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From Tbilisi: Rainbow Mountain & David Gareja Monastery Trip

1. From Tbilisi: Rainbow Mountain & David Gareja Monastery Trip

Immerse yourself in Georgian history and culture on a guided day trip from Tbilisi. Visit the impressive David Gareja Monastery and Rainbow Mountains. Explore the mountainous region and visit a stunning salt lake. The first place where you can stop to stock up on snacks for the trip. The second stop is at a salty lake, where you have an outstanding possibility to take some nice pictures. After the lake, we continue driving through Udabno Village, which translated as a desert. The area where you will be traveling is the only semidesert Georgia has, and it's more than amazing to see how diverse Georgian nature is. You will start walking toward the famous Rainbow Mountains at the end of the drive. The most impressive feature of the landscape is the mineral-rich sedimentary rock, which looks like it’s been painted with brightly colored stripes. It’s possible to hike through the Rainbow Mountains, which astonish visitors with their colors. You will walk through the Rainbow Mountains, take many mesmerizing pictures, and prepare for the David Gareji Lavra historical tour. David Gareji Monastery Complex is one of the most spiritual places in the country. You will hear the stories of the monastery, do a bit of hiking and see a Georgian soldier at the border of Georgia and Azerbaijan. It’s believed that St. David chose this isolated location because he wanted his Disciples to lead a life of holiness independent from the rest of society. After David Gareji Lavra, you will return to Tbilisi and finish the tour at 5 pm.

Tbilisi: David Gareji & Real Rainbow Mountains 4WD Adventure

2. Tbilisi: David Gareji & Real Rainbow Mountains 4WD Adventure

Experience the unmatched beauty of Georgia's landscapes from the comfort of an SUV, navigating a unique route that regular bus tours can't offer. Our small-group tour guarantees personalized attention and ample space, making your trip to the David Gareji and St John Monasteries and Rainbow Mountains an intimate, unforgettable adventure. Departing from Tbilisi, start your journey with a low-difficulty 1-hour walk among the colorful hills around the Mravaltskaro lake. This is one of the best places in Georgia for bird watching, and specialists from all over the world come here during the season. If you don't want to hike, you can just enjoy the beauty of the area and snap some great photos.  Next, head to the monastery of St. John the Baptist, a cave monastery founded in the 6th century in the desert. Get acquainted with the lives of the monks who live here and visit the church and tower which are built in the cave. You can even see the border with Azerbaijan from the tower.  Finally, head to the first monastery in the desert, David Gareja Lavra. On the way back to Tbilisi, stop for lunch at an Oasis Club restaurant at Udabno, nestled amidst the panoramic vistas. Unlike larger tours, we value your comfort and culinary experience, ensuring that every meal is more than just sustenance, but a moment to relish the local cuisine. The tour culminates with a delightful tasting of local Georgian wines, introducing you to the rich flavors and traditions of Georgian viticulture. Our 4WD tour ensures a smooth and exciting journey, far from the crowded buses and bunch of tourists. So why settle for a regular tour when you can experience real adventure and see the hidden treasures of Kakheti in exclusivity? Book now and embark on the adventure of a lifetime..

Tusheti Thrill: Limited-Time Mountain Escape 3 day tour

3. Tusheti Thrill: Limited-Time Mountain Escape 3 day tour

Venture into the heart of the majestic Caucasus Mountains and uncover the hidden treasure that is Tusheti. This 3-day small group tour from Tbilisi is an exclusive opportunity to explore a remote region that is accessible by car for only three months a year. With its unspoiled nature, fewer tourists, and an atmosphere that is pure and invigorating, Tusheti is a destination that appeals to the soul. As you make your way through the rugged terrains in a 4WD vehicle, prepare to be captivated by the breathtaking mountain views that surround you. The air is crisp, the skies are a canvas of a million stars, and the silence is punctuated only by the whispers of the wind. Day 1: Depart from Tbilisi and ascend into the mountains to reach the ancient village of Omalo. Here, you will witness a way of life that has remained unchanged for centuries. The Keselo Fortress stands as a sentinel, guarding the secrets of this land. Day 2: Delve into the Tusheti National Park, where the verdant forests and alpine meadows beckon. The villages of Dartlo and Parsma are jewels nestled in the mountains. The stone towers and slate-roofed houses speak of a rich cultural heritage. Day 3: Visit Shenako, home to the Holy Trinity Church, and breathe in the spirituality that permeates the air. As you make your way back to Tbilisi, the mountains will bid you a silent farewell. Throughout this journey, you will meet the people of Tusheti - the guardians of this land. Their hospitality is warm, and their hearts are open. The local cuisine is a melody of flavors that are as rich and varied as the culture. For the adventurous at heart, there is an option to explore the landscapes on horseback. Imagine riding through the meadows with the wind in your hair and freedom at your fingertips. This is not just a tour; it's an experience that will resonate with you long after you have left. It's an invitation to connect with a land that is raw, pure, and untamed. It's a call to the heart for those who seek more than just a destination. Availability is limited. Make the best decision of your life and secure your spot on this unforgettable journey. Tusheti is waiting for you.

Tbilisi: David Gareja and Colorful hills of Semi-desert

4. Tbilisi: David Gareja and Colorful hills of Semi-desert

Enjoy a safe drive through the beautiful and uninhabited areas of South East Georgia, where we will turn one hour after the start of the tour. The road goes through farmlands and you can stop and take pictures against the backdrop of the lake and fields. You will pass through the only inhabited small place called Udabno, which means desert in Georgian. It is a settlement of Svan eco-migrants. After 20-minute drive from there you will reach to one of the most important religious historical sites. Visit the rock-cut monastery complex from the sixth century. The founder of the monastic life is the monk David, after whom this place was named. Have a short trekking through the uphill to get near the cave of saint water. Living caves of monks can be seen in the courtyard of the monastery. After this exciting place, it is possible to walk along the footpaths on the colorful hills. It is especially beautiful in sunny weather when the colors are more pronounced. The most impressive is the walk between the hills on the lower paths. Upon returning to Tbilisi, you can enjoy dinner and wine tasting.

From Tbilisi: David Gareja Monastery and Sighnaghi Tour

5. From Tbilisi: David Gareja Monastery and Sighnaghi Tour

In the morning, the guide and driver will pick you up from your accommodation in Tbilisi (if you choose the private option). Then, head to the desert where the main complex David Gareja lavra is located via the Kakhetian highway. The complex was established in the 6th century AD by one of the 13 Assyrian monks and expanded through the centuries. Here, have a tour of the rainbow mountains and monastery. On your way to Sighnaghi, you’ll visit the Bodbe monastery. The monastery is one of the major pilgrimage sites in Georgia, due to its association with St. Nino, the 4th-century female evangelist in Georgia. In Sighnaghi, a small town surrounded by 18th-century defensive walls and remnants of fortifications, take a relaxing walk in the town, explore the defensive wall and fortifications, and enjoy the views of Alazani Valley. In the evening, drive back to your place of stay or Europe Square in Tbilisi.

David Gareji Semi-Desert monastery

6. David Gareji Semi-Desert monastery

Start your tour by arriving at the meeting place at Liberty Square in central Tbilisi where you will meet your guide and board a comfortable minivan. Set off on a 2.5-hour drive towards David Gareji monastery located 70km away in the Kakheti region of the south-eastern part of the country.  On the way, stop in the village of Udabno and see the few inhabitants who live there having resettled from the mountainous region of Svaneti. Then, continue on to David Gareji. When you arrive, first explore the old caves and the monastery which is still active even today. Soak up the peaceful atmosphere of this isolated place away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Learn about how this building is known as the 'Lavra', which means the principal monastery amongst the religious complex. Then, hike up to the first dwelling of Saint David, the founder of the monastery. See the main church where he is buried and admire the exceptional views. Finally, return to the minibus and begin your return transfer back to Tbilisi where the tour concludes.

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It was a wonderful day, I was lucky enough to join the group trip that only has two people, so it feels like a private tour. The weather was beautiful that makes a fun day. Though the lunch was not included in the fee, I really like the restaurant arranged on the way, it’s one of the best I’ve visited in Georgia.

Excellent tour, great driver and stunning landscape. Definitely worth it! Special thank you our amazing guide Mimi who made our tour even more amazing !

Amazing short trip! The guide Mimi was very passionate and helpful! The rainbow mountains are nice but the history about monastery is great! Worth it

Everything was great! Punctuality Driver Excellent guide Wonderful experience

excellent adventure tour combined with Georgian culture and nature