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Best things to see and do in Westeros before winter comes

Winter is coming and the time has never been better to visit the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. You’ll want to arrive before the Army of the Dead makes it past the wall, but pack some dragonglass just in case.

King’s Landing

King’s Landing

It would be a shame, shame, shame to miss King’s Landing, the capital city of the Seven Kingdoms. Stroll the cobblestone medieval streets and markets and meet the various characters of this bustling city. Visit the blacksmith and meet our handsome apprentice Gendy. Venture atop the grand steps of the Great Sept of Baelor and pray alongside the Faith of the Seven. If you prefer gambling and girls to chants and wildfire, don’t miss the brothels of Petyr Baelish.

The Red Keep

The Red Keep

Dominating the skyline, situated atop a mountain is the Red Keep, the seat of power for the Kings of Westeros. Take a knee in front of Cersei Lannister, First of Her Name, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Protector of the Seven Kingdoms. Stroll the castle’s fortified walls that overlook the infamous Blackwater Bay where hundreds lost their lives in the epic battle. Walk across the Red Keep Bridge and pray your head does not one day decorate a spike. And never forget to keep your eyes down and your plotting to a minimum, because the Lannisters always pay their debts.

Sail Around King’s Landing

Sail Around King’s Landing

Sip a cocktail while sailing around the delightful city of King’s Landing aboard a Karaka ship that once transported Daenerys Targaryen across the sea. Enjoy views of King’s Landing. After a few drinks, you’ll have the courage you need to storm the beach. But before you do, don your own Queen of Dragons wig and blue dress and sit atop the Iron Throne, conveniently relocated to the ship. After all, you were born to rule Westeros.



Spend a day with the Stark family at Winterfell. Marvel at the castle surrounded by sprawling medieval walls, an imposing castle tower gate, beautiful surrounding landscapes, and far-reaching views across the lough. Meet Winterfell’s Master-at-Arms, and learn how to shoot arrows and throw axes at White Walker targets. Attempt to cuddle with two of the Stark Direwolf dogs, Summer and Grey Wind.

City of Meereen

City of Meereen

Daenerys Targaryen becomes The Breaker of Chains after she conquers Meereen with her Army of the Unsullied. See the cliffs where she crucified the city’s Masters. Stroll along the streets now kept safe by the Unsullied soldiers, and keep your eyes out for Tyrion and Varys, who might walk by in peasant disguise. Wander down to the crypt where Daenerys’s locked up and trained her dragons. See her throne room where she ruled Meereen for a short time.

Sunspear in the Kingdom of Dorne

Sunspear in the Kingdom of Dorne

The last place winter will arrive is in Sunspear, the capital of Dorne located in Southern Westeros. Perhaps because the House Martells are a passionate, fiery people. Visit the Water Gardens of Dorne, the private estate of the House of Martell. Walk through the Watergardens and Sunspear, the Dornish palaces and gardens. If you’re lucky, you’ll meet the handsome Prince Doran Martell, his brother Oberyn Martell and the lovely but vengeful sand snakes. Don’t let the beauty of this world dull your senses, there are often poisonous sand snakes lurking about.

The Dark Hedges on the King’s Road

The Dark Hedges on the King’s Road

Any pilgrimage via the King’s Road will go through the Dark Hedges. The amazing lines of imposing beech trees are where Arya became friends with Gendry and Hot Pie. The hedges are best in the early morning. Or, for the bravest of soldiers, explore late at night!

Pyke Castle, House of Greyjoy

Pyke Castle, House of Greyjoy

Calling all Greyjoys! You’re taking your life in your own hands with a visit to the Iron Islands and Pyke Castle. Arrive by ship, just as Theon, the forgotten Greyjoy heir, arrived back in the Iron Islands and meets his sister Yara. See the picturesque harbour where Theon was baptised in front of Balon and Yara, and where Euron was later drowned and crowned to be king.

North of the Wall

Only the bravest venture this far North in Westeros. And only the strongest will survive the long winter (or the ones armed with the most dragonglass). These snow-covered lands are the stomping grounds of white walkers and the base camp of the Free Folk. Visit the village of Gift, the site of a terrible massacre by the Wildlings in which all the villagers were slaughtered except for a young boy, Olly.

King’s Landing’s Dragonpit

Plan your own family reunion at the Dragonpit, where the most powerful leaders of Westeros met for the first time to look at a Wight head. Perhaps you too can hash out a strategy to defeat the Army of the Dead.

Planning Your Westeros Visit

What should you know before you arrive in Westeros?

Westeros is a continent located in the west of the known world. The majority of the continent, excluding the lands beyond the Wall, falls under the Seven Kingdoms and is ruled by the King of the Andals and the First Men. Although the continent is in open civil war, Queen Cersei currently sits on the Iron Throne in the capital city of King’s Landing.

The name of the realm dates back to the time prior to the War of Conquest, during which seven independent kingdoms existed on the continent. The realm currently consists of nine distinct regions, the remaining two being formally established after the Targaryen conquest. Regardless, all nine provinces are subject to the rule of the Iron Throne.

Planning Your Trip to Westeros - King's Landing

The nine regions of Westeros offer a diverse range of incredible experiences guaranteed to help every traveller love where they’re going. If you crave the excitement and nightlife of cities, visit King’s Landing and walk the streets, shop in the markets, and chant in the temples of this bustling capital city. Sail around the city and marvel at the formidable Red Keep where the Lannister family rules as well as the infamous Blackwater Bay. Make sure to check for neon liquid before lighting any candles.

Planning Your Trip to Westeros - Winterfell

If you prefer a winter wonderland, grab your fur pelts and head north on the King’s Road to the largest region in Westeros. The Kingdom of the North is ruled by the strong and benevolent Stark family. Spend the night at Winterfell, where the castle is gearing up for the great battle against the Army of the Dead. Every man, woman, boy and girl is training to defend Westeros, so expect to learn some valuable new skills during your stay.

Dangers to Be Aware Of in Westeros

Dragons: There are three dragons currently residing in Westeros. Do not attempt to touch or ride a dragon unless you are a Targaryen (or the Night King). If you see one overhead, and find yourself near delicious livestock, seek shelter immediately. If you hear the word, “drakarys” don’t bother running because you are already toasted.
White Walkers: The Long Summer has ended, and winter is coming, which means the Army of the Dead is coming for you. Only dragonglass and fire kills White Walkers; so order your dragonglass from Dragonstone prior to your trip (not included in Prime shipping) and befriend a dragon upon arrival.

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    Common Tongue of the Andals
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    Gold Dragons

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