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MONVI TOURS is a small family-run tourist company owned by the Grubiša family from Krilo Jesenica, not far from Split. Our family's naval tradition dates back 150 years. Our ancestors were very successful and good sailors and merchants who traveled across the world. Some of them became shipowners themselves at the end of the 19th century. Back then, they sailed in small wooden sailing boats called trabakul, authentic and built for the Adriatic Sea. They were engaged in the trade and transportation of stone, wine, olive oil, wood, as well as digging of sea sand along the Croatian and Italian coasts of the Adriatic Sea. During the 1980's, the family turned to tourism, and used a small 10 m long boat to take tourists on one-day panoramic tours to Central Dalmatian islands. In 1989, we bought a ship called MONVI and founded the company MONVI TOURS, which has since then been successfully operating in the area of Istria and Dalmatia. In 1996, the company bought a boat called MANON, which was used for one-day excursions and then sold in 2014. In the same year, the retired patrol boat of the Yugoslav Navy was converted into a beautiful passenger ship SEAGULL, which is now used for several-day cruises along the Adriatic coast. Our business is based on the principle of a small company that provides a quality product. The quality product is the service, every detail of which is monitored and controlled by us as the owner and the organizer. For example, we are responsible for the accuracy of all the information you receive during the presentation of our tour by our external co-workers engaged in booking, as well as for the service you receive that day on board. We invest a lot in education and professional training of our employees (courses for attending foreign tourists, additional training for marine crews, fire protection, first aid courses, etc.). Our vessels comply with all provisions and have all permits for the activities we are engaged in (insurance policy for passengers, crew and the ship, boat license issued by the Croatian Ship Registry, license for food and beverages preparation, etc.), and we pay special attention to the sanitary conditions of our boats (the cleanliness and neatness of the toilets, the kitchen and all spaces on the boats, careful storage of beverages and food, etc.). Nothing is left to chance, because most of our clients are groups and individually cached guests who come to us on the recommendation of our previous guests. That's one more reason to keep the quality in the job we are doing! The rule we are guided by is 'ONLY A SATISFIED GUEST IS A GOOD GUEST'! Our clients did MONVI TOURS service justice and rated it at the very top of the boat excursions in European summer resorts. Thus, over the years, and on the demand of the market, our business has been enriched and expanded from short panoramic tours to one-day trips with food and beverages (fish picnic), day and night panoramic tours, day and night party tours, weddings and celebrations for your guests on our boat, sunset dolphin tours and all types of charter tours. We hope you will become our client, so that MONVI TOURS organizes the best part of your holiday.

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