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What people are saying about Livorno

Excellent tour but with some poor decisions by the guide

The tour is exactly as advertised and i would recommend it to anyone who wants the opportunity to see these two amazing cities and not be burdened with tour groups. The guide gives you a map of Florence with a route suggestion to follow which will take you to most of the sites. Instructions were clear and easy to follow about returning to the bus by a certain time - and a clear threat if you were late for that rendezvous you were on your own - you had taxi service that could bring you back to ship. Great! exactly as it should be. Now we arrive in Pisa - same instructions and guide leads the route to the city which was very helpful. Back on bus - the count is now 2 short. Ok i think taxi for them let's go. But no these two ditzes have the audacity to phone the company to say they are lost and can't find their way back to the bus. So we wait - and wait - and wait. Finally 45 min they arrive carrying piles of packages. Shopping while 30 of us wait! Bus took us directly to ship

Stefano was amazing and the tour was our favorite of the trip!

Stefano contacted us before the trip to coordinate and was friendly. We asked if we could meet slightly later as our kids were tired from Rome and Stefano immediately responded and accommodated. Stefano was extremely knowledgeable about the area, buildings in Pisa, and Lucca and genuinely seemed to love the area. He helped us with tickets to Pisa and which route and how much time to take. He then took us to a leisurely day in Lucca. He knew the bike rental. shop and directed us to bike the wall which was great and easy. A highlight of the trip. He accommodated our requests to stop for liquor and wine/oil and took us to a great reserved restaurant and even recommended menu items. He gave us a map and directed us to explore at our own pace and coordinate to meet him. It was a great time and Stefano put us at east the entire time. Thank you!

Very unpleasant attifude of guide/host & inconvient drop-off location

In Florence with the time constraints, I would have rather preferred being dropped off closer to at least one of the popular attractions. Bus guide/host (Shiela) was unorganized and very unpleasant. While I know that punctuality is important for these buses, we were continually scolded like children for being late & not checking in "properly. No one was really that late & instructions for checking-in were not clear. The only time she was pleasant was when she was soliciting "likes" for their Facebook page. I heard another guest on a different day had the same experience. Response on Facebook from the Bus company was also unprofessional & not helpful.

Very good! Would have given this tour a 5 stars if they were able to pick up passengers at the port vs having to catch the port shuttle for 5 euros pp each way out to the city to join the bus tour. On the way to Florence there was an accident on the highway and we were at a standstill for close to an hour. Tuscany bus tour still gave us 3 hours to explore Florence (still not enough time) than we headed to Pisa. Since the tour was running late returning to town they took us directly to the cruise port which was really nice.

A very efficient way to see the important sites, from the cruise port.

The pickup location was easy to find, within walking 6-blocks of the port. Departures occur often; there are multiple guides there to help you find the correct bus. One of the guides drives with us to Florence and Pisa, and is quite helpful with directions and suggestions; from the drop-off point we had no problems getting to see the sights. We would definitely recommend!