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Heidelberg Neighborhood tours

Our most recommended Heidelberg Neighborhood tours

1.5-Hour Walking Tour in the Old Town of Heidelberg

1. 1.5-Hour Walking Tour in the Old Town of Heidelberg

Look behind the scenes of Heidelberg! If you want to discover the exciting, romantic, funny and always entertaining stories Heidelberg has to offer, join this guided tour of the old town and learn more from the qualified guides. Enchanting alleys and squares, small gardens that pop up unexpectedly, museums and galleries: Heidelberg’s old town has many facets. This tour will breathe life into the city’s past, adding rich detail to the contours of today’s city. Whether it is the Church of the Holy Spirit, the Jesuitenviertel, Germany’s oldest university with its Students’ Prison, or other sightseeing attractions: every place of interest in the old town has a unique ambiance and history well worth immersing yourself in for a few minutes. The tour also passes along the main street, one of the longest pedestrian zones in Europe. Many detours into the alleyways of the old town confirm the truth of the old saying “you only truly learn about the countryside by taking the back roads.”

Heidelberg: Sightseeing Bus and Castle Tour

2. Heidelberg: Sightseeing Bus and Castle Tour

First enjoy a comfortable bus tour with a certified guide, where you will learn more about the history of the city. Enjoy an unobstructed view of the spectacular Heidelberg Castle. Then, visit the grounds of Heidelberg Palace and admire its beauty up close. See the elegant inner courtyard and the famous Great Heidelberg Tun (wine barrel.) After exploring the castle, ride the funicular railway back to the Old Town.

Guided Tour of Student Rabble, Whore Pack and the French War

3. Guided Tour of Student Rabble, Whore Pack and the French War

Immerse yourself in the other, with this exciting history of Heidelberg, both entertaining and exciting... yet there is always an notorious wink. Learn about the famous student rabble that took place in Heidelberg. Hear all about the mischievous whore pack of the city. Explore sites famously effected by the French War. Have a guided tour with the governess "Marie Louise von Langfeldt", she chatters cheerfully and takes you to a Panopticum of Heidelberg in the 19th century. She gossips about everything and everyone. From drunk and boisterous students to marauding French soldiers who flared Heidelberg. She talks about thieving Catholics who stole university books, hallucinating canons and burning calves. She chatters about gawky poets and thinkers who were after every coat, everyone gets their fat here from. 

Heidelberg: Craft Beer and Street Food Tour

4. Heidelberg: Craft Beer and Street Food Tour

Savor the flavors of different street foods and craft beers on a tasting tour of Heidelberg that can tailored to your desires. Get an introduction to the food and drinks scene, from strong stouts served in a metal head bar to traditional German brews served at rustic inns. Join other travelers and local students in the melting pot of the Old Town, and get the chance to visit quarters that other tourists often miss. Follow your guide to the city's Little France area, where bistros and French cuisine are the order of the day. Alternatively, cross the river to explore the organic food restaurants of a district that resembles Brooklyn in New York. Sample authentic currywurst, frankfurters and other types of sausage. Savor local schnitzel, flammkuchen (flat breads), cakes and candies. You can visit a candy or chocolate manufacturer, watch a baker at work or peep into a distillery to see how craft beer is made.

Heidelberg: Old Town and Castle Scavenger Hunt with App

5. Heidelberg: Old Town and Castle Scavenger Hunt with App

Play your way through Heidelberg Old Town with a scavenger hunt on your smartphone. Uncover facts, history, and stories about the Heildeberg as you walk through the Old Town, past Heidelberg Castle, and over the Old Bridge. First, download Telegram and text Sir Peter Morgan to set up your scavenger hunt. Follow the directions on your app and head to the Old Town to begin your adventure. As you solve puzzles, riddles, and location-based tasks, learn fascinating facts about Heidelberg. Explore the Old Town, strolling through quaint streets, the Korn Market, and over the Old Bridge. Continue to Heidelberg Castle, learning the history of this historic building as you solve. If you need a rest, pause the game as long as you wish. Stop for a coffee or a beer, or enjoy a piece of cake before solving your next clue. Join forces with friends to solve the puzzles or test yourself and finish the hunt solo.

Heidelberg History Tour

6. Heidelberg History Tour

Experience a unique tour of Heidelberg's Old Town. Hear old legends about the Church of the Holy Spirit, the Old Bridge, the Studentenkarzer ("Student Jail") and the Heidelberg City Hall. Find out about the Heidelberg Bridge Monkey and the story of the "Kettenkalb." Who knows these stories better than the night watchman or his daughter? Hear amusing anecdotes and interesting stories about Heidelberg's landmarks. Immerse yourself in the Heidelberg of the past, presented by your eccentric guide in historic costume. Experience how the city's history lives on today in myths and sayings. This unique tour is suitable for all ages.

Luther In Heidelberg - Eating, Drinking, Disputing

7. Luther In Heidelberg - Eating, Drinking, Disputing

Did you know that Martin Luther visited Heidelberg in 1518? He was invited to see the Elector's brother in the castle and wrote: "We enjoyed a pleasant conversation, ate and drank and visited all the beauties that this royal and simply magnificent castle has to offer." He even wrote that he came back from Heidelberg to Wittenberg a little fuller. Listen to anecdotes and stories from this all-important time of the Reformation. The tour is especially suitable for groups and school classes. On request, group tours and special appointments can be offered at any time.   Meet at the Marienstatue in Kornmarkt then get ready for a 1.5 to 2-hour tour. Learn lots of interesting facts from your tour guide.

Heidelberg: The University in the Old Town

8. Heidelberg: The University in the Old Town

The Ruperto Carolao is the oldest University in Germany and was founded in 1386 by Rupert I, Elector Palatine. This walking tour takes you to the University Library, which houses the world-famous Medieval song collection Codex Manesse, and across the road to St. Peter’s Church, the oldest church in the Old Town. The Alte Aula, or old auditorium, and the Karzer, the historic Students’ Prison, are two of the stops along the way. Between 1778 and 1914, students were punished for trivial offenses in the Karzer. The tour offers you a chance to get to know the history of the university and its student life.

Heidelberg: Old Town Tour for School Children

9. Heidelberg: Old Town Tour for School Children

Experience the heart of the old town of Heidelberg with its trifecta of city, mountains, and rivers in a family-friendly manner. Stroll the winding little streets past old Baroque buildings and hear information and anecdotes about the city's history. Immerse yourself in the medieval center of Heidelberg and visit the imposing Church of the Holy Spirit; walk past the Rathaus, see the Stadtmodell and follow the traces of high water to the Brückenaffe. Hear stories of days long bygone, see the house in which Friedrich Ebert was born and pass by the Hexenturm and University Library with its Skriptorium.

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Our Guide Charolette was so friendly and knowledgeable. Shared not only the history but interesting stories and pointed out unique places to eat and shop!

Stephanie was extremely knowledgeable and fun. She not only provided interesting history but also pointed out several fun inside tips.

Tourist info very friendly and uncomplicated. With parking at Karlsplatz, everything is very central.

Great Guide! The tour was entertaining and yet very informative. I would definitely recommend!

Our tour guide designed the tour with a lot of commitment and passion, that was great.