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Kanto Region, Japan Cooking classes

Our most recommended Kanto Region, Japan Cooking classes

Tokyo: Sushi Making Class

1. Tokyo: Sushi Making Class

The Japanese traditional dish has become more and more popular in the world and there is an infinite combinations of ingredients and styles in sushi preparation. Once you learn the basic sushi making, you might as well try creating new type with your idea using your local ingredients. So enjoy making Sushi with local lady instructors who speak English. This class covers some types of typical sushi such as Nigiri, Inari and Sushi Rolls. The class size is limited to 8, ensuring you will receive one-by-one attention. The instructors are always on hand to assist you, so feel free to ask any questions.

Tokyo: Private Japanese Cooking Class with a Local Chef

2. Tokyo: Private Japanese Cooking Class with a Local Chef

Cooking local food is the best way to get to know Japanese culture. Learn how to cook these meals at a little cute apartment in Shinjuku. The menu changes depending on the day of the week. You will cook one of the menus below with 2 to 4 items. The weekly menu schedule is below: SUNDAY, MONDAY, TUEDAY (Morning class : 10:30AM-1PM / Evening class : 6PM-8:30PM ) Standard meal days - Menu: teishoku, donburi, obento, tonjiru and rice ball WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY (Morning class : 10:30AM-1PM / Evening class : 6PM-8:30PM ) Heavy food days - Menu: curry rice, okonomiyaki, gyoza, ramen, rice burger, kara-age, yakisoba. SATURDAY (Morning class : 10:30AM-1PM / Evening class : 6PM-8:30PM ) Real home-sushi day - Menu: temaki-sushi, bara-chirashi-sushi. An optional short trip (1PM-3:30PM) takes place everyday after the morning class. You will go to several amazing places which are not found in your guide books.

Tokyo: Tsukiji Market Walking Tour & Rolled Sushi Class

3. Tokyo: Tsukiji Market Walking Tour & Rolled Sushi Class

Get to know seafood's impact on Japanese cuisine on a guided tour of the Tsukiji Outer Fish Market and during a sushi rolling class. Meet your guide and tour the Tsukiji Outer Fish Market and experience its lively and messy and charmingly authentic atmosphere. Follow your guide and learn interesting things about the market and about Japanese seafood cuisine. Then, continue to the cooking school and learn how to prepare some of the most typical Washoku (traditional dishes) at Japan’s largest cooking school. Prepare authentic dishes, such as rolled sushi, Temari sushi, egg omelet, and miso soup. A professional instructor will show you various cooking techniques. Finish your experience by enjoying your creations for lunch.

Tokyo: Wagyu & Kaiseki Cooking Class

4. Tokyo: Wagyu & Kaiseki Cooking Class

Enjoy cooking and savoring Kaiseki course meal and Wagyu beef steak! Kaiseki is authenthic Japanese haute-cuisine featuring seasonal produce and presentation. Using various method of cooking, you will cook 7-8 admired dishes. Friendly local instructors are around you to assist sharing tips and culture that accompany every dish. Afterwards, enjoy what you have prepared and taste of juicy delicate Wagyu beef.  

Exclusive Tokyo Ramen Kitchen Experience

5. Exclusive Tokyo Ramen Kitchen Experience

Make delicious ramen in a real ramen shop. This ramen shop also happens to be one of Tokyo's best, having won several awards. You will feel like a true ramen chef during this unique experience. You will even get to see the giant pot of broth where all the magic starts. Like a pro, you will ladle the broth (seasoning and soup), massage the noodles ("temomi"), and then comes most fun part - shake the water out of the ramen noodles in a “tebo”. From here, you will place the noodles into the broth and then add toppings and arrange as you like. Finally, you will of course get to eat your ramen creation.

Tokyo: Tsukiji Market Guided Tour & Sushi-Making Experience

6. Tokyo: Tsukiji Market Guided Tour & Sushi-Making Experience

Join a guided foodie experience that is a mix of a local market tour and a cooking class. Walk through the Tsukiji Market glistening with fresh fish, and find out where top chefs go shopping. Then, take part in a sushi-making masterclass with an instructor, with all ingredients included. Start by meeting your guide and venturing into the streets of Tsukiji Outer Market, Japan's most famous market and once the largest seafood market in the world. Browse through a colorful variety of freshly sliced sashimi, dried seaweed, fruits, vegetables, tuna, and other cooking items on sale. Walk past expert merchants at work and visit the stores where Michelin-star chefs buy their produce. Learn about the history of this fascinating area from your guide. After getting familiar with the market, purchase fresh fish for your sushi-making experience. Then, take public transportation to travel to a state-of-the-art kitchen. Learn what goes behind making nigiri sushi (traditional hand-rolled sushi), hosomaki sushi (thin sushi rolls), and gunkanmaki sushi (sushi wrapped in nori seaweed with a soft topping of your choice). After learning about the history of the cuisine and hygiene techniques, it's time to get to work. Make your own under the supervision of an expert instructor. Finally, get introduced to Japanese dining etiquette and sit down to enjoy the rich taste of your own handmade sushi.

Sushi-Making Experience

7. Sushi-Making Experience

Experience Japanese culture in Tokyo with a sushi making workshop. Discover the history of sushi and practise the basics of making beautiful and artistic rolls. Sit down with your sushi for a meal and learn traditional dining etiquette. Make your way to the Kiaki Shinko Kaikan building to meet your friendly chef and group for the day. Enjoy a brief overview of sushi in Japanese culture before getting the ingredients ready. Watch a quick demonstration and practise the basic methods with the help of the experts. Learn to make three delicious types of sushi: nigiri zushi, gunkan maki, and hosomaki zushi. Finish making your photo-worthy sushi and take a seat at the table. Treat your tastebuds to delicious flavors with sushi condiments and take part in Japanese dining etiquette.

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Satoru-san is an amazing instructor! Great conversations and all around very thoughtful and carefully curated lesson for individuals with various preferences. Would highly recommend this activity to all individuals from any skill levels. Thank you Satoru-san! どうもありがとうございます

I can’t believe we cooked this ramen and it’s so good. Learned good stuff from this experience. Thank you Sato for being patient with us. Would definitely do this again in our next visit

Zen activity Very instructive Good time to share with the family Very friendly Yuki and Hiromi

We are a family of 5 (kids are 15, 13, 11) and we absolutely loved this activity.

It was a lot of fun and everything tasted good in the end. Super warm.