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Krk: Biserujka Cave Entrance Ticket

1. Krk: Biserujka Cave Entrance Ticket

Located on the island of Krk, north of the village of Rudine, the place consist of a stone house from which Enter a stone house and descend the concrete stairs leading to a depth of 6 meters below the entrance. Continue through a small hall called the Balcony and the partially carved passage called the Shaft, follow the narrowest part of the trail through the cave. Go down more concrete stairs into the Great Hall. Look up at the ceiling and the walls of the hall, which are rich in stunning stalactites and stalagmites. The bottom of the Great Hall is located 13 meters below the point of entry. Feel flowing air from a crevice at the end of the cave. See how the groove on the northern side of the Great Hall transforms into the Arched Hall, which constitutes its lowest part. Keep following the path into the final part of the cave, named the Cypress Hall. This hall has about 20 meters in length, 9 meters in width, and about 2.5 meters in height, and rises almost to the surface. Start to feel the temperature drop to 15°C and relative humidity of about 95% in the deeper part of Biserujka Cave, known as Vitezićeva Cave. Spot the six steno-endemic species of wildlife, including a species of pseudoscorpion that was discovered in the cave. Learn about how the cave became listed in the National Ecological Network to preserve the endemic species and habitats, karst caves and pits. Learn more about the barren and rocky area around Biserujka and discover its unique characteristics on a 30-minute Educational Trail.

Krk Island: Half-Day Boat Trip to Five Islands

2. Krk Island: Half-Day Boat Trip to Five Islands

Discover the most beautiful parts of the Northern Adriatic islands on this boat trip. First, there is a 1-hour visit to the Košljun island where a Franciscan monastery and an interesting museum are located. This is a culture and history center where St. Francis monks live and it's open to all guests to explore. In this 1-hour stop you will be able to visit the 3 beautiful museums, an old church, chapels in the woods, an olive garden and a souvenir shop. Please ensure to bring some cash with you (the entry fee for the island is 30kn for adults and 15kn for kids), and keep note that on this island we do not stop for swimming. After the visit of the monks island Košljun, we sail back to Punat port to pick-up our other guests for this trip. Depart from the beautiful bay of Punat in direction of the old town of Krk. See the beautiful old city core and its ancient citadel from the deck of your boat. Sail towards Cres island where you will be able to watch the griffon vulture birds in the protected nature reserve, for which this region is well known. Head towards stunning, tall (30 meter high) cliffs on the island of Plavnik.  Cruise to the magical Blue Cave where you will have the chance to take a swim into its azure blue waters. Your next stop is the island of Kormat where you will watch the feeding of seagull birds and, with a little bit of luck, watch dolphins play near the boat. Last but not least you will see 2 divine bays of Krk: Golden Bay and Fox Bay. Marvel at the untouched nature on the far south side of the island, accessible only by boat or ship.  Swiming in the turquoise waters and sunbathing on the pebble beaches will feel like a dream. With that, you will conclude your tour as you sail back to Punat port.

From Punat: Plavnik Island Boat Tour with Lunch

3. From Punat: Plavnik Island Boat Tour with Lunch

After leaving the main pier in Punat, first stop will be after 45 minutes at Mali Plavnik island. It's an anchor stop and you can enter the sea from the boat or even jump off the boat in the blue sea. If you like snorkeling, hope you have your snorkel with you to check out the area. The tour brings us round the Plavnik island along the cliffs where the biggest European bird, the griffon vulture nests. A sharp eye can recognize that impressive bird standing somewhere high on the cliff or in the tree. Then comes another anchor stop. Here you can swim into a sea cave to discover it's fascinating blue colour. There's one way in and out and only by sea. However, the sun rays have one other entrance in the end of the cave so a torch is not needed. Next stop is at the small pier on the Plavnik island. You have one hour time to discover the uninhabited island and some interesting herbs like sage or immortelle that grow there or just swim at the beach. Before departure lunch is being served on board. Fish, meat or vegan menu. Whatever you chose, it will taste delicious. The last anchor stop is at Lisišnjak beach by the Krk island. Refresh yourself in the sea for the last time before the tour finishes.

From Krk: Day Trip to Rab & the 4 Islands

4. From Krk: Day Trip to Rab & the 4 Islands

Cruise from Krk Harbor to the village of Supetarska Draga, the island of Sveti Grgur, and the beaches of Stara Baska on this day trip. Swim in crystal-clear waters and soak up the sun on sandy beaches. Enjoy free time to explore at Supetarska Draga and Sveti Grgur.  Hop on this sightseeing in the morning at the harbor in Krk. Enjoy the panoramic views of Rab Island and the Gonar Peninsula on your way to the village of Supetarska Draga. Stop for about 2 hours where you can go swimming, relax on the sandy beach, or purchase a seaside lunch.  Continue to the Municipality of Lopar to the island of Sveti Grgur, was once used as a prison but is now famous for its beautiful beach. Hit the beach and go for a swim during a 1-hour stop before heading back to the island of Krk  Make one last stop at the charming village of Stara Baska to visit its marvelous white beach which rests in a softly-curved cove. Return to Krk harbor in the evening. 

Punat: Krk Archipelago Half-Day Boat Tour

5. Punat: Krk Archipelago Half-Day Boat Tour

Enjoy a half-day at sea, relaxing on the boat as you take in the stunning seascape views. Stop along the way to jump in the clear waters for a refreshing swim and to explore the Plavnik cave, only accessible by swimming inside.  Arrive at the meeting point and board the boat and the slowly depart out of the bay of Punat, heading towards the city of Krk. While leaving Punat behind you, you will the chance to enjoy a panoramic view of the city from the sea. The old castle walls are visible from your boat. Once you left the bay of Punat, you will sail straight towards the island of Plavnik, passing by fish farms along the way. After the fish farms, you will slowly arrive at the European vulture nesting grounds which are located on the cliffs of the island, clearly visible from the boat. You will have your first stop for swimming in a beautiful bay for 45 minutes, after that, you the tour continues to the Plavnik cave, where you will have your second stop of the day, for about 30 minutes. Once you enter the cave which is only possible by swimming inside, you will find a small beach and a big hole in the ceiling so the sunlight will be bursting through the trees above. After leaving this beautiful spot, you will be passing by the islands of Kormati which are only inhabited by seagulls. Usually, the seagulls will fly around the boat and it is possible to feed them from the deck. This will lead you to your last stop at Fox Bay for a last 30-minute swim and then a slow departure back to Punat.

From Zadar: Kornati, Telašćica, and Ugljan Island Boat Tour

6. From Zadar: Kornati, Telašćica, and Ugljan Island Boat Tour

Discover some of Croatia's lesser-known islands on this boat trip from Zadar. Visit the charming fisherman's village of Kukljica on Ugljan Island, the picturesque Lake Mir in Telašćica, and the deserted Suha Panta bay. Stop for lunch at a seaside location that will remind you of Robinson Crusoe. Meet your guide in Zadar and hop on the boat that will lead you around the islands. Enjoy a breakfast of sandwiches as you listen to fascinating stories about the sights from your guide. Your first stop is at Telašćica Nature Park on Dugi Otok island. Enjoy some free time to explore the island at your own pace. Stroll around the picturesque Lake Mir, climb to a viewpoint for breathtaking views of the cliffs and sea, or go for a dip in the lake or sea. Next, head to Suha Punta bay and take in breathtaking views of the Kornati National Park. There are no ferries, running water, or electricity at the bay, so prepare for a real-life Robinson Crusoe experience at lunch. Feast on grilled meat, fish, and salad, all washed down with local Croatian wine. On your way to the next stop, enjoy some organic seasonal fruit before arriving at Kukljica on Ugljan island. Enjoy some free time to explore this fisherman's village at your own pace. You could go for a swim, see the sights, or pick up some fresh locally made ice-cream. At the end of the day, sit back and relax as you take in some final views of the islands before arriving back to Zadar in the evening, just in time for dinner.

Novalja: Zavratnica and Rab Boat Tour

7. Novalja: Zavratnica and Rab Boat Tour

Your tour will depart from the village Lun, at the port Tovarnele. From here, sailing starts towards the nature park Zavratnica, one of the most beautiful bays on this side of the Adriatic. Zavratnica is a 900-meter-long narrow inlet located at the foot of Velebit Mountain, where you can explore the easily visible remains of a sunken warship from World War II. Whilst at this picturesque and historically-significant location, you will also have some free time for swimming. The program will then continue as you sail towards Pudarica Beach on the island of Rab, where a break is scheduled to have lunch and relax. Following lunch, the final stage of the trip will be a visit to the old town of Rab where you will have free time for a walk and activity of your choosing, followed by your return journey to Lun.

Krk: Underwater Submarine Adventure

8. Krk: Underwater Submarine Adventure

See the abundant underwater life at Redagara without having to swim with this submarine tour from Krk. Feel the thrill of diving through clouds of silver fish while aboard a semi-submarine. Board the bright red semi-submarine at the waterfront. Take in sweeping views of the charming city of Krk from the deck of the semi-submarine on the way to your diving destination in Redagara. Admire the red-roofed stone houses and churches. Get below deck and start your decent into the marine world. Have the chance to see different species of sea animals such as fish and sea urchins. Explore underwater landscapes while staying safe and dry. Finish your tour by returning to the port and snapping pictures of the stunning panoramic views of the town's stone walls.

Krk Island: Ziplining Tour

9. Krk Island: Ziplining Tour

Begin your ziplining adventure at the zipline base located near the monument of the Glagolitic Alley. Here you’ll be provided with a zipline safety harness and additional ziplining equipment. Afterward, travel by jeep to the zipline starting point where you’ll be briefed on how to zipline and zipline safety measures. Learn how to zipline in the monkey style on a so-called baby zipline before starting the zipline tour. Once everyone is comfortable using the zipline the group will start the tour. The zipline tour consists of 8 ziplines, with the longest zip line reaching 700 meters. Enjoy the stunning views of the Island of Krk as you travel along the zipline course. Along the way, you’ll be guided by 2 instructors and have the chance to take some amazing photos while on the tour. After everyone has completed the 8 ziplines, you’ll be transported back to the base.

Krk: Skip-the-Line Entry to Underwater Park Punat

10. Krk: Skip-the-Line Entry to Underwater Park Punat

Join an adventure for divers and non-divers alike. Enter an environment where time stops, your worries fade away and breathing underwater becomes easily possible. You will get to experience a fascinating but safe walk on the sea bed. Explore the underwater marine life, and maybe you will even find an old pirate’s treasure.  Professional expert instructors will accompany you during the dive and the walk on the sea bed, to ensure your safety. Take this great opportunity to discover the world that lies underwater.

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A lot to see and experience! The make the boat full but we were lucky to go to the very front. We liked the visit on the island with some free time. Would have been good to know that you get food and better seating for 15€ each person. The staff were super warm and fun. We had a great time and saw a lot in general. Everything went smooth. Thanks you for that!

I took part in the tour with my partner and we were assigned fixed seats, which ultimately turned out to be positive, so we were able to take pictures of the underwater from both the left (port) and right (starboard) side of the boat -do attractions. There was a mermaid show at the end which was very nice to watch. A nice trip for young and old

9 hours lasting trip with 4 stops, two of them for swimming (wonderful beaches accessible only by boat), one for lunch break and one on the lonely island where used to be a prison. Very impressive places, friendly staff, stunning views. Overall a wonderful experience.

Nice time on the board. We saw beautiful pleces. Excelent food on the board! Very friendly crew on the board !

The children and we enjoyed the trip, we saw a lot of fish near the rocks. You could also travel on board.