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Sarajevo: Mostar, Konjic, Počitelj, Sufi House, & Waterfalls

1. Sarajevo: Mostar, Konjic, Počitelj, Sufi House, & Waterfalls

Your Herzegovina Journey Begins As your tour commences, you'll be picked up in Sarajevo and introduced to your licensed tour guide. Relax and enjoy the scenic countryside views on your way to Mostar. A ride through Konjic and Jablanica - a photo stop During your journey to Mostar, we will pass through Konjic, a charming town along the Neretva River known for its picturesque landscapes. Notable highlights include Prenj Mountain and an Ottoman bridge. Enjoy the serene beauty of Jablanicko Lake on the way, and learn about the historical significance of Jablanica, where a ruined old train bridge stands as a witness to the Battle of the Neretva. Wonderfull Kravica Waterfalls visit On the way to Sarajevo, the additional stop is the stunning Kravica Waterfalls. In great weather conditions, you can take a refreshing swim in the crystal-clear waters of Kravica Falls. Počitelj - An Architectural Gem Our next destination is Počitelj, an authentic 16th-century Ottoman town that doubles as an open-air museum. The town's remarkable architecture and scenic location promise an engaging experience. Discover Mostar & The Old Bridge Upon arriving in Mostar, you'll be welcomed by its inviting climate, rich history, and distinctive charm. Our guide will lead you to the Old Town, where the iconic Old Bridge stands as a symbol of 16th-century Ottoman architecture. Discover the bridge's resilience through a poignant video at a local gallery. Enjoy a lunch in Mostar or Blagaj Sufi House Following your exploration of Mostar, your guide will recommend a delightful lunch at a local restaurant or a visit to Blagaj. Blagaj is a picturesque village situated at the source of the crystal-clear Buna River, which emerges from towering cliffs. Visiting the 16th-century Blagaj Tekke, a Sufi house, adds a spiritual dimension to your experience. Drop-off at your accommodation Your day ends with a convenient drop-off at your hotel, leaving you with cherished memories of your Mostar & Herzegovina tour.

Sarajevo: Mostar, Konjic, Blagaj Tekke, Pocitelj & Waterfall

2. Sarajevo: Mostar, Konjic, Blagaj Tekke, Pocitelj & Waterfall

Embark on a magical journey through the historic highlights of Herzegovina. Depart from Sarajevo on a guided tour and explore ancient towns, beautiful waterfalls, and the world-famous Old Bridge of Mostar. Learn about the country's rich history and taste some traditional food. Make your way to the first stop of the day: Konjic, a unique, prehistorically inhabited place from which Herzegovina originates. It is famous for its 17th-century 6-arch Old Bridge and a perfect introduction to the emerald-green Neretva river. From Konjic, continue towards Kravica Falls, a favorite Herzegovinian picnic area and summer swimming spot. Admire the biggest and most beautiful waterfall in the country. During the summertime, jump into the water for a refreshing swim. Move on to the medieval and Ottoman fortified village Počitelj. Take an easy hike towards the Kula, a silo-shaped fort overlooking the village from the top of the hill. Learn about the 15th-century tree that stands tall next to the minaret of the mosque. After a short hike, continue your way to Blagaj, situated at the source of the Buna river. Enter the Dervish House and be amazed at the number of details and craftsmanship. Built at the site of the earlier Bogumil sanctuary in the 16th century, discover Tekke, the perfect spot to learn about the Sufi order. Visit the city of Mostar, known for its old Turkish houses and Old Bridge. Gaze at the architecture, which presents a symbol of tolerance between Muslims, Christians, and Jews. Focus on Mostar’s Old Bridge, Old Bazaar, and Old Town, and hear stories of their heritage. Enjoy an included meal of traditional Bosnian sandwiches, or a vegetarian alternative, before riding back to Sarajevo.

From Dubrovnik: 1-Way Tour to Sarajevo via Mostar and Konjic

3. From Dubrovnik: 1-Way Tour to Sarajevo via Mostar and Konjic

After getting picked up from your hotel, begin the journey across the border into Bosnia and Herzegovina, taking in views of the Croatian coastlines and historic towns along the way. Your first stop will be at the incredible Kravica Falls where you can enjoy a dip in refreshing emerald waters. After your swim, head to the fortified village of Počitelj for a walk to the top of an exhilarating hill where you will be rewarded with panoramic views of the Neretva Valley. Next, head to the gem of Herzegovina, Blagaj. Marvel at the beauty of this monastery located at the base of a cliff and on top of a picturesque lake. You can even take a boat ride into a cave for an authentic local experience. Your next stop is the world-famous city of Mostar. Wander around the city's cobbled streets and small shops to reach the stone masterpiece that is the Old Bridge. Here, enjoy a bite to eat at one of the local restaurants and admire panoramic views of the bridge as you eat before continuing to your next stop. After lunch, continue to one of the oldest towns in the country, Konjic. This city is also famous for its iconic bridge and abundance of surrounding natural beauty. Enjoy some free time to explore the town before continuing to your final destination in Sarajevo.

Sarajevo: Tito's Cold War Bunker Tour

4. Sarajevo: Tito's Cold War Bunker Tour

The bunker is an impressive feat of engineering, designed to withstand nuclear, chemical, and biological attacks. It consists of a network of tunnels and chambers buried deep within the mountain. The complex includes residential areas, conference rooms, communication facilities, and even a hospital. Tito's Bunker remained a well-guarded secret until the breakup of Yugoslavia in the 1990s. This journey is offering visitors a unique glimpse into the Cold War history of the region and the elaborate preparations made during that era for potential conflicts. It stands as a testament to the once-secretive military strategies of the Yugoslav leader.

UNESCO World heritage site: Mostar and amazing Herzegovina

5. UNESCO World heritage site: Mostar and amazing Herzegovina

Explore the picturesque city of Mostar, known for its iconic Ottoman-era bridge, Stari Most, and vibrant bazaar. The tour includes visits to historic sites like the medieval town of Pocitelj, the enchanting Blagaj Tekke, wonderful Konjic, and Jablanica, known for a crucial world-war-two battle that changed the course of the Yugoslav history too. Nature lovers can marvel at the beauty of Kravice Waterfalls and explore the serene landscapes of the Neretva River valley. With a blend of cultural immersion, historical exploration, and natural wonders, a Herzegovina tour promises a memorable and enriching experience.

Mostar: Sarajevo Grand Tour with Tunnel of Hope Museum

6. Mostar: Sarajevo Grand Tour with Tunnel of Hope Museum

The first stop on your tour will be the city of Konjic, one of the oldest towns in the country with archaeological traces dating back 4,000 years. The written documents date way back from 14th century, but the appearance of the town as it stands today started to form once the Ottomans came onto the scene. Utilizing a well-maintained road, you will then weave through a landscape of beautiful Bosnian canyons, mountains, lakes, and historic towns to reach Sarajevo. Your second stop is the most famous museum: the Tunnel of Hope. There you will learn about the position of the museum and its famous mark in front of the entrance named "Sarajevo Rose". After seeing a short movie, a 1-hour long presentation starts which will explain the fall of Yugoslavia, the war in Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the creation and importance of the tunnel.  Following the tunnel, you'll advance towards the 1984 Olympics mountain of Trebević. It is the closest mountain to the center of Sarajevo and was part of the front line during the siege of Sarajevo. At this site you will have the opportunity to see and walk on the former bobsleigh and luge track, experiencing the most beautiful panoramic views of Sarajevo which unfortunately were also the main positions of the enemy army.   Just under the Trebevic Mountain lies the second-largest Jewish cemetery in Europe. The cemetery contains unique-shaped tombstones that can only be seen in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is believed their shape is influenced by medieval Bosnian tombstones named "Stecak". Once finished with the Jewish Cemetery, you will head to Sarajevo Old Town for a traditional Bosnian lunch. Following lunch the best way to explore the city is a walking tour. Your tour guide will accentuate to you a combination of Oriental, European, and Yugoslav influences, which create uniqueness and beauty seen nowhere else but Sarajevo. You'll see Muslim, Catholic Christian, Orthodox Christian, and Jewish architecture just a few minutes away from each other, whilst listening to Muslim calls to prayer at the same time as the sound of bells from nearby churches. You'll learn about the assassination that triggered World War I, as well as how Muslims and Jews protected each other through the different wars. At the conclusion of your scenic and education experience, it will be time to return to Mostar.

Dubrovnik: Sarajevo 1-way via Mostar, Blagaj, Pocitelj

7. Dubrovnik: Sarajevo 1-way via Mostar, Blagaj, Pocitelj

Take advantage of the day with a transfer from Dubrovnik to Sarajevo. Swap the headaches of bus, or train-hopping for the ease and comfort of an air-conditioned vehicle with a driver-guide, and soak in the views over rural Herzegovina on the way before stopping at must-sees such as Mostar, Blagaj, and the Kravice waterfalls. Depart from Dubrovnik in the morning. On the way to Sarajevo, stop in the charming town of Konjic, famous for its Old Bridge. The next stop is in Mostar, one of the most important cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. See the UNESCO-protected Old Bridge. Located in the heart of the city, it is a strong symbol of history, and one of the country's most recognizable landmarks. Then go to Blagaj, a haven of peace and natural harmony. The Blagaj Tekke or the Dervish Monastery that you'll see is an important monument of the early Ottoman period in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The third stop is in Pocitelj, a medieval and Ottoman-Mediterranean wonder of nature and architecture, a place like no other. Afterward, discover the Kravice waterfalls, located on the Trebižat River. It is like a mini version of Niagara Falls, hidden in the Balkans. At the end of the day, you'll arrive in Sarajevo.

Sarajevo: One-Way Tour to Dubrovnik via Mostar

8. Sarajevo: One-Way Tour to Dubrovnik via Mostar

Meet your guide in front of your accommodation and, after a short introduction, begin your journey to Croatia. Travel through a network of well-maintained roads that weave through a landscape of beautiful Bosnian canyons, mountains, lakes and historic towns. Arrive in the region of Herzegovina and the first stop of the tour, the town of Konjic. Discover one of the oldest towns in the country with archaeological traces dating back 4,000 years. Explore the town and see the famous Stone Bridge built in the 17th century. Next, make your way to the famous town of Mostar. Wander down the picturesque cobblestone streets, arriving at the spectacular Old Bridge which crosses the Neretva River, and allows for fantastic photo opportunities. Continue the journey with a short drive to the town of Blagaj, which has a history dating back to the Romans. See the tekke, a beautiful former whirling dervish house and historic Sufi monastery, built on the side of a river spring.  After Blagaj, enter the beautiful medieval Ottoman stone-constructed village of Počitelj. Visit the silo-shaped fort overlooking the village from the top of the hill, and enjoy the fantastic views. Finally, make the last stop is outstanding natural attraction of the Kravica Falls. Visit the location where the Trebižat River suddenly becomes a broad 26-28 meter-high cascade falling into an emerald pool. This incredibly popular location is a perfect spot for taking a refreshing swim in beautiful surroundings. Finally, be transferred to Dubrovnik, where you will be dropped off at your hotel.

Sarajevo: Tito's Bunker Museum & Konjic City Guided Tour

9. Sarajevo: Tito's Bunker Museum & Konjic City Guided Tour

The Bunker is a real miracle of construction, complex for a special purpose – in case a catastrophe happened, Tito and his closest associates would be sheltered here. The Ark is the largest nuclear shelter, and one of the largest underground facilities, ever built in the former Yugoslavia. This 6500 square meter bunker was one of the most expensive structures in the former Yugoslavia – there was an incredible $4.6 billion spent on this project. With our local guide, you will discover that took 26 years to build it (from 1953 to 1979) and it was completely designed to withstand nuclear war and shelter communist leaders and army generals. Its air conditioning system, power generator, toilets, etc are still working and the water container cistern is filled with fresh water. In March 1992, during the breakup of Yugoslavia, the JNA ordered the demolition of the Bunker, but the military detachment refused to carry out the order and instead surrendered the structure to the Bosnian government. Tito’s Bunker now serves as a meeting point for artists from the region, Europe, and the world, so you will be able to see some very interesting and unique artworks. After the visit to Tito’s Bunker, we will go to the Konjic city center and talk about its most recognizable landmark – Konjic Old Bridge. This beautiful bridge was connecting the banks of the Neretva River for centuries. Time for your own activities, lunch, and coffee will be organized per request.

Sarajevo: Mostar, Konjic, Blagaj tekke, Počitelj&Waterfall

10. Sarajevo: Mostar, Konjic, Blagaj tekke, Počitelj&Waterfall

It is impossible not to include Herzegovina as an essential part of every visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as, to other countries of former Yugoslavia. Sightseeing tour of Herzegovina includes visits to Konjic, Mostar, Počitelj, waterfall Kravice (optional part) and Blagaj. We will set off from Sarajevo at 8 a.m. First stop takes place in Konjic. This beautiful, little city, adorned by river Neretva and its amazing bridge, is always an excellent choice for a short break, breakfast and coffee. After that, our tour continues through Jablanica, all the way to Mostar, which we will skip for now and pay it a proper visit on our way back from following destination - Počitelj. You can also enjoy the sight of the famous fortress of Počitelj before we return to Mostar, where we will spend the most of our time. You will have an opportunity to learn about historical backgound, visit the Old Bridge and the old part of Mostar. Our final stop for the day will be Blagaj. Even though, this place is renowned for the famous Dervish House, still the river Buna and surrounding landscapes make it a must see place during your stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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The excursion was fantastic! Adnan was very cultured and answered a lot of questions. Mostar was superb, we would have spent the whole day there if we could. The Kravica Falls were stunning, the village of Počitelj was adorable and Blagaj Tekken was impressive. The weather was also much sunnier in the South than in Sarajevo. And the sandwiches were good. Car journeys can seem quite long, however, especially since you don't hear much from the back of the vehicle...

Today I fell absolutely in love with the richness of Bosnia. The natural beauty discovered in a day, with our most excellent guide Amer, has refreshed, amazed, humbled, wowed and inspired me. The Mostar day tour is a must for anyone hoping to feel Bosnia and go away with a wealth of knowledge for a country that’s survived and thrived some of the most awful times in modern day history. Thank you so much for a fabulous day.

Best experience ever! This tour is a real introspective about how Bosnia and Herzegovina, that everyone MUST do. Adis, our guide, was the loveliest and the most professional. He was the real representation of the welcoming and kind heart of the Sarajevo people. unforgetable

I had super amazing experience! view was so beautiful and explanation of guide was very clear. if you wanna make wonderful memories in Bosnia, you should join this activity!!

everithing was just amaizing, thank you verry much.