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Sapporo: Skip-the-Line Sapporo TV Tower Admission Ticket

1. Sapporo: Skip-the-Line Sapporo TV Tower Admission Ticket

Upon arrival at Sapporo TV Tower, head up to the 3rd floor, where you'll exchange your printed out ticket for an admission ticket. From here, take the elevator that shoots you up to the 295-foot (90-meter) Tembo Deck in 60 seconds. On the observation deck, soak up panoramic views of the city of Sapporo and look out for different seasonal flowers in Odori Park. If visiting during a festival — such as Yosakoi Soran Festival, Sapporo Snow Festival, and White Illumination — enjoy observing the festival from the deck.

Asahikawa: Private Customized Guided Tour

2. Asahikawa: Private Customized Guided Tour

Explore Asahikawa in your own way with a private licensed guide. Choose the 6 or 4-hour option depending on what fits with your schedule. Let the guide know what special requests you have for the day and they will tailor your itinerary accordingly. All guides hold the nationally-licensed Tour Guide-Interpreter certification. It is issued by the Japanese government and requires a good understanding of Japanese culture and history. Asahikawa is a large city in Hokkaido surrounded by the Taisetsuzan mountains. The area is blessed with powdery snow in the winter and stunning scenery year-round, making it an ideal spot to visit. This is a great city to explore on foot, and if you are in town in the Spring you will be able to experience a riot of color when the cherry blossoms arrive. Meet your guide at your hotel or anywhere convenient for you in Asahikawa. First stop is Asahiyama Zoo, one of the best zoos in Japan. It is designed so that you will be able to observe the animals' as they behave in their natural habitat. Next, have lunch at Asahikawa Ramen Village. Asahikawa Ramen is one of the top ramens in Japan. There are eight ramen shops in the village and you can taste all of them as they all offer small taster bowls. Final stop is the Otokoyama Sake Brewery Museum. Otokoyama is one of the best brands of sake, Japanese white wine. Asahikawa offers perfect conditions for brewing sake, as the area is rich in underground water from the Taisetsuzan mountains. Learn about the process of making sake and take part in a sake tasting.

Furano: Furano and Biei Private Guided Tour by Taxi

3. Furano: Furano and Biei Private Guided Tour by Taxi

Explore Furano and Biei in a more efficient way. Take a private taxi and choose a 6 or 4-hour option to fit your schedule. Let the driver-guide know what special requests you have for the day and they will tailor your itinerary accordingly. Drive through scenic spots Biei Panorama Road and travel to the Biei area to visit the beautiful Blue Pond. See Shikisai no Oka, also known as the hill of 4 seasons, and enjoy the seasonal flower fields. Take photos of unforgettable scenery. Or head to Farm Tomita (Furano Flower Field), famous for its lavender. In the summer months, see the beautiful lavender in bloom, and in the colder months, take pleasure in the other flowers in the lower gardens. Furano and Biei are beautiful in summer and winter. In the summer the hills are covered with flower gardens and in the winter these same hills are covered in snow. Art enthusiasts can drive to Takushinkan Photo Gallery, a famous photo gallery that exhibits the work of Shinzo Maeda and his son Akira. Biei used to be just a small agricultural town but Shinzo Maeda’s photographs made the beautiful land widely popular throughout the nation. Lastly, enjoy delicious lunch surrounded by the great outdoors.

From Sapporo: Private Day Trip to Otaru

4. From Sapporo: Private Day Trip to Otaru

Explore the old port town of Otaru on your own personalized private tour, leaving from nearby Sapporo with your knowledgeable guide. You'll be paired with guides that are passionate about the place they call home and who choose to spend their free time sharing it with like-minded travelers matched to them. Hop on a train to Otaru, 30 minutes northwest of Sapporo, where you’ll see a side to Japanese history vastly different from the temples and shrines you’d expect. Discover Japanese colonial architecture, old port markets, and steam clocks. The small harbor city of Otaru seems like a relic from a bygone era, you’ll get to explore this fascinating pocket of Japanese history. See the perfectly preserved western-style buildings of Sakaimachi-dōri, an old merchant street harking back to Otaru’s late 19th-century history as a powerful port city. Swivel your head between elegant buildings on Nichigin-dōri, the old “Wall Street of the North”, just around the corner. Stroll along the cobbled pathways of the pretty canal along Ishikari Bay, an old-world promenade illuminated by the golden glow of oil lamps in the early evening. See how it's lined with old warehouses converted into antique stores and cafes, or hop on a canal cruise for a different vantage point. Discover the city’s famous glass-blowing industry and shop for intricate souvenirs, or see the Otaru Music Box Museum’s collection of 25,000 music boxes (or customize your own brand-new one). If you are brave enough, try the squid ink ice-cream and grab a bite to eat. You could enjoy freshly brewed draft beer at the Bavarian-style Otaru Brewery beer hall or sample sake at the Tanaka Sake Brewery before heading back to Sapporo.

Shin Chitose Sapporo Airport Grand Limousine Transfer

5. Shin Chitose Sapporo Airport Grand Limousine Transfer

When visiting Japan you can flight straight to Shin Chotose Sapporo Airport and book a grand limousine transfer to your desired destination. From an airport transfer to tailor-made trips, traveling with Grand Limousine is an executive and execellent choice for your ground transportation. This service provides elegant limousine and car services between the airport and Sapporo City. Hotels within the area code ''011'' can be taken into account. The vehicles are capable of accommodation for any number of guest. All you need is to sit back, relax and enjoy the comfort ride to your designated destination with luxury and style. This service of luxury vehicle provide high standard services to ensure your safety and comfort during your trip.

Goryokaku Tower: Observation Deck Admission Ticket

6. Goryokaku Tower: Observation Deck Admission Ticket

Overlook the star-shaped form of the historical site of Goryokaku. Enjoy the astonishing city views and see part of Honshu island from the 107-meter high observation deck.  Visit the exhibition in the tower's Historic Corridor and learn the history of Goryokaku. Learn the story of the army of the last shogun, who fought the war with the Imperial army at the end of the Edo period.


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