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Variarts Travel 673 Reviews

Variarts Travel provides unique experiences to travelers to experience the historic culture, world heritage sites, food, and modern metropolises of China. With more than 300 activities in 30 cities and over a decade of experience, Variarts is China’s go-to company for your China itinerary. Let us guide you to explore the historic ruins of the Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an, cruise up the infamous Li river in Yangshuo, and check out the blend of past and present in the world’s largest cities of Shanghai and Beijing.

Variarts Travel offers tours and activities for these attractions:

Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, The Meridian Gate, Hall of Martial Valor, Hall of Literary Brilliance, Gate of Supreme Harmony, Hall of Supreme Harmony, Hall of Central Harmony, Hall of Preserving Harmony, Palace of Heavenly Purity, Hall of Union, Palace of Earthly Tranquility, Hall of Mental Cultivation, Six Western Palaces, Imperial Garden, Six Eastern Palaces, Hall for Ancestral Worship, Palace of Tranquil Longevity, Gate of Divine Prowess, The Nine Dragon Screen, Tower of Buddhist Incense, Hall of Dispelling Clouds, Marble Boat, Hall of Benevolence and Longevity, Wenchang Tower, Seventeen-Arch Bridge, Kunming Lake, Longevity Hill, Long Corridor, Garden of Harmonious Pleasures, Chamber of the Pleasure of Farming, Suzhou Street, The Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests, The Circular Mound Altar, The Imperial Vault of Heaven, Danbi Bridge, The Echo Wall, The Fasting Palace, Chaoyang Theater, Red Theater, Mutianyu, Badaling, Ming Dynasty Tombs, Badaling Cableway, Beihai Park, Beijing National Stadium, Beijing Hutongs, Lama Temple, Hall of Yonghe, Hall of Yongyou, Yonghe Lama Temple, Hall of Falun, Wanfu Pavilion, Shufeng Yayun Teahouse, Qingyang Palace (West Gate), West Lake, Zhouzhuang, Bianyifang Roast Duck Restaurant

Variarts Travel offers tours and activities in these cities:

Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Yangshuo, Nanjing, Chongqing, Yichang

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