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From Palermo: Erice and Marsala Day Trip with Wine Tasting

1. From Palermo: Erice and Marsala Day Trip with Wine Tasting

On the itinerary is the medieval hilltop town of Erice lunch and a wine and olive oil tasting at a winery or typical farm, and a panoramic tour along Marsala’ s Salt Route! Palermo, the Sicilian capital, is one of the most exciting and vibrant cities in the whole of Italy. However, you might want to escape its hustle and bustle after a few days! And there's no better way to do that than a full day small group tour from Palermo to visit the fascinating town of Erice and to admire the unique panoramas of Marsala. You will depart from Palermo on a top notch minivan with an expert driver and tour leader. The first stop is the medieval hilltop village of Erice. Stroll through the narrow streets and find delightful little courtyards. Lookout for the viewpoints where you can see out to the Egadi Islands and over the city of Trapani. You will feel like travelling through times, surrounded by an ancient kind of beauty. Of course, when in Sicily, it’s always a good time for a snack and in Erice we will have a tasty break by tasting a local Sicilian granita. On some day trips, you might have to sort your own packed lunch, but not on this full day group tour from Palermo! After leaving Erice, you'll carry on along the west coast of Sicily to Marsala, a town famous for producing sweet wine and also, like the entire Sicily, an area where olive oil is a another special local product. You will have the chance to taste both of them, as we will stop for a full Sicilian lunch with a sample tasting of the best local wines and olive oil in a local winery or farm. The final stop on this full day group tour from Palermo is the natural and cultural site landscape which connects land and sea. Marvel at salt windmills and basins which are still in use today. The 30km road is one of the most evocative routes in Italy, and if you get out of your vehicle, you'll be able to feel the salt in the air! At the end of this unique and fantastic experience, you will return to Palermo.

Marsala: Florio Winery Tour with Local Wine Tasting

2. Marsala: Florio Winery Tour with Local Wine Tasting

Take a guided tour of a winery in Marsala to discover the history and tradition of wine-making in the region. See the wine cellar and learn about the production of Sicilian wine, before trying three different types of Marsala wine paired with local food delicacies. Meet at Cantine Florio and take in the winery's amazing views over the Mediterranean Sea. Tour the entire facility, including the specially-designed cellars. Learn about the tufa flooring system which allows the wine barrels to breathe in the sea air and take on a unique flavor. Hear about the weather conditions of the region and how they affect the different wine variations, before tasting three different Marsala wines paired with Sicilian snacks.

Marsala: Florio Winery Tour with Food-Paired Wine Tastings

3. Marsala: Florio Winery Tour with Food-Paired Wine Tastings

Immerse yourself in the scents and flavors of Marsala wine during a guided tour and tasting experience at the Florio Winery. Learn about the intricacies of the barrel cellars followed by a Marsala and Zibibbo wine tasting accompanied by light food pairings. Upon arrival at the Florio Winery, start your tour with a visit to the wineries overlooking the sea. Just by walking among the barrel cellars, you'll discover the history of Marsala wine and the winery that produces it. The grapes used to produce Marsala grow along the coast of Western Sicily, and the wine's goodness is fueled by the humid, brackish temperature. As you move away from the sea, the wine's personality also varies. Learn how the strategic location of the cellars is able to influence the essence of the wine. The cellars are precisely characterized by the presence of the tufa floor that allows the barrels to breathe in the smell of the sea. Inside the cellars, discover four different climatic environments, each with a different relationship with the sea. At the end of your winery visit, taste two glasses of Marsala and one glass of Zibibbo accompanied by small food pairings.

Guided tour of the Marsala Salt Pans and salt harvesting

4. Guided tour of the Marsala Salt Pans and salt harvesting

Dating back to the '500s, the salt pans represent for the territory of Marsala a very precious resource; you can admire a landscape composed of tanks, small canals, windmills, and piles of salt: a landscape that represents one of the most unique and characteristic environments of the Mediterranean. You can visit the Mill where, thanks to a multimedia path, you can discover the ancient and precious art of sea salt production. You'll continue your tour along a nature trail unique in the world and, in the company of your guide, you can join the salt harvest and live a truly unique sensory experience. Discover the different types of salt and inside the mill, you will also find the "whole salt" strictly hand-picked, and the "fior di sale" purely flavored. See how salt is not only used in cooking, thanks to its moisturizing power but it is also used in the field of cosmetics for the creation of products that aim at the "well-being of the skin".

Marsala: Winery Tour with Wine Tasting and Local Products

5. Marsala: Winery Tour with Wine Tasting and Local Products

Marsala is a historical town near the sea in the province of Trapani in Sicily. It is also renowned for its famous DOC wine. The local grapes give life to fine wines that represent the nature of Sicily.  Upon arrival at the winery you will be welcomed by the manager, who will guide you through the production rooms. The visit will continue with the tasting, during which you will have the opportunity to sip the refined wines of Marsala. You will then try a wide range of local products that can be paired with the wine, such as almond cakes, cheese, and bread. At the end of the tour you can buy the delicacies tasted during the experience. 

FAVIGNANA, Dinghy Excursions from Marsala

6. FAVIGNANA, Dinghy Excursions from Marsala

Explore the wonderful Egadi Islands--Favignana, Levanzo with our day tours.Taking a boat excursion even if it's just a day trip is the best way to break the routine and return home rejuvenated. 09:00 am meeting at Marsala Tourist Port, at 09:30 am departure for the island of Favignana aboard our pneumatic boats.It is advisable to arrive a few minutes early to find parking inside the Tourist Port area. 10:30 am - First stop in Cala Azzurra.An ideal destination for snorkelers, Cala Azzurra is located in the southeastern part of the island and takes its name from the blue color of the sea. The clear, almost transparent water make this bay a true piece of paradise. Formed mainly by rocks but with a strip of fine white sand in the center of the bay. 11:00 Cala Bue MarinoCala Bue Marino is most famous for the tunnels and caves created by man, this area in fact was a quarry where tuff was extracted. The sea is beautiful, deep seabed and rich in underwater life, ideal for those who love diving or snorkeling. 11:30 Cala RossaCala Rossa, judged by many as one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy, is one of the most striking places on the island. The transparent sea and flat rocks create a truly striking scenery. Here the sea, transparent and inviting, is embraced by a frame of cliffs and tuff quarries. 12:00 Scalo CavalloScalo Cavallo is a beautiful inlet, located on the island's northeastern stretch of coastline. Scalo Cavallo is a magical and romantic place, an ancient tuff quarry, here the color of the water changes from the soft turquoise of the shore to the deep blue of the deep waters. 12:30 - Disembarking on the island of Favignana.As soon as you arrive, you will be enraptured by the beauty of the small port of Favignana. It will be possible to visit the tuna nets and the archaeological museum located inside the former Florio palace. 13:30 - Lunch in the dinghy.You will enjoy "Pane Cunzato" prepared by our master bakers with Km "0" products, water and IGT wine from Marsala wineries. 15:00 - Course for LevanzoNext stop Levanzo, only 3 nautical miles away, the smallest and wildest of the Egadi Islands. Set course for the port of Levanzo, skirting the imposing stacks. 15:30 - Cala FreddaWonderful bay with a seabed covered with Poseidonia, with a charming pebble beach that can be reached by swimming. 16:30 - Cala Minnola - the last stop.Cala Minnola is known for the pine forest that overlooks the sea. The cove is named after Minnola, a small fish that populates the cove, which can be seen by snorkeling. The stop at Cala Minnola will also be a time for an onboard aperitif of prosecco and various stucchini. 18:00 - Arrival in MarsalaWe will set sail the anchors and bid farewell to the Egadi Islands and set the bow towards the port of Marsala, with arrival expected at 18:00

Favignana and Levanzo Island: Swim, Snorkelling and Lunch

7. Favignana and Levanzo Island: Swim, Snorkelling and Lunch

Tour Classic – Favignana Lunch and aperitif on board Full Day 09:00 – 18:00 - max 12 person on baord 09:00 – Boarding and departure form Marsala Starting from Marsala Tourist port, jetty “B”, at 10:00 o’clock to Favignana island. 10:30 – First stop “Cala Rossa” Cala Rossa is one of the most beautiful and suggestive seasides of Italy. The clear sea water is surrounded by a frame of cliffs and tuff quarries. 11:30 – Landing on Favignana’s island You’ll be caught by the beauty of the little Favignana’s port. It is possible to visit the “tonnare” and the archeological museum inside the former Florio palace. 13:30 - Lunch Tasting of “Pane Cunzato” prepared by our bakers and tipical sicilian products. 15:00 – Cala Azzurra Cala Azzurra is located in the southeastern part of the island and the name is taken from the blue color of the water. Perfect for snorkeling lovers. 16:00 – Cala Preveto Cala Preveto rises at the end of a valley and overlooks a crystalline sea of an intense blue. Perfect for enjoyng a relaxing time. 17:00 – Bue Marino Cala Bue is famous for its man-made caves. The seabed is rich og underwater life, perfect for diving and snorkeling lovers. This stop will be the perfect moment for tasting a good Prosecco. 17:30/18:00 – Arrival in Marsala The program cam be changed due weather conditions. DETAILS AND PLANNING: ● Departure times: 09:00 - 18:00 ● 9 hours tour PRICE INCLUDING: ● All fee ● Fuel ● Lunch and beverages ● Water ● Skipper ● Snorkeling equipment PRICE NOT INCLUDING ● Transfer from Hotel to Turistic Port A/R

Marsala: Winery Tour with Wine Tasting and Sicilian Food

8. Marsala: Winery Tour with Wine Tasting and Sicilian Food

You can choose from tastings of various durations, from 45 to 90 minutes, with different numbers of labels that present a variety of surprising flavors and characters. Some noteworthy wines you'll be able to taste are Catarratto DOC - a still white wine prepared with the classic method - or Cutaja Riserva DOC, a Nero d'Avola with a strong and unmistakable flavor. Don't underestimate the delicious samples, such as pulled pork with caramelized onions, larded guanciale, fish couscous, or legendary Sicilian street food such as arancine and pasta timballi. Don't miss the opportunity to fully enjoy an unforgettable food and wine experience and taste unique food and wines.

Marsala: Favignana dinghy tour with wine tasting

9. Marsala: Favignana dinghy tour with wine tasting

Dinghy Excursion to Favignana is an exciting and unforgettable experience that invites you to discover the beauty of the Egadi Islands. Depart daily from Marsala with Navigare le Egadi, operated by the Gandolfo family, and experience an informal, family-friendly adventure. Dive into the crystal clear waters with stops for swimming and diving from the dinghy, and discover marine life with snorkeling.During the Dinghy Excursion to Favignana, you'll enjoy a typical Sicilian aperitif on board with wines produced by the Gandolfo family and take a stroll through the narrow streets of the ancient fishing village, immersing yourself in the local reality, meeting locals and the famous "Tuna Fishermen."You will admire the breathtaking coastline, caves and the most striking Coves, such as Cala Rossa, Cala Azzurra and Bue Marino, with expert Skipper Ignazio Gandolfo who will accompany you every step of the way. Live this unforgettable experience away from the crowds, in an unspoiled environment. Don't miss this unique opportunity, book now your Dinghy Excursion to Favignana and live a daydream. Contact us for more information and share this experience with friends and family. Dinghy excursion to Favignana is waiting to give you an unforgettable adventure!9:30 am Departure for Favignana. The navigation will last approximately 30 minutes and will pass pleasantly thanks to the comfort of our dinghy and the experience of skipper Ignazio, always ready to explain every detail and curiosity en route to Favignana. Upon reaching the waters of Favignana, once anchored, there are long and relaxing stops for swimming, diving from the dinghy and surface snorkeling, to admire up close the splendid flora and fauna and the turquoise colors of the island's most beautiful and striking coves, such as: Cala Rossa, one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy, known for its crystal clear water and the fish that inhabit it. Cala Azzurra, from the splendid waters from which it takes its name. Bue Marino, where the turquoise sea contrasts with dark blue patches, against the backdrop of ancient tuff quarries.12:00 Noon Rich typical aperitif on board: you'll eat homemade focaccia from the local baker, prepared daily with fresh cold cuts by Simona, the hostess, and a mix of typical appetizers you absolutely must try.You'll taste wines from the local Gandolfo wineries owned byIgnazio is a local wine expert and has his own vineyards, so he can provide you with information about how grapes are grown on our land and what makes the wine you drink so unique.From 12:30 p.m. to about 2 p.m. Landing at the Port of Favignana.About 2 p.m. Return to the sea to visit other wonderful sea spots and swim. A second snack will also be served with tasting of fortified wine and "tagliancozzi," (typical cookies).About 5:00 p.m. Start the return journey in the direction of Marsala. Guests will receive a Souvenir of Marsala.

From Trapani: Salt Road Tour With Winery Visit and Boat Trip

10. From Trapani: Salt Road Tour With Winery Visit and Boat Trip

Discover the best of Sicily's gastronomy, culture, and scenery on this excursion from Trapani. Start your tour with a visit to either the Donnafugata, Florio, Caruso, Pellegrino or Mininni wineries, which are some of the region's finest. At the winery, enjoy a tasting of some local products, washed down with a selection of the best wines. Next, board a traditional lagoon boat for a boat tour of the Stagnone Lagoon. At the center of the lagoon, discover the ancient island of Motya, which has now been converted to an open-air museum. Learn more about the history of the island and its residents from your local guide.

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Excellent experience with an excellent guide. Very nice route and not too physical for non-athletes like us. The lava flow which dates from 1992 is very impressive, this stop is really worth the detour. This is less the case for the lava caves which are a little disappointing, as is the "tasting" of local products. It is in fact a stop in a large shop full of tourists with the possibility of tasting the products of the store which do not seem particularly qualitative. It's very tourist trap and it's not at all authentic. On the other hand, the views of Etna and the landscapes are breathtaking. We highly recommend this excursion.

Alessio is an excellent tour guide… full of interesting information and the history of salt collection in the Trapani/Marsala area. We spent a great deal of time observing the salt pans and learning so much about how the salt collection has changed over time. He took us to an excellent winery where we tasted numerous exceptional wines. We never felt rushed and enjoyed the winery visit thoroughly! The boat tour was also very enjoyable and we went to a lovely little shop to get a few salt souvenirs. Give Alessio your tour business… you won’t be disappointed!!

The tour is highly recommended. We were surprised that we were asked about the shoe size. After a very good film that explains the work and the different pools, we found out why shoe size is important. Not only do you visit the pools, we were even able to harvest a little fleur de sel and coarse salt crystals. Work is still done here by hand.

Our guide Alessio was Fantastic. We had a wonderful afternoon with him learning about the salt plans of Western Sicily. Highly recommend this trip.

a really interesting visit and above all accompanied by a professional guide but at the same time friendly and helpful. highly recommended