's more! Customize your experience and unlock more wonders by choosing from our exclusive list of locations. Explore each location for only €10 per person, payable on-site. Immerse yourself in the picturesque town of Rogoznica, explore the ancient ruins of Salona, once a thriving Roman city, and discover St. Nicholas Fortress in Sibenik as a magnificent UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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So happy we decided to do this with a tour and a guide who knew where to go. Much nicer than finding the correct bus line then wondering how to get into the park. Our guide was so friendly and gave so many suggestions for Croatia in general.

Straight forward finding the tour in the morning & everything was explained well. Coach was comfy & air conditioned. The stop off on the way back to Split was a real highlight - well worth the money!

A great activity for those in Split that want to visit Krka National Park. Transport from the bus station to the National park and back was provided. Very friendly tour guide!

It was an amazing experience, the driver and the guide were so nice and organization was super good.

It was such a nice trip! Extremely beautiful nature, lots of interesting facts from guides!