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Founded on November 9th 2009, the River Museum houses the most precious treasures of Club Atlético River Plate history. In over 110 years, the institution has lived glorious moments both in sports as institu-tional. Both in football as in the association level, the Museum reflects those great mo-ments in different ways. Undoubtedly, River Plate is the largest club of Argentina and its recognition is world-wide. Those idols, objects and places are at the heart of the Monumental stadium. The River Museum encompasses over 3,500 square meters. The different environments reflect different thematic areas that divide the tour, referenced in symbolic dates for the club history. With an unprecedented technology deployment in the country, the Mu-seum has a 360 cinema where a film that expresses the feeling of millionaire fans is shown. Through the Time Tunnel, tourists can chronologically know the central leading figures of River Plate, those teams that made the club bigger, the best goals, memorable wins and the most valuable trophies, all these related to the national and international history of the club. Due to the fact that River Plate is the club that contributed with more players to the Argentina national team, the River Museum reminds each one of them, reviving the pride of being a fan of River Plate. The museum has also a panel of the T-shirt history since early last century to nowdays, where we see all models that the first team used during the years, including in any single occasion. In addition, those who walk the museum will remind the origins of the club, the first steps in professionalism, big matches and the glory that always accompanied River Plate. These sections include audiovisual shows that invoke the national and interna-tional context of each period of River. The River Museum aims to be a reservoir of club history and heritage, able to be enjoyed by the public interested in River Plate and football itself as an expression of popular culture.

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