Our most recommended things to do in Nakhchivan

From Nakhchivan: Ashabi-Kahf and Alinja Private Day Trip

1. From Nakhchivan: Ashabi-Kahf and Alinja Private Day Trip

Once our guide will meet the guests at Nakhchivan city they will move to Julfa Region. The first stop will be Ashabi Kahf. Ashabi-Kahf is a refuge in a natural cave in the eastern part of the Julfa region. Ashabi- Kahf's meaning in Arabic is "the owners of the cave." In the 18th surah of the Holy Qur'an "Al-Kahf," Ashabi-Kahf was mentioned. Khanegah tomb is located near Alinja Castle. Khanegah was constructed of 20 x 20 x 5 meter burned brick. The building's pendentive is shaped like muqarnas. The complex is made up of two mausoleums: one from the 15th century is attached to the other. Then you will be taken to Alinja Castle which is considered Machi Pichu of Azerbaijan. Alinja earlier in the 14th century, the castle was known as an Azerbaijani fortress – it is a tower located west of the village of Khanega, not far from the city of Julfa in Azerbaijan, on the right bank of the Alinja River (Alinjachay), on the top of the Alinja Mountain. Here there is a museum also which contains equipment from that century. Guests will be dropped back to Nakhchivan City.