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Middle of the World

Middle of the World: Our most recommended tours and activities

Historic City of Quito and The Middle of the World

1. Historic City of Quito and The Middle of the World

Begin by a visit to one of South America's best preserved historic city centers. Go to the Basilica del Voto Nacional Church, where you can climb up its high domes. Move towards the Panecillo viewpoint, an iconic place in the city, renowned for its beauty and giant statue of the Winged Virgin - here you can admire a beautiful landscape of both colonial and modern Quito (entrance to churches not included). Continue on to the traditional La Ronda neighborhood. In this romantic setting you can find workshops where you can learn from a group of authentic artisans how their work is done. See historic trades that keep alive the cultural traditions of this charming city. Stop at Zona Rosa for approximately an hour and a half to have some free time for lunch (not included). You will then go to the Middle of the World City, where you can see the monument that divides the northern and southern hemispheres of the planet. Entrance to the Middle of the World complex is included ,where you can enjoy experiences that defy the laws of physics and occur only in this part of the world. NOTE: On Sunday, this tour operates in an inverted way, first you visit the Middle of the World and then you have the city tour.

Quito: Middle of the World Tour with Tickets

2. Quito: Middle of the World Tour with Tickets

Begin your 3-hour tour in the northern part of Quito and head up to the middle of the city. This is where you will find the monument that stands on the line that divides the northern and the southern hemispheres. The Equatorial Monument was built during the 17th century when the precise dividing line between the hemispheres was defined by a French expeditionary team.

Quito-Mitad del Mundo:Monumento,MuseodelSol,Cráter Pululahua

3. Quito-Mitad del Mundo:Monumento,MuseodelSol,Cráter Pululahua

The "Middle of the World" refers to a location in Ecuador where the Equator, the imaginary line that divides the Earth into the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, passes through. Ecuador, as the name suggests, is one of the few countries in the world that is named after an equator line. There are two main places in Ecuador associated with the Equator: Mitad del Mundo (Middle of the World Monument): This is one of the most famous sites related to the Equator and is located about 26 kilometers (16 miles) north of Quito, the capital of Ecuador. The Mitad del Mundo complex includes a monument marking the Equator, as well as a museum and various other attractions. The monument is a large structure that serves as a popular tourist spot for visitors to take photos and participate in various experiments demonstrating the effects of being at the Equator. However, it's important to note that modern GPS technology has determined that the actual Equator line is a few hundred meters north of the monument. Still, it's a fun and educational place to visit. Intiñan Solar Museum: Located nearby the Mitad del Mundo complex, the Intiñan Solar Museum claims to be situated precisely on the Equator line, as determined by GPS technology. It offers a range of interactive exhibits and experiments, such as balancing an egg on the head of a nail and demonstrating the Coriolis effect, which supposedly shows water swirling in different directions on either side of the Equator. While some of these experiments have been criticized for not being entirely accurate, the museum provides an entertaining and educational experience. The Pululahua Geobotanical Reserve is a unique natural attraction located in Ecuador, near Quito. It is known for its stunning volcanic crater, which is one of the few inhabited volcanic craters in the world. Here's some information about the Pululahua Crater: Formation and Geography: The Pululahua Crater was formed by the collapse of a volcano approximately 2,500 years ago. The resulting crater has a diameter of about 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) and is characterized by its steep, fertile walls. The name "Pululahua" is derived from the Kichwa language and means "cloud of water," which is a reference to the frequent cloud cover that blankets the crater.

Private Tour: Mitad del Mundo Tour from Quito

4. Private Tour: Mitad del Mundo Tour from Quito

Twenty minutes from the northwest of Quito you will find this amazing “Middle of the World” experience. You will visit the current equatorial line and straddle the two hemispheres. In addition you’ll have a chance to participate in several experiments on Intiñan Museum (such as watching water go down a drain in a different direction only inches away from either side of the equator, or balancing an egg on a nail, or using an ancient sun dial, etc…) In The Middle of the World city´s complex, you will be able to visit a fascinating ethnographic museum that gives a great overview of the many distinct cultures of this small country. You will also enjoy of the amazing landscape in Pululahua inhabited crater just 5 minutes from the latitude zero inside of the Pululahua Geo-botanical Reserve.

Quito: Full-Day Ciudad Mitad del Mundo Tour

5. Quito: Full-Day Ciudad Mitad del Mundo Tour

Board the Quito Tour Bus on Avenida Naciones Unidas in the heart of Quito, and then depart the city in the early afternoon. Journey to the Geobotanical Reserve of the Pululahua Crater at the Ciudad Mitad del Mundo complex. Visit the new Beer Museum, see a miniature model that celebrates the architectural beauty of the Historic Center of Quito and more. Finally, you will visit the Agave Museum where you will have a tasting of this ancestral drink. Return to the start point in the evening.

Quito: Equator Line and Hidden Gems Tour with Beer Tasting

6. Quito: Equator Line and Hidden Gems Tour with Beer Tasting

Your tour guide will pick you up at 9:00 a.m. from your hotel, in order to drive you towards the north west of Quito to head the famous Intiñan Museum, geographically located at 0 degrees, 0 minutes and 0 seconds, that marks the division between the northern and southern hemispheres as established by the French Geodesic Mission in the Eighteenth Century. You will admire beautiful displays of different ethnic groups in Ecuador, plus the story of their lifestyles, explained by a specialist tour guide! This is the opportunity to be photographed with both of your feet on the northern and southern hemispheres at the same time! After this memorable and fantastic experience in the museum, you will drive to the “Mitad del Mundo” complex, that is located at the San Antonio parish of Quito. The grounds contain the Ethnographic Museum, a museum about the indigenous ethnography of Ecuador. The 30-meter-tall monument, built between 1979 and 1982, was constructed to mark the point where the equator passes through the country in the geodetic datum in use in Ecuador at that time. A line down the centre of the east-facing staircase and across the plaza, was meant to mark the equator and countless tourists over the years have had their pictures taken straddling this line. Then we drive straight to a hidden farm, where you will learn all about the organic products that the local people grow in their backyards, such as coffee, bananas, tangerines, lemons, oranges, etc. While we are walking through the little crops, we will have one of the best opportunities to practice photography, from an extremely short distance, of about 20 species of Hummingbirds, 6 species of Tannagers, 2 species of Quetzals, toucans, flower piercers, and much more! After this memorable experience, you'll have time to relax and enjoy a craft beer tasting at a local brewery. You will finish this fantastic adventure at 4:00 p.m!

From Quito: 10-Day Ecuador Highlights Private Tour

7. From Quito: 10-Day Ecuador Highlights Private Tour

Immerse yourself in Ecuadorian culture with a 10-day trip through the country's must-sees. Learn about local history as you stroll through the streets of Quito, Riobamba, and Cuenca. Marvel at the majesty of Cotopaxi Volcano, Quilotoa Lake, the Pailón del Diablo waterfalls, and more magical sites. Day 1 - Overnight in QuitoGet picked up at your chosen location in Quito and begin your adventure by exploring the Old Town. Discover the Basílica del Voto Nacional, La Compañía, El Panecillo, Plaza Grande, and Intiñam Museum. Enjoy the unique chance to stand at the Middle of the World monument. Day 2 - Overnight in QuitoSurround yourself with nature on a tour of the Mindo-Nambillo Ecological Reserve, the land of hummingbirds, and the paradise of butterflies. Walk through the forest with your guide and come across a variety of plants, then taste some local chocolate. Day 3 - Overnight in QuitoTake a day trip to two neighboring towns. Watch Ecuadorian culture come alive in Otavalo, and see the artisans that come to the main square every day to sell their products. Head over to Cotacachi, a town known for its leather production. Day 4 - Overnight in Cotapaxi ProvinceDepart from Quito and stop by the striking Cotopaxi Volcano. Experience the beauty of this rural area, marvel at panoramic views from the volcano, and spend the night in the Cotapaxi province. Day 5 - Overnight in Baños de Agua SantaDive even deeper into the beautiful natural landscapes of the area with a visit to Quilotoa, a crater with a gorgeous tranquil lake inside of it. Enjoy a walking tour around the crater, then continue to Baños de Agua Santa. Day 6 - Overnight in RiobambaGet your adrenaline pumping with the incredible outdoor attractions in Baños de Agua Santa. Seize the chance to. go zip lining, ride a cable car, and admire famous waterfalls, such as the Pailón del Diablo falls. Discover the incredible tree house with a giant swing. Afterward, drive to Riobamba. Day 7 - Overnight in AlausíStroll around the small town of Riobamba and buy some traditional slow-roasted pork from the local market. Admire Chimborazo, the tallest volcano in Ecuador and the closest point to the sun on Earth. Arrive in Alausí and visit the colorful old train station. Day 8 - Overnight in CuencaLeave Alausí and wander around the ancient Ingapirka ruins, where Ecuadorian history started. Continue your journey in Cuenca, one of the country's most beautiful cities, and take part in a Panama hat workshop if you'd like to get to know the town's traditional production process. Day 9 - Overnight in CuencaEmbark on an insightful walking tour of Cuenca Old Town and gaze at its main buildings. Explore the picturesque town of Gualaceo, famous for its handwoven 'makanas'. Day 10 - Overnight in GuayaquilTake the route to Guayaquil, stopping at the breathtaking Cajas National Park along the way. Arrive in the city and visit the 'malecon' area on the Guayas River or choose to take the cable car for a nice aerial view of the city.

Private Tour: City Tour+Mitad del Mundo & Quito´sTeleferico

8. Private Tour: City Tour+Mitad del Mundo & Quito´sTeleferico

Pick up from the hotel in Quito. The tour will then continue from the Basilica Church, where we will make a brief stop to visit it. After walking through the colonial streets, we will then stop at the Independence Plaza to admire the Cathedral and the Government’s Palace. We will also visit the Company Church, The Sagrario´s Church, and San Francisco´s Church, which was built during the 17th century, you will also have the chance to taste Ecuadorian chocolate. After visiting the historical sights, we will go to Teleferico. This is one of the best ways to enjoy our city with views of beautiful valleys, snow-capped mountains, and the capital, Quito. From a point of more than 13,000 feet (4000 m), you will enjoy magnificent views of the city. After lunch, you will head to the Middle of the World monument, where you can stand right in the middle of the equatorial line and straddle the two hemispheres. In addition, you will have a chance to participate in several experiments at the Intiñan Museum. You will also enjoy the amazing landscape in Pululahua inhabited crater just 5 minutes from the Equatorial line. Return to Quito.

Discover Quito's Heartbeat & Stand on the World's Equator

9. Discover Quito's Heartbeat & Stand on the World's Equator

8.00 Pick up from your Hotel 8.30 Basilica de Voto Nacional 9:30 Plaza Grande 10:00 Compania de Jesus 10:30 Plaza de Sanfrancisco 11:30 Vist to the Panecillo 13.00 Arrive Monument Equator Line 13.30 Lunch 14:00 Museo Itinan Museo – Guided Tour 45 min 15:00 Visit Puluhua Crater 15:30 Return to your hotel

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The guide brought me closer to Quito, Ecuador and the center of the world. His broad knowledge, many stories and his friendly and considerate nature filled the time wonderfully. THANKS to the guide and the bus driver!

Daniel was fun & informative. He was also patient with every person wanting to have that perfect photo.

I had a great time! Our guide Andrea was very knowledgeable and her English was very good.

Great trip to mitad del mundo. Thanks to our guide Irene who made our trip so enjoyable