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Meet Me at Porto was created in Oporto city, elected as the Best European Destiny in 2014, to provide unique and true travel experiences for people who are passionate for travel and city sightseeing. We want you to know the real city, the hidden secrets of each place, its people, customs and habits. By reinventing the concept of traveling we thought of memorable experiences for passionate travelers shown by someone who lives in the city, which cannot be missed when visiting Oporto city. Every travel represents an opportunity to overcome ourselves and to find different ways to spur our creativity. The uniqueness, originality and innovation that we instill in each and every travel or tour we create, are, for us, essential elements that assures us that it will endure in the memory of those who travel This was the concept that Meet Me at Porto followed when choosing those who collaborates with us. We choose knowledgeable and passionate people from Porto, with their unique experiences and passions, to create unforgettable moments. We prepared a set of experiences and tours with various themes, with the aim to show the most authentic and true side of the city. These discoveries will lead you to the cultural heritage of Oporto city and Northern Portugal. We created adventures tailored for you, ranging from architecture, history, gastronomy, photography and the perfect shopping experience, always showing the most authentic side of the city. If this is your aim when traveling, our team is here to help make your trip as unique, exciting and as memorable experience possible.

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