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Athens: Corinth Canal and Mycenae Private Half-Day Trip

1. Athens: Corinth Canal and Mycenae Private Half-Day Trip

Admire the famous 6.5 km long Corinth Canal. The idea of its’ construction was born back in the Ancient times during tyrant Periander’s kingdom. However, all efforts failed up to 1893 when it was finally built and changed maritime transport in Greece. Experience the magical feeling of visiting Mycenae, the hometown of the greatest leader of the Trojan War, Agamemnon. Visit his tomb and imagine the great events that took place 3.200 years ago. Mycenae is considered as one of the oldest ancient sites in Greece and witnesses the development of the Mycenaean civilization. Throughout the tour, your friendly driver will provide you with useful information both about the history of each region but also for its modern reality.

Corinth Canal, Corinth, Mycenae & Nafplion Argolis Tour

2. Corinth Canal, Corinth, Mycenae & Nafplion Argolis Tour

Your private tour start from Athens early in the morning. Drive towards the scenic coastal road of Athens to the magnificent structure of the Corinth Canal, which is in Peloponnese, the southern peninsula of Greece. The Corinth Canal connects the Saronic with the Corinthian Gulf in the Aegean Sea. A dream of the ancients that came true in 1893. Time for some rest and some amazing photos above the Corinth Canal. Leave the Isthmos and driving to the Ancient Corinth, where St. Paul lived for almost two years doing very important misionary work. There is the church that has the 1st Letter to the Corinthians written in four languages, Greek, Arabic, French and English. Ancient Corinth was an important state city during the ancient years, the richest and most famous port in ancient Greece. There you can visit both Greek and Roman arhitectures at the archaeological site and the museum. Then, the driver will take you to Mycenae, the golden city of King Agamemnon, the one who united all the Greek cities to fight for a common purpose against Troy. Mycenae was the city from which the Mycenaean civilization started and has an archaeological site. There you will visit the burial Royal Tombs of the kings and queens, the cyclopian walls, the Lion Gate, and the treasury of Atreas,the Cyclopean Walls. Go on to Nafplion, the first modern Capital of Greece from 1821 till 1834. You will see the Castle of the city, Palamidi, as well as Mpourtzi the island fortress, the first defence line of the port. It's a wonderfull seaside place ideal for some walking and tasting of famous Greek cuisine in a memorable lunch in a traditional restaurant or tavern .There you can see the old houses of the Nafplion as well as the local shops that sell handmade objects and jewelry for all tastes and wallets. After your lunch, drive back to Athens.

Athens: Private Corinth Canal and Mycenae Tour

3. Athens: Private Corinth Canal and Mycenae Tour

After driving for one hour from Athens, you will discover the famous Corinth Canal. The Corinth Canal is a canal that connects the Gulf of Corinth with the Saronic Gulf in the Aegean Sea. It cuts through the narrow Isthmus of Corinth, and separates the Peloponnese from the Greek mainland, thus effectively making the former peninsula an island. The canal elevated Piraeus’ status as a major Mediterranean port, a project which spanned many centuries. Cut through solid rock, the canal is more than 6 kilometers long and 23 meters wide, with its vertical sides rising 90 meters above the water. You will spend approximately 30 minutes at the canal, with time for photos and refreshments. Following the canal you will continue towards Mycenae, one of the most important cities of ancient Greece. You will see the Mycenaean Acropolis, the tomb of Agamemnon and the ruins of the Cyclopean walls that protected this mighty city. After approximately 1.5 hours at Mycenae, you will have the option to stop at a nearby village or town for snacks or a quick lunch. Your your will conclude with your drop off at the pickup point, or any preferred central point in Athens or Piraeus.

Athens: Full-Day Private Peloponnese Tour

4. Athens: Full-Day Private Peloponnese Tour

After gathering with your group, you'll head west along a beautiful scenic route on your way to the Corinth Canal. Following a short break there, your next destination will be ancient Corinth. During ancient times, the town of Corinth was considered one of the richest cities in Greece, due to the remains of the Temple of Apollo the Ancient Agora. This is also the place where Saint Paul preached and lived for about two years of his life. Following that exploration you will drive through vineyards and olive trees on the way to Mycenae. It will be there that you will visit the famous Cyclopean Walls around the Acropolis of Mycenae, as well as the Tomb of King Atreus. From there you will continue by visiting the first capital city of the Democracy of Greece, the beautiful city of Nafplion which boasts the fortified islet of Bourtzi. Finally, on your way back to Athens you will visit the ancient theater of Epidaurus.

From Athens: Half-Day Private Road Trip to Mycenae

5. From Athens: Half-Day Private Road Trip to Mycenae

Venture south of Athens with your trusty guide to discover the magnificent Peloponnese. Leaving mainland Greece, this tour will explore Mycenae, one of the ancient world’s most noteworthy cultures. The region that was destined to give birth to one of antiquity’s most important civilizations, the Mycenaean. The “cyclopean walls” of the citadel of Mycenae, impressively intact to this day, highlight the heyday of a civilization brought to light by Heinrich Schliemann. A civilization that served as inspiration to the great ancient tragedians that subsequently helped shape western thought. Witness The Lion Gate, a remarkable example of Mycenaean sculpture, grave circle A with its shaft tombs and golden funerary finds, the palace atop the citadel with its throne room, the underground water cistern with its ornate stairs and the beehive tombs (“tholos”) all give proof of the grandeur of an era that has left indelible marks throughout the ages.

From Athens: Mycenae, Epidaurus, Corinth and Nafplio Tour

6. From Athens: Mycenae, Epidaurus, Corinth and Nafplio Tour

This tour is the best way to visit numerous ancient and historical sites while also getting a taste of the Greek countryside in a single day. During the drive along the coast, you will get a view of some Greek seaside villages and the island of Salamis (where the historical battle between the Athenians and Persians took place in 480 BCE). The Corinth Canal will be our first stop. Finally opened in 1892, it separates the Peloponnese Peninsula from the rest of Greece and connects the Saronic Gulf to the Corinthian Sea. Take the time to walk across on the pedestrian bridge to admire the canal closer, for the adventurous on some days bungee jumping, is an option. Moving on we will make our way to Ancient Corinth. This ancient city was dominated by the hill of Acrocorinth, the old Castle, the biggest and oldest castle in southern Greece. Ancient Corinth is located at the foot of the hill and includes the Roman Agora of Corinth, the temple of God Apollo and a small museum. In addition to its archaeological and historical interest Ancient Corinth is also one of the most popular religious destinations in Greece. This was where the Apostle Paul preached Christianity, was judged by the tribunal in the Agora and established the best organized Christian church of that period. Then we will be off to the site of Mycenae. At the site, you will see the renowned Lions Gate, the cyclopean walls, the burial circle A and the remains of Agamemnon’s Palace. Within the site, there is a modern museum exhibiting the findings of the “City οf Gold”. Before leaving the site we will make a small stop at the treasury of Atreus, the best-preserved Tholos tomb and one of the finest examples of the Mycenaean architecture. Continuing our travels we will head towards a more recent history of Greece, discovering the city of Nafplion. The city is considered the most scenic and functioned as the capital of Greece until 1834. Nafplion offers you an outstanding combination of fortresses and castles, a huge port opened to the Aegean Sea and the unique architecture of the old city of Nafplion revealing Venetian, neoclassical and oriental elements. After walking in the idyllic place we will stop for lunch at a traditional tavern by the sea then drive up to the castle of Acronafplia for a panoramic view of the city and its surroundings. Our last stop will be the site of Epidaurus. After a short drive, you will be able to visit one of the most important ancient Greek sanctuaries dedicated to Asclepius, the God of healing and medicine. Located in a peaceful environment and spread on a hilly area, it reaches its highest point which is the theater of Epidaurus. The best preserved ancient Greek theater dated 4th century B.C.E. proof of what miracles the ancient Greek minds could create. Lastly on the way back will follow the eastern coast of Peloponnese peninsula to reach Athens again.

From Athens: Private Peloponnese Region Day Trip

7. From Athens: Private Peloponnese Region Day Trip

This tour will take us to the major sites of the Peloponnese, both ancient and modern, from the Homeric city of Mycenae to the Corinth Canal. The kingdom of Mycenae was one of the first great centers of the Greek culture and settlement on this site dates back to the second millennium BC. According to Homer, Mycenae was the seat of Agamemnon, who led the Greeks against the Trojans to take back Helen, the wife of his brother Menelaus. The ruins of the ancient city are famous for the amazing “Cyclopean walls” - so named because the later Greeks thought that only a Cyclops could move such huge rocks into place. You will see the Lion Gate, which formed the entrance to the royal court and palace. Nearby there are the tombs of legendary figures such as Aegisthus and Clytemnestra. We will also travel to Epidaurus in order to see the famous theatre there. Built in the 4th century BC, it is famous for its acoustics - they are so perfect that words spoken on stage can be heard perfectly wherever you are in the audience. Stepping forward in history, we will see the Palamidi Castle in Nafplio, built by the Venetians and famous for supposedly having 999 steps. According to legend, there were once 1000 steps leading to the castle, but one of them was crushed by Theodoros Kolokotronis, a leader of the Greek war of independence, when celebrating a victory against the Ottomans. Finally, our journey to the Peloponnese will take us across the Corinth Canal. Completed in 1893, a huge feat of technology at the time, it finally opened up the shipping route between the Saronic Gulf and the Gulf of Corinth and separated the Peloponnese from the mainland, effectively turning it into an island.

From Athens: Private Tour to Mycenae, Nafplio, & Epidaurus

8. From Athens: Private Tour to Mycenae, Nafplio, & Epidaurus

Start your tour to the Peloponnesse by making a short stop at the imposing Corinth Canal. Then, experience the magical feeling of visiting Mycenae, the hometown of the greatest leader of the Trojan War, Agamemnon. Visit his tomb and imagine the great events that took place 3.200 years ago. Enjoy your way to Nafplion, the picturesque, romantic town, which was the first capital of the newly established Greek state. Taste the greek cuisine in one of the taverns in Nafplion and eat ice cream in one of the gelaterias in the central square of the town. (Note: Food and drinks expenses are not included in our price). See the amazing view from Nafplion Medieval Fortress, Palamidi, which is built on a mountain over the town and take great photos. Explore the most perfect Greek Ancient Theatre in Epidaurus, with its great acoustics and aesthetics, where theatrical performances still take place during the summer. Feel the magic of knowing that Ancient Greeks attended the great tragedies of Sophocles and Aeschylus there. Epidaurus Ancient Theatre was built in honor of Asklepios, the God of Medicine and you will have the chance to visit the Asklepieion, the place that was the first health center of the ancient world, which is in the Ancient Theatre's area.

From Athens: Mycenae - Epidaurus & Nafplio Full-Day 10h

9. From Athens: Mycenae - Epidaurus & Nafplio Full-Day 10h

The excursion starts from a central point of Athens (or from your hotel upon agreement) where the coach picks you up together with the tour guide (optional). We head 1 hour away from Athens towards the southern part of Greece meeting the Isthmus of Corinth where we make a stop for photos and a short tour. As we continue we enter to the prefecture of Argolis where we make our first important stop in Mycenae, birthplace of the ancient Mycenaean civilization and ancient heroes such as Agamemnon and Menelaus of Sparta. Guided tour of the archaeological site of Mycenae by the licensed guide (optional) and completion of this with a visit to the imperial tomb of Atreus. Our visit to Mycenae concludes with a stop for lunch at a local restaurant selected for the authenticity of Greek cuisine. After the meal we continue with a quick panoramic tour of the beautiful city of Nafplion, the first capital of Greece. Direction towards Epidaurus, birthplace of the father of medicine Asklepios. A guided tour of the archaeological site and theater of Epidaurus takes place (optional). End of the tour and return to Athens and the starting point for the end of the excursion.

From Athens: Private Mycenae and Nafplion Tour

10. From Athens: Private Mycenae and Nafplion Tour

Get set for an immersive experience during an Athens to Mycenae and Nafplion private day tour. Travel through the Peloponnese en route to your destinations, and pass by the iconic Corinth Canal. Arrive at Mycenae, an ancient city where you can walk among the ruins and explore the famed Lion Gate. Learn tales from history and mythology that date back tens of thousands of years. Feel a sense of wonder in Nafplio, one of Greece’s most picture-perfect cities along the water. Discover its many famous landmarks including Bourtzi Castle which can be visited via boat. Get your heart rate pumping by ascending the 913 steps to the top of Palamidi Castle, and take in the extraordinary panoramic views of the sea. Conclude your Athens day tour with an authentic lunch before returning to the capital. * Begin the day tour from Athens: Meet your leader and hit the road for a memorable outing to Mycenae and Nafplion during a full-day private tour. * Cruise by the Corinth Canal: Keep your eyes open during the drive for one of Greece’s most spectacular modern marvels and learn about its history. * Discover ancient Mycenae: Walk in the footsteps of great warriors of the past, see their impressive fortifications, and feel wowed by the iconic Lion Gate. * Experience Nafplion’s allure: Explore the seaside city in-depth with a boat trip to Bourtzi Castle and walk to the top of * * Palamidi Castle to access stellar sea views. Finish your day with a nice meal: Indulge in local fare at an authentic tavern and do some final exploration in the streets of Nafplion before heading back to Athens.

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Dimitris was a fantastic guide and we loved our half day tour. He spent the long drive out to the archeological site telling us all about the history and lore of the places we were going to see and his knowledge was very impressive. We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know him and are so thankful he was our guide. It was a wonderful experience and we highly recommend him to anyone wanting a tour in Greece. Really fantastic experience!!

great tour and visited many places we never knew. each stop was interesting with Andrew, our driver, very knowledgeable, accommodating and good fun. We were picked up and dropped off close to our apartment.

george is very friendly and give a brief over view of the places we visit..... we have a wonderful time today

This was an excellent trip with an excellent driver