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Mystic: Seaport Museum All-Day Admission Entry Ticket

1. Mystic: Seaport Museum All-Day Admission Entry Ticket

Spend the day exploring historic vessels, original 19th-century storefronts and dwellings, and engaging with friendly shipwrights at the seaport museum in Mystic. Visit a unique living historical setting, dedicated to preserving American maritime heritage. Explore the 19-acre museum campus, walk through a working shipyard where carpenters combine traditional skills and modern techniques to preserve the craft of wooden shipbuilding. See the Charles W. Morgan, the world’s last remaining wooden whale ship and learn how America transformed from a nation of whale hunters to watchers. Take a stroll around the recreated village, gardens, and waterfront while learning what it was like to earn one’s living from the sea. At the museum guests are welcome to add on activities such as sailing, cruises, and a daily planetarium shows exploring celestial navigation and other themes. Pack a picnic to enjoy, or dine at one of 3 seasonally-operated eateries.

Ocean Path: Acadia Self-Guided Walking Audio Tour

2. Ocean Path: Acadia Self-Guided Walking Audio Tour

Start by downloading the Action Tour Guide app, which will function as your personal tour guide, audio tour, and map. Purchase one tour per car, not per person. Everyone listens together! Note: This 1.2-mile-long tour covers the essentials of Acadia's Ocean Path in 1-2 hours. Dive into a transformative experience by downloading the Action Tour Guide app – your all-in-one personal narrator, audio guide, and interactive map for your journey through the enchanting Ocean Path in Acadia National Park. Initiate your adventure at the trail's genesis, introducing you to the breathtaking beauty of Maine's iconic coastline. As you progress, you'll be ushered into the intriguing tale of the Sand Beach Shipwreck, revealing stories of sailors, storms, and survival. The trail then leads you to Thunder Hole, nature's own orchestral performance. Here, the Atlantic's powerful waves collide with unique rock formations, producing thunderous roars that have echoed through time. Journeying forth, the whispers of Peregrine Falcons become apparent as you learn about their recovery, behaviors, and significance to Acadia. This leads you to the majestic Otter Cliff, an imposing granite formation that offers unparalleled views of the vast ocean and its timeless horizon. Continuing along the path, you'll uncover the Warbler enigma, discovering how these tiny birds have made Acadia their seasonal home. Each chirp and song has a story to tell about their migration and challenges. The path meanders further to Boulder Beach, where countless rounded stones create a unique shoreline, shaped by millennia of tides and time. Here, uncover the history of the region, the great fires that once raged, and the resilience of nature in its recovery. You're then introduced to the legends of Glooscap and the Whale, native tales interweaving nature, gods, and man. As you soak in these ancient stories, the surrounding trees whisper their own tales – of Hemlock Adelgids and the persistent battle of ecosystems. Soon, the Temple of the Ocean's Tides – Tide Pool in Acadia – emerges. This natural wonder reveals the delicate balance of marine life, showcasing starfish, crabs, and more, thriving in transient pools that ebb and flow with the moon's pull. Monument Cove beckons next with its photogenic rock formations, leading to tales of the Alewives' migration and the vital ecological role they play in the park. Consider, too, the challenges of the Gorham Mountain Trail and the legacy of trailblazer Waldron Bates. Concluding your tour, reflect upon the Atlantic Flyway's importance for migratory birds, the haunting past of The Year Maine Burned, and the tranquil sounds of Nesting Loons, which epitomize the serenity and magic of Acadia. This comprehensive guide ensures you miss none of the marvels, mysteries, and memories that Ocean Path in Acadia has to offer. Embark, explore, and let the essence of Maine's coastline etch into your soul.

Ghosts of Christmas Past Mystic Downtown Stroll

3. Ghosts of Christmas Past Mystic Downtown Stroll

Ghost stories are one of the most ancient holiday traditions with roots dating back to Solstice celebrations. Join us on our walk through Mystic to hear some of tales of scariest Christmas creatures, the most spine chilling Christmas games and spirits and the true meaning of the spirit of Christmas. From native tradition to Dickensian spirit, the tales will make you think of Christmas and Mystic in a whole new way. It's not just Saint Nicholas flying through the sky but plenty of other beings and spirits as well -- some are good and some perhaps more nefarious....

Paranormal Pub Crawl: Beer Tour

4. Paranormal Pub Crawl: Beer Tour

A Paranormal Pub Crawl with Seaside Shadows 3 local pubs/breweries -- Bank & Bridge Brew Pub with thematic local beers, Friar Tucks Tavern, with boards of beer choices and Captain Daniel Packer Inne -- a historic haunt with the DPIPA. Join Seaside Shadows guides for a walk through Mystic's Water Street featuring true ghostly tales and dark history of this bustling region of downtown Mystic and hear about the haunting tales of your favorite local pubs and taverns. This tour will feature stops at some of your favorite local pubs featuring Barley Head brews allowing you to sample a different flavor at each stop along the way. The tour includes a total of three beers! (tax and gratuity included)

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The staff were very knowledgeable and engaging when performing demonstrations or managing activities. Our kids had a fabulous time exploring and doing the activities!! (Ages 9 and 11). They even sat still to listen to demonstrations! There was a great mix of open exploration time and events. It was a nice, non-stress vacation day. Only comment I would make is that the drinks (water and soda) were way overpriced at the tavern-$5 each! Make sure you bring plenty of water, especially on hot days, to avoid that cost.

The staff were so kind and helpful, knowledgeable! It was a delight to learn about it all! My only complaint is ME not having lots of time to really savor the wonderful story!

We went during a heat wave so it was not always pleasant to go into the shops in the village. It was very interesting and the staff are very knowledgeable. .


Very interesting and informative the staff were knowledgeable and friendly we enjoyed it all very much