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Erie: Sunset Sail Tour

1. Erie: Sunset Sail Tour

Truly live in the moment as you watch the sunlight dance across the waves, feel the warm summer breeze against your face, and experience what is often one of the most spectacular sunsets on Earth. Cruise around Lake Erie, enjoying local charcuterie and drinks and taking in the twilight city skyline. Pick your option between a 2-hour and 4-hour private experience, and push off into Lake Erie. As you sail, enjoy the summer breeze and taste local charcuterie and drinks. On the way back to the port, admire the enchanting view of the twilight skyline and have some great conversation in a beautiful environment. For those wanting to meet other people on their vacations, try the shorter, shared, public sail. Opt for the longer private sail and begin your cruise in the afternoon, sailing through the sunset and into twilight with your exclusive group.

Erie: Tall Ships Festival - Sunset Cruise Tour

2. Erie: Tall Ships Festival - Sunset Cruise Tour

See the Tall Ships Festival from the best angle, with your very own sailboat charter. Cruise around Lake Erie for an unprecedented view of the sunset and enjoy some good conversation. Sip on some drinks and taste local charcuterie, while watching the city lights dance on the water. Head to the Tall Ships Festival by boarding your sailboat and sailing or motoring out of the bay to arrive at Lake Erie. As the sunsets, taste local snacks and sip on some wine while taking in the myriad of colors before twilight. Watch the city's skyline and speak with your group in a completely relaxed environment. Feel the breeze against your face and hear the lapping of the waves as you sail around.

Erie: Relaxation Charter

3. Erie: Relaxation Charter

Enjoy an afternoon private sailing in Presque Isle Bay, perfect for time with family and friends. Delight in wine, charcuterie, and listen to the lapping waves under the boat and watch the sunlight dance across the waves. Wait at the gate of the wooden ticket shack located on State Street for your Captain and get ready to for your relaxing cruise. Spend 4-hours sailing Presque Isle Bay with only other people from your group. As you sip on wine and taste local meats and gourmet cheeses, feel the peace the comes with being at sea and have some good conversations. Hear the sound of the water trickling under the bow of the boat. Watch the sunlight dance across the tops of the waves and feel the warm summer breeze against the side of your face. Feel what it's like to be totally okay with exactly where you are.

Erie: Learning Charter Tour

4. Erie: Learning Charter Tour

Learn the basics of sailing, with a private sailing lesson for up to five people. Find out how sailboats really work and discover techniques for beginners and experienced sailors. Take in sights of Presque Isle Bay as you get your sea legs, and enjoy the stunning views. Meet your Captain and start your adventure with a focus on the foundations of sailing. Tie the knots, learn terminologies, understand how a sailboat works, hoist and trim sails, and even sail the boat if you feel comfortable. Bond with your friends as you learn or refine a new skill, and feel the breeze on your face. Park in the parking ramp adjacent to the Bayfront Sheraton hotel. Walk down the stairs next to the wooden ticket shack located on State Street, towards the water, and wait at the first gate for your Captain to greet you at the time of your scheduled adventure.

Erie: Team Building Charter Tour

5. Erie: Team Building Charter Tour

Take on a great adventure to strengthen your team bonds through sailing. Cruise around Presque Isle Bay, building trust, good communication, role specialization, and timing. Get the immediate reward of work well done, with the wind on your face, the sun dancing on the water, and a team building certificate at the end. Perfect for groups of up to six people, embark on the greatest team building exercise of all: sailing. Come together as a group, board the boat, and learn to work together to cruise around the bay. Feel the exhilarating reward of successfully doing something together, and take in the surrounding views. At the end, get a great group photo and team certificate for completing the exercise.

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