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Kampen: Escape Tour - Self-Guided Citygame

1. Kampen: Escape Tour - Self-Guided Citygame

With the Escape Tour Kampen you dive back in time to the beginning of the second world war. You will get to know the father of the artificial organs. His name is Willem Johan Kolff and he is known as one of the most important medics of the twentieth century. This informative Escape Tour Kampen takes you through the history of this beautiful city. Choose your starting time with your teammates, beginning at anytime day or night. Make your way across the city, checking off tasks to find all the clues you need to reach the secret passage. As you search for clues, marvel at the beautiful sights of the town. Walk past the Broederpoort, wander through the lovely streets and keep an eye out for the many historic buildings in the city center. Work quickly, and you and your team could set the record for the fastest tour. Good luck!

Private Tour of Giethoorn (Dutch Venice) & Batavia Land

2. Private Tour of Giethoorn (Dutch Venice) & Batavia Land

Giethoorn: You have probably heard of Giethoorn and seen the photos. Giethoorn certainly meets the hype where you can enjoy a lovely walk (15 KM of walking space) admiring the grand houses, a bicycle ride, or a boat ride which is a must. Giethoorn village is located about 120 KM's from Amsterdam. It takes 90 minutes to drive to the place. A fairy tale place that you can visit in real life, it will leave you impressed. Kampen: After Giethoorn, we will visit Kampen (optional) a charming town with a medieval feel to it. One of the Hanseatic cities of Europe, Kampen is famous for its old monuments and some are over 500 years old and full of old-world charm. Batavia Land: We will drive to Batavia Land after Kampen which takes about 45 minutes. Housing the replica of the famous 'Batavia' ship, which sank in the 17th century near Australia, Batavia Land will let you experience a very historic piece of the old world. Witness the restoration process of old ships and relive the 17th-century Dutch Age of Exploration. 'Batavia Stad', the famous shopping center is also located in the same area and you can visit the same to do some shopping. After the visit, we will drive to Amsterdam which takes about 1 hour.

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