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Charlotte: Historical City Tour on Eco-Friendly Cart

1. Charlotte: Historical City Tour on Eco-Friendly Cart

Get ready for a whirlwind 90-minute tour of Charlotte's best sights. Meet your tour guide and get ready to learn and explore. Once you’re all checked in it's time to board your electric cart for the day and hit the city streets. Set out on a discovery of Uptown Charlotte’s 4 wards as you learn about the city’s history, as well as its visions for the future. Along the way, see some of Charlotte’s most popular museums, luscious parks, and a number of churches from a variety of denominations. Next, a treat for die-hard sports fans with a visit to each of the sports stadiums in Uptown Charlotte, as well as a stop to take photos outside the Carolina Panthers Stadium. Head into the historic 4th ward next, one of the most popular highlights of the tour. Admire the architecture of 19th-century homes and learn about the rich history of this vibrant district. Throughout the tour, your guide will also make recommendations, enhancing your stay in Queen City.

Manteo: Phantom Pirates & Poltergeists Haunted Walking Tour

2. Manteo: Phantom Pirates & Poltergeists Haunted Walking Tour

The Atlantic Ocean is as deadly as it is beautiful. Join US Ghost Adventures for a thrilling, seaside ghost tour of Roanoke Island, where 120 English settlers mysteriously vanished in 1590. You'll meet your guide near Town Common Park, where you'll unravel the history of the lost colony and the aftermath of their disappearance. From there, you'll weave through seven spooky, haunted sites, including the spine-chilling Roanoke Island Inn and the Pioneer Theater. Scan the horizon for ghost ships or misty figures as you travel from stop to stop. You never know what might be lurking in the dark... By the time you circle back to the park, you’ll have plenty of sailors’ stories to tell as you’re roasting marshmallows back home. You may even have evidence of a ghost! Learn the history of the Outer Banks in a fun and unique way. Book a tour today!

Raleigh: Ghosts and Ghouls Hauntings Walking Tour

3. Raleigh: Ghosts and Ghouls Hauntings Walking Tour

Prepare to be spooked as your guide leads you through eight of Raleigh's most chilling sites, including the Heck-Andrews House. Meet your guide at the North Carolina State Capitol Building and get to know your group for the evening. Start with curious tales of ghostly politicians who still smuggle booze through tunnels deep underground before heading off into the night. Make your way along the quiet streets to stand in the chilling shadow of the Heck-Andrews House. Try to listen to your guide as you fight the feeling that there might be a figure watching you through the windows. Is it your imagination? Or the rumored witch. Continue to more haunted sites including the White-Holman House, where it is said that to this day you can still hear the ominous walking of the peg-legged spirit. Arrive at the Executive Mansion and investigate the mystery of the Christmas tree.

Charlotte: Queen City Ghosts Haunted Walking Tour

4. Charlotte: Queen City Ghosts Haunted Walking Tour

Join this family-friendly ghost tour to discover the most haunted places in Charlotte, the Queen City. Expect to be spooked as your seasoned US Ghost Adventures guide takes you to 8 ghostly locations around the city. As you explore the city, you'll hear the story of how the Tar Heel State got its nickname and the tales of the spirits who journeyed from Ireland, attached to a bar that was imported from the Emerald Isle. Visit spots of historical importance such as the site of the Battle of Charlotte, where men lost their lives in the struggle for independence. Your guide will recount thoroughly researched and spooky stories that, although creepy, won’t leave you lying awake at night.

Charlotte: Historic Uptown 90-Minute Segway Tour

5. Charlotte: Historic Uptown 90-Minute Segway Tour

Charlotte has interesting sights and attractions befitting its status as one of the 20 largest U.S. cities, but you might not know it. Our 1.5-hour tour will get you started. We give you 15-20 minutes of practice and orientation before heading out on our adventure. The southern part of the city hosts new museums and cultural spaces, so it’s a good place to open your eyes to current development. But Charlotte was already well established during the Revolutionary War, when residents drove out British General Cornwallis. The best place to learn about its history is in the center of town, where we will ride through the Fourth Ward neighborhood. It has Charlotte's oldest homes and cemetery. Of course you also get to see our high-rises and skyscrapers up close, as well as numerous outdoor fountains and public works of art.

SEA LIFE Charlotte-Concord Aquarium General Admission

6. SEA LIFE Charlotte-Concord Aquarium General Admission

Discover the magical underwater world at SEA LIFE Charlotte-Concord where you get to explore 10 different zones. Encounter 5,000 undersea creatures including sharks, rays, seahorses, and much more. Journey through the freshwater lakes of North Carolina all the way to the depths of the ocean and meet these amazing creatures. Enjoy the Freshwater Exhibit so you can visit a small part of the Catawba River. The species in this exhibit are residents of the local streams, rivers, and lakes. Make your way to the Harbor Exhibit and make friends with the tropical underwater creatures who live in harbors around the world. Watch as hundreds of schooling fish surround you at the Shoaling Exhibit or see the Seahorse Mangrove Exhibit where you’ll get to witness these mythical creatures. Watch the seahorses grip at seagrass with their curly tails and suck up tiny shrimp with their straw-like snouts. Step inside Stingray Bay and be mesmerized by the happy and smiley rays. Step right into a sunken ship full of mysterious creatures that like to live in the deepest and darkest parts of the ocean. Explore the Tropical Ocean Exhibit where you can stroll under the sea as you pass through the awe-inspiring underwater Ocean Tunnel. Shoals of glittering fish flutter along beside you while sharks, rays, and Neptune, the rescued green sea turtle, glide slowly over your head. Be enchanted by the Jellies Exhibit and watch as these captivating creatures dance through the water. Then enter a kaleidoscope of color at the Coral Reef Exhibit where you’ll witness underwater cities teeming with fish that come in every shape, color, and pattern you can imagine. Last but certainly not least, make sure to check out Conservation Cove where you can learn more about how you can help protect the ocean and all its magnificent creatures.

Asheville: Terrors, Boos and Booze Haunted Pub Crawl

7. Asheville: Terrors, Boos and Booze Haunted Pub Crawl

Explore the dark side of Asheville on a haunted pub crawl. Delve into 225 years of riveting American history with a guide at 6 allegedly haunted locations including the Flatiron building, Grove Arcade, and Pritchard Park. Enjoy drinks at local pubs (at your own expense). Meet your guide at Wedge Brewery Downtown. From there, wind through 7 other bone-chilling, haunted locations, including three additional pubs. Share a drink with the ghost of Zelda Fitzgerald, who was tragically killed in a fire in Asheville in 1948. Experience the unnerving energy of Pritchard Park. Uncover the secrets of the Pack’s Tavern tunnel, where prohibition drove a couple into a murderous rage. If you are brave enough to step into the shadows, the spirits await you. After roaming the haunted streets of Asheville, end the tour with a bite at a downtown restaurant.

Manteo: Outer Banks Ghost Walking Tour

8. Manteo: Outer Banks Ghost Walking Tour

Take a haunted ghost walking tour for thrill-seekers and ghost watchers alike. Join your expert guide on a lantern-lead hike through Manteo. Hear spooky tales of past and present ghosts that are still lurking on dark streets. Explore the Outer Banks, known as the most haunted beach in America, and learn about its spooky past. Dive into the macabre history of this town and hear tales of the evil spirits that still make their presence known to this day. Don't forget your camera. You might snap a shot of these permanent residents in orb form.

USA, Canada & Mexico: 30-Day Data eSim 0.5GB to 10GB Daily

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10. USA e-SIM

Keep in contact with your loved ones and avoid physical SIM cards with 10 GB or 20 GB of 5G mobile data valid for use in the USA only. Enjoy secure and reliable internet coverage on your travels, and activate it instantly when you arrive to begin using it straight away. Make sure your phone is unlocked from carrier restrictions before you buy this product. Then, buy the product to receive a QR code. Connect to Wi-Fi and scan the QR code or manually enter the details. Wait for the eSIM to connect, then turn on the eSIM profile and data roaming to use the internet.

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Patrick was genuinely outstanding! Tour ended up being just the 2 of us and our guide! Pretty much had a personal tour of Asheville! All the bars were extremely unique, including a Tour of a old prohibition moonshine tunnel! Patrick was very knowledgeable and certainly very passionate about the mysteries of the unknown! 11/10 will be back for the 9PM tour!

We had a group of six—two adults, two teens and two kids. This activity was fun and entertaining for all of us. We especially appreciated the fact that you could set your own pace. We stopped for lunch and took our time looking around, and there was no rush to complete anything in a certain time. Will def try this again sometime!

Andy was entertaining, knowledgeable, and an excellent tour guide. We will definitely be taking his Raleigh and Chapel Hill tours. We highly recommend any tours that Andy leads. He is phenomenal!

It has been such a pleasant and educational experience. Hannah is a highly experienced guide who is walking you from past, present to future of Charlotte. Great memories!

In general it was what we expected. The guide was very friendly and willing to explain all the best things about the city.