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Corona Virus (COVID-19) Update: With a focus on authenticity, we offer corona-proof, small-scale public group tours and private tours in the Netherlands. Our tours go off-the-beaten paths and give you the chance to see a different side of our beautiful country while escaping mass tourism. Our unique way of conducting tours has allowed us to win the Netherlands Prestige Award for 'Tour Operator of the Year' in February 2020. Our corona protocol enables us to continue our small-scale tours, yet our adjustments allow you to enjoy our tours just like before the crisis. Our adjustments do affect tour availability. Certain tours are unavailable because social distancing can't be guaranteed or because venues have closed. In addition, all small public group tours are downsized to a maximum number of two travel parties. ****WINNER OF THE NETHERLANDS PRESTIGE AWARDS 2020: TOUR OPERATOR OF THE YEAR**** We are a dynamic, small organisation with years of experience in tourism. These years of experience have led us to set up authentic, unique tours in the Netherlands and Belgium. And we keep developing new tours on regular basis. We will show you places that you won’t be able to visit with a large group and more often than not include spontaneous stops (at a local market or a typical old Dutch brown cafe) to a tour. But as travellers ourselves, knowing two sides of the coin, there’s no way we choose quantity over quality. The downside is that we can’t spread all the costs and high commissions over a lot of travellers. Therefore you may find that our prices are higher than elsewhere. But we believe that it's all about the experience and the creation of wonderful, new memories. No matter what kind of tour you decide on, you’ll see and learn what the Netherlands is really about. Like you're traveling with a local friend. Because in the end, we just want you to see the real Netherlands and that you have a memorable, fantastic day.

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Muiderslot, Keukenhof, Muiderslot, Keukenhof, Muiderslot, Royal Flora Holland, Centraal Station, CoasTulip Experience

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Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Kinderdijk, Amsterdam, Muiden, Amsterdam, Aalsmeer, Amsterdam, Kinderdijk, Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Den Burg, Amsterdam, Muiden, Amsterdam, Muiden, Aalsmeer, Utrecht, Almere, Amsterdam, Almere, Utrecht, Volendam, Edam

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