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Our most recommended Ihlara Valley Private tours

From Istanbul: 2-Day Trip to Cappadocia w/Balloon+Cave Hotel

1. From Istanbul: 2-Day Trip to Cappadocia w/Balloon+Cave Hotel

The adventure starts when we pick you up from the airport in Cappadocia. (NAV or ASR airports) Then, we'll take you to your hotel to drop your bags, (you won't be able to check in, before 2 p.m.) and start your Cappadocia tour around 10.00 a.m. The tour will include a visit to Göreme panoramic viewpoint, Göreme open air museum, a local pottery workshop, Devrent (imagination) valley and some optional stops, depending on the timing and general availability. At the end of the day, return to the hotel for an unforgettable night sleeping in a cave room Day 2 starts with a sunrise balloon ride at Soğanlı Valley. Afterwards, return to the hotel for breakfast and check out. The tour will include Pigeon valley viewpoint at Uçhisar, Kaymaklı underground city, and Ihlara canyon. Once the tour finishes, we will take you back to your hotel. Our services will end with transfer to the airport in Cappadocia. (NAV or ASR airports)

From Istanbul: 3-Day Cappadocia Tour with Balloon Ride

2. From Istanbul: 3-Day Cappadocia Tour with Balloon Ride

The experience will starts when we pick you up from one of the airports in Cappadocia ((NAV or ASR airports) Our Cappadocia tour will start with Göreme panorama, where we'll have the opportunity to explain how Cappadocia come into existence as we know it. Then we will drive to Göreme open air museum, to explore this grand religious complex and it's famous cave churches. We will continue our tour with a visit to Devrent valley, to let our imagination run wild and trying to figure out which rock looks like what. Then we will pay a visit to town of Avanos for lunch. A visit to a pottery workshop is necessary while in Avanos, so we'll get into one, and let our hands get dirty with clay. With the end of the tour, we will take you to your hotel, to relax and get ready for tomorrow. After getting a good nights sleep, you'll need to get up quite early for a hot air balloon flight at sunrise, at Soğanlı Valley. Your pick up vehicle should arrive pre-dawn and all you have to do is getting into the car and let us take you to your balloon basket. After flying for 1-hour and landing, you'll celebrate it with a champagne toast, as tradition dictates. After that, we will take you to the hotel and you'll have brief time window to have your breakfast before your van arrives for the second part of your tour. Now we're going south, mainly Kaymaklı underground city, and Ihlara valley. Our first stop is Pigeon Valley at the town of Uçhisar. We'll have some time to talk about the pigeons of the region and the Uçhisar castle. This stop will also give us excellent opportunities to take excellent photos. Then we will hit the road once again, to see Kaymaklı underground city, it literally is a city, but underground; with it's living areas, stables, kitchens, places of worship, cellars and even cemeteries. After spending enough time at the Underground City, we will drive approximately 1 hour to Ihlara valley. Once we reach there we will descent into the valley trough stairs and start admiring this unique place. This visit will include at least a 3,5 km hike, so better be prepared. Once we get what we want from this lovely canyon. We will stop by the little stream of Belisrıma which goes trough the canyon, for a lunch. Our last point of visit will be Selime monastery, the biggest religious building in entire Cappadocia. With the end of the tour, we will take you back to your hotel. On the third day, following your breakfast, we will once again come for you; to take you to the airport for your flight back to İstanbul.

Full-Day Small Group Cappadocia Green Tour

3. Full-Day Small Group Cappadocia Green Tour

Begin your full-day tour with spectacular views over Göreme from Esentepe. Admire the panorama of the Göreme Valley and village with its fairy chimneys, rock formations and cave houses. Visit Derinkuyu Underground City and explore unique rooms including stables, cellars, storage areas, refectories, churches and wineries. On the second floor see the missionary school and study rooms. Travel to the Ihlara Valley, where you’ll see more than 100 rock-carved churches and houses lining the gorge. Walk along the river. Discover hidden churches. Relax by the river at Belisirma village and enjoy lunch. After lunch continue on to the Selime Monastery, which was featured in Star Wars.

Cappadocia: Highlights Private Day Tour with Lunch

4. Cappadocia: Highlights Private Day Tour with Lunch

Enjoy a private day trip to all of the main sites in Cappadocia. Explore the region’s jagged valleys and rock formations, with endless photo opportunities. Stop for a buffet lunch beside a river in the lush Ihlara valley. Admire views of the Fairy Chimneys from a lookout in Love Valley. After pickup in the morning, drive to Devrent valley, known for its surreal rock formations, and stop for a tour of the nearby town of Avanos. Continue to Ihlara valley and descend the 394 stairs into its verdant gorge. Walk beside a tranquil river here and stop to enjoy a buffet lunch. As you go, listen to stories about the region from your guide. Reach the Güvercinlik valley in the afternoon and explore the thousands of tiny pigeon holes carved into the soft rock.  The final stop is at Love Valley, where you can look out of the famous pillars of rock known as the Fairy Chimneys and capture some stunning photos of the landscape. Following this, you will be dropped off back at your accommodation.

Cappadocia 2-Day Tour with Hot Air Balloon from Istanbul

5. Cappadocia 2-Day Tour with Hot Air Balloon from Istanbul

Start at 5.30AM with a pick-up from your hotel in Istanbul and transfer to Istanbul airport. Take a flight to Cappadocia where you will be met upon arrival and transferred to your hotel to check-in. At 9.30AM, begin your tour of Cappadocia and visit sites including the Uçhisar Castle viewpoint, Göreme Open Air Museum, and Cavusin old village. Enjoy a lunch in Avanos and watch a pottery demonstration. See the Paşabağı Fairy Chimneys, Devrent Valley (magic valley), Urgup fairy chimneys and Urgup Carpet Factory. After the first day, spend the night in a boutique-style hotel. After breakfast, you will be picked up at 5.30AM for a hot air balloon tour. Take a chance to stop back at the hotel afterward before beginning the tour again at 9.30AM to see the Göreme panaromic view. Here, learn about the geological and historical background of the city, then visit Derinkuyu Underground City which was constructed as a temporary shelter against invasions and raids. Take a small hike in the Ihlara Valley, followed by a lunch break in Belisirma village. At Yaprakhisar Panorama, visit Selime Monastry, and marvel at all the different sections of a monastry in one composition. Finally, end your with a pigeon valley and onyx demonstration. Fly from Kayseri to Istanbul at 8.25PM and arrive in Istanbul at 9.55PM where you be transferred back to your hotel to end the program.

From Cappadocia: Private Ihlara Canyon Green Day Tour

6. From Cappadocia: Private Ihlara Canyon Green Day Tour

•Pickup from your hotel around 09.30am from Cappadocia hotels •First stop is Göreme Panorama viewpoint where you will be astounded by one of the best views in the Cappadocia. The guide will explain just how this amazing landscape came into existence in Cappadocia. •Derinkuyu Underground City is the biggest and deepest underground settlement in Cappadocia, dating back to 7th-8th centuries. Walk down 8 levels which are each interconnected by narrow tunnels and stone-carved stairways. See the winery, church, kitchens, food storage areas and animal stalls while your guide gives you an insight into their daily life. •Selime Cathedral is the biggest rock-carved monastery in the region and was once home to Hittite, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman civilizations. •Enjoy a Turkish kebab-style lunch at a riverside restaurant in Ihlara Valley. • After lunch, take an easy 4km walk (approx. 1 hour) along the river through the deep Ihlara Valley canyon, scattered with cave churches carved by early Christian monks. •A final stop at a stunning viewpoint in Uçhisar overlooking the infamous Pigeon Valley and see the pigeon houses carved from the stone by ancient inhabitants

Cappadocia to Konya, Pamukkale and Ephesus Tour

7. Cappadocia to Konya, Pamukkale and Ephesus Tour

Day 1: You will be met at the airport, either Nevsehir or Kayseri before a delivery to your hotel in Cappadocia. This hotel will be a 4 star or boutique hotel, including a breakfast and lunch. Day 2: First day in Cappadocia, a hotel transfer will pick you up at 9:15 AM, seeing Uchisar, Goreme Open Air Museum, Cavusin, Avanos, Pasabagi Fairy Chimneys, Devrent Valley and Urgup. 5:30 PM you will arrive back to your hotel. Optional Hot Air Balloon tour 120 Euro, per person, extra.  Day 3: Second day in Cappadocia, leaving your hotel at 9:15 AM, to visit Goreme Panorama sights. Afterwards you will see the underground city, Ihlara Valley and Selime Monostry. Finishing the tour for the day at 5:30 PM, you will be driven to the next accommodation at Konya, arriving around 8:00 PM. The accommodation will be a 4 star hotel with breakfast and lunch.  Day 4: Starting at 9:00 AM, first visiting the Tomb of Rumi in the Museum of Mevlana, which is an important place of pilgrimage for Muslims. Then to visit the Ottoman-era Sultan Selim Mosque before having a lunch in a traditional Turkish restaurant. Once lunch is finished, you will be driven to Aladdin Hill, and then drive to Pamukkale. Hotel drop off will be around 9:00 PM in a 4 star Pamukkale hotel with breakfast and lunch. Day 5: Starting your day at 9:30, visiting the red springs in the nearby village of Karahayit. Entering then Hierapolis from the North Gate, on to then Necropolis, Bath and Basilica, Frontinius Gate, Frontinius Street, Latrina, Northern Byzantine Gate, Fountain of the Tritons and the Temple of Apollo. There will be free time to swim in the Cleopatra Antique Thermal Pool (admission fee extra). The tour will finish with at the Hierapolis portion of your adventure with a visit to the large and well-preserved Theatre. You will be driven to Kusadasi for the night, arriving at your 4 star hotel at around 8:00 PM in Ephesus, with breakfast and lunch included. Day 6: Starting at 9:30 AM, you will see the House of Virgin Mary. Then you will see the Ancient Ephesus and Temple of Artemis (Diana). Your tour will finish at 5:30 PM at your hotel.  Day 7: You will be picked up from your hotel at 9:30 AM, to see the Pergamon Acropolis and Asclepion, an ancient hospital, health centre and propylaeum of the Temple of Athena. The close of the tour will be a transfer to either the Izmir airport or Kusadasi bus station. 

Cappadocia Private Tour with Car & Guide

8. Cappadocia Private Tour with Car & Guide

Underground cities are subterranean complexes, often consisting of tunnels, chambers, and various facilities, built beneath the surface of the Earth. They have been constructed throughout history for various reasons, including protection from natural disasters, military purposes, religious practices, and as places of refuge during times of conflict or persecution. Ihlara Valley, also known as Ihlara Canyon or Ihlara Gorge, is a picturesque natural attraction located in the Cappadocia region of Turkey. It is known for its stunning natural beauty, historic rock-cut churches, and a refreshing river that flows through the gorge. Selime Monastery, also known as Selime Cathedral, is an impressive historical and religious site located in the Cappadocia region of central Turkey. It is one of the largest and most well-known rock-cut monasteries in the area, known for its unique architectural features and stunning surroundings. Pigeon Valley is another captivating natural wonder in the Cappadocia region of central Turkey, known for its unique rock formations and historical significance.

Cappadocia: Private Day Tour with a Local Guide

9. Cappadocia: Private Day Tour with a Local Guide

Go back in time as you learn about the history of Cappadocia on this guided day tour. Explore historical sites, have lunch at a local restaurant, and see the magnificent Selime Monastery all in one day. After meeting your guide, commence your tour by discovering the underground city in Cappadocia that was once a refuge for thousands of Christians. See the ancient bedrooms, church, meeting hall, and food storage rooms in this eight-story city connected by 30 kilometers of corridors and passageways. Then, head over to the Ihlara Valley, a deep and narrow river gorge cut by the Melendiz River. It is a great trekking route for those who enjoy trekking. You can also marvel at the churches, monasteries, and cells of anchorites found in it. Afterward, have lunch at a local restaurant on the Melendez River. Lastly, finish your tour at Selime. Visit the Selime Monastery, which is the largest of the many rock-cut religious buildings in the Cappadocia region. Learn about the story of the monastery and walk around Selime village before driving back to your hotel.

Cappadocia: Green Tour Private

10. Cappadocia: Green Tour Private

We start our tour first from Göreme Panorama. Göreme panorama is one of the places where you can see the mystical structure of the unique fairy chimneys of Kapdokya. Here you will have the opportunity to take unique photos. Our second destination is underground city. The underground city, which was built with eight floors by the Christian world and still preserves the mystery of the living spaces created to protect it from the persecution of the Roman Empire, is like a veil of secrets. Here you will be able to learn very important historical information about cultures and civilizations. The first floor is dated to the early period. During the Roman and Byzantine periods, it was transformed into the present underground city by carving and expanding other areas. Our third destination is Ihlara Valley. We will reach Belisırma village by walking around the Melendiz River in the canyon of Ihlara Valley, where you will integrate with nature. One of the most striking features of the Ihlara Valley is that it reminds the Black Sea with its greenery and vegetation. At the end of the walk, we will take a lunch break by the river. After dinner, we move to Selime Monastery. Selime Monastery (Cathedral), our fourth destination, is located at the exit of the Ihlara Valley. Selime Monastery was built as a two-story and was the biggest monastery of Cappadocia. Selime Cathedral bears traces of Byzantine art and has hosted clergy here throughout history. You will be able to get detailed information about churches, chapels, and caravans in Selime monastery. Our last destination point in our tour is Güvercinlik Valley. You will be able to see rock-carved pigeon houses at this historical spot, named after thousands of pigeons, as well as the unique valley view. Our tour will end as an unforgettable trip in your memories at the end of a fun and enjoyable day, each more special than the other, where you witness beautiful natural, unique landscapes and supernatural events.

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Great experience overall. The drive to the airport was in time, the flight was decent. But the Cappadocia part was at another level. The sights and guiding were great, fulfilling and well organized. Hot air balloon flight at soganli valley wasn't a rush, it was very calm and had a unique taste. Especially the cave hotel was amazing. We had a slight delay on our return flight but this is not about the agency, so it's all good. Everything you'd like to do in Cappadocia is all here. Definitely recommended.

Aygul from Enka travel was engaging, fun, and knowledgeable. She led our small group with good humor, and a wide and deep knowledge of the area and it’s history. Would very much recommend.

Very good organization, excellent hot air balloon, very much appreciated. The meals included are very good, the guides …good The hotel, very average But overall we really enjoyed