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Our most recommended things to do in Göttingen

Göttingen: Escape Tour - Self-Guided Citygame

1. Göttingen: Escape Tour - Self-Guided Citygame

With the Escape Tour Göttingen you dive into Bruno's studentlife. He had the important task of maintaining the beer stock of the largest student association in the city. He was therefore regularly found in the pub, and was also very popular with the women. These women were often much more important to him than the beer, so he sometimes forgot to refill the stock. One day it all went wrong and he had to fill the taps with water… Of course nobody liked this, so he had to flee the city. Will you help him find the secret exit from Göttingen? Choose your starting time with your teammates, beginning at anytime day or night. Make your way across the city, checking off tasks to find all the clues you need to reach the secret passage. As you search for clues, marvel at the beautiful sights of the town. Walk past the Jacobi Church, wander through the lovely streets and keep an eye out for the many historic buildings in the city center. Work quickly, and you and your team could set the record for the fastest tour. Good luck!

Göttingen: AbenteuerDate, exciting game and walk for couples

2. Göttingen: AbenteuerDate, exciting game and walk for couples

Explore Göttingen through an unusual, but fun adventure. Take part in an interactive smartphone game with your partner that will help you get to know each other a bit better. Unlock clues to your next destination by taking on tasks and answering tricky and funny questions about each other. Begin your game in the city center and allow the app to guide you from there. You will receive funny instructions about how to move through the area and you can design your own route. Challenge yourself and your partner by acting as a team to solve even the trickiest questions and situations. Enjoy a special outdoor date and create long-lasting memories as a couple. Step away from mainstream areas and traditional tours to focus on creating your own adventure. Take advantage of the bonus tasks and riddles to keep playing even after the game is over. We recommend: Play this outdoor adventure only in a team of two persons.

Göttingen: Exciting Outdoor-Escape-Game, Blackstories & walk

3. Göttingen: Exciting Outdoor-Escape-Game, Blackstories & walk

You will start at a location in the centre. From then on, your smartphone (our special app in German language) will guide you. You will hear about a missing person. Help the police to find him or to find out what happened to him. You will assist the local police. You will get access to all police files and to all witness reports. There must be some detail that will finally solve this mystery. The app will give you instructions and challenge you. You will design your own route through the center and explore the area. Every now and then you will solve a riddle or try to solve a Blackstory. And you will get access to new information, police reports and witness reports about this strange crime case. This is a fun game and is perfect for a group of up to five persons. Perfect for couples, perfect for families with kids older than 9. This is more than a basic walking trip, this is an amazing and a challenge for you as a team. Read about the background story here below. What is this crime case about, what is the story behind it? Let us provide you with some background information. This whole case is about him. He used to be a successful detective. After he retired, he started to write books which became bestsellers. His new book with short stories about the most crazy crime cases that he had to deal with during his career as detective will be released soon. But suddenly he, the author, disapeared. And also the script of his new book is missing. There are rumours about problems in his marriage and lately he also acted weird. That is what his friends are saying. Since he went missing, the media reported constantly about this case, but the police is still unable to solve this crime case. Can you find out what happened? Meet his friends, listen to witnesses and read or listen to police reports. And you will also find some of the weird stories that he wants to publish in his new book. A book that is supposed to become a bestseller. Work together as a team and find out what really happened, while you explore this area. This is a good workout, a fun game and an exciting and challenging task for you as a team. Special offer: if the weather suddenly is not suitable for your adventure or you want to reschedule due to other reasons: no problem. Once you booked, you can start within 48 hours after the originally booked starting time. Bonus: We included some extra tasks and riddles which you can solve at any time after you finished this event. Note: Your route is not a mainstream tourist route from one famous sight to another. There also will not be any historical or boring articles or speeches about the places that you will visit. The places that you will visit might fit to the story of the crime case, but maybe not always. You will explore the area while you concentrate on solving this tricky fictional crime case.

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