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Etna: Craters of the 2002 Eruption Trekking Experience

1. Etna: Craters of the 2002 Eruption Trekking Experience

Embark on a guided trek along Mount Etna's north side. Discover the craters at the summit, wander through the forests, stare in awe at the lava streams, and admire the eruptive fractures. Begin the trekking route along the dirt road that leads from Piano Provenzana to the summit craters of the volcano. Make a stop to see the ruins of the Hotel dell Betulle, the only visible structure that stands from the lava flow that occurred in 2002. Along the route, take the time to visit and study several volcanic morphologies, all related to a series of eruptions that have occurred overtimef on the north side of Etna. In particular, the flank eruptions have left the most evidence, especially the last one, which threatened the city of Linguaglossa. See the structures called Hornitos, which means, small over, and go up along the cinder cones. Once at the summit, look over the edge of the craters and go down inside a sandy channel to get back to the starting point.

Linguaglossa: Wine Tasting Experience at Etna Nord

2. Linguaglossa: Wine Tasting Experience at Etna Nord

Enjoy a wine tasting experience like no other, 900 meters above sea level at Etna Nord. To begin, try an exquisite glass of white wine offered by the welcoming staff. Next, follow the sommelier for a tour through the winery, which extends over 25 hectares of land. Then go 11 meters below ground to see where the wine is stored. On the tour, learn the secrets for a perfect food-wine matching, the history of the winery, and general wine production techniques. At the end of the tour, enjoy tasting four different glasses of locally wine, alongside a small cheese platter.

Taormina or Giardini Naxos: Off-Road ATV Tour of Mount Etna

3. Taormina or Giardini Naxos: Off-Road ATV Tour of Mount Etna

Enjoy the experience of riding on an ATV through the unique volcanic landscapes of Etna on this guided tour from Taormina or Giardini Naxos. Pass by some of the most stunning spots in the region like the Moio Alcantara crater and the alpine Piano Provenzana.   Meet your guide and get set up with your well-maintained ATV gear. Set off from the Alcantara Gorges, following dirt tracks in the direction of Castiglione di Sicilia, famous for its winemaking. Stop to admire the breathtaking views of the valley. Continue along the a bike trail to Linguaglossa, where you can see the little volcano of Moio Alcantara which is Etna's farthest crater from the epicenter. Pass by lava flows formed during numerous eruptions.  Climb to Piano Provenzana at an altitude of 1,850 meters for stunning views of the island. Return to your meeting point at the end of your ATV tour. 

Mount Etna: Winery Tour and Tasting

4. Mount Etna: Winery Tour and Tasting

Enjoy a toast with the winery staff on your arrival and try some exquisite white wine right at the start. Follow the sommelier 11 meters underground as they guide you through a tour of the winery. Discover how to perfectly match wine with food. Learn about the history of the winery and about wine production techniques. Pamper your taste buds at the end of your tour with a tasting of four or seven glasses of wine. Pair your wine with a light lunch consisting of cheese, some marinated foods, black Nebrodi pork, and a ricotta cannolo as a dessert.

Catania or Taormina: Guided Hike on Etna, wines and nibbles

5. Catania or Taormina: Guided Hike on Etna, wines and nibbles

Starting from Catania, you will reach Mount Etna. Accompanied by a guide, you will discover its history, from its origins until today, without neglecting the aspects related to fauna and flora that characterize it. We will take you to visit the most beautiful places of the volcano, on the North side, passing from lava flows and extinct craters to breathtaking views, so as to admire the diversity of natural beauty. Equipped with helmet and flashlight, you will continue with the observation of a cave of lava flow: a unique and distinctive conformation of volcanoes, formed during one of the many eruptions, which will allow you to admire a unique spectacle in the world. At the end of the trek, you will go to one of the best wine houses located on the slopes of the volcano. Here, after a visit of the cellar, you can taste the best DOC wines and Etna's specialties, accompanied by an expert guide always at your side.

Linguaglossa: Guided Mt. Etna North and 2002 Craters Hike

6. Linguaglossa: Guided Mt. Etna North and 2002 Craters Hike

Discover the northern side of Etna on a full-day trip from Linguaglossa. Marvel at panoramic views from the Pizzi Deneri Volcanic Observatory, drive up the volcano past volcanic cones, and hike along the lunar-like landscape of Mt. Etna. Hop into a bus equipped to handle the rough mountain terrain and head up Mt. Etna. Follow the Northeast Rift, passing eruptive cones from past and recent eruptions. At 2,900 meters, step out of your bus and into the desolate landscapes of the Piano delle Concazze. Begin your hike and learn about the eruptions that have scarred the area from your guide. Trek for about 10 minutes to reach Valle del Bove and the summit craters. While standing above these deep craters, hear about the 2002 eruption and its devastating impact on the surrounding towns. Continue to the Volcanic Observatory at Pizzi Deneri. See the world from above and spot the Aeolian islands, the coast of Taormina, the coast of Catania, the coast of Calabria, and the Stromboli if weather permits before returning to the foot of the volcano in your bus.

From Linguaglossa: Mount Etna Alpine Skiing Guided Tour

7. From Linguaglossa: Mount Etna Alpine Skiing Guided Tour

Reach the top of Mount Etna on alpine skis and explore various volcanic features like the central crater. Take in beautiful panoramic views of Sicily, visit the volcanological observatory, and enjoy being immersed in nature and fresh air on this daytime alpine ski tour. Start the tour at Piano Provenzana, ascend along the slopes of the area, towards Monte Dagalotto, and finally reach the North-East crater after a possible break in Piano delle Concazze. Visit the summit craters and if the weather is clear take in breathtaking views. Arrive at the Pizzi Deneri volcanological observatory. Visit the central crater, which is divided into Bocca Nuova and Voragine, the South-East Crater, and the North-East Crater, and admire a magnificent panorama of a large part of eastern Sicily, particularly the Ionian coast, and, if the weather permits, up to Calabria and the Aeolian Islands. Continue in the direction of Piano delle Concazze, the Pizzi Deneri volcanological observatory, where you will make a short stop and from where the magnificent descent along Etna's north side begins, towards the tourist center of Piano Provenzana, which will serve as the itinerary's endpoint.

From Linguaglossa: Mt. Etna Bottoniera Craters Trekking Trip

8. From Linguaglossa: Mt. Etna Bottoniera Craters Trekking Trip

Hike around Mount Etna and the Bottoniera Craters on this trip from Linguaglossa. This is a great option for families with children to explore the wildest part of the volcano. Learn about geology while visiting huge craters from the most powerful eruption of the last 100 years. After getting a briefing from your guide, take off from Linguaglossa to start your adventure. Upon arrival, prepare to walk along the edge of giant craters and venture along Mount Etna's historical lava flow while surrounded by lunar and wild landscapes that you will never forget. Cross the endemic forest of the wildest part of Etna, then hike to the top of the craters from where you can take in sweeping views of the landscape with the volcano behind and the sea in front of you.

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This tour was the highlight of our trip! It was so well organized and our guide, Joseph, was very kind and knowledgeable. The ATVs are very easy to ride and and the whole journey was full of beautiful sights and scenery. I highly recommend this tour to anyone looking for an exciting way to tour Mount Etna!! Also, our guide picked us up and dropped us off right at our hotel which was extremely convenient!

Wonderful experience Wine was very good and it was paired with food so delicious Vineyard is in a beautiful location great views. Our tour guide was so much fun and very knowledgeable

It was really fun! Unfortunately one of the quads didn't start anymore in the meantime, but a replacement was delivered immediately. It was really a cool tour.

We had a great time together, had seen a lot new and interesting things and got a lot of information about the Ätna and vulcanos.

Once in a lifetime experience. Best thing I did in Sicily